SEMA Truck CRASHES At Truck Show!

18-Okt, 2020
286 687 Ko‘rishlar soni

Me & The Squad Spend The Weekend At Myrtle Beach Truck Week. Tons Of Content Like Omar Crashing His Truck & Checking Out Some Of The Baddest Trucks In The Game! #myrtlebeachtruckweek #mbtw2020
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  • Who Had The Best Truck At The Show? Merch!

    Gabe Farrell ProductionsGabe Farrell ProductionsOy oldin
    • The F3 50 with the orange anyLyft

      Dog manDog man16 kun oldin
    • I wanna see a full build on your 7.3

      Ronny DeutschRonny DeutschOy oldin
    • Can you drive stick

      Aidan callenAidan callenOy oldin
    • the red new body f250 the ga offical vehicle of sorts it looked like imo

      nicholas olsonnicholas olsonOy oldin
    • i think i seen you today lol

      coonkillercoonkillerOy oldin
  • Does anyone know if the ppl who built the grey keep have an insta or a yt

    Damian AldridgeDamian AldridgeKun oldin
  • The foggy gas station is on Jonathan creek near Maggie Valley in North Carolina just off I-40

    K5 CartelK5 Cartel2 kun oldin
  • ребят вы топ тачки просто пушки

    ПавелПавел3 kun oldin
  • Nothing like a group of light clowns, and yes it is envy I so wish I could drive around craving attention and if the lights do not get me noticed I will have my dual train horns just as any child would dream of.

    Robert SpikeRobert Spike3 kun oldin
  • Damn that cat eye tho

    wizzwizz5 kun oldin
  • Man fuck this click baited shit I’m going back to watching whistlendiesels channel everything he does ain’t click bait #facts #truth #realtalk

    ezescousin14213ezescousin142135 kun oldin
  • My cousin was there, I’m stuck in columbia

    Window LooseWindow Loose6 kun oldin
  • # Hopefully no Karen’s

    Tom BoboTom Bobo9 kun oldin

    Beamie BeamBeamie Beam11 kun oldin
  • What they doing to make this much cash to afford a truck this.

    Josh SutherlyJosh Sutherly11 kun oldin
  • When is your truck going to be fixed Gabe

    Dog manDog man16 kun oldin
  • buy a f**king durmax bro but good vid

    Operitive LxquidOperitive Lxquid16 kun oldin

    Kayla BrownKayla Brown17 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Fenton TweedyFenton Tweedy18 kun oldin
  • Click bait title

    Donavin WellsDonavin Wells18 kun oldin
  • Build Ford tuff dammit. 😎

    Sheldon HargroveSheldon Hargrove21 kun oldin
  • Ok those trucks are cool afffff But Why FORD

    Tom 7078Tom 707821 kun oldin
  • All ugly trucks. I was just watching to see one crash. I hate click bate

    Logan DLogan D21 kun oldin
  • Bro all those trucks look amazing

    graystone 95 Bradshaw 2029graystone 95 Bradshaw 202922 kun oldin
  • Omar’s truck is the best

    SmdgravySmdgravy22 kun oldin
  • Didn't know you guys were in the hood? Have fun.

    Gamecock MikeGamecock Mike25 kun oldin
  • he’s dressed like that one white boy in high school that shops at tj max and ross

    Wyatt HallWyatt Hall25 kun oldin
  • A bunch of mall crawlers and trailer queens. I guess these are the “RICERS” of the off-road world🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏽🗑

    EL CHICANO 915EL CHICANO 91526 kun oldin
  • Click bait

    Terry LoTerry Lo27 kun oldin
  • I blinked and missed the “ crash “ . Good one though anything for the views I guess.

    Derek TulagaDerek Tulaga27 kun oldin
  • they are in smiths grove ky at 2:02

    james wilsonjames wilson27 kun oldin
  • You ever read about the depreciation on these trucks every time they change owners?? Unless the next owner can upgrade them even further, prices drop! They’re too hard to maintain, and a lot of times, the next owner loses interest in it.

    Jim BobwayJim Bobway27 kun oldin
  • its like ricers for trucks

    rican9494rican949428 kun oldin
  • Go to Atlanta Custom wraps thier youtube is wrap life

    Jesse KinserJesse Kinser28 kun oldin
  • wistlen would have ran the show

    It’s PoisonIt’s Poison28 kun oldin
  • this is the type of shit @WhistlinDiesel talks about, click bait trash bro!

    Codie ClineCodie Cline28 kun oldin
  • These are some maxed out mall crawlers that are too scared to climb a curb because their rims are 10k. Trucks are supposed to be purpose built and I can't figure out the purpose of these sema trucks. Enlighten me lol

    Sam FarnhamSam Farnham28 kun oldin
  • 1.81 for Diesel in tx

    TRIX_IOS YTTRIX_IOS YT28 kun oldin
  • trucks look like shit

    Almost Forgotten23Almost Forgotten2329 kun oldin
  • The car wash you guys were at is 20 seconds away from my house😂

    Hayden FordHayden Ford29 kun oldin
  • Lmao you know you have a sorry channel when you have to use click bait for views🤣😂🤣😂

    Noah SorrentinoNoah Sorrentino29 kun oldin
  • all stupid trucks

    Lyne PatrickLyne Patrick29 kun oldin
  • Omar almost flip his truck lol

    R CR C29 kun oldin
  • Gabe we drove by y’all my brother had baseball and I saw y’all at the gas station

    Terry ElmoreTerry Elmore29 kun oldin
  • I just clicked to see one of these ugly, useless trailer queens get destroyed. I was let down

    shroom903shroom90329 kun oldin
  • Idk how anyone survived such a brutal crash. Their lucky they lived to tell the tale.

    Jacob HJacob H29 kun oldin
  • God damn fury’s so basic 😂

    David CrosleyDavid Crosley29 kun oldin
  • HOW do all these 19 yr old dudes afford these 100thousand dollar trucks ? Can someone please explain ??

    roundcornerentroundcornerent29 kun oldin
  • Song??

    MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZMeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ29 kun oldin
  • These are the transgender trucks of the truck world

    Jerry DelpJerry Delp29 kun oldin
  • What a bunch of tools with crap trucks. How many problems on a road trip do you need to realize that your truck is built for looks and not tuff enough for real life. What a bunch of crap in this video. 👎👎👎👎👎👎 Utter garbage.

    Seth CraganSeth Cragan29 kun oldin
  • Well that was the most clickbait advertise riddled video I have clicked on in a long time... had to fast forward through the entire video to see a scratch

    Containing LuxuryContaining Luxury29 kun oldin
  • A ford will last forever

    Brandi McLainBrandi McLain29 kun oldin
  • I live near the beach

    BruuuitzmeBruuuitzme29 kun oldin
  • You are a pavmen price

    dodge boy 08 o8dodge boy 08 o829 kun oldin
  • Click bait

    Jaden JordanJaden JordanOy oldin
  • their like bought not built crew

    Adam DayAdam DayOy oldin
  • 15 yrs from now fuel based autos will be banned 🚫 from driving.

    SmartTv RemoteSmartTv RemoteOy oldin
  • That’s my friends buddy’s truck

    Brady The gamerBrady The gamerOy oldin
  • What kind of job do you got where u can spend that kind of money on something you can’t drive to much 👍

    Forrest FischerForrest FischerOy oldin
  • Old men never die they just get a new peterbuilt. 😂 truck on .......

    Joshua CorderoJoshua CorderoOy oldin
  • I like the red duramax

    James BarkerJames BarkerOy oldin
  • Nice truck for a kid.He must have a good job.

    John DeereJohn DeereOy oldin
  • Nasty trucks

    idiotidiotOy oldin
  • this is the shit at sema? this is shitma

    Steven TSteven TOy oldin
  • How to make a hideous pavement princess from a once nice gmc....smh And wtf the cat eye chevy with 12" rims & 10" tires!?! O well to each his own but it looks like "so desperate to be different when everything has been done before the only thing left is to go with ugly" But at least youre not doin the front end higher than the rear young kids have made a new thing.

    Jarvy McmunnJarvy McmunnOy oldin
  • 🦅🦅 Trump2020 🦅🦅 Trucks for TRUMP👍👍 go vote we need him 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Diesel LoverDiesel LoverOy oldin
    • Dump Trump! It's happening.. You can't stop it now !

      Seth CraganSeth Cragan29 kun oldin
  • Everyones definitely throwing hate because you have different taste, while they're typing from inside a barn with dirt roads apparently lol They mad cause they could never afford anything close too that

    Vince707Vince707Oy oldin
  • What would I have to put in a search to find them lights that go round the brake disk. Never seen anything like that here in the UK.

    Red DaveRed DaveOy oldin
  • I was there

    Collin_trap290 YeyeCollin_trap290 YeyeOy oldin
  • Is this a gay pride meet? lol

    biggestMetallicAfanbiggestMetallicAfanOy oldin
  • Truck 101: The larger the wheel, the worse the tire is. The more sidewall on a truck, the better. It isn't a sports car. Those are definitely some of the worst trucks in the world for the money. A Carli suspension, 17-inch wheels, and 38's could go a long way to help them out. Imagine doing that in the first place and saving a LOT of money. These people are not truck people. It's like putting high heels on an NFL or NHL player. They aren't set up to tow heavy in most cases. They aren't set up to crawl rocks. They aren't set up to run fast off-road and even stay upright or avoid catastrophic breakage. Spacers? That makes for weak ankles on the corners. Weak ankles in high heels. Wow. Best trucks in this? 8:07, 16:38, and 16.49

    Hiro ProtagonistHiro ProtagonistOy oldin
  • We don't need 2020 cars

    I'm headed outI'm headed outOy oldin
  • Seen part of our property when u we’re leaving family express getting on 65!! Pretty awesome

    Josh JonesJosh JonesOy oldin
  • That neochrome Silverado looks stupid with dark red rims but I know the guy that wrapped it

    That one guyThat one guyOy oldin
  • All these trucks and they never seen dirt. Sad

    AustinAustinOy oldin
  • It's funny that the only way for these guys to be noticed is to have a big truck lmfao

    Chad ReynoldsChad ReynoldsOy oldin
  • This trucks don’t know what mud and dirt is

    mario mejiamario mejiaOy oldin
  • There was no crash get outta here with that title

    The king of BoredomThe king of BoredomOy oldin
  • Yep your click bait worked for 1 small bumper crash which you only 3 seconds to film on a 20 min video

    djexclusiveedjexclusiveeOy oldin
  • 7:48 😱😱🤤🤤😍😍🤍🤍💯

    BadApple 410BadApple 410Oy oldin
  • 7:24-25 what a good looking ford

    BadApple 410BadApple 410Oy oldin
  • Didn’t see any crash Got me with that click bait

    Conner PylesConner PylesOy oldin
    • @terrobert not you hating🤣🤣🤣!!!!!

      Kayla BrownKayla Brown17 kun oldin
    • In the first four minutes it showed one of these kids forgetting his oil cap and another had installed his brakes "upside-down." Bunch of rich kids with no sense.

      terrobertterrobert23 kun oldin
    • the chevy with the green accents at 8:48 to the right got completely totaled

      CamCam25 kun oldin
  • There sharp trucks and all but the bicycle tires suck and having a 4wheel drive that big that can drop like a low rider defeats the purpose of having a big four-wheel-drive don’t it

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew JohnsonOy oldin
  • Brandins truck thooo

    Leyton BlundellLeyton BlundellOy oldin
  • Stop being naive tools of the "Cancer awareness" charade. Chemo and Radiation is strategically made to keep miking people dry of insurance and personal bank accounts. Stop believing the same click bait of the Standard Care industry that you post for videos. Do your generations typical internet looking around and look at The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest And Burzynski Clinic: Cancer Cure Cover Up.

    HTSS8HTSS8Oy oldin
  • You like these biden ad’s on your account ???

    Green Machine Inc.Green Machine Inc.Oy oldin
  • All dressed up and no where to go.

    ford nutford nutOy oldin
  • That truck looks really stupid and a major waste of money

    Martin Dean CulpMartin Dean CulpOy oldin
  • Now i know why whistlin diesel hates these fuckers and makes fun of them so much. Imagine spending 100K of whoever's money on a truck that has to be towed home. So unbelievably lame.

    MikeMikeOy oldin
  • You know when you were a kid and a relative gets you a hideous outfit for Christmas, then your mom makes you wear all day? That's how these trucks feel.

    RCWildvideosRCWildvideosOy oldin
    • Ya also must be nice these kids having mommy n daddy with alll this money to get them alll this these days dont even know what a real job is everything handed to them

      Batman ForLifeBatman ForLifeOy oldin
  • sema truck "crashes" at truck show, but in reality someone scratches their bumper

    Reality OutdoorsReality OutdoorsOy oldin
    • have you seen dudes truck? he crushed it like a tin can lol

      CamCam25 kun oldin
  • I'm not trying to be that one dude but have those ever been off road

    caden neeleycaden neeleyOy oldin
  • And stop cursing it makes you sound stupid gabe farrell

    waylon mcdanielwaylon mcdanielOy oldin
  • I love your truck

    waylon mcdanielwaylon mcdanielOy oldin
  • Come on 4 minutes in the vid and literally 5 adds

    Landen The GoatLanden The GoatOy oldin
    • Yup. All just to see queer stuff that never gets used like it should.

      Anthony RybczynskiAnthony Rybczynski28 kun oldin
  • Boy aint got no drip

    AJ HaducaAJ HaducaOy oldin
  • 20 min of truck rice.....

    Robert and Sara TessnerRobert and Sara TessnerOy oldin
  • The saddest thing about these trucks is they will never see mud or dirt in their entire life.

    Harrison DunmireHarrison DunmireOy oldin
    • Why is that sad?

      Christopher KelleyChristopher KelleyOy oldin
  • Nicest truck I saw was that Minty fresh Impala... What a lot of Ewangs showing off, sheesh SEMA. Its become a parade of painted dandies with giant pointy shoes, each pointier and grander then the next. Oooo look at mez shoes , Zuuuper pointahh !!!!..

    R.O.BR.O.BOy oldin
  • The best truck was the ram at 14:21

    Ricardo PenaRicardo PenaOy oldin
  • Cool trucks

    Konnor JoyalKonnor JoyalOy oldin
  • Bad ass trucks but it’s it’s hard to watch when you know not one dollar single bill didn’t come out of their pockets to help buy and modify these awesome vehicles! 🤦🏻‍♂️ You guys will get why more respect when you put in the work like your parents did for you guys to buy these trucks... And when you go smashing in your hood with the sprayer at the car wash you lose what little respect that you might’ve had gotten at the beginning of the video.. I’m pretty sure you guys don’t want only kids watching your videos right? If you want big boy toys you gotta put your big boy pants on and try to act like adults making these videos .. When you work hard and you put in money towards something that took you forever to get it, you don’t go smashing it up for the camera and think that’s cool or funny, you actually looking pretty stupid and immature. Instead you take care of it like you worked your ass off for it..

    Mustang 5.0Mustang 5.0Oy oldin
  • Ahhh yes trucks I’ll never get in life 🥰

    zrkylzrkylOy oldin