Satisfying and Relaxation with NaSa Beauty Spa Video #50

7-Yan, 2021
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  • İğrençler her türlü bisliği yiyorlar

    güler ünsalgüler ünsal2 soat oldin
  • Does anybody, how much money this channel makes from comedos?

  • The client seems to have a really low pain tolerance...

    alrcalrc3 soat oldin
  • So messy

    Emma GuimongEmma Guimong6 soat oldin
  • And why are you letting it fall on his eyes that’s so disgusting

    Lejhavani RobelloLejhavani Robello7 soat oldin
  • Why are you slicing his skin open? All you need to do it poke it not make 100 slices on his face.

    Lejhavani RobelloLejhavani Robello7 soat oldin
  • Elks whip his mouth off in the counters where the pimple gunk fell in the sides of his scary looking mouth.‼️

    Terri ManuriTerri Manuri7 soat oldin
  • Watching these videos it appears that they pay for only one squeeze per blackhead/pimple they seem very reluctant to give another.

    Bill RobinsonBill Robinson8 soat oldin
  • เหมือนบีบสิวไม่หมด บีบแบบไม่สุด

    วรรณลญา วงศ์มีฤทธิ์วรรณลญา วงศ์มีฤทธิ์12 soat oldin
  • Brinco los labios. She skipped the lips. Did not finish. They had a lot

    Rose Emely PerezRose Emely Perez13 soat oldin
  • The technician (for want of a better description) has no idea of the really sensitive areas on a person's face - like eyebrows, lips, philtrum, etc. You could see the poor client cringing when she applied her heavy handed approach around the eye area. Then I noticed all the extracted material in the corner of the eye. Ugh, absolutely gross. The tech must have seen it but did nothing. What a debacle on someone's face.

    Anni MackAnni Mack14 soat oldin
  • You can't use toe nail clippers to take out pimple and if you leave sac in pimple will come back You should learn how to do it right

    alliyah dogalliyah dog14 soat oldin
  • 🤢🤮🙁

    Carmen MinaCarmen Mina16 soat oldin
  • Na minha não eu iria fazer aquela limpeza

    Deusiane CorreiaDeusiane Correia17 soat oldin
  • She doesn't get the roots out😏

    Latoya GabayLatoya Gabay17 soat oldin
  • You are getting the stuff in his eye. Totally unsanitary video.

    Sherry HunterSherry Hunter18 soat oldin
  • Please take those nasty comedones out of the patron's eyes. Do you want him to get an eye infection?

    Lynn TilmonLynn Tilmon18 soat oldin
  • @ 1:31 minutes in THATS the way to squeeze those little sacs out at the end of mostly every pimple ,and it will never come back ! Great Work you deserve a👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Heather BowlanHeather Bowlan18 soat oldin
  • Did this client know how to clean her face?

    Samm montanezSamm montanez21 soat oldin
  • Tem que espremer com mais vontade.

    Leda OliveiraLeda Oliveira22 soat oldin
  • Любительница поковырять, по 2раза иглой тычет, через. Неделю накрывать будет

    Надежда ОбидинаНадежда Обидина22 soat oldin
  • You need to squeeze more and get it all out. The pore doesn’t seem clean enough!

    Wonzie SandersWonzie Sanders22 soat oldin
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👋

    Maria De Fátima BernardesMaria De Fátima Bernardes22 soat oldin
  • Wipe of your glove! The gunk is falling of it in your client’s eye 😖

    OP 1000OP 100023 soat oldin
  • Some of them want to squeeze more

    Nasheka AndersonNasheka Anderson23 soat oldin
  • Socorro!!! Porque não limpa essa luvas misericórdia!!!

    Esther GasparetoEsther GasparetoKun oldin
  • 洗顔とかしてないんかな😭

    korin guwakorin guwaKun oldin
  • Obviously the stabbing was unnecessary and I won’t even get into the hygiene problems 🤨

    Lizzy StamperLizzy StamperKun oldin
  • I love the dry skin!!!!

    Mrs SmithMrs SmithKun oldin
  • It had great blackheads......

    Sabrina RoseSabrina RoseKun oldin
  • Bên bạn dùng mũi tiêm chọc xuống thôi, đừng gẫy lên như vậy, khách sẽ đau hơn đó.

    Hoàng Ngọc HoàiHoàng Ngọc HoàiKun oldin
  • Please do be careful of popping blackheads around the eyes coz the needle is sharp af and please clean those dirt on her eyes 🤦

  • Why don't you take those infected comedones out of that patton's eyes. That's a good way to start eye infections.

    Lynn TilmonLynn TilmonKun oldin
  • Rushed, not sanitary, and half a** job

    Nicole MorrisNicole MorrisKun oldin
  • 좀 깔끔하게 야무지게 짜지 짜다 말아

    청어청어Kun oldin
  • Porque siempre sacan eso al azar, porque mejor no peinan cada área, y los sacan todos seguidos, sino que sacan unos de aquí y otros de allá?

    Cord PinCord PinKun oldin
  • This lady needs fired ..... theres nasty pimple residue in her eye then your leaving half the crud in the holes like and shes being so ruff also..... this lady needs her money back and someone to do her face the right way

    Desiree WyattDesiree WyattKun oldin
  • Damn dont blind him

    Wendy dayzWendy dayzKun oldin
  • You may want to invest into a comedone extractor (you can get it for under $10) and it’s actually made for blackhead extraction, so you’re not squishing patients skin until they cry . And it’s actually empties out pores all the way

    Anna KasianenkoAnna KasianenkoKun oldin
  • Between leaving the stuff in his eye and the coughing and sneezing 😒😒😒😒

    K StylezK StylezKun oldin
  • No me gustó este trabajo. Esas esteticistas si se les puede llamar así, hacen lo que los dermatologos desaconsejan: causarle un trauma a la piel por exprimir con fuerza los comedones. Ese nipper que usaron para limpiar las aletas de la nariz, es útil pero para cortar uñas no para sacar "White heads" y para cerrar con broche de oro, le echaron en los ojos los desechos sucios de los poros al paciente y nunca hicieron como limpiarlo de inmediato para quitarle la incomodidad y evitar el riesgo de que la bacteria del acné haga colonia en las conjuntivas y logre infectarlas.

    Jennie moraJennie moraKun oldin
  • The person should remove that sh*t off his eyelash if she don't want to remove it

    Mimi NathanMimi NathanKun oldin
  • Señora, haga el favor que no dejarle la mierda en los ojos a los clientes.

    SarianetaSarianetaKun oldin
  • Hope they are lady fired her ass, she’s doing as shitty job n no telling if the poor client might’ve developed a major break out after the nasty job she’s done on his face

    Helen ChildsHelen ChildsKun oldin
  • Using nail clippers ffs!!! Bloody disgusting!

    Elle GeeElle GeeKun oldin
  • Oh god! What a mess! I was actually squeezing my phone to try to get the half left blackheads out! Terrible.

    Tracy WilkinsonTracy WilkinsonKun oldin
  • I hate it being wiped on gloves. It falls back onto the face. It’s in the corner of the man’s eyes. Disgusting.

    Grace ProbyGrace ProbyKun oldin
  • This fuckin skin care technician may cause the patient be infected as not all dirt come out leaving inside seems to be intentionally to do it for repeated business

    前香港人前香港人Kun oldin
  • This could have been such a good video, but the assistant made is a disaster. Missed opportunity!!!

    Veronica MooreVeronica MooreKun oldin
  • You either can't see or you're blind. You've skipped over several large blackheads and especially the one on the top lip👎

    RR WRR WKun oldin
  • I badge u didn't clean that face properly

    Ndiza NanoNdiza NanoKun oldin
  • Not even getting the whole thing out of the pores.

    Billy SullivanBilly SullivanKun oldin
  • Вот что за мода плантации угрей выращивать. Дома че зеркала что-ли нет

    Владимир РозовВладимир РозовKun oldin
  • Cuticle cutters do not pull anything out lol THEY CUT

    purplevanity19purplevanity192 kun oldin
  • 각질관리를 너무않한거아님? 어쩜이래?

    난모찌애미난모찌애미2 kun oldin
  • 이 분 초보인가요? 너무 못 하시네요😡😡😡

    나오미나오미2 kun oldin
  • Who the hell is doing this procedure? Its dirty ,sloppy and unhygienic.

    Sandra EvansSandra Evans2 kun oldin
  • Wlang ending

    Teddy SoffyTeddy Soffy2 kun oldin
  • Did you get paid for this horible work?

    doina SPIRUdoina SPIRU2 kun oldin
  • Oh my God, this îs the worst practician ever

    doina SPIRUdoina SPIRU2 kun oldin
  • Chaos, niedokładność i bylejakość!!!

    Wanda KowalskaWanda Kowalska2 kun oldin
  • Ślepa jesteś??? Nie widzisz w oczach tych pozostawionych przez ciebie zaskórników, WSTYD!!! 👎

    Wanda KowalskaWanda Kowalska2 kun oldin
  • Your Chanel had become sad to watch these last 2 months due to shoddy work on patients..🙄 -Increase in Excessive missed extractions -Increase in Excessive Incomplete extractions -Leaving extracted content scattered on patients face 🔸Unsubscribing from Chanel🔶

    Tish PayneTish Payne2 kun oldin
  • What a waste of some good black heads. CLEAN OUT THE ENTIRE PORE‼️‼️

    Tee ThamesTee Thames2 kun oldin
  • Chỉ mình tui là người Việt Nam xem mấy cái video này thui ư ?

    Mc Tâm AnMc Tâm An2 kun oldin
  • Good popping videos are getting much harder to find these days. No matter the "SPA", jobs are rushed, incomplete, and leave me more frustrated than anything else. I'll take 10 zits done right over a whole face done half-assed. Each lesion should get laser focus until done. Squeezed, checked, squeezed 5 more times if needed, checked again. Or if it takes a long steady squeeze to get most of the contents, so be it, checked, then squeezed, picked, checked, whatever it takes. It would also be great to see the clients treated like human beings. With the area just done cleaned of all debris, and tools, gloves and face clean prior to starting on the next one. This is a medical procedure for a human being. Clients should be treated with respect, dignity, empathy, with focused attention to detail. These procedures should always be done in the client's best interest. That for me at least would make for far better viewing.

    Nick GreyNick Grey2 kun oldin
  • So messy

    gmeyer Meyergmeyer Meyer2 kun oldin

    tez dtez d2 kun oldin
  • This tech is sloppy. They just swipe away the gunk and left some hanging on his eyelid. So gross.

    Foxy LadyFoxy Lady2 kun oldin
  • Why not washing the face first and used technology or pore strips and then if there still have blackheads then finish with popping so there is less use of needle ,,

    Maria RamMaria Ram2 kun oldin
  • Why not washing the face first and used technology or pore strips and then if there still have blackheads then finish with popping so there is less use of needle ,,

    Maria RamMaria Ram2 kun oldin
  • So random! Just hopping around to this one and that one.

    KW in COKW in CO2 kun oldin
  • Amo esses vídeos , mas essa pessoa não fez um bom trabalho ! Não espreme até o final , deixa tudo pela metade . Péssimo

    Zila Matildes CostaZila Matildes Costa2 kun oldin
  • Can you NOT SEE the zit material in the VICTIM’S EYE???

    Artisan51Artisan512 kun oldin
  • Como é nojento isso em cima da Luva poderia ter um algodão ou gase pra limpar .

    Marcia LimaMarcia Lima2 kun oldin
  • The face is damage my God

    Joan BryanJoan Bryan2 kun oldin
  • God she dropped all that shit in his eye barf

    N PN P2 kun oldin
  • Cuánta grasa Jesús Santisimo

    María Ayala AdameMaría Ayala Adame2 kun oldin
  • 😡😡😡😡😡

    Lorraine RollLorraine Roll2 kun oldin
  • Видос Фууу, прищедавительница нормально не выдавила ни одного

    Dob DobDob Dob2 kun oldin
  • Clean the tools n gloves as going along as it gross n unhygienic doesn't even wipe needle in between not safe more likely to get infection

    Anita SmithAnita Smith2 kun oldin
  • Como pode algo tão nojento , ser tão gostoso de se ver 😀😀

    Sandra SandrinhaSandra Sandrinha2 kun oldin
  • In his eyes??? The nasty ass stuff falling in his eyes!!! One slip of that needle , his eye is gone!!

    Lalori GarretLalori Garret2 kun oldin
  • its not clean at all

    Jaime Nicolas CrespoJaime Nicolas Crespo2 kun oldin
  • OMG! The eyes they are most important.

    dr eww q22 q#right 4Pamela Steeledr eww q22 q#right 4Pamela Steele3 kun oldin
  • Koq iso apike ngono

    Star Nursery JeparaStar Nursery Jepara3 kun oldin
  • I

    Erika Mae RendonErika Mae Rendon3 kun oldin
  • How do you let your face get that bad though.... 🤔

    Kimberly HadnotKimberly Hadnot3 kun oldin
  • Never finishes emptying the pores. Skips way to many!

    Beverly StufflebeamBeverly Stufflebeam3 kun oldin
  • Why would you not squeeze them yourself when they get that bad ?

    Julie HillJulie Hill3 kun oldin
  • Que mal que hace su trabajo...

    arminda armindaarminda arminda3 kun oldin
  • dirty, not careful cleaning. ugh!

    Larisa VildanovaLarisa Vildanova3 kun oldin
  • This is not a real salon. They must pay people with severely congested skin just for the purpose of filming them for views. On each of the videos all the skin condition is terrible and never looks like they have prepped/ steamed and cleaned the face prior. Poor technique and no follow up to show aftercare either. The people are just sent their way home after the vid. Do you really believe people who don’t seem to have taken any care of their skin for years would suddenly all go to this “spa” for treatment?

    BeaBea3 kun oldin
  • Doctor dirty why you not clear

    Luv Galaxy O2Luv Galaxy O23 kun oldin
  • You're doing yourself a disservice putting filters of extra blackheads the cover picture. It is misleading and dishonest!

    JuleeJulee3 kun oldin
  • I wish they would clean out pores properly

    Sarah CornfordSarah Cornford3 kun oldin
  • Why such a short video?! I just don’t get it.

    Dogs RuleDogs Rule3 kun oldin
  • Okay so why doesn’t anyone try using the spatula treatment on ones where almost all the pores need cleaning ?? I don’t get it. So much faster. You just push evenly up and at a neutral and Smooth level. No one yet has.

    Dogs RuleDogs Rule3 kun oldin
  • Yo fuece la persona y ye demando por animal

    Julio ColmenarezJulio Colmenarez3 kun oldin
  • Please, cover the clients eyes!

    Linda LarsonLinda Larson3 kun oldin