Sasuke's Jealousy of Kakashi In Boruto Naruto Next Generations!

11-Yan, 2021
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Despite being one of the two most powerful shinobi alive, Sasuke Uchiha is far from perfect and there are clear limitations to what he can do. In fact, despite Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke's former teacher, being far weaker than Sasuke, there are some areas where Sasuke still hasn't surpassed his former teacher and the gap between the two remains larger than the gap between Hokage Naruto and adult Kiba! However, just what is it that Sasuke is still lacking and how exactly does Kakashi still have the edge over Sasuke in this regard, to the point where Sasuke himself is jealous of his teacher in Boruto Naruto next generations! Grab those ramen bowls for this latest installement of Sasuke Shinden The Teacher's Star Pupil.
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  • I’d have to say Kakashi... he guided Naruto to the rasenshuriken, taught sasuke the chidori, and guided boruto to the wind style rasengan.

    Yoseph KamranYoseph Kamran15 kun oldin
    • @kadeem rust right, he just taught him to use shadow clones to train faster than any ninja known to man. Ultimately leading him to create the rasenshuriken.

      IhatenaldsMcDoIhatenaldsMcDo9 kun oldin
    • he did not teach Naruto the rasen shuriken

      kadeem rustkadeem rust9 kun oldin
    • @Alyssa THE FBI GIRL don't forget, he did teach her to walk up a tree.

      IhatenaldsMcDoIhatenaldsMcDo10 kun oldin
    • 🤔👍

      Prince LotorPrince Lotor11 kun oldin
    • Thanks, pal

      Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake11 kun oldin
  • Sasuke is slowly becoming kakashi and kakashi is slowly becoming Jiraya

    OutloatOutloat22 soat oldin
  • If we consider team 7 alone... like sasuke, sakura and naruto... i rhink Naruto is the best teacher

    Samuel Boutet-PéréeSamuel Boutet-PéréeKun oldin
  • I think it's jiraya. Because as dumb as naruto was, jiraya was able to break it down to the simplest form for him to understand.

    Uzoma OkekeUzoma Okeke3 kun oldin
  • Hiruzen taught 3 sannins. I think he needd recognition.

    Kal ElKal El4 kun oldin
  • Naruto: heals his sensei eye Boruto : destroyers his sensei eye Boruto you really are doing well in not following up your father

    Jimmby12 JommozJimmby12 Jommoz4 kun oldin
    • Heads up this is a joke if someone was gonna type in boruto didn’t remove sasuke eye borushiki did

      Jimmby12 JommozJimmby12 Jommoz4 kun oldin
  • Tsunade is the best teacher. She turned a trash can into a serviceable ninja

    Jeffrey WilliamsJeffrey Williams4 kun oldin
  • I think the best teacher was jiraya then kakashi because they both were able to teach without giving away the answer

    jc Ambrizjc Ambriz6 kun oldin
  • Naruto used “Thousand Years of Pain” on Gaara thanks to Kakashi

    AbdegaAbdega7 kun oldin
  • Great video man please explain hotaru's forbbiden jutsu in the next video

    Makhabane MayenziweMakhabane Mayenziwe7 kun oldin
  • Id say jiraya because jiraya. kakashi isnt really a good teacher in my opinion because he completely dipped on naruto and sakura minus tree walking pt 1 and even pt 2 he has 1 arc over 200 episodes and he probably only trained naruto because it was either that or sakura

    Trent fanninTrent fannin8 kun oldin
  • also boruto learned most of his fighting from Hinata,her sister,and Naruto only later in the show/manga does he become Sasuke student,the only thing Kakashi does is get him to think more differently because he doesn't like the way boruto perceives his life

    kadeem rustkadeem rust9 kun oldin
  • Kakashi doesn't teach boruto at all check your facts,Sasuke showed boruto what the rasengan looks like,but konahamoru taught him the rasengan, kakashi explained to him that he accidentally created a different version of the rasengan

    kadeem rustkadeem rust9 kun oldin
  • How many of you want sarada remove her goggles / shades

    Sam DazzSam Dazz9 kun oldin
  • Kinda like this in the real world. Just cuz your best of ur field doesn't mean you have the skills to teach it and simplify it for others. He'll learn

    Sarah GonzalesSarah Gonzales9 kun oldin
  • Kakashi the best teacher then Minato after that.

    Bob IlgnerBob Ilgner9 kun oldin
  • Itachi is the best teacher, nothing like the school of hard knocks created the Sasuke we know and love. Which also explains why Saskuke is not a great teacher, he is a student of instinct and anger.

    LBJ JamesLBJ James10 kun oldin
  • Shisui Uchiha

    Edwin PerezEdwin Perez11 kun oldin
  • Asuma sensei his patience and strategy was the key to his teams success in every battle

    Kevin CooperKevin Cooper11 kun oldin
  • Where is that fight @ 1:30 of kono

    NoelNoel11 kun oldin
  • Sasuke teaches like that because he has the Sharingan. All he's had to do is watch and mimic, similar to Sarada and her mom. Best Teacher Jiriaya

    KingDom McCoyKingDom McCoy11 kun oldin
  • Well let’s be real here the guy who really got sasuke cold was OROCHIMARU

    Boomie BankrollBoomie Bankroll11 kun oldin
  • Ebisu is probably the best teacher in Konoha, he even taught Naruto right before the finals of the Chunin Exam. That was probably the dumbest Naruto, the one with no hope of breaking a genjutsu. I think a good teacher can probably teach 50% of his students. The best teachers... closer to 90%. There's at least 10% of students who won't learn no matter how good their teacher is.

    OielvertOielvert11 kun oldin
  • Iruka sensei

    Luv TavadiaLuv Tavadia12 kun oldin
  • KILLER B🐝🦑 FOOL YA FOOL More Melanated Heroes

    Fredrick WeathersbyFredrick Weathersby12 kun oldin
  • KNOWN FACT Kakashi with just one sharigan was stronger than sauske with two sharigan an if sauske didn't have the sharigan kakashi with no sharigan would still be stronger KNOWN FACT

    C jC j12 kun oldin
  • I think itachi is the best teacher, as he 5headed psychomanipulated sauske into being who he is today

    jaaaic10jaaaic1012 kun oldin
  • I have a good idea for a "what if" video. :::"What if Rock Lee's surgery failed? "::: or what if rock lee died? I'm pretty sure you haven't done it, and I'm interested to see if you come to roughly the same conclusion that I did... because it has a nasty butterfly effect. Everyone thumbs up so he sees this?

    Joshua TolodxiJoshua Tolodxi12 kun oldin
  • The best teacher in Naruto is without a doubt Tsunade. She took Sakura from getting out Taijutsu'd by Ino to becoming one of the most power shinobi of all time.

    Jourdan SarpyJourdan Sarpy12 kun oldin
  • well i admire kakashi alot but he has admitted even in the manga and anime that he failed as a teacher to team 7. he taught them the importance of team work and being a ninja of the hidden leaf village, and on how to never leave a friend behind a lesson that Naruto took to heart and never abandoned sasuke. but there was this disconnect and rift always between him and his students he felt sakura was already an adequate and brilliant kunoichi but never guided her Tsunade filled in for that. With sasuke he thought he could some how reach out to him as they both had parallels to eachother and had lost precious things and on one level believed he could humble sasuke as obito had done for him but ignored that sasuke was completely envious and jealous of naruto's growth and his bonds with others. but with naruto for sure he helped naruto shape into the ninja he became with some life lessons that jiraiya imparted to naruto. Naruto surpassed kakashi as kakashi himself had hoped he would.

    Deus GamesDeus Games13 kun oldin
  • Men Every Sensei Boruto Had either got Super Nerfed or Really just trash

    Paul Gabriel SantosPaul Gabriel Santos13 kun oldin
  • can you explain how boruto learned water style

    Sasquatch NHGSasquatch NHG13 kun oldin
  • it's gonna be either Jiraiya OR 3rd Hokage

    Federico Jimbo SmithsonFederico Jimbo Smithson13 kun oldin
  • Instead of giving us shitty ass fillers I wish Bourto Anime would Adopt the Saskue novels or when Naruto got his chakra illness but nope they can give us 150 episodes of filler instead of these bad ass stories. It's a shame there's so many good stories out there and they won't Animate any of them which freaking sucks!

    Lukie2131Lukie213113 kun oldin
  • Why would he be jealous this is just Stupid he's always been a loner and never been a teacher but I will say this he's a great teacher when he's training Sarada or Bourto one on one.

    Lukie2131Lukie213113 kun oldin
  • Sasuke is probably more of a single pupil type of teacher

    Rodrick HattonRodrick Hatton13 kun oldin
    • Maybe, but Boruto is basically a smartass disciple so its easier to teach him.

      StevenSteven13 kun oldin
  • This also emphasizes when Kakashi allowed Naruto to discover Rasenshuriken was an amazing arc. You could see how each step matters.

    John Gedric TudioJohn Gedric Tudio13 kun oldin
  • Who said Sassuke is 5 chakra nature's?

    Charley WheatCharley Wheat13 kun oldin
    • Sasuke has the rinnegan. Having the rinnegan gives you access to all 5 changes in chakra nature

      Naruto ExplainedNaruto Explained13 kun oldin
  • Who’s the best teacher that’s a no brainer it’s mada jairaiya come on

    FIGFIG13 kun oldin
  • Sasuke gonna have to part his hair differently now.

    Just an Average ManJust an Average Man13 kun oldin
  • Best teacher is orochimaru or madara don’t forget madara made obito a kage level shinobi try training him in a genjutsu

    tyreek morrisontyreek morrison14 kun oldin
  • Shino NO COMPETITION... you see this new generation

    Carlos Powell Jr.Carlos Powell Jr.14 kun oldin
  • Sasuke is the Michael Jordan of ninjas when it come to teaching

    Carlos Powell Jr.Carlos Powell Jr.14 kun oldin
  • Bruh you just talking about nothing lately 😅

    donald vaughndonald vaughn14 kun oldin
  • Someone plz get this man another sharingan

    casablanca bellcasablanca bell14 kun oldin
  • im commenting to change it from 666 no thanks devil

    auraburstauraburst14 kun oldin
  • Yeah cause they all want to keep getting new bigger more powerful jutsu, whilst he spent legit three 3 mastering chidori lol

    Browny 1879Browny 187914 kun oldin
  • This channel is on FIRE!!!!

    Zone OutZone Out14 kun oldin
  • Sauske didn’t really have a childhood to relate to normal kids like he has now

    Mizz InfamousMizz Infamous14 kun oldin
  • Kakashi is cooler than Adult Sasuke which is a massive let down.

    Chris xOChris xO14 kun oldin
  • Honestly seeing something interesting come out Sasuke’s character in Boruto kind of makes Boruto and his generation feel even more needless and bloated. I’m glad it has its fans and isn’t awful, and makes every fight scene spectacular, but it seems to be riding the coat tails of characters that shouldn’t even have been out of the door yet. Had some world-building changes been made, a great sequel series could have come out after Shippuden, without needing to bench and explain away the character we like and want to see the growth of in order to make way for, at best, their kids fighting their battles for reasons. A series that actually focussed on the Shippuden cast, including the ones that barely got attention, actually being ninja and working to foster peace and track down the Otsusukis themselves would be hella interesting. But the direction they went with makes some sense from a marketing perspective.

    EverythingFan02EverythingFan0214 kun oldin
  • Konohameru learned the rasengan by form naruto who literally said to spin chakra in your hand

    Yash PurohitYash Purohit14 kun oldin
  • That cause B does have the nine tails seal in him

    Cool FighterCool Fighter14 kun oldin
  • If sasuke's is a genius then think what lvl Itachi would have benn

    Ranjuthan BagulanRanjuthan Bagulan14 kun oldin
    • Genius is basically the next level of super talented.

      StevenSteven13 kun oldin
    • Sasuke isnt a genius he is super talented

      StevenSteven13 kun oldin
  • Most people say it would be kakashi but i would like to go with madara as a best sensei how he make obito to kage lvl shinobi it's impressive

    Indian AnimeIndian Anime14 kun oldin
  • Iruka ftw

    Wayne CWayne C14 kun oldin
  • Id say Madara is the best teacher. Although we didn’t see the actual training, the end result was impressive. He turned Óbito a regular Chunnin at the time into a Hokage level fighter able to tame the nine tails and infiltrate the village by the age of 14.

    Mind BlownMind Blown14 kun oldin
    • No. Obito abilities play a huge part

      StevenSteven13 kun oldin
  • Kakashi is good with words because he read the jiraya books. Sasuke needs to start reading.

    Akash MannAkash Mann14 kun oldin
  • Did you mention Rinnegan? Lmao😂😂

    RiwaZ GameRRiwaZ GameR15 kun oldin
  • There's too many great teachers to pick one

    Marquel DewittMarquel Dewitt15 kun oldin
  • id say hiruzen is the best because he actually taught the legendary sannin and those 3 went on to mentor team 7. kakashi is great tho

    kjc2kjc215 kun oldin
  • How is this a question? Ka-Kashi Bruh. Kashi. He knew when to be stern. When to back off. When to tap another in. When to go bring one home. And after raising the 2 strongest Ninja in the history of Konaha, he then assisted them in saving the world... All while secretly being the star of the show.

    Darth gNostikosDarth gNostikos15 kun oldin
  • I think we can all agree that the best teacher is Konohamaru, hands down. He teaches everyone day in day out how not to be. Most consistent, most dedicated, no one does it better!

    Andro RhoneAndro Rhone15 kun oldin
  • Guy and Jiraiya

    Rifaee RasheedhRifaee Rasheedh15 kun oldin
  • Imma say Jiraiya, even while liking Kakashi more. Jiraiya let Naruto go, and by that, I meant that Jiraiya seems to be able to instinctively understand where Naruto’s progress is and can build him up from that. That’s why I think Jiraiya facing Pein was so important. Jiraiya knew at that point that he had taught all that he could to Naruto, and that what was left in his teachings, he would no longer be a part of. He understood that he needed to let go and let Naruto figure out the rest on his own, and that’s why he was comfortable in letting himself die, even though he could’ve escaped, because he knew, live or die, he would no longer have that much impact on Naruto’s life anymore, and in fact, his death could benefit Naruto far more than staying alive.

    yanyan zhangyanyan zhang15 kun oldin
  • You guys forgot kakshi was the same way if not harder on his students when he left the Anbu. But overall hashirama is lowkey the best teacher he started the leaf and pretty much has trained each hokage if you think About it...all hokages were trained by each other witch means they are passing down their fighting styles and techniques and will of fire 🔥

    NeonModsNeonMods15 kun oldin
  • What rinnegan?

    GeetGeet15 kun oldin
  • Man imagine having 3 tomoe sharingan , mangekyo sharingan , EMS , Rinnegan , literally being sasuke , then getting stabbed in the eye lol

    sokyu nosokyu no15 kun oldin
  • At this point if anybody says that Kakashi isn’t the best sensei in the series is capping hard AF💯

    Boruto no JutsuBoruto no Jutsu15 kun oldin
  • I would like to fight sasuke

    CØDECØDE15 kun oldin
  • Kakashi is a Trash

    Yo yo honey singh EmiwayYo yo honey singh Emiway15 kun oldin
  • Great video today keep it up your doing amazing job

    HALAM899 LiveHALAM899 Live15 kun oldin
  • Jiraiya, best teacher hands down. Not only did he help naruto grow as a ninja but his wisdom, will of fire; everything was passed down really well.

    VarshiniVarshini15 kun oldin
  • Ion think sasuke jealous of kakashi but oooookkkiiii doookiiiieee

    Tronell WilsonTronell Wilson15 kun oldin
  • Sakura's going to have to come set the training right again smh... 🤭

    WadeWade15 kun oldin
  • I know this is off topic ,but I think Kakashi should’ve got a sage mode. Remember he didn’t take the hokage position right away because he thought he didn’t have the ability to become it without sharingan. I think he should’ve trained for a sage mode than because he has more chakra reserves now. I feel like he deserves to be stronger cuz you get Orochimaru being able to literally turn people into dust, Adult Sakura being a Tsunade with good taijutsu. I would like Kakashi to get a dog sage mode ,but maybe he’s too old now.

    DjDj15 kun oldin
  • Orochimaru is the best teacher😂

    NCNC15 kun oldin
  • Orochimaru😂

    NCNC15 kun oldin
  • Sasuke teaching new team 7 like how naruto taught konohamaru the rasengan in that filler episode 😂

    kuhkubo99kuhkubo9915 kun oldin
  • Tsunade. Look what she did with Sakura. No, Sakura was never really on par with the boys, but they also had insane pedigrees and were basically reincarnations of Gods to begin with.

    Heidi BaillyHeidi Bailly15 kun oldin
  • Madara is the best teacher. Obito was a weakling under Minato. Obito became one of the strongest shinobi EVER under Madara! Madara would also kick Kakashi’s ass in a one on one fight!

    Lengendary LeoLengendary Leo15 kun oldin
    • No

      StevenSteven13 kun oldin
    • How is that even a comparison😭. We literally learned that Madara could one shot the 5 kage easily if he actually tried which he did and Kakashi is strong ,but not enough to 1v5 kage Lmao.

      DjDj15 kun oldin
  • Kakashi is so good at basics because he reads books all the time 😂😂😂

    Shravan MaheshwariShravan Maheshwari15 kun oldin
  • Where we would be without Naruto"EXPLAINED": Most ppl:.......👨🏽‍🦯👨🏽‍🦯👨🏽‍🦯

    Roniaru UzumakiRoniaru Uzumaki15 kun oldin
  • Best teachers are Hiruzen, the Sannins, and Kakashi. Hiruzen trained the sannins. The 3 sannins, jiraiya thought Naruto rasengan, summoning jutsu, and his overall skillset. Tsunade, thought sakura the hundred healings jutsu and helped her enhance her chakra control, Orochimaru trained sasuke with kenjutsu and different change in chakra forms. As seen with his different chidori variations. And Kakashi thought Sasuke his go to jutsu, helped Naruto to create his base strongest jutsu, and guided Boruto to create 2 new variations for the rasengan.

    Avreil DavidAvreil David15 kun oldin
  • The strongest person at a skill doesn’t mean they’re the best at teaching that skill. For an example a great driver doesn’t mean a good teacher at driving.

    Picasso JulienPicasso Julien15 kun oldin
  • Manga chapter coming out in 8 days !!

    Picasso JulienPicasso Julien15 kun oldin
  • I think that the best teacher in Naruto would either be Jiraiya or Orochimaru Jiraiya taught Minato and he was on another level in the third shinobi war, he taught Nagato which would have been difficult to say the least cause even at that time Nagato was a monster, he taught Konan who used paper so Jiraiya had to probably mix up his style to teach her, and finally but not least the man taught Naruto an A rank Jutsu when the academy couldn't even teach him how to make a shadow clone. man was a teaching legend Orochimaru speaks for himself he taught Anko all of her techniques, he taught Kimimaru all that he knew and Kimimaru was so strong that he helped Orochimaru to kill Rasa, he taught Sasuke and improved him to the point that team seven in the beginning couldn't even touch him, and lets not forget that some of the people that he experimented on were willing participants and Jugo, Karin, and Suigetsu all stayed with him and you do have to keep in mind that all of the people that taught he was brainwashing them to worship him

    Nathan GillespieNathan Gillespie15 kun oldin
  • Kakashi is the best teacher in naruto because if he was not naruto's teacher then naruto would have never developed his ninja way

    WHT GamersWHT Gamers15 kun oldin
  • Kakashi wasn’t a great teacher at the beginning either he was just good at giving advice

    LilSmoke5LilSmoke515 kun oldin
  • Think sasuske is bad at teaching yet does anyone remember when naruto taught the rasengan to konohamaru?

    Joseph SanchezJoseph Sanchez15 kun oldin
  • Me; Patiently waiting on himawari to activate byakugan at will 😅

    TheSoulSnatcher_YTTheSoulSnatcher_YT15 kun oldin
  • Is Sasuke jealous because he can't be with Naruto, but Kakashi can be with Guy? Whoops, wrong genre.

    Betty-Alexandria PrideBetty-Alexandria Pride15 kun oldin
    • @Naruto Explained Oh wow, thank you! You have great content, I've got to leave great comments. 🙂

      Betty-Alexandria PrideBetty-Alexandria Pride4 kun oldin
    • lol! Side note, according to TubeBuddy you have received some of the highest number of hearts on the channel!

      Naruto ExplainedNaruto Explained15 kun oldin
  • i think my top 3 favorite and best teachers are Kakashi, Jiraiya and hold on Madara Uchiha. Kakashi was strict but cared about his students thoroughly. Jiraiya was able to give comfort to naruto as a master, a father and a friend, along with helping him grow to become the ninja he is. madara, you just can't argue he turned obito a regular average uciha into a kage level in a couple of months who was able to defeat over 20 mist anbu and later be able to match the 5 kage and hold off 2 perfect jinchuriki, kakashi, might guy

    Bhavya ShahBhavya Shah15 kun oldin
  • What if kwaki was the son of Naruto and Shion 😅😂😂🤣

    Fire FisT GamerFire FisT Gamer15 kun oldin
  • WTF has happened to sasuke's lips on the thumbnail. Looks super creepy

    Bhavya ShahBhavya Shah15 kun oldin
  • I think kakashi probably ,as he taught naruto the rasengan,even kakashi who taught chidori to sasuke. jiraya taught it step by step as naruto is a knucklehead,but kakashi taught chidori to sasuke in like 1 week before the preliminery. jiraya wouldnt be around everytime training naruto,who knows if sasuke never left the village kakashi also would have done the same thing

    Siddharth AshwathSiddharth Ashwath15 kun oldin
  • Jiraiya with Kakashi as a close second. The best Teachers.

    Martell HixsonMartell Hixson15 kun oldin
  • bro momoshiki is actually smart , maybe he won't even fight naruto and sasuke he already destroyed their only way of traveling back to konoha so he could just leave them there.. but then sasuke will use izanagi and go after him and maybe they will fight him in konoha..

    GleamyGleamy15 kun oldin
  • No wonder he is jealous everyone gets chakra except him

    jyabjyab15 kun oldin
  • hah, he said he has the rennigan

    crem44crem4415 kun oldin