Sam Morril: Up on the Roof- Full Special

25-Noy, 2020
561 032 Ko‘rishlar soni

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Directed by Matthew Salacuse
Edited by Dominick Mull
Written and performed by Sam Morril
Full credits at end of special

  • 39:30 - 45:57 Best Story EVER. I fucking RUN Virginia Beach.

    Garv WadhwaneyGarv Wadhwaney50 daqiqa oldin
  • 22:23 Karen alert ⚠️

    Albert W. ChangAlbert W. ChangKun oldin
  • Sam "I like that angle" Morril

    Connor MullaneyConnor MullaneyKun oldin
  • I'm so used to seeing people in front of green screens that someone actually on a roof looks bizarre.

    Jane SmithJane SmithKun oldin
  • This is brilliant. The connection to humans, the love shown from both you and the audience and the amazing crew. Thank you for making this. Desperately needed and appreciated.

    Alex Clarke-PoliAlex Clarke-Poli2 kun oldin
  • Good stuff! Made me become a patron.

    Raul BernsteinRaul Bernstein2 kun oldin
  • Loved every minute of this.

    CeeDubyuhCeeDubyuh2 kun oldin
  • so great, what an incredible accomplishment. Congrats, that was so fucking funny.

    Bud WorthyBud Worthy2 kun oldin
  • Fucking Brilliant!

    ToiletFingerToiletFinger3 kun oldin
  • Cannot wait to catch your next Michigan show, whenever that is, Always hilarious

    HoffDaddyHoffDaddy3 kun oldin
  • I watched this over two days. I like your style of comdey man Please stick with it you deserve fame

    robert sumpterrobert sumpter3 kun oldin
  • You should have millions of subscribers dude.

    Carlos BlancoCarlos Blanco4 kun oldin

    Color HeightsColor Heights4 kun oldin
  • Great show.

    KEE LOEKEE LOE4 kun oldin
  • Love ya Sam this is amazing

    Triangle FilmsTriangle Films4 kun oldin
  • Is he high?

    Shah Alam AnsariShah Alam Ansari5 kun oldin
  • Yeaux, you really run the mic through an old Fender Silverface?!?

    Peter WelshPeter Welsh5 kun oldin
  • Why TF is the sound so loud what the fck

    Rig BarRig Bar6 kun oldin
  • That was fantastic!

    Amanda PassmoreAmanda Passmore6 kun oldin
  • Horse in the audience at 1:16

    Shrinivas IyengarShrinivas Iyengar6 kun oldin
  • Awesome Idea and execution. This was really well-produced as well. So fucking New York street documentary in its vibe. Credit to your craft, man.

    Chad Devereux-JamesChad Devereux-James7 kun oldin
  • Really great!

    Eduardo BarbosaEduardo Barbosa7 kun oldin
  • My best friends grandparents had a horse that raced under the name jailbait 😂

    craig browercraig brower8 kun oldin
  • nice

    Robin HessRobin Hess8 kun oldin
  • This man is so underrated

    Oscar AvelarOscar Avelar8 kun oldin
  • favorite comedian, come to Chicago asap when this is all over

    Robert BradshawRobert Bradshaw8 kun oldin
  • This was excellent!!!!

    Thomas ThrasherThomas Thrasher8 kun oldin
  • Love ur stuff man keep it up!!

    Andres MedinaAndres Medina8 kun oldin
  • Well done .

    LiflowLiflow9 kun oldin
  • Love you Sam!!! All the way from Va Beach 😊

    Megan HeckerMegan Hecker9 kun oldin
  • Sam’s next special should be on an island, I have the perfect one and I’ll even set the whole thing up just to be there

    A2AA2A9 kun oldin
  • Sam is a gift to society!

    DylanDylan10 kun oldin
  • Man this is awesome!! Very original concept for a special!!!

    ChicaguenseChicaguense10 kun oldin
  • Comedy is a dying art

    Levi GLevi G10 kun oldin
  • Relationships are like TV shows!!!!!!!

    abccoyabccoy11 kun oldin
  • Yes yes yes

    Nicholas DiniusNicholas Dinius11 kun oldin
  • Rip my ears.

    Corn PopCorn Pop11 kun oldin
  • This guy runs 🔥🔥🔥... on Fire Really good content ❤️❤️❤️

    Abhay KrishnaAbhay Krishna11 kun oldin
  • Your specials are always great

    GrilledWangGrilledWang11 kun oldin
  • Shout out to the joe rogan impersonator

    GordonGordon11 kun oldin
  • I was born in Naples. Fuck that place

    John ClausenJohn Clausen12 kun oldin
  • *hits the fucking drone with fireworks*

    Chris CarusoChris Caruso12 kun oldin
  • Wow, really Thumbs down for this racist.

    Feral CrafterFeral Crafter12 kun oldin
  • How the fuck was she offended by that. She must be a joy to be around

    ItsNotAustinItsNotAustin12 kun oldin
  • I'm watching this with headphones, i get to the part where he says it's good when the mic doesn't work, and then there's no sound, i thought it was a joke, but no, my headphones have incredible comedic timing

    Erick AllisonErick Allison13 kun oldin
  • Great as always!

    im Jerryim Jerry13 kun oldin
  • Only 500k. They shadow ban you? Crazy

    Jon NeedmoJon Needmo13 kun oldin
  • You’re a G for this, Sam

    DudeOnACouchDudeOnACouch13 kun oldin
  • The soft jaguar natively mix because joke syntactically tremble including a noiseless hearing. melted, poor zoology

    Ethan IrwinEthan Irwin14 kun oldin
  • Yeah this guy isn't that funny

    Johannes BergJohannes Berg14 kun oldin
  • The joke about leaving his dad "well played" 🤣🤣🤣

    DrumAnalogy 1DrumAnalogy 114 kun oldin
  • Great show. A 5 star trip advisor review! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Go Stewie!?

    Kevin KelleyKevin Kelley15 kun oldin
  • WHAT ID give to be in that crowd :(

    GoldenAfricanGoldenAfrican15 kun oldin
  • Not enough masks, but lots of great jokes.

    J CampbellJ Campbell16 kun oldin
  • Sam is in his prime right now. he doesn't deserve that covid happened. I WAS IN NYC AND THE CELLAR WAS CLOSED :(.....

    anthony omeliananthony omelian16 kun oldin
  • You and kevin hart need to be in a movie

    central america panamacentral america panama16 kun oldin
  • for the algorithm

    Sazeed HasanSazeed Hasan17 kun oldin
  • Here from the pod with Santino. This is gold!

    Amber RiddleAmber Riddle17 kun oldin
  • Damn i wish i had a friend like Stew

    Big MacBig Mac17 kun oldin
  • "This fuckin rules!" Awesome

    Ğřvįmvįmvįh6h6h6 M3ŤR0P0ŁĮŞĞřvįmvįmvįh6h6h6 M3ŤR0P0ŁĮŞ17 kun oldin
  • One of the best out there. I love this dude's comedy.

    MetarisMetaris17 kun oldin
  • "When you see eyebrows like this and an American drone, you don't have long." LOL

    JO JOJO JO17 kun oldin
  • yas

    Lefteris PhilLefteris Phil18 kun oldin
  • Stew if you're reading this, you *run Virginia Beach* you fucking god.

    Puddle O' PissPuddle O' Piss18 kun oldin
  • Sam you are the BEST!!! Thank you so much for the much needed laughs!!

    Darrin CDarrin C19 kun oldin
  • i love you

    Gabriela ZajacGabriela Zajac19 kun oldin
  • Great concept Sam!

    demejiukdemejiuk19 kun oldin
  • Not that girl on the side of the street getting offended by like the least offensive joke in the special

    Rosie JosieRosie Josie19 kun oldin
  • He's so fucking fast witted!! I love him.

    T KT K19 kun oldin
  • Oh man, he was so good about that girl interjecting on his joke at 20:16. Sam seems so nice. Hope that girl never winds up front row at a Bill Burr show!

    Cory JamesCory James19 kun oldin
  • Lol Ian Fidance at the end. “This fuckin rules!”

    Kyle KlinkKyle Klink20 kun oldin
  • So much effort into making a set and I hope it was at least half as fun as it looked. Great stuff

    RayatiRayati20 kun oldin
  • This was sick ! Nice work Sam !

    ZBirDEverydayZBirDEveryday20 kun oldin
  • 1:15 laugh like a dolphin mixed with hyena

    ZBirDEverydayZBirDEveryday20 kun oldin
  • Great stuff! Really enjoyed it.

    Jeff RogersJeff Rogers21 kun oldin
  • I miss New York... but I can't wait to hit up Virginia Beach! You're a delight, thank you so very much!

    BookAchu57BookAchu5721 kun oldin
  • Dude you're the man and funny as all hell. I wish you'd do something like this where I live

    rrth556rrth55621 kun oldin
  • Cringe city! Thanks for trying!

    NintendongNintendong21 kun oldin
  • I can still hear the 🐐 in my ears. Enjoyed it.

    scott Bensonscott Benson21 kun oldin
  • the stu joke was probably one of the best I've heard

    CameronCameron21 kun oldin
  • support this man on his patreon guys

    Jonathan GraberJonathan Graber21 kun oldin
  • This is a really really good special.

    Tshego SepengTshego Sepeng21 kun oldin
  • God I miss the clubs Sam you kill this man so good congrats on this

    Richard AndradeRichard Andrade22 kun oldin
  • I love this shit

    Finn MaloneFinn Malone22 kun oldin
  • I'm writing jokes everyday. Discovering methods to write comedy out of simple questions and elaborate them to create a short story. And Integrating many stories to form a special. It's taking a lot of work, but i could see the results one by one. Watching your standups gives me patience to practice over and over again. I hope, one day, I'd be as cool as you.

    KaladarKaladar22 kun oldin
  • Lmaooo the stew story is the best part

    Adelina SardothienAdelina Sardothien22 kun oldin
  • Incredible chops! You are my favorite comic by far!!!!

    Rosa ThomasRosa Thomas22 kun oldin
  • Wish I had stock in Sam Morril, you’re fuckin great keep up the good work

    Scott YoungScott Young22 kun oldin
  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    ElectricLouieLandElectricLouieLand22 kun oldin
  • Good stuff sam

    Benji PesciBenji Pesci22 kun oldin
  • 🔥

    chres barrettchres barrett22 kun oldin
  • been hearing about this from a bunch of comedians and saw your episode with Jim Jefferies on patreon and had to take a look, what a great special

    Megabob777Megabob77722 kun oldin
  • Awesome job Sam! Loved it

    Aaron GarciaAaron Garcia23 kun oldin
  • loved that phone joke

    Jesus RodriguezJesus Rodriguez23 kun oldin
  • "The Jeffrey Toobin Story", starring Stanley Tucci.

    Jared AllenJared Allen23 kun oldin
  • The butthole is like a Broadway show

    Matthew GerringMatthew Gerring23 kun oldin
  • Just bought all 3 of your albums and told all my buddies about you. It was exciting to find a really funny comedian I didn’t know yet. I hope you make a killing, because you’ve clearly put in the time. 👏🏻

    BassTromBenBassTromBen23 kun oldin
  • Best accurate depiction of the comedy scene in 2020. Great job, as always I was very offended.

    Dizzy RocketDizzy Rocket24 kun oldin
  • I really wanna know what the joke that offended that lady was. Mind you, i'd probably respond that way to anyone coming up and bugging me as i'm eating my soup. In a pandabearmicrophone. Especially if you don't know they're a comedian, or Sam's style. Let's be real, if someone comes up to you on the street and goes, "bin Laden was probably a shitty city planner," that's *probably* an Islamophobic asshole. But i loved that joke. Context is everything. It's like going to see a show vs some guy showing up at a party with their guitar.

    Bismuth CrystalBismuth Crystal24 kun oldin
  • This man deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Sam stands for America.

    Bismuth CrystalBismuth Crystal24 kun oldin