RV Tour: Brutally Honest Review of the Airstream Flying Cloud Bunk

18-Okt, 2020
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ℹ️ About the episode:
We intentionally waited before doing a tour and review of our 2017 Airstream Flying Cloud 30' Bunk. We did this for a few reasons... First, we were too much love with the shiny tin can and knew we had to experience some drawbacks from actually living in it to provide a helpful review. Secondly, what makes an RV tour helpful, regardless if it's a Travel Trailer, 5th wheel or motorhome, is seeing how we actually live in the space and how everything is organized. The trending comment when we first purchased the Airstream was, "How are you going to go full-time in that? And where is everything going to go?!?" Are the rumors true that Airstreams don't have any storage? Watch the video and you can decide...
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0:00 KYD!
3:20 Kitchen
13:58 Dinette
17:27 What Makes an RV Feel Small?
21:15 The Fridge
23:10 The Bunk
26:00 The Bathroom
29:35 The Master
33:56 Reputation & Quality
36:41 The Airstream Advantages
39:51 Exterior Storage
45:28 Battery Bank
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    joed596joed5962 kun oldin
  • Fantastic, I really enjoy your detailed explanation of your rigs, your set ups and necessary RV items and tools. Beautiful camera shots of the landscapes and wow the road trips! Thank you, Im watching this episode Nov 29, 2020 and could not be more happy to feel a part of your experiance. Thanks for the items, "the gigets and gadgets" that make the whole RV experience more rewarding and fun. My "little" (Lol) wife and I are new to taking our home with us on a holiday. Your videos have been so helpful in boosting my confidence and helping kick start our RV experience in a positive direction. With much appreciation and thanks, Brian T

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  • $100 Walmart Ice Maker, keep it in a storage area outside or in the truck, gain your freezer space back.

    Alex DillmanAlex Dillman3 kun oldin
  • We just sold our travel trailer without slides. It was hard with a family of 5. Our 3 boys are in middle school and getting bigger. We upgraded to a class c with a super slide and so far-no regrets.

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  • Love KYD. As only Burma, Liberia, and the US use imperial measurements, it would be great if you could include metric measurements also, for all your other viewers from the rest of the world.

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  • We love our 2020 30FB Bunk, thanks for the video - we picked up a couple hacks we’re going to use!

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  • I just have to say that I am so pleased to have found your channel! You guys are a joy to watch. Such positive upbeat and educational information and you two are just so cute together! My husband and I are buying a much smaller trailer but your tips and tricks still apply and I am learning so much. Thank you 😊

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  • What happened to the portable countertop ice maker - did it not hold up?

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  • Thank you for the “so many” episodes of your life. I like that you explain everything so well. I was wondering if besides showing us all the different types and models of RVs you would ever consider different makes and models of tow vehicles. I realize you are Ford people but even you might be surprised by seeing what else is available.

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  • Thank you for this! When I bought a 1979 Nomad, not an airstream, it took me like 5 times to get down to only what I needed. I used small plastic baskets from thrift stores for storage. I used a perculator for coffee, no filters. I had one sweater, one down vest, 2 tees, one long sleeve, 2 pairs of shorts 2 pairs of pants, and tennis shoes, flip flops and one pair of boots. I had one skillet and one pan.

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  • Great review ... What brand/model is your bike rack?

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    • Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Search UZworld for KYD Bike Rack for more info. keepyourdaydream.com/kuat

      Keep Your DaydreamKeep Your Daydream15 kun oldin
  • We’ve been watching you all for years and love your videos, but one recommendation for a future video (and if you’ve done this and we’ve missed it I apologize) would be to make a video on what has been your favorite rig! You’ve had such a vast experience in RV’s over the years or those that are planning to do this when they are able (retirement or whatever) it would be neat to hear your perspective based on your vast experience with all sorts of RVs. Just a thought.

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  • My Thoughts: Overpriced... Not practical for any stays over 5 nights.... Just not enough storage...

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  • Hi guys. I wanted to make a suggestion. With all of the new RVers this year, maybe some of the bigger channels could help by putting out etiquette videos. I know everyone has done them in the past, including you, but a lot of people don't want to go back on a channel they've just subscribed to watch the last three years of videos.

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  • Our small rv fridge worked well for our family of 8, we also had a small mini fridge in the outdoor kitchen we were able to store 2 extra gallons of milk.😉 Thank you so much for the fantastic content!!

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  • We have a 30 Classic and put large shelves in the closets instead of clothes. It’s for kitchen, office items and extra shoes. I also like clear containers for everything.

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    • Such a good idea on the shelves!

      Keep Your DaydreamKeep Your Daydream23 kun oldin
  • Trish, loving to cook as you do, don't you miss a bigger kitchen and Frig? We have a 35' GD that weighs 12k, Marcs comments about an AS being less fatiguing (no slides & always usable) has me considering going smaller. I think I'd miss Storage, Auto Leveling, but oddly my 18 cf frig most of all. Love your channel...Keep it up!

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  • Everything about this video is what I've been wanting to see! Answered so many questions for me. Thanks again for a great video!

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  • We are newly retired and are researching going full time RV. Don't have one yet but we're wondering if we should be concerned at the current state of the RV industry due to the pandemic--e.g. low inventory, poor service availability, seller's market, etc. Any thoughts on this concern? We have been avid campers and backpackers for decades, but no longer want to sleep on the ground in the cold. I am somewhat mobility impaired now, as well, so no more backpacking even though I dearly miss it. We are leaning toward a used towable and loved the look of your Airstream. May I ask for a ballpark on the price tag? Thanks for any thoughts and for the tour.

    Leah CochraneLeah Cochrane29 kun oldin
  • The question you didn’t talk about and I wish you would is Airstream worth it? Their price point isn’t just premium it’s on a whole different league. Your talking 3x to 4x what other trailers cost. Are they worth the premium? Consider too at that price point you could buy a brand new trailer and have every price of cabinetry replaced with custom solid wood units and still be cheaper.

    Jet DriverJet DriverOy oldin
  • We aren’t full time but use packing bags for our clothes. Easier to pull out a bag of tshirts and a bag of jeans, unzip, pick out what you want and toss the bags back in the cabinet. Everything stays neatly folded.

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  • @keepyourdaydream I noticed you don’t have a Hensley on your airstream. Is there a reason why you don’t after having one before? Are they not worth it or does the airstream just pull better?

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      Keep Your DaydreamKeep Your DaydreamOy oldin
  • Hubby and I have been keeping a electric ice maker in our bathroom in our trailer. We even have use of it in our home. For $100. Its It's worth it to us.

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  • Hi Marc and Trish, About your bumper, (by the way, I have a Globetrotter Airstream), I did the same thing and probably hit something on the road and it bent just like yours (on the same side, it must be the blind side). I removed the bumper myself. Its only held in by 4 bolts. The light weight bumper(< 10 lbs) is poundable (if that is a word) and maybe malleable it a better word. I used a 3 lb hand-held sledge hammer, 3 blocks of wood, and a good eye to see how you can pound it out(bend it into the original shape). It took me 15-20 minutes...I’m perfectionist, that’s why it took so long. I did it all right at the rig site, and my concrete driveway was the “shop table”. In my opinion you do not need a new bumper. It can be done by you or your son. It’s great therapy to rid any “frustration and anger issues”. I took photos of the process. If you are interest I shall send them. By the way I enjoyed the RV tour...its a keeper. You guys are great and so is Charlie!

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