Roland Martin On Presidential Debates, Trump’s “Opportunity Zones”, Supreme Court Power + More

29-Sen, 2020
140 179 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • I'm glad the Folks in Georgia aren't Voting in these criminals. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have a history of hurting the Black community... Joe Biden has written and introduced policies in the past that decimated African Americans. Watch "Tulsi Gabbard challenges Kamala Harris record as a prosecutor | full exchange" on UZworld

    Truth FinderTruth FinderKun oldin
  • Some common sense from a Black person, watch!

    MichaelMichael4 kun oldin
  • Dude is too goddamned old to be rocking that frat shirt. Be your own muthafuckin man.

    Kevin SkipperKevin Skipper7 kun oldin
  • This is a wonderful show. Thanks for having Roland on. Best journalist in the business. Can we all forge a fight after the elections to get rid of all porno on all the internet/web? It’s killing the minds of kids all over the world since it’s on all phones.

    sk QQsk QQ7 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne called that one!!

    karen robeykaren robey8 kun oldin

    Ari JosephAri Joseph14 kun oldin
  • Biden's past is very sketchy...

    Quantum OptimistQuantum Optimist14 kun oldin
  • On God I thought he was a picture.

    Ammenrah CarterAmmenrah Carter15 kun oldin
  • Congratulations rolling on your two years anniversary of killing people like it is

    Irving TabornIrving Taborn15 kun oldin
  • Roland is the REAL!

    L CombsL Combs16 kun oldin
  • Roland knows what he’s talking when speaking about chicanery Biden has to check, coming from Trump.

    Telford AmmonsTelford Ammons17 kun oldin
  • Dr. Roland Martin kindly email Dr. Telford Ammons running for President of Liberia, West Africa.

    Telford AmmonsTelford Ammons17 kun oldin
  • Preach Roland! I tried to tell so many black people in 2016 that the election was bigger than Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama was on pace to appointment the most black and brown judges to the federal court. So much so that the Republicans would not confirm any more of his judges. There were 180 seats not filled at the end of Obama's term and one Supreme Court Justice. Yet folks did not show up to vote. So we let those 180 seats slip through our hands, and a Supreme Court Justice pick. Trump filled all 180 seats with far right judges. And this will be the first time where a transfer of power might happen and there is not one federal judge seat open.

    mrscoriemrscorie17 kun oldin
  • If I had a man with a brain like Roland he wouldn't need a penis.

    Water GirlWater Girl18 kun oldin
  • For anybody who really thinks Opportunity Zones was made for black people, please check out HR4999. It’s a House Bill that was introduced a year ago(by a Democrat), and was designed to add fairness to opportunity zones.

    blongshanks77blongshanks7718 kun oldin
    • BLACK is a colour not person's/ppl Stop being non existent person's/ppl Once ya'll know this, you'll then know the game a game all your puppets are not allowed to tell you

  • Did Roland Martin eat his words yet?

    celestine kipronocelestine kiprono18 kun oldin
  • I’m watching this interview a week later, and CTG said Trump would win the debate. Once again, CTG showing his idiocy.

    blongshanks77blongshanks7718 kun oldin
  • I guess Joe Biden did the right thing when his son gets paid 85g from the Ukraine company and had no experience had the prosecutor fired for looking in to this you dummies want as president

    Nice HatterNice Hatter18 kun oldin
  • Men unity we neexd you jmen

    Eather PierreEather Pierre18 kun oldin
  • Fl black men go to 105 1 f m farrkhann will hell y0u black me.n he will help you black men unity with us help us vote lets take this vote go on 105.1 breK fast club 105.1 listd black men together black men in Fl vote with us listen to 105.1 together Farrkhan will help All black l men we need you to vote man ever man we c a n vote ?wit just learrb we i neexd you god bless men lln)y kylj

    Eather PierreEather Pierre18 kun oldin
    • God bless you black men we need you black men lets vote ok we will vote we can't win with out you are the ,M a n

      Eather PierreEather Pierre18 kun oldin
  • The old black media is dead

    E's VisionE's Vision18 kun oldin
  • Damn Charlemagne was right on point with how the debate was going to go . 100% on point!

    Mark DavisMark Davis18 kun oldin
  • Amazingly Charlamagne the Weirdo applauds Roland but hates on Joe Budden. If I'm the ultimate sucker was a person. It would Charlamagne the Weirdo.

    WormanattiWormanatti18 kun oldin
  • Cause nobody else said it i will imma dance dance dance fo massa 😆

    Kenneth Reed JrKenneth Reed Jr19 kun oldin
  • Barack handed Trump over 70 million

    bill stephensbill stephens19 kun oldin
  • For Charlemagne, black folks do not have a lot of wealth

    bill stephensbill stephens19 kun oldin
  • I don't put my trust in man only in God. If there has to be a leader my vote will go to the man who won't run his mouth but run for America.

    Cynthia PettyCynthia Petty19 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne looking for a reason not to vote for Biden and default to Trump...Roland clearly explained the Lie of Opportunity Zones but he was so glad he was there he ignored the truth. Sad representation.

    Bdawg02Bdawg0219 kun oldin
  • This has always been about money and power not America .

    Cynthia PettyCynthia Petty19 kun oldin
  • The content is determined by your AI and a lot of times that it misrepresents your software and the ads is not making any kind of statement to a show that you're trying to present

    Mike AdamsMike Adams19 kun oldin
  • I don't like Mitch McConnell but my mouth was watering when I saw who was running against him

    Mike AdamsMike Adams19 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne needs to stay away from politics 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Crystal ClearCrystal Clear19 kun oldin
  • I think Biden should hire Roland

    Alison PantonAlison Panton19 kun oldin
  • That’s what I’m talking about! Own your own makes you wealthy! Bravo to Roland . Makes me proud 💃🏾

    Dumi SaniDumi Sani20 kun oldin
  • Hey Roland, show me the proof of the last 70 yrs of the Demon-cRat led policies that helped inner cities all throughout America? I’m waiting

    JESUS 1st, Constitution 2ndJESUS 1st, Constitution 2nd20 kun oldin
  • Stuttering Joe Biden knows how to debate???? 🤣🤣🤣. Roland should be a comedian!! 800 billion million trillion, no 80 million billion hundred!! No 600 trillion million billion thousand!!

    JESUS 1st, Constitution 2ndJESUS 1st, Constitution 2nd20 kun oldin
  • Joe Biden “doing the right thing”???? You are hilarious 😂. Creepy Joe Biden copping feels on 8yr old children while smelling their hair!! That Joe Biden?

    JESUS 1st, Constitution 2ndJESUS 1st, Constitution 2nd20 kun oldin
  • Aaaawwweee okay Now I See what You’re saying there Mr Roland! It’s also the CDBG Funds (the rental units above and business below)! Because they run the whole gammit with these from both ends, that’s how THey’re locking it down

    jas113607jas11360720 kun oldin
  • Thanks For exposing that mixed use hustle there! That explains how these packets were not available once Ali Baba and the 40 thieves got the first wave of that money! Group economics black folks group economics

    jas113607jas11360720 kun oldin
  • Speak it DJ Envy! Speak it black man @12:40 ✊🏾

    jas113607jas11360720 kun oldin
  • Sound like CTG has defected. Looks like a Trumper to me. Envy school ya boy.

    Greg KingGreg King20 kun oldin
  • CTG was completely uninformed. He couldn’t hold a candle to Rolands knowledge base.

    Greg KingGreg King20 kun oldin
  • Roland!!!

    Julio GarciaJulio Garcia20 kun oldin
  • TRUMP 2020...

    Stanley JohnsonStanley Johnson20 kun oldin
  • Roland Martin sounds like the prison dude from In Living Color...

    Stanley JohnsonStanley Johnson20 kun oldin
  • Yessir I knew something was wrong. The never put any funding in the hood period nor do celebrities

  • I will love for this clown to debate Young Pharaoh...

    The star that is not famousThe star that is not famous20 kun oldin
  • Racists Joe Biden strikes again, saying the only reason he was able to stay home during the PLANdemic, because of the Black Women who where stocking the grocery shelves 🤦‍♂️ The old white racist was safe and he's proud to tell you Black women who worked hard on the front lines during this whole ordeal that you kept his wrinkled racists self safe while your put your health at risk Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    M.A.G.A MICHAELM.A.G.A MICHAEL20 kun oldin
  • Dems use power on Immigrants and LGBTQ not Black people. This Guy is a Dem Gate keeper.

    yeetboredyeetbored21 kun oldin
  • Roland missed Charlamagne’s entire point of black peoples gentrifying (improving) our own communities.

    Coldest_1Coldest_121 kun oldin
    • Because it was pointless. Why would anyone gentrify their own community? *Understand the meaning of gentrify before you reply.

      Diyyah FontenotDiyyah Fontenot18 kun oldin
  • 100 percent correct about the debate , Roland nailed it! CTG was wrong..

    charles taylorcharles taylor21 kun oldin
  • Firstly I have been scammed a lot of times , so trading again to me was very hard and stressful. Then I saw a post on twitter someone testimonials about landlay . Then I decided it was my last and traded with just $500 and then I received my profits back . I’m really happy 😃. You can connect with her on Instagram. @landlay_12fx

    Kitlynn MccaigKitlynn Mccaig21 kun oldin
  • Roland in da house! Trump needs a crowd to perform to! The "aluminum foil plan". He's had 3.5 years to do what was right for the Black community! He never has a plan to do nothing! There never any proof! Roland is so right! They come in and buy depressed areas, make ou neighborhoods too expensive for us to stay there, we get pushed out to areas without public transportation, and we're still screwed and they have even more of what should be ours now belonging to them! They are not trying to help us! He has strategically placed these federal judges all over the country. They will control the whole country then! Joe will be alright in the debate because he isn't retarded! Always Roland!

    Laticia LockleerLaticia Lockleer21 kun oldin
  • October 4, 2020 Malcolm Nance say's what the well paid "media elites" can't or fear to say. trump is a LAIR. A demon seed!! They've given the leader of America's #1 crime family the crown he's always wanted . . . 24/7 @t god. The #1Crime Family is desperate. Desperate people do desperate things 🙏🙏 FASCISM is not a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tee CeeTee Cee21 kun oldin
  • To debate you need to be what (knowledgeable) Roland Martin is a hellafide bonafide smart ass dude! PERIOD!

    Tony BernardTony Bernard21 kun oldin
  • Someone help me out is (charlamian) stupid or is that just the role he plays????????

    Tony BernardTony Bernard21 kun oldin
    • Good question?

      b pb p15 kun oldin
  • Truth Roland

    Alice WilliamsAlice Williams21 kun oldin
  • I want the suburbs.

  • You all don't vote for Trump and yet you want him to do something only for you, choose one, you don't vote for him, and don't expect anything from him when he wins. If you are voting for him ask him to push what you want.

    Hamza SapiHamza Sapi22 kun oldin
  • As an Opportunity Zone Fund Manager I can honestly say they have no clue about Opportunity Zones. Not a damn clue. However, if you want to see example just check out West End Atlanta near the AUC and Birmingham, Alabama.

    allen loveallen love22 kun oldin
  • what we should be doing is organizing every black community for education and economic development setting up community governing bodies across the country every black organization should transform themselves into a wealth building and development organization building wealth then share the wealth becoming the biggest owners of properties and businesses in the hood and the biggest employer of black folks in the hood offering black folks opportunities to invest in the purchase and rehab of abandoned buildings and vacant lots and a chance to invest in community businesses and franchises started by the organizations i have a whole plan on how black folks can get this done contact me 😁😁❤ check out my vision plan

    kbnice23kbnice2322 kun oldin
  • The Opportunity Zones, is Ethnic Clensing, many Black People have been driven out of their homes and community. They don't even give Blacks jobs or contracts to rebuild these area. They use the poor People's taxes, to run them out of their homes. That's why we must always vote and vote down tax Levi's, and hat don't have clauses, that state the specified Black participation and Black People s benefits.

    Anthony FrazierAnthony Frazier22 kun oldin
  • CTG is uneducated and reckless. If black people want better, we need to learn to read. Stop listening to irresponsible people.

    Erica HumphreyErica Humphrey22 kun oldin
  • Damn Charlamagne deadass called how that debate was gonna go.......

    Brent HarrisBrent Harris22 kun oldin
  • I was starting to give ctg too much credit for being smart, I'm going to pull back

    CubasBeat ProducerCubasBeat Producer22 kun oldin
  • Dam you Tariq I can't even look at this man without thinking about a owl 😆.

    marie1wmarie1w22 kun oldin
  • At least Trump said he will give us something, Biden says he will give us nothing and that is cool . So Trump is winning to me.

    Da RealDa Real22 kun oldin

  • Joe copied everything Trump said... Cuz he clearly has no mind of his own

    Nomadic DevineNomadic Devine22 kun oldin
  • The democrats won't get in the white house. Lol

    Nomadic DevineNomadic Devine22 kun oldin
  • Good valid point Roland

    Nomadic DevineNomadic Devine22 kun oldin
  • Damn... Roland Martin is breaking it down fareal

    Nomadic DevineNomadic Devine22 kun oldin
  • Your enemies will tell you how full of shit they really are

    Nomadic DevineNomadic Devine22 kun oldin
  • How do you argue with a liar??? Be slow to speak and let them talk... They will tell on themselves.

    Nomadic DevineNomadic Devine22 kun oldin
  • The debate went just as Roland predicted.

    Thegood _nurseThegood _nurse22 kun oldin
  • The problem is that...Democrats fall in love!! Republicans fall in line!!! Democrats has to get ruthless!!

    Marek CalhounMarek Calhoun22 kun oldin
  • Lol they wasn’t ready ... Roland been doing this for years 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Shurana LeeShurana Lee22 kun oldin
  • What has the Democratic Party done for Black people?

    bluegray509bluegray50922 kun oldin
    • Blacks vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and get nothing out of it. Republicans won't do anything for Blacks but then again the majority of Blacks don't vote for them. My point is why are Blacks selling their votes cheap to Democrats and get nothing out of it?

      bluegray509bluegray50920 kun oldin
    • What have Republicans done for blacks.?? There is nothing they have done that helped blacks.

      Roger Harley JrRoger Harley Jr21 kun oldin
  • Amazing to see how WRONG Roland got the Presidential debate. Full on shit show. I like how he eviscerated that bogus ass Platinum Plan. Between this and the new, REAL Black media, I can appreciate this interview.

    Habitual LineSteppaHabitual LineSteppa22 kun oldin
  • BTW- Char was right, that’s exactly what Biden did. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Mr PMr P22 kun oldin
  • This is what politics terrible. They did this to do this to them..whereas you/we hope that the government would work for us...not a pissing match..u pissed in my house, so now I will piss on urs, not thinking that someone has to clean it up afterwards, that’s the people, us. Tired of them all.

    Mr PMr P22 kun oldin

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker22 kun oldin
    • 😲😲😲

      Flow for EverFlow for Ever21 kun oldin
  • Roland calls it the "Aluminum Foil Plan"? Sounds like somebody has been listening to Attorney Antonio Moore. Won't say the word Reparations but is willing to steal from the people who are speaking on it? These boule people are always late,over fed,fat and trifling.

    Dennis ConnerDennis Conner22 kun oldin
  • "Opportunity Zones" are in the same vein as "the Obama Phone" Look it up. The free or reduced phone/line has been a fed program since the 1980's. The "Urban Development Initiative" or "Opportunity Zone" has been around for 20+ years too, it was a part of WEED and SEED. How did that work out, who benefited from that? Same GAME different players. How's that saying go......

    myone lockmyone lock22 kun oldin
  • Jeff Bezos doesn't pay taxes. May be the richest person in the world. Also a huge Democratic supporter. The Republicans and Democrats ain't $hit... Roland we need Policies versus Optics... Reparations cut the check...

    Truth FinderTruth Finder22 kun oldin
  • This is example of who Democrats truly look out for... Thousands of American Indians sued the government for financial mismanagement. Under the finalized settlement, $1.5 billion will be distributed among individuals. Another $1.9 billion will go toward buying some Indians' slivers of land. Obama says the settlement clears "the way for reconciliation" Thousands of American Indians are now in line to receive part of a $3.4 billion settlement with the federal government. U.S. finalizes $3.4 billion settlement with American Indians - CNNPolitics

    Truth FinderTruth Finder22 kun oldin
  • That debate was a mess and Trump is still on top. Even with the sickness so Charla was right about Trump attacking Biden.

    Faheem FamilyFaheem Family22 kun oldin
  • Roland Martin looks like a clown sitting there talking shit about trump plan for the black community, but can’t list shit that Biden and kamala has to offer the black community smh 🤦‍♂️

    James SummersJames Summers22 kun oldin
  • Obama had the chance to put a black woman on the surprem Court and he didn't... So why is everybody crying now smh

    L ML M22 kun oldin
  • Roland Martin been puting in that work

    MANSA MusaMANSA Musa22 kun oldin
  • Love Martin. He knows his stuff.

    A ThomasA Thomas22 kun oldin
  • You can't "gentrify" yourself. This is why words have actual meanings

    John BaileyJohn Bailey22 kun oldin
    • 😂😂😂

      Diyyah FontenotDiyyah Fontenot18 kun oldin
  • C Tha God called it exactly as it was. That debate was horrible.

    LJLJ22 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne please mute when typing bro✊🏿,😂

    defineme101defineme10122 kun oldin
  • So this was before the debate or after? If before, then Roland actually ended up being wrong about Joe's performance.

    Keisha JenkinsKeisha Jenkins22 kun oldin
  • Welp! We now see @Charlemagne the God made correct predictions.... and Roland was terribly wrong!!

    Rahim HusseinRahim Hussein22 kun oldin
  • Sometimes charlamagne need to just be quiet and listen and learn and stop typing on that damn keyboard because it's coming through the mic and it's hard to hear Roland Martin

    ReginaldDj ThomasReginaldDj Thomas22 kun oldin
  • angela yee got that Wray & Nephew Jamaican White Rum in the background

    Chris LynChris Lyn22 kun oldin
  • Roland always seems so gung ho on what he WANTS to happen...not what is LIKELY to happen. He was wrong about Biden and the debate. He is TOO embedded in the Democratic party. If it's working for him FINANCIALLY...he'll continue cheerleading for the Democratic party, which is now just as dysfunctional as the republican one.

    HomeLifeGoodsHomeLifeGoods23 kun oldin
  • Still under YouTub'es umbrella. So THEY really "own this". Seems like we (black people) never REALLYY own our own. INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!

    HomeLifeGoodsHomeLifeGoods23 kun oldin