Rob Pelinka Reveals Lakers' Future Plans, Another Star Coming?

23-Okt, 2020
206 563 Ko‘rishlar soni

Rob Pelinka spoke about the Lakers cap space moving forward and their plan to give Anthony Davis a young star to play with.

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  • We want #18!!! Go Laker's!!!

    John MinxJohn Minx3 kun oldin
  • Jayson Tatum, Bradley Beal or Zach Lavine

    Chuy JackyChuy Jacky14 kun oldin
  • Can anyone say Zach LaVine???

    B. Keith LoganB. Keith Logan22 kun oldin
  • Would you consider Bradley Beal as a candidate for that mystery player?

    Cagle’s BagelsCagle’s Bagels23 kun oldin
  • Don't give up on Bradley Beal. He just just bought a new home in Los Angeles and he's ready to make the switch. The Bradley deal is doable.

    Keith ShieldsKeith Shields23 kun oldin
  • Keep everyone ! chemistry is everything! Kuz & Danny will get better

    Vijay MareddyVijay Mareddy26 kun oldin
  • I really would like to see dame with the lakers, but I'm not sure if we could, but the chips might tempt him

    Josh HughesJosh Hughes26 kun oldin

    Raymond CuetoRaymond Cueto27 kun oldin

    Raymond CuetoRaymond Cueto27 kun oldin
  • That sounds to me as if they see Luka Dončić as a (if not the) potential candidate. I wouldn't mind if he came to the Lakers after the upcoming season.

    Dad DoingstuntsDad Doingstunts27 kun oldin
  • Please don’t talk about Paul George He is a chump and way over hyped He is a bust every playoffs

    L CL C27 kun oldin
  • Who needs cp3 He's old

    Demie GamboaDemie Gamboa27 kun oldin
  • The real Android is not kawhi, Its the king lebron 🐐👍💜💛💯%

    Demie GamboaDemie Gamboa27 kun oldin
  • Luka Doncic!!!

    It's The RudeBoyIt's The RudeBoy28 kun oldin
  • I like these three: Victor Olidepol, Devin Booker or Jermey Grant! All three are 3D players, young and energetic to play along side LeBron James & Anthony Davis. You can’t go wrong with any one of them. Possibly get two of the three!! 👍🏽#lakerfan4life💜💛 #lakerfanb4logowaslogo💜💛#lakerfan4ever💜💛

    Frank WilliamsFrank Williams28 kun oldin
  • Zach lavine

    Derek SwindellDerek Swindell28 kun oldin
  • TREVOR LANE. Idk but put your left arm in a different position or something. You’re getting sleeved up. Black/Grey ink I dig it... BUT... from the viewers POV it looks like you are trying to draw attention to them in an unnatural way with your placement and movement (or lack there of). Just try something different and act like you’ve had tattoos before and where a long sleeve shirt or something. Cool ink, but trust me bro. It’s weird how your left arm doesn’t move ever. Looks weird and the opposite of cool how your sleeved arm just doesn’t move. Someone had to say it. Not hating just giving you advice

    Hardstyle818Hardstyle81828 kun oldin
  • Bradley Beal

    Leon EllisonLeon Ellison28 kun oldin
  • Just get guys that can shoot open three’s and they’re good.

    horustortoisehorustortoise28 kun oldin
  • Luka doncic.. haha but mark cuban will not let it go...

    Kamasi 13Kamasi 1328 kun oldin
  • Lakers just won and now they need another superstar? Weak AF 💯

    Darrell HardyDarrell Hardy28 kun oldin
  • Number 1. For me is Zach lavine, Number 2. Noel......and please give boogie one more shot!

    Mitchell ThompsonMitchell Thompson28 kun oldin
  • The Lakers are saving cap room for the Giannis Antetokounmpo.

    C SnodgersC Snodgers28 kun oldin
  • Bradley Beal

    lester maxlester max28 kun oldin
  • If we getting a young player, i want JA MORANT

    Trax ViiiTrax Viii28 kun oldin
  • I think we have a good shot with Giannis, Curry, Chris Paul, MJ out of retirement, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

    Jomel SagsagatJomel Sagsagat28 kun oldin
  • This is why the nba is trash all this corny super team shit

    Ocho SeisOcho Seis28 kun oldin
  • Beal, CP3, Reddick, or Luka :)

    Kevin J. NguyenKevin J. Nguyen28 kun oldin
  • get booker, giannis,

    roman crisologoroman crisologo28 kun oldin

    Melvin O. MercadoMelvin O. Mercado28 kun oldin
  • It’s not fair for the rest of the team... boycott super team ...

    TL TarzanTL Tarzan28 kun oldin
  • Don’t forget we have Avery Bradley which was really good for use

    Icetrigger8 Ice iceIcetrigger8 Ice ice28 kun oldin
  • They have to bring back rondo,kcp, and Bradley everyone else can walk

    Michael ManningMichael Manning28 kun oldin
  • Guys, Giannis is another planet better than Booker. Lebron and Davis are can stretch the floor for Giannis and Giannis is strong enough to def 5 like Jokic or Gobert. Davis got nice 3s and Lebron can shoot and good cutter. This 3 will be more dominate than KD's Warior. If Lakers require Giannis, Lebron will end up a career 7-8 rings easily.

    kyo zakyo za28 kun oldin
  • A trade package 4 Beal of the wizards & giannis is a free agent next off season. The next twin towers. AD & Giannis.

    Neutral 69Neutral 6928 kun oldin
  • Devin Booker is on the way.

    Jay HayesJay Hayes29 kun oldin
  • Devon booker

    Chris FChris F29 kun oldin
  • we dont need another star then whats the point of watching basketball when you already know who will win it before it eaven starts.we already have way too much talent we dont need another miami or golden state spread the talent.i really dont want the nba to be like the spanish soccrer league where its bercelona or real madrid that shit sucks

    osvaldo de albaosvaldo de alba29 kun oldin
  • I think J. Grant would be a great fit for this team.

    Robson CoimbraRobson Coimbra29 kun oldin
  • I really think Jamal Murray is the answer to the post AD future Lakers

    Christopher EversonChristopher Everson29 kun oldin
  • AD and Luka

    Cactus JackCactus Jack29 kun oldin
  • Lakers going to trade for KYRIE IRVING! 🤣🤣🤣 You heard it first!

    Kyle DrakeKyle Drake29 kun oldin
  • I'd put emphasis on a shooter: Buddy Hield would be nice fit. LeBron is the best if you surround him with shooters. That being said, Bradley Beal also works. Jrue Holiday, Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon,... So many good fits.

    Luka ZLuka Z29 kun oldin
  • LeBron still needs a super team 🤣

    El ChinoEl Chino29 kun oldin
  • Zach Lavine...but I think Trae Young for 2022

    Craig BuchananCraig Buchanan29 kun oldin
  • Imagine magic still being in charge. Lol

    Pratesh RamjohnPratesh Ramjohn29 kun oldin
  • Might be Bradley Beal, but then again knowing Pelinka he's probably playing 4-D chess/throwing a smokescreen.

    The Fifth GenerationThe Fifth Generation29 kun oldin
  • They could develop Kuzma

    A.T. HargroveA.T. Hargrove29 kun oldin
  • it is Luka.

    Willard GagtanWillard Gagtan29 kun oldin
  • I dont like the idea of Kawhi going to lakers.

    Cao's TVCao's TV29 kun oldin
  • I agree they get Devin Booker and it's a wrap they well be a dynasty for sure je would fit in perfect hes so versatile can shoot from anywhere and take it to the rim at well not many players can guard him if any im all about this trade get er done Lakers

    camden kelpcamden kelp29 kun oldin
  • Bradley Beal

    ljgrayson33ljgrayson3329 kun oldin
  • What about acquiring Paul George?

    Anthony GolezAnthony Golez29 kun oldin
  • Either Zach Lavine or Devin Booker..can't go wrong with either one.

    rogelio9299rogelio929929 kun oldin
  • Kuzma was supposed to be that guy but ...

    The QodeshimThe Qodeshim29 kun oldin
  • If they add gianis theyd be unbeatable

    nacho magana mendozanacho magana mendoza29 kun oldin
  • Luka!!!

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (2021 free agent)

    David BlissDavid BlissOy oldin
  • LeBron's end will be in four seasons. 21 seasons. Let's enjoy.

    raul ruizraul ruizOy oldin
  • It’s not Kyle kuzma for sure

    Ikechukwu ObidikeIkechukwu ObidikeOy oldin
  • Trust me Lakers will not pay another expensive player unless he is willing to come to Lakers to play for a minimum veteran salary. Derick Rose? No way because him and Lebron played together and it won't work for Lebron. Chris Paul? No way unless a minimum veteran salary. They will trade Kuzma for a good long-range shooter and the salary must be below $10M. AD & Lebron are the ones with expensive salaries in Lakers; for the rest just $10M or below for each player. That is a guarantee.

    Tuan NguyenTuan NguyenOy oldin
    • Oops I forgot Lakers will trade Danny Green and Kuzma for the good shooters.

      Tuan NguyenTuan NguyenOy oldin
  • Where were you before Lakers won ive never seen nun of your videos before this championship

    Red SoundzzRed SoundzzOy oldin

  • Kudo to the Lebron James and Lakers management, both had created an excellent team last season. This success was result from both parties. Now all they need is double Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard salaries to $6M for 1 year for them; they deserve that and I think they will agree if Lakers do that. If Rajon Rondo goes to another team, it will cost Lakers at least three times the money ($2.8M) to bring in a pg like him to replace him. Lakers do not need a fantastic pg because Lebron James, Avery Bradley, Rajon Rondo, and Alex Carusso share the PG position during the game. Another thing Lakers need is a good long range shooter. Kuzma and Marcus are un-reliable long-range shooters. I don't think Lakers will trade for Derick Rose because it won't work with Lebron James and they played together before.

    Tuan NguyenTuan NguyenOy oldin
  • Good stuff

    m omarm omarOy oldin
  • It’s going to be Donovan mitchell next off season

    Sam DearingSam DearingOy oldin
  • Please no Chris Paul. He's aging and never won shit.

    PowerulePoweruleOy oldin
  • Giannis Antetukumpo will be with the Lakera next Season 🤣😂🤣😂

    Jazz PulmanoJazz PulmanoOy oldin
  • Luka Doncic

    lakersfan 24lakersfan 24Oy oldin
  • I don't care who The Lakers get, as long as they keep AD and LeEgo retires.

    james chanjames chanOy oldin
  • I think the third star is already here. Alex Caruso. I wouldn’t trade him for many all star out there.

    Haoming LiHaoming LiOy oldin
  • We for sure getting another ring if we get Devin Booker. Super Underrated. Super Talented. Super Young.

    Daniel NavarroDaniel NavarroOy oldin
  • Clay Thompson along with bron and davis would be deadly. Fantasy thought!

    Christian AlvaradoChristian AlvaradoOy oldin
  • i’d love to see booker go to the lakers sometime in the future but i truly believe drose is a possible option for a third star as of now

    Bobby RochaBobby RochaOy oldin
  • Zo is with klutch, will they bring him back? 🤔

    Alex DayritAlex DayritOy oldin
  • Another star another future ruined

    egghead37ableegghead37ableOy oldin
  • Keep in mind lebron is a free agent next summer he can take the veteran minimum and free up over 40 million next summer thats a max slot to potentially go after , giannis , oladipo , kawhi (again ) , pg13 , and if ad only signs a 1 year deal thia year and opt out they own his bird rights they can add two really good players and sign ad later ...everything is a go if lebron takes less

    Devante GatsonDevante GatsonOy oldin
  • It’s going to be luka!!!!

    KaLeiWeNuahKaLeiWeNuahOy oldin
  • Devin Booker comments are hilarious. Stop it.

    blindeyeshaterblindeyeshaterOy oldin
  • I would go after a player like Zach Lavine. He has major star potential & he’s a super athletic bucket.

    Christian matosChristian matosOy oldin
  • I feel a solid trade option would be D Booker due the shooting consistency he brings. He is a quick release type and once heated he explodes the point game. Also he has stated his biggest influence and bball Idol is Kobe. The kid could drop 70+ points in a game he is young and high volume scorer. They would need the cap for him though. All in all the all I'm sure he would be happy to be part of the LakeShow legacy.

    Sergio RodriguezSergio RodriguezOy oldin
  • The Lakers need Lavar Ball at Staples Center to sell the snacks and cotton candy that way the fans will have extra entertainment.

    luis garcialuis garciaOy oldin
  • Who was the last talented young player the Lakers developed? More important when was the last time a young talented player didn’t automatically improve after leaving the Lakers? Purple and gold tinted glasses are one thing, but you guys need to accept the Lakers have never really been known for developing young talent. Magic and Kobe are more oddities than the norm. I’m glad lebron won a chip for you cause he’s not winning another there. He should have gone back to Miami if he actually wanted a shot at 6.

    Benjamin UpchurchBenjamin UpchurchOy oldin
    • @Benjamin Upchurch I don’t need to live in the past. The Lakers are the 2020 champs. 😂🤣 The Lakers are the most successful franchise in modern basketball times. Way better than even the Celtics. Warriors have no tradition. Wake up.

      F430 FerrariF430 Ferrari4 kun oldin
    • F430 Ferrari Keep living in the past. Plus if you actually kept the facts straight I said the Lakers are not known for developing young talent, not that they couldn’t get good players back in the day. I also said I was wrong about that in the 80’s and 90’s, not about recently. So actually use your eyes to read the full details. Dwight Howard? Really you couldn’t even play him against the rockets BS small ball. How is he going to fit defensively against the warriors? Lakers fans need to face facts that LA is no longer the end all be all destination. It really hasn’t been for a while Yes you won a chip, but’s it’s no where close to a dynasty

      Benjamin UpchurchBenjamin Upchurch4 kun oldin
    • @Benjamin Upchurch it don’t matter if he was traded. Wake up. Kareem was traded for too. They all wanted to come to LA. Wake up! And you still don’t get it. It’s much easier to predict who an NBA winner will be. It’s much harder in baseball. The most talented team doesn’t always win. Same for highest payroll. You bringing up the Yankees is ironic because you yourself try to use them as an example but I keep telling you basketball and baseball are different. You’re a mule head who can’t listen to reason and logic. The two best players in basketball are LeBron and AD. They are better than Curry and Thompson. Wake up. It’s rare to have a 3 super star team because the 3rd guy has to consistently sacrifice their own stats. A big key for the Lakers is Dwight Howard. If the Lakers have him then Draymond Green is neutralized. Remember. You’re the idiot who claimed the Lakers never historically got good players of their own. I proved you wrong on that. Scroll up. Don’t blame me. You’re the one who made a fool of himself. 😂🤣

      F430 FerrariF430 Ferrari4 kun oldin
    • F430 Ferrari AD was a trade and Kawhi is from LA. Also Kawhi got a signature show before he even went to LA. If you don’t think we should be taking about the Yankees then why even reply in the beginning? It was in my original post. Like I’ve said the current Lakers are very similar.

      Benjamin UpchurchBenjamin Upchurch5 kun oldin
    • @Benjamin Upchurch what do you mean live in the past. How do you explain LeBron and AD coming to the La Lakers. Why would Kawhi Leonard go to the Clippers. This isn’t the past. 😂🤣 I call it like I see it too. It’s not my fault you’re dumb about the situation. I don’t follow the Yankees and that’s not what we were even discussing. It was about the 2 super star format. Wake up.

      F430 FerrariF430 Ferrari5 kun oldin
  • Only young players in their prime i can think about it (Dame, Beal, Booker) bradley would be the missing piece to the Lakers struggle in crunch time, 3peat indeed

    Jose A ValenciaJose A ValenciaOy oldin
  • Perhaps Donavan Mitchell?

    wwu721wwu721Oy oldin
  • They goin after Giannis. They don’t have much rn to trade so they waiting until 2021 free agency

    marquis robinsonmarquis robinsonOy oldin
    • Yeah Gianni is great but there are so many better options; AD and Giannas already essentially have the same role

      Chris LChris L28 kun oldin
  • Harrell!

    JeffrowmogreenJeffrowmogreenOy oldin
  • Booker Or Lavine.

    Dominic DecanoDominic DecanoOy oldin
  • How about Tyler Johnson? I think he is a cheaper but effective option.

    William ChenWilliam ChenOy oldin
  • Dude wth is this, no substance in the video whatsoever... we already know all these things

    Marco MarcMarco MarcOy oldin
  • you need to show more vidoe than letting us look at you nonstop,,BORING

    Maurice AgeeMaurice AgeeOy oldin
  • I like how Pelinka is being smart and looking ahead . Not like Kupchak and Buss who put us in that slump and spending stupid money. We need to attract young players for championships not money

    Jose PolancoJose PolancoOy oldin
  • I have a feeling you know it’s Devin Booker

    Spoon LocSpoon LocOy oldin
  • Gordon Hayward

    Kelly ChambersKelly ChambersOy oldin
  • What about trae young ?

    Gallien GBGallien GBOy oldin
  • Devin Booker us, please.

    MarqTheInfiniteMarqTheInfiniteOy oldin
  • We have one greek bug in our team, it's pretty clear who we're going after, HOWEVER, I feel like GSW will push for a huge package and trade with Bucks for Giannis Akokokotumpo

    HindoHindoOy oldin
  • Luca

    Rob GeronimoRob GeronimoOy oldin
  • The day Lebron retired..its a NBA big lost.

    Dandan EzekDandan EzekOy oldin
  • Zach Lavine is who I'm hoping for.

    TRIGGER BogarinTRIGGER BogarinOy oldin