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What do ketchup and a plate have in common? It’s a perfect combo for a prank! Ridiculous prank!
Have you tried this this prank yet?
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  • Like whoever noticed that Kate had put the ketchup on Jennifer's back pocket in her pant while putting it in the bowl at first time.

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  • she's like putting ketchup in the dishes and stuff when she's done cleaning them and over and over again like whatever so like I don't even know why she's doing that maybe for a prank to get her back or for pranking her so maybe I don't know like Kate is like doing a prank back what she did I think like doing which prank I don't know like I don't know I don't know like she's in Jennifer's doing the dishes and stuff and I can't see why maybe because she's nice and grateful and she likes to do nice stuff to everyone so maybe someone like Kate is putting ketchup in it and I don't know why she's doing that for her praying I don't know like I don't even know why she's doing that for a prank like I don't know like why can't you go do her job great in the house about cleaning like it's not what you do to a girl like that so don't get people back when they prank you you it's just that she wants to prank her back what what pranks she did I just never seen the prank she did but I do know she pranked her but she but they're getting back in and I like the crafts but it looks like it is so something like what is it all about I don't know it's like people don't like him and I mean her but I don't know why she's doing that it's just I don't know she's like I don't know I don't know why she's doing that she's just that I don't know why she's pranking her with a dirty this prank putting ketchup on the balls and on the plates but I didn't saw no plates I just saw balls but I don't know why she's doing that I don't know and I know no no no no no pretty no something I think that's Dave I don't know like I don't know what they're doing I saw Jennifer looking at Kate what she was doing because I saw her looking but it's kind of like something have you ever have a dream journal looks so cool do you know everyone loves dream journals like I don't know you are like a genius I don't know what she's doing like I don't know what are they doing like I don't know have you ever do something before.

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  • I did this with my older brother he's like 15 and I'm 14 and while he was washing dishes I did it he's still not talking to me to be continued..........

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