Rich Eisen Reacts to the Browns’ Stunning Wild Card Win Over the Steelers | 1/11/21

11-Yan, 2021
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Rich Eisen recaps the Browns’ surprising blowout of the Steelers and explains why that 28-0 lead was anything but a guarantee of a W.
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  • Nope, was never enough for me. Even with like 3 minutes to go and Collinsworth and Michaels were saying it's over and I'm yelling "SHUT UP, DON'T JINX US - WE CAN STILL LOSE!!!"

    jason voshalljason voshall3 soat oldin
  • Screw the Commie sympathizing NFL.

    Mitchel R********Mitchel R********13 soat oldin
  • Browns are gonna put Pitt in the cellar next year

    Jerry MorganJerry Morgan14 soat oldin
  • Rich, don't forget the tens of thousands of diehard Browns fans who've passed away since the team returned, never to have drunk the champagne...

    Moon RichMoon RichKun oldin
  • As an Eagles fan I don't have much to say. As a descent human being who loves a good underdog story, I have to say Go Browns! Give KC the same treatment!

    Jason simpkinsJason simpkinsKun oldin
  • The Browns Chiefs game will be close! I doubt the Chiefs will blow them out!

    Matthew NMatthew NKun oldin
  • Us Browns fans have a bit of PTSD, in that, we could be 50 points ahead of the other team, yet still feel we could lose the game! We could be 50 points ahead and still feel like we need another TD to feel any degree of certainty. That is just what it's like being a Browns fan, but WE LOVE OUR TEAM! We are loyal and true all the way through! GO BROWNS!

    JuliaJuliaKun oldin
  • I was thinking, steelers suck and were over rated and their 11 and 0 start was a total fluke -thats why I took Cleveland Money Line, no points needed.

    wayne merrittwayne merrittKun oldin
  • Stunning? Ok, you have a low threshold for that word.

    Hooterville 1Hooterville 12 kun oldin
  • Bucs aren't going to the Superbowl. Last time the home team played in the Superbowl was nearly 40 years. It's like a curse.

    YeahsureYeahsure2 kun oldin
  • When they went for two early in the game, that felt like a panic move.

    YeahsureYeahsure2 kun oldin
  • Browns fans... OBJ... does he return?

    dudedurhamdudedurham2 kun oldin
  • AS a Browns fan, other than "theres always next year " should be "no lead is ever safe". Thanks for the love Rich!!!!!!

    Aldo TersigniAldo Tersigni2 kun oldin
  • I’m guessing the reference to “Nards” had more to do with the males nether-regions rather than a flowering plant of the valerian family that grows in the Himalayas ...

    Obione KenobiObione Kenobi2 kun oldin
  • Let’s go browns

    Warren TriplettWarren Triplett2 kun oldin
  • Big Ohio State fan... not a big Browns fan... as I spent the last few decades hoping that they would leave town... and CLE would get an expansions team... and make it to the Superbowl before the Browns. But I watched this game... was really shocked... as I thought that the Steelers would win it.

    Overseas Ohio State FanOverseas Ohio State Fan2 kun oldin
  • It wasn't stunning. The Steelers were the most overrated team in the NFL since Week 1.

    Rick KastenRick Kasten2 kun oldin
  • "That's not enough." Is precisely what I was saying. I was 100% convinced this was going to turn into some kind of fabled Steelers come back. Another Gatorade commercial moment. Thank God that didnt happen. I was even nervous during victory formation.

    Jim FathJim Fath3 kun oldin
  • The COVID-19 Browns!!!🤣😂

    Anthony JonesAnthony Jones3 kun oldin
  • Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!🤣😂🤣

    Anthony JonesAnthony Jones3 kun oldin
  • except for the bills loss ever game Pittsburg lost starting with The Football team if they got out scored/boat raced early in the game they lost this season.

    afp75afp753 kun oldin
  • The teeny lizard disconcertingly tie because zoo thermodynamically press excluding a dysfunctional decimal. wiry, macho policeman

    David leeDavid lee3 kun oldin
  • As a Browns fan we wasn't comfortable it's the truth. It didn't matter if was Browns 28 - 0 Steelers. Teams came back at times but this I wanted them to get one 1 more, In the start of 2qtr. Why? Pittsburgh Steelers had that coming.

    Calí RondonCalí Rondon3 kun oldin
  • you like TOMLIN you keep him i dont want him to coach this team

    William CurryWilliam Curry3 kun oldin
  • The NFL is rigged. C'mon, admit it; Baker is their new anointed poster boy.

    Jimmy HawkeJimmy Hawke3 kun oldin
  • 28-0, and I was thinking “this is gonna hurt SO bad when the stillerz come back..... but, give credit, Baker and the Browns matched em often enough to keep it out of reach

    Jim McCormickJim McCormick3 kun oldin
  • Tomlin outcoached by Support Staff Coaches😀😃😆😆😆😁😂

    J Damian Abel, RNJ Damian Abel, RN3 kun oldin
  • Let’s go Brownies!!!

    Chasten CortezChasten Cortez3 kun oldin
  • I love rich

    Jack HenryJack Henry3 kun oldin
  • It was not fourth and one from the 50-yard line. It was 4th and 2 from their own 46 there's a big difference

    93dirtyd93dirtyd3 kun oldin
  • You have forgotten Takitaki!

    Konstantinos ChadinisKonstantinos Chadinis3 kun oldin
  • I don't see how this was an upset. They didn't play the 11-0 steelers. They played the 1-4 steelers.

    brian fikebrian fike3 kun oldin
  • This should be no surprise honestly the way the Steelers finished there season no shock to me

    Vince GedeonVince Gedeon3 kun oldin
  • Hey Steelers and Steeler fans u guys suck at losing still running ur mouths u might wanna get better at it, welcome to the dark ages

    Bob CotsBob Cots3 kun oldin
  • Stefanski actually didn't even see the first play live. At some point he had paused and forgot to hop back to live. He was about 45 seconds behind and heard his kids going nuts upstairs, so he knew something good was coming.

    Pat FlanaganPat Flanagan3 kun oldin
  • MVP of the game: Sione Takitaki

    ShadowFalcon19ShadowFalcon193 kun oldin
  • Jajajajajajajajajajajajaj The worst set up ever

    Oswald GalanOswald Galan3 kun oldin
  • And you know what’s really funny? We won because we had the first overall pick a few years ago and picked Baker. Poor Rich.

    EllieEllie3 kun oldin
  • Mike Tomlin...the most overrated coach in NFL history....

    RJ SRJ S3 kun oldin
  • Anybody else thinkin about watching "Draft Day"? Lol

    CoopabadCoopabad3 kun oldin
  • Pitt has looked like trash for 2 months. Yes it started shocking in the 1st but clearly the browns were the better team over the end of the season. The better team won.

    Johnny82UtahJohnny82Utah3 kun oldin
  • Forgot my anniversary because the Browns were winning. I wasn't going to watch the game out of being supersticious. But when my friend called me and said they were up 28--0 in the first, I totally got excited, headed over to his place and ended up forgetting about my anniversary. But thankfully, my girlfriend forgot as well cuz of the same reason. We're both Browns fans and we shared a great laugh. Think I'm gonna propose to her. Should I?

    Heisen PsychHeisen Psych3 kun oldin
  • 2 decades not 5 🙄

    Marco PoloMarco Polo3 kun oldin
  • Jim Brown baby

    Michael KimmingsMichael Kimmings3 kun oldin
  • Baker and his Brownies won't beat KC, but they may have eclipsed Pitt in their division. They certainly run it better than the Steelers. Big Ben looks old.

    nycsymnycsym3 kun oldin
  • As a steeler fan , I must say you guys deserve it , I guess we can't beat ya all the time.🙂

    Samuel ForvourSamuel Forvour4 kun oldin
  • I'm so happy for the browns fans i understand the pain they have went through

    Robert SuchyRobert Suchy4 kun oldin
  • I wish the Browns could make the SB....

    Antonio Alejandro Caro AlvarezAntonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez4 kun oldin
  • The logic that they should not have punted is silly. If the Pittsburgh D cannot stop the Browns offense the game was already over. They stuck the Browns back at the 10 or something and still couldn't stop that beast offense. It was actually the right call. 12 points is nothing IF you can stop them, but they couldn't.

    DCUPtoejuiceDCUPtoejuice4 kun oldin
  • I hate this show, why am I here? Just hunting for as many people saying the words Cleveland Browns as I can find. Rich is annoying.

    DCUPtoejuiceDCUPtoejuice4 kun oldin
  • The chiefs arent spotting Browns 28 first quarter points , Browns are going to have to earn it .

    Marc DerogatisMarc Derogatis4 kun oldin
  • THE POSSIBLE... IS POSSIBLE! What a game.

    Isaac HozIsaac Hoz4 kun oldin
  • Rich, you're the best.

    C CC C4 kun oldin
  • The Steelers played Three Stooges style of Football,Laughing Gas joke and All!

    Anthony GreenAnthony Green4 kun oldin
  • Rich summing up the viewing mindset of a Brown, Jets, Lions, Bengals, etc fan perfectly in the video. Even when they start well, it just feels like a set up to let you down in an even more excruciating way.

    David MontgomeryDavid Montgomery4 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else recognize the fact that Stephen Carlson got another chance at fielding an onside kick? And he was flawless!! Redemption is sweet. We want more.

    Barry LangfordBarry Langford4 kun oldin
  • As a Browns fan you know, the game aint over until that clock hits 0:00

    Janet CiesJanet Cies4 kun oldin
  • Browns score the most points in this year. I think we average the most points. Still they doubt. It's a shoot out against Kansas. Hope this is the game where everyone says Mahomes is human.

    Benn Daniel VaiBenn Daniel Vai4 kun oldin
  • All my buddies in Cleveland! Go Browns!

    Brian MooreBrian Moore4 kun oldin
  • Was it scored almost 40 pts against them..and the Steelers Are really overrated

    Mark EvrardMark Evrard4 kun oldin
  • Rich, I really relate to your comment from the Browns fans. I am Panamanian, one of perhaps 10 Browns fans in Panama. I've been through the Drive, the Fumble, Art Modell, and all the bad luck we've had for decades. But yesterday everything changed and for the first time we won the game that matters. Lets Go Browns!

    Beli Castillo SaenzBeli Castillo Saenz4 kun oldin
  • i’ve never thought of that...special teams may be more likely to get an offside penalty than the defense..pretty smart actually

    Colin ZeisColin Zeis4 kun oldin
  • Browns are a great story this year but Rich is right, they have a defense problem. This is the 2nd recent game scoring over 35 and letting the other team come back too close for comfort. Probly wont keep getting away with that deep in the playoffs.

    Tom ShepardTom Shepard4 kun oldin
  • Thats why you play the game. Could be saying it again next week, the Browns run game and their fast D can wear a team out..

    Lora GeigerLora Geiger4 kun oldin

    Jordan HortonJordan Horton4 kun oldin
  • Eisner. You know what you saw. The Pittsburgh Jets

    Charles McmillanCharles Mcmillan4 kun oldin
  • I’m picking the Browns over the Chiefs!

    Bazz- BBazz- B4 kun oldin
  • Tomlin has NEVER been a game time coach. Never!

    Flipper HansenFlipper Hansen4 kun oldin
  • And they said 2020 was over....I’m not convinced.....

    Dylan BlodgettDylan Blodgett4 kun oldin
  • Steelers let the Browns into the playoffs and the Browns made them pay for it. When you have a chance to eliminate a division rival, you do it 100% of the time! There are no exceptions to that rule! Steelers got what they deserved...

    Apoc MorrowApoc Morrow4 kun oldin
  • Not a single fellow Browns fan I texted with was fully comfortable until the Taki Taki I terceltio.

    Eric ParkEric Park4 kun oldin
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    clever outputclever output4 kun oldin
  • Who gives a F*&*, didn’t watch one second of the communist NFL. That’s what all the left want give it them. They can all work for the same salary.

    Scott TildenScott Tilden4 kun oldin
  • The world needs a good under dog story. Go browns beat KC

    Robby DraeRobby Drae4 kun oldin
  • I waited until the very end to start talking trash. It's a form of psychological tortured conditioning being a Browns fan 😂

    Lil GoopLil Goop4 kun oldin
  • Might sound like I am trying to be sarcastic here, but I'm dead serious: as a Ravens fan, I'm happy about the Browns - and not only because they got the steelers look ridiculous (although it definitely helps) - but also, first of all, the Browns and their fans have suffered long enough; second, a better Browns will help my Ravens get better. The stronger the division, the better. So, Browns fans, congrats!

    bioLarzenbioLarzen4 kun oldin
  • "This is the worst set-up ever" As a Bengals fan... I know what you mean

    Travis GougeTravis Gouge4 kun oldin
    • Man, that one in 2015 must be hard to chew. I'm yet to see a loss in this manner. My feelings

      Otávio FerreiraOtávio Ferreira4 kun oldin
  • The football gods gave us (Browns fans) back every loss we ever had in heinz field with Ben. IN ONE FELL SWOOP !!!

    All American Veteran AAVAll American Veteran AAV4 kun oldin
    • Like hell they did!!! I gotta see a crap ton more wins in that stadium

      Jim McCormickJim McCormick3 kun oldin
  • I can’t stand baker douchebag but the browns played well

    J CJ C4 kun oldin
  • Bottom line.....the Steelers had two chances to send the Browns home and the Browns beat them without practicing and their HC at HOME! Stefanski is Coach of the Year and it’s not close. If they beat KC, I don’t care who makes the AFC title game.....they’re going to the Super Bowl and will probably win it. What NFC team is better than the Chiefs or Bills?

    Buckeye PaulyBuckeye Pauly4 kun oldin
    • I wouldn’t say coach of the year isn’t close. Ron Rivera deserves consideration, even if he doesn’t win...

      Rick HaavistoRick Haavisto9 soat oldin
  • Congratulations to the Browns! But what we all watched was the beginning of the end for Big Ben!

    Greg GallowayGreg Galloway4 kun oldin
    • He does have the potential of coming back but I don't think he should and Steelers management should do the same thing. You must think about the rest of the team.... you got players like Claypool, Watt, Minkah, Devin Bush who are playing at high levels. Don't ruin the potential of success of the young players for the old player who is done. I especially wish the best for Minkah. He came from Miami to a winning organization and fitted perfectly into the D scheme. The internal explosion of the offense is kinda ruining it for the talented D.

      Honey Nut CheeriosHoney Nut Cheerios4 kun oldin
    • I wouldn't say it's the beginning of the end.... IT IS the end for him. As a Pitt fan I feel for him. He has given his heart and soul for the team and ik he wanted to end his career with a SB like Manning did but not everyone is capable of doing that. Kinda reminds me of how Favre's career ended.... great dude in the HOF but got slammed in the face by reality.

      Honey Nut CheeriosHoney Nut Cheerios4 kun oldin
  • I'm a Lions fan. so I know heartache. and I was rooting for CLE so hard. and I wasn't ready to call it done until the clock hit 0:00.

    Enrique D'EssaEnrique D'Essa4 kun oldin
    • Same.

      Timothy PMHTimothy PMH2 kun oldin
    • Enrique D'Essa: thanks. appreciate that, man. hope the Lions follow suit ASAP.

      Trent STrent S2 kun oldin
  • I think given what the NFL did to the Steelers this year with no bye week, screwing them over with the Ravens and making them play 3 games in 12 days ensured that the team probably checked out .At worst they were most likely totally exhausted by head office shenanigans and moral ambiguity and at best they just wanted to go home to their loved ones. However, glad to see the Browns playing well finally.

    Michael H.Michael H.4 kun oldin

  • Tomlin is the black jay gruden. He won a super bowl with the previous coaches team. JS

    James CowanJames Cowan4 kun oldin
    • *Jon Gruden

      Fairwarning 007Fairwarning 0073 kun oldin
    • Exactly

      Retro TVRetro TV4 kun oldin
  • Kansas City may beat us, but this season has been a successful one!

    DustinDustin4 kun oldin
    • 2020 is a bad joke. The year of Americas demise and the year the Commies stole an American election. After the same commies sent a bioweapon around the World. Of course the Brownies made 2020 their only successful" year since 94', lolol.

      Mitchel R********Mitchel R********13 soat oldin
    • If the browns lose I will be happy if the can keep a close game to the end

      Jacob LargeJacob Large2 kun oldin
    • If we play like we did, we could win.

      Owen.COwen.C3 kun oldin
    • I want y'all to win. If Maxx Crosby eventually gets to Mahomes, imagine Myles Garrett.

      Romi ArkanRomi Arkan3 kun oldin
    • Should be a great game. Hunt and chubs will be hard to slow down. Congrats man. Great game. Huge win.

      B SmithB Smith4 kun oldin
  • I actually think the browns have a chance at the chiefs. It won't be easy but if the browns put together multiple 7-8 minute drives and keep mahomes off the field and get a few stops then they have a shot. Plus, they will probably have their whole oline back together for the first time this year assuming conklin and bitonio are fine which I think they are. Getting ward back also helps a lot with trying to cover tyreek so hopefully that happens. Kelce is my biggest worry.

    Titan 16Titan 164 kun oldin
    • I am a browns fan. Mahomes is going to surgically dissect that joke of a defense. Joe woods comments before the pittsburgh game about how he was going to approach the steelers offense "keep everything in front of us, we'll give them the short routes" He should have been fired for that comment alone and especially after allowing the steelers offense to play pitch and catch for the entire second half. 3 plays to start the second half was all it took for them to get into the end zone. this game was 28-0, there is zero excuse as to why the final score was what it was.

      jonwar83jonwar834 kun oldin
  • Phins fan rooting for a Browns SB

    Miles S.Miles S.4 kun oldin
  • I saw the banner in the back, I'm not sure that Mr. Eisen is black. Am I wrong?

    Jim Jr44Jim Jr444 kun oldin
  • If Chase Claypool's comments after the game are indicative of the culture in Pittsburgh, they are in serious trouble.

    Tom SweeneyTom Sweeney4 kun oldin
  • December 1, 2020 - how many people - be honest, now - *how many people* would have said, "In a month the Browns are going to A) beat the Steelers in week 17, B) get into the playoffs, and C) just because Once Is Never Enough, they're going to turn around and in week 18 they are going to beat the Steelers AGAIN!". Yeeeeeah - I'm betting I know *exactly* how many people would have said that. DARN FEW!!!!!!!!! (I sure wouldn't have) If Stefanski doesn't get Coach Of The Year there ain't no justice. Full disclosure: Browns fan.

    Jarvis FamilyJarvis Family4 kun oldin
  • As a patriots fan go browns

    brantley tinninbrantley tinnin4 kun oldin
  • Rich has by and far become my favorite sports analyst in an extremely short time- just started listening to him about a month ago

    Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein4 kun oldin
  • They got 50 years worth of breaks in that game. Sorry to say but back to misery for Browns fans.

    joshua schindlerjoshua schindler4 kun oldin
  • In Three River Stadium, Tomlin got out coached by a coach that wasn't there. lol

    Harry ReedHarry Reed4 kun oldin
    • @Burp Robrox It will always be Three Rivers to me. Just like First Energy is the Cleveland Browns Municipal Stadium. I'm to old to change.

      Harry ReedHarry Reed4 kun oldin
    • Three Rivers was imploded an awfully long time ago buddy.

      Burp RobroxBurp Robrox4 kun oldin
  • Bruh remember when we had a 4th and 9 draw? ...we've come a long way

    JohnxLanterJohnxLanter4 kun oldin
    • A competent head coach goes along way

      Matthew ArnoldMatthew Arnold3 kun oldin
  • Eisen nailed it - this is exactly how we were thinking

    Ryano SavidoRyano Savido4 kun oldin
    • I switched from house money to holy crap we have to win this game or it will not be the biggest collapse in history type thing. Biggest lead/biggest collapse. But not this year. GO BROWNS!!!!

      Michael SmithMichael Smith4 kun oldin
  • This redeems "The Fumble"

    thillwlthillwl4 kun oldin
  • I hope the browns give KC the same treatment they did to Pittsburg. Let's Go BROWNS!

    King Tony LucateroKing Tony Lucatero4 kun oldin
    • 1 down 3 to go!

      TheCardiacKidTheCardiacKid3 kun oldin
    • I live in Washington state but its Browns all day in my neighborhood

      King Tony LucateroKing Tony Lucatero4 kun oldin
    • me too man!

      Kam JenningsKam Jennings4 kun oldin
    • Here we go Brownies here we go woof woof

      Owen’s OdysseyOwen’s Odyssey4 kun oldin
  • Ohio State is in the National Championship, the Browns are in the playoffs and the Bengals have a QB to build a real team around. Football is back in the Buckeye State!

    PulsatyrPulsatyr4 kun oldin
    • @Honey Nut Cheerios he ceded that by playing for the Steelers. Bill Cowher played for the Browns, but is black and gold to the bone. It's like a cult that erases your past.

      PulsatyrPulsatyr3 kun oldin
    • To be fair, Big Ben is a product of Ohio Football as well lol.

      Honey Nut CheeriosHoney Nut Cheerios4 kun oldin
    • As it should be.. Ohio is definitely the Mecca of football.

      OJ CosbyOJ Cosby4 kun oldin