Rescue The Puppies And three Little Birds Who Lost Their Mothers Living In The Cave | Great Shelter

4-Yan, 2021
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Rescue The Puppies And three Little Birds Who Lost Their Mothers Living In The Cave | Great Shelter
I visited the grass fields my house planted 2 months ago. The field is very green, so happy that my family can grow a lot of grass for the cows. I heard something strange and I searched. I actually heard the puppy chirping very well. God, the puppy is in that cave. I thought from a distance thinking a pack of puppies. But not? has a puppy and 3 little birds. Why are 3 birds in the same puppy? What should I do now? I looked around but couldn't see the mother dog or the mother bird.
I decided to get the birds and puppies out of this cave. I took the little bird to the door of the cave but it turned around. Could it be that the three birds and the little dog have gotten used to being together? These birds are not yet able to fly, I cannot fly them into the sky. This little bird also returned to the cave with the puppy. I find it very dangerous to leave the birds and dogs here. The puppy also doesn't want to leave the 3 little birds. I was surprised that they could live peacefully together.
I still made the final decision to take the puppy and 3 little birds home to take care of. I felt so lucky to have saved the puppy and 3 little birds. I pahir used a syringe to pump milk for the puppy. I hope it will eat well. I try to train the dog to feed on its own. It's great that the dog cooperates well. I used bird bran to feed 3 little birds. The three young birds cannot feed on their own and I have fed them. I know that it is difficult to change the mother of the baby birds, but I will try to take care of them. I thank everyone for always supporting our channel. Wishing everyone a lucky and happy life!

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