Recovering and fixing a Pettibone crane

27-Noy, 2020
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In this video I help Andrew recover his Pettibone 25 multikrane. When we do recover it, the oil was trapped in the cylinders (even after letting it sit). The engine hydrolocked and would not run right after. I ended up getting the crane from Andrew and fixing it up to use with building my own house and other various projects.
Link to Andrew's video

  • Can’t have a crane without a flag on it. Awesome. 💪🏻

    Paul WhitedPaul Whited47 daqiqa oldin
  • ~This tip over would never of happened if Levi was around, he must be having his dog bath.

    TimTim SmithTimTim Smith4 soat oldin
  • I was like that driveway looks familiar and then, yep that's Camarata.

    Robert SheffeyRobert SheffeyKun oldin
  • From Texas, Thank You Jesse for raising Our Flag at the end if your video!!!

    PioPio3 kun oldin
  • Does the Pettibone only have one forward gear? That crane was made to fly the flag. I guess you need another one to work on your house. Nice touch!!

    Buddy ReedBuddy Reed3 kun oldin
  • Andrew could have used a tool, like the one you made, for use on his bull dozer.

    Buddy ReedBuddy Reed3 kun oldin
  • Now it sounds like a bought one.

    Ross and Jenny O'ReillyRoss and Jenny O'Reilly3 kun oldin
  • Well, I've bulldozed my way throught all the comments, (phew!) and apart from a ton of chuckles and a few laughs and a couple of good tips, I didn't see anything , except from a woman viewer I think, about the estimated cost of this adventure which was way more than the ironic mention of 10$ parts and 1,200$ Labour costs. That is what interests me. What actually were these costs to re-establish it's function. - in parts and total working hours. You guys amaze me. ( and the chooks were totally fascinated as well). Did you see them react at the very beginning, with your arrival? It's a family affair. Nice concluding patriotic touch.

    Carolle EnkelmannCarolle Enkelmann6 kun oldin
  • Why doesn't the crane have default-closed brakes? I dunno what they are called, but basically, they are always braking unless the machine is running, stalling would mean they would brake, using a spring or somesuch mechanism.

    Gunnar GuðvarðarsonGunnar Guðvarðarson6 kun oldin
  • Great job filming this repair Jesse! It started off as the "Dissection of the Pettibone" and am very impressed how it all worked out. Working outside at night, seems to be a common thing for those who live in upstate NY. :)

    G W GroteG W Grote7 kun oldin
  • Jesse, if ur replacing ripped disposable gloves all the time, I found some that are 10 times better. Grease Monkey disposable gloves. They make a black pair and gray, the gray gloves with a textured grip are the ones worth checking out. I paid something like $20 for 100pair online, just an FYI. BOL

    Gavin1130Gavin11309 kun oldin
    • that's a jolly good bit of advice. Not only Grease Monkies can use.

      Carolle EnkelmannCarolle Enkelmann6 kun oldin
  • How much did u pay for it

    José VillaJosé Villa10 kun oldin
  • Well done man, great video!

    Max GustafssonMax Gustafsson12 kun oldin
  • ***** BEAUTIFUL ENDING ***** Total tear jerker...

    innovationsurvivalinnovationsurvival13 kun oldin
  • Please help. I need closed captioning. Thank you.

    Daniel EBR ParishDaniel EBR Parish14 kun oldin
  • Nur gemeinsam funktioniert alles! Maschiene funktioniert,Fahne hängt! Baustelle kann kommen! Alles gut! Gruß an Andrew Camarata u Jesse Muller, aus Germany !! Weiter so

    Funke B.Funke B.15 kun oldin
  • The first man ever to do a oil change without getting some on hisself🤝

    Damien BeardDamien Beard16 kun oldin
  • The first thing you should of done is the compression test. If it's good you can tell straight away that the mechanical side of things is good. Also to give a proper reading the engine should be cranking on the starter. Adjusting the valve clearence also can sometimes make a huge difference in compression since bad adjustment messes up the cam timing. Next, if the compression is bad, check the cam timing and lift with a dial gauge. If every thing is good, just lift the head of right away (probably faster than taking of the sump on this engine). That way you can see what the head gasket looks like. Also measuring piston stroke with a dial gauge will tell you if the crank bearings are good and if the connecting rods are bent or not (you will never be sure with a visual inspection). If every thing looks good, you then need to pressure test the cylinder head. Hope this helps ! and sorry for my bad english....

    Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman16 kun oldin
  • How did u tip it over??

    Terry SlunkerTerry Slunker18 kun oldin
  • weeeeeeeee a fabulous new toy ... GREASE GREASE GREASE and move that hose away from the exhaust manifold please :)

    involved bystanderinvolved bystander18 kun oldin
  • Nothing beats a Bone

    john smithjohn smith19 kun oldin
  • Awesome video

    I love my sisterI love my sister19 kun oldin
  • Love the flag also. God bless America.

    rescuehoundemtdrescuehoundemtd19 kun oldin
  • Nice video. Cool that you got it going again. Did you freeze your butt off doing it outside? Look forward to watching videos of you building your house.

    rescuehoundemtdrescuehoundemtd19 kun oldin
  • Superb work

    gowd sakegowd sake19 kun oldin
  • great vidio thumbs up.

    Jamie BuckleyJamie Buckley19 kun oldin
  • Just a simple suggestion Sir, when tightening down head nut's or bolt's in stages, chalk mark each one as you go, then you can see where you've been and follow the correct pattern. Rub off the chalk between stages then repeat.

    David TaylorDavid Taylor22 kun oldin
  • Respect.

    Tony ScottTony Scott22 kun oldin
  • Looks like the hydrolock pushed oil from 3 to 2 or 2 to 3 and blew that gasket apart at its weakest point. Looks like maybe Case yellow. I've spent hours in a Case

    Mark GMark G22 kun oldin
  • Well done Jesse. It's great how you and Andrew work together. I watch both channels and love the work you guys do.

    William HarrissWilliam Harriss24 kun oldin
  • Are the 2 of you related? You sound alike. Your voices sound to be "cut from the same cloth"?!?

    Stan ChaseStan Chase25 kun oldin
  • The head looks mighty clean... It looks like this had a top end done recently, which is cool by me.

    di. mythiosdi. mythios25 kun oldin
  • Another great video Jesse!! May you and fam have wonderful and prosperous New Year!! Stay safe and please be careful.

    Rob TuckRob Tuck26 kun oldin
  • A diesel engine wastes such little heat at idle that you can place your hand on the exhaust manifold and feel the difference in temperature from one cylinder to the next at the head, just after start up for quite a while. I doubt that the starter could make enough force cranking against the oil in the cylinders to bend a connecting rod. That would take the engine running at speed to have enough force spinning the crank and flywheel to bend a rod !

    Al BoreAl Bore26 kun oldin
  • Your videos are almost same as Andrew Camoratas videos ,,,,

    Coffee BeanCoffee Bean27 kun oldin
  • I know the crane is running now. Just a suggestion from an old mechanic, when you had the motor down that far anyway. I would have put new valve seals in it and done a poor man valve seating using a drill and lapping compound . It will Make the valves act like new. And while the pan was off check each main bearing and rod bearing one at a time. It may take more time but in the long run if you find something it’s better to fix it now when the engine is apart. Oh well I wish you well you work hard for what you have . May God Bless you and I love the Castle

    john lewisjohn lewis27 kun oldin
  • keep up the good work. the flag was the best part

    stan jonesstan jones29 kun oldin
  • sounds good....Nice job!

    Greg WallaceGreg Wallace29 kun oldin
  • I would definitely carry a set of wheel chalks with you....those brakes still seem a little sketchy.

    Greg WallaceGreg Wallace29 kun oldin
  • You’ll get stronger weld running 7018 in DCEN on thick shit like that. It’ll give you full pen welds vs AC.

    CommieCatCommieCatOy oldin
  • good to see young guys gettin high on the real head gaskets lol

    thomas dunhamthomas dunhamOy oldin
  • The ending was great Music fits perfect I want to know what this song is called

    steve geerkenssteve geerkensOy oldin
  • Excellent video

    Ron KnoedlerRon KnoedlerOy oldin
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    Lynn RamirezLynn RamirezOy oldin
  • Quantum stupidity

    Pat LoganPat LoganOy oldin
    • ?

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerOy oldin
  • Super cool ending , That was the best .

    Dale AllenDale AllenOy oldin
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    Donna DiazDonna DiazOy oldin
  • Nice..

    Luke *Luke *Oy oldin
  • Must have happened long time ago, no roof on the castle?

    shellez101shellez101Oy oldin
  • Awesome finish with the flag! Music fits fantastically!

    George Horn IIIGeorge Horn IIIOy oldin
  • Jesse I really appreciate how you explain what your thoughts are on repairs and how you go about it.

    George Horn IIIGeorge Horn IIIOy oldin
    • thanks George

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerOy oldin
  • At 1:11:39 your missing a lug nut for the tire

    Shanya MeyerShanya MeyerOy oldin
  • Had one just like it when I worked at the railroad. It had the Detroit engine in it

    J DJ DOy oldin
    • the 4-53 two stroke?

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerOy oldin
  • So it is a cripple crane?

    Steven BrennickSteven BrennickOy oldin
  • fabulous!! great end

    Mr. HandyevansMr. HandyevansOy oldin
  • Love the flag at the end...wish the UK were a bit more inclined to show flag loyalty

    Malc RobinsonMalc RobinsonOy oldin
  • Job well done sir. And excellent fitting tribute at the end. God bless you, God bless our families, and God bless the United States of America.

    Micmichael AdflakMicmichael AdflakOy oldin
  • She’s running like a top👍

    Alan SchmalzriedAlan SchmalzriedOy oldin
  • Nice video and a really nice touch at the end Flying the Red, White and Blue ( Old Glory ).

    Nathan CoxNathan CoxOy oldin
  • Great video with great ending

    Hombre De AceroHombre De AceroOy oldin
  • Pre- roof build :)

    BR 9922BR 9922Oy oldin
  • Jesus man. You and Andrew are like Geniuses. I was able to fix a busted light fixture at my house. My mom and sis were really impressed. lol.

    The LoobisThe LoobisOy oldin
  • The ending was spectacular! God bless the USA...

    martin mmartin mOy oldin
  • Not going to lie.... ending with the flag brought a tear to my eyes 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Dall TexDall TexOy oldin
    • alot of people said that. in these days, hope is beautiful.

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerOy oldin
  • The cold start smoke looks really good. They all smoke on startup from back then. Vacuum brakes might only need a truck air tank to store the vacuum. What is the story with the park brake?

    teamidristeamidrisOy oldin
  • A lot of folk don’t realise those rotary pumps hate to bleed the air out even if it is running. Wow they have caused me some misery over the years :D (super glad it didn’t bend a rod, because I wasn’t sure when it was first kicked up after the roll) Hands up if you used to put three belts on and tied the two spares to the rad with baler twine ^-^ And the last one only lasted a couple of months because it had been coated in engine oil for months.

    teamidristeamidrisOy oldin
  • We gotta get you and Andrew some cordless impact wrenches

    Valley Tractor ServicesValley Tractor ServicesOy oldin
  • Hello. Have you found a cement bucket for the crane? One on Craigslist in Mentor Ohio. Sorry don't know how to share the link

    Sparkle FarmSparkle FarmOy oldin
    • @Jesse Muller Do you have an email for channel? I can send the link that way

      Sparkle FarmSparkle FarmOy oldin
    • I have been looking, i will check CL . thanks

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerOy oldin
  • Put a can of Engine Restore in it every oil change and those rings have a couple of thousand hours of life left in them.

    a wa wOy oldin
  • I like the video I am a new subscriber today from Andrew but I subscribed because you fly my colors! We need more people to fly those colors and believe in what they stand for millions have sacrificed their lives so we the people could have the Easy road😢❤️ God bless America! I PRAY GOD WILL ENFORCE OUR CONSTITUTION❤️🇺🇸

    Pete LaskoPete LaskoOy oldin
  • Jesse...nice work on Andrew's old your new one..LOL

    doug westacottdoug westacottOy oldin
  • i didn't think I would enjoy this because I don't like compression motors, I am basically a wood guy, but to my surprise, I did. Good work to both of you.

    Glen LongstreetGlen LongstreetOy oldin
  • Beautiful country does anyone know where this is?? Retired in Thailand

    bill shueybill shueyOy oldin
    • @Jesse Muller thank you

      bill shueybill shueyOy oldin
    • upstate ny

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerOy oldin
  • change oil pump too ..PAPA..NOW THAT UR THERE

    jacob bishopjacob bishopOy oldin
  • Jesse that was by far a 5⭐ video. The ending made it even more meaningful Thank you ❤️🙏✌️ God bless yah

    Daniel E. WoodheadDaniel E. WoodheadOy oldin
  • First thing i would have done was a compression test, save a lot of fuckin about.

    Tom SullivanTom SullivanOy oldin
  • That air intake that was full of oil, are you sure it wasn't an oil bath air filter? Pretty popular on older engines. To service them you pull the wire wool section out, wash it out in diesel (we used to set fire to them to burn them out), drain out the old oil, wipe out the can, refill to the mark with clean oil and put the whole lot back together.

    David QuirkDavid QuirkOy oldin
  • For a shagged out engine, with possibly too many hours at low power, is day it's doing ok as regards cold start smoke. The engine could probably use a kiss with a glaze buster on the bores but for your usage is probably not worth the effort of pulling the engine apart. It may be worth having the fuel injectors overhauled to bring them back to spec and to check you haven't got any dribbling injectors ( that will give you smoke) but the fact that the engine cold starts ok indicates that the fuel atomisation is good enough. Out of interest, what engine is in the machine?

    David QuirkDavid QuirkOy oldin
    • this is a white/hercules d3400

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerOy oldin
  • All that for a flag pole..... and worth it! Nice work.

    DonG0412DonG0412Oy oldin
  • Nice job Jesse. That should really come in handy. Please don't scare the chickens LoL.

    E WilliamsE WilliamsOy oldin
  • at 21:54 whatever the part you picking up breaks into 2pieces , u installing same part at 48:08 as 1 piece. can u explain things bru?

    Multitasking FarmerMultitasking FarmerOy oldin
    • @Jesse Muller oka bru

      Multitasking FarmerMultitasking FarmerOy oldin
    • it was just pushed and held together to put back in easier.

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerOy oldin
  • i REALLY hope that you move the fuel line away from the exhaust pipe or all that great work will be up in SMOKE !!!!!!

    Jeff KendallJeff KendallOy oldin
  • Awesome project, something about old iron that simply just works. She's ready for another 20 years of service now.

    Far North TrawlerFar North TrawlerOy oldin
  • Love the Flag.

    john whitleyjohn whitleyOy oldin
  • Oil burning is probably from valve guides

    Bob B613Bob B613Oy oldin
  • Great video. Reviving old machinery is quite satisfying. The end with the flag flying off the crane... EPIC!

    Jeff BeemanJeff BeemanOy oldin
  • Nice work J-man

    MacMacOy oldin
  • Nice flag! 🇺🇲

    DownhillDownhillOy oldin
  • habiliten el traductor

    Severino RompeolasSeverino RompeolasOy oldin
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    Trina FernandezTrina FernandezOy oldin
  • I believe that while I had the head off a valve job would be in order.

    John DeBrularJohn DeBrularOy oldin
  • hey how much time did you put into this project?

    TheGamecheater100TheGamecheater100Oy oldin
  • When you were driving down the road the Pettibone was crabbing to the left, which means the rear end differential is out of alignment and you were turning right to compensate.

    chuck stewardchuck stewardOy oldin
  • It is obvious those who design the machines don't have to service them.

    John CJohn COy oldin
  • Did you soak or treat the fuel injectors/lines before putting them back on? Just curious

    Jeff AllenJeff AllenOy oldin
  • i appreciate your videos but for future reference. 1,engine runs bad heat check cylinders with a laser temp gun 2,compression test cylinders 3, valve gear for damage 4,take head off check for bent valves 5,measure from top for bent rods. you wasted so much time going about this backwards. i appreciate your artistry is construction and fair play for mending your own stuff. i'm not trying to be a keyboard warrior just trying to help

    the social handgrenadethe social handgrenadeOy oldin
  • 49:25 does that torque bar keep track of what bolts you tightened or what , seems like it was

    Rally Sport_ 5.3Rally Sport_ 5.3Oy oldin
  • had to subscribe, came over from Andrews channel!

    Rob SnyderRob SnyderOy oldin
  • Loved the Video, I was Really Wondering what caused the Debacle in the first place. I was guessing head gasket but was awesome to see you tear into it and find the problem. I wouldn't have messed with the Rings to much involved but would have done the Upper end anyway you were there. I was kinda hoping you were the one it went to from Andrew's video. Lot of Critics here I notice from reading some of the responses, Wish people could just enjoy a great video without all the Criticizing. LOVED The FLAG If nothing else it makes a great Flagpole LOL. Thanks Jesse

    Mytee PatriotMytee PatriotOy oldin
  • I assume the Vacuum pump is used to supply vacuum to the Hydrovac that creates the amount of pressure the master cylinder pressure to wheel cylinders?

    Alexis DeVilleAlexis DeVilleOy oldin