REAL VS CHOCOLATE FOOD CHALLENGE! || Extreme Food Challenges by 123 Go! Gold

20-Okt, 2020
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Attention all choco-lovers! Looks like we’ve got a delicious food challenge on our hands!
One of these mystery plates has a chocolate treat and the other, well, you’ll see 😱
Let’s put your adoration to the test with the ultimate chocolate challenge😋
Yummy sweets will totally make you so hungry!
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00:01 Real VS chocolate food challenge for a sweet tooth
01:15 Extreme food challenge with your favorite goodies
02:21 Prank wars with food, awesome school prank!
03:00 Pranks with food supplies, funny food prank DIY
03:51 Food hacks and funny tricks
06:54 Real food vs chocolate food
09:15 Crushing things by car
10:32 Funny bloopers
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