Real Life AMONG US 900 IQ Impostor Plays!

14-Okt, 2020
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Real Life AMONG US 900 IQ Impostor Plays! with Preston 👊
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FaZe Rug - Among Us BUT In Real Life 2!! (Impostor IQ 9,999,999%)
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  • subscribe or mad sus 🤔

    PrestonPrestonOy oldin
    • Preston your a great inposter

      Alan TranAlan Tran2 kun oldin
    • Hi preston 1000% 555%

      mai mohamedmai mohamed3 kun oldin
    • Hi preston 🦊🦊🕊🕊⚘⚘💐💐🌷🌷

      mai mohamedmai mohamed3 kun oldin
    • Hi preston 😘😘

      mai mohamedmai mohamed3 kun oldin
    • *I'm mad sussssss*

      ***Remas*** ***Algayar******Remas*** ***Algayar***3 kun oldin
  • Who is the imposter

    ANNA CremonaANNA Cremona4 daqiqa oldin

    mckylaann hacheymckylaann hachey3 soat oldin
  • You are so cool

    Angela DiasAngela Dias16 soat oldin
    • What are you doing

      Angela DiasAngela Dias16 soat oldin
  • I can't subscribe my dad says

    Angela DiasAngela Dias16 soat oldin
  • I'm going to read a book

    Angela DiasAngela Dias16 soat oldin
  • Preston sus

    Rowel LaureanoRowel Laureano18 soat oldin
  • White sus

    Rowel LaureanoRowel Laureano18 soat oldin
  • I am Turkish but I follow you fondly,please don't hate me just because I am Turkish😟😟😟🙁🙁🙁😢😭

    Esmanur YouTubeEsmanur YouTubeKun oldin
  • As soon as Scott died ad came on Ad: especially a toilet...

    Jenna RiveraJenna RiveraKun oldin
  • Anybody else think Bree is so dumb

    Faze GirlFaze GirlKun oldin
  • preston sus he sus he faked swip card brianna also i saw her faked download she did admin first

    megandcait vlogsmegandcait vlogsKun oldin
  • hey! my brother is named dylan

    Doge And Boiz PlaysDoge And Boiz PlaysKun oldin
  • Preston i was mad sus but i still won

    Donaciano DuarteDonaciano DuarteKun oldin
  • Games

    Python FortnitePython FortniteKun oldin
  • I am a boy on my mom's account

    Christi HelmsChristi HelmsKun oldin
  • XD

    Christi HelmsChristi HelmsKun oldin
  • Subbed I really lub ur vids but I cant watch 24/7 can one play 1 hr per day pls do a shout-out for me!

    starplayz9999 ytstarplayz9999 ytKun oldin
  • 12345678910111231

    Kailyn ChumKailyn ChumKun oldin
  • 😥

    Kailyn ChumKailyn ChumKun oldin
  • Pizza 🍕

    Kailyn ChumKailyn ChumKun oldin
  • Hey

  • hey preston no

    JunJun DayagJunJun Dayag2 kun oldin
  • no impostor

    JunJun DayagJunJun Dayag2 kun oldin
  • my impostor no portal swnd no 😊😊

    JunJun DayagJunJun Dayag2 kun oldin
  • sabi nya nga i

    JunJun DayagJunJun Dayag2 kun oldin
  • Bri’s helmet is cute i love the bunny ears

    Rafaela Casey Luvena Prayogo 1406139Rafaela Casey Luvena Prayogo 14061392 kun oldin
  • Bri impostets know who the ptheer imposter is and Scptt had finished his tasks

    Kelbey ZiegenhainKelbey Ziegenhain2 kun oldin
  • Hoi

    Natalie BrandNatalie Brand2 kun oldin
  • Ok

    Jade ZhangJade Zhang2 kun oldin
  • P

    Nzy RkzaNzy Rkza3 kun oldin
  • I mean you cant change a vote once its submitted

    Tory DecourvalTory Decourval3 kun oldin
  • nice play

    ChrisjohnMark ObleadaChrisjohnMark Obleada3 kun oldin
  • orange sus

    Adam CuetoAdam Cueto3 kun oldin
  • Preston play more real life am out us

    Mike MonteithMike Monteith3 kun oldin
  • 2:21 Why was Nick walking in the background..... mad sus.......

    DogLover’s LifeDogLover’s Life3 kun oldin
  • cari carihyper i am a BIG FAN

    Poonam SharmaPoonam Sharma4 kun oldin
  • Make more

    Mike CastanedaMike Castaneda4 kun oldin
  • White and orange so sus

    Eng Tong YapEng Tong Yap4 kun oldin
  • You guys are like ITS however l dont know the names and then you guys are like ITS HIM ITS NOT ME ITS 👉 👈 then you guys stair at each other

    Alyssa ThompsonAlyssa Thompson4 kun oldin
  • Orange SUS!!!

    Madie VlogsMadie Vlogs4 kun oldin
  • vote jone for scots deth???????????????????????

    Taylor EslerTaylor Esler4 kun oldin
  • No one: Not a single soul: Dylan: how do you open a lock?

    Chloe SeymourChloe Seymour4 kun oldin
  • How u build the vent??

    Julia W.Julia W.4 kun oldin
  • shhh

    MauventuresMauventures4 kun oldin
  • how to you get those coloured among us costumes?

    Riley HansenRiley Hansen4 kun oldin
  • On John

    Jessica WooldridgeJessica Wooldridge4 kun oldin
  • Let’s go PRESTON!

    Fizzy FilmsFizzy Films4 kun oldin
  • 8:24 Cringe lol im not showing no hate

    DoctorPokinsDoctorPokins4 kun oldin
  • Where the vents

    Jayciël EmanuelsonJayciël Emanuelson5 kun oldin
  • I did not know that cari and a boyfriend and bri and Preston are friends

    Lacey SmithLacey Smith5 kun oldin
  • i love it

    Khaleesi KaycieKhaleesi Kaycie5 kun oldin
  • Presto me is so and very very sus

    Vetgirl421Vetgirl4215 kun oldin
  • Hi Preston I'm Rajay Coleman Nathan my mother name is Simone

    rajay colemanrajay coleman5 kun oldin
  • I literally know Dylan Dylan play with poke

    ivy dangivy dang5 kun oldin
    • Wow

      ivy dangivy dang5 kun oldin
  • 2:22 anybody see Nick walk down the stairs behind them.?

    Scps are The best!Scps are The best!5 kun oldin
  • Bri's bunny ears literally killed me, they were so cute

    MoonLight ShadowsMoonLight Shadows6 kun oldin
    • XD

      Christi HelmsChristi HelmsKun oldin
    • They where adorable ➖〰️➖

      Bill JamisonBill Jamison3 kun oldin

    Judith GabroninoJudith Gabronino6 kun oldin
  • Reds sus

    Judith GabroninoJudith Gabronino6 kun oldin
  • Someday preston and John will get revenge

    ryan naoeryan naoe6 kun oldin
  • 🔪🔪🔪💀💀💀

    carmen manalàdcarmen manalàd6 kun oldin
  • vote john it is him

    Bentley ConleyBentley Conley6 kun oldin
  • hey preston another among us real life 10 iq plays pls

    Arnold GaliciaArnold Galicia6 kun oldin
  • If I was him I would just make a commercial about milk and throw it at him and then he doesn’t even feel anything

    J VJ V6 kun oldin
  • cities skylines

    hoan nguyenhoan nguyen6 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Master yi LolMaster yi Lol6 kun oldin
  • Nick got caught by Preston he got to the vent and vented out so early

    Master yi LolMaster yi Lol6 kun oldin
  • 2:21 nick in the back LOL

    PopXolPopXol6 kun oldin
  • Scott was like:🥺 the whole time like Awwww

    Makenna ShearerMakenna Shearer6 kun oldin
  • Play this game called The Battle Cats

    Sylvia BrousseauSylvia Brousseau6 kun oldin
  • It’s so cute how preston fixes bri’s helmet 🥺🥺

    Feryal HatamlehFeryal Hatamleh7 kun oldin
    • Yeah so cute

      Master yi LolMaster yi Lol6 kun oldin
  • m

    Suman PawarSuman Pawar7 kun oldin
  • 😂I love among us

    Adopt me outfits You might likeAdopt me outfits You might like7 kun oldin
  • Person we all know the imposter you and please watch this video and then you’ll see presents the imposter among us just follow him

    Cinos Smg8Cinos Smg87 kun oldin
  • Creepy and akward that need Definitely John

    Jinora FlerginJinora Flergin7 kun oldin
  • preston

    MacariovitchMacariovitch7 kun oldin
  • Preston

    Ed Tunz Hernandez [Latin Music Producer]Ed Tunz Hernandez [Latin Music Producer]8 kun oldin
  • Great video and I love among us

    aurinkolahti00990aurinkolahti009908 kun oldin
  • K I will

    Vincent LyVincent Ly8 kun oldin
  • Hyper poke??

    Tiara RahayuTiara Rahayu8 kun oldin
  • hyuy

    Anna-Marie GrieveAnna-Marie Grieve8 kun oldin
  • Crazy man jist crazy

    TuufGamer is gonna drawTuufGamer is gonna draw8 kun oldin
  • John

    Mick BolandMick Boland9 kun oldin
  • who was sus

    Paula BrewerPaula Brewer9 kun oldin
  • i agree with bri

    Jessica SouthardJessica Southard9 kun oldin
  • Hi Preston

    jessica Wottonjessica Wotton9 kun oldin
  • I love your vids

    Rebecca IrvingRebecca Irving9 kun oldin
  • its preston hes the impostor

    lumen sqmmlumen sqmm9 kun oldin
  • I saw the preview of this on TickTock you should come follow mine cadenjams1313

    Cade PageCade Page9 kun oldin
  • No one: Literally no one: People when they among us in real life: IMPOSTOR 9999999 IQ

    Joe TheSoundeffect MakerJoe TheSoundeffect Maker9 kun oldin
  • It was you Preston you are the imposter

    NetherGamerNetherGamer9 kun oldin
  • I love your videos

    tuan trantuan tran9 kun oldin

    Dimitris GeorgiouDimitris Georgiou10 kun oldin
  • I have a tiktok Preston

    Aaron PerdomoAaron Perdomo10 kun oldin
  • Do you like Roblox because I do

    Aaron PerdomoAaron Perdomo10 kun oldin
  • Preston David among us

    Aaron PerdomoAaron Perdomo10 kun oldin
  • 2:21 nick comes down stairs like nothing happened lol

    Nii TettehNii Tetteh10 kun oldin
  • Preston was the killer imposter

    Jacklyn ChanJacklyn Chan10 kun oldin
  • Its Preston he vent he's sus

    Andrea ThomasAndrea Thomas10 kun oldin
  • I’m such a fan and I’m a crewmate

    Tyler BoussieTyler Boussie10 kun oldin