Reaction To Joe Biden Being The President Elect

9-Noy, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David shares his Reaction To Joe Biden Being The President Elect.
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  • Wake up USA, they are running at a 100 Miles a Hour, and they will use the US Constitution, Police and Military against us and in-between use BLM and Antifia to show the People want Socialism within USA. As the same when Muslim BHO and Biden was doing for eight years and now they want to finish their agendas which is turn America into Socialism which is the same as Communisme. Vote Trump 2021.

    George SecoGeorge Seco3 soat oldin
  • To you ask yourself why your Parents came first and after ask yourself why you didn't go back, America can never Change if it does it will end with Socialism. Since now the W.H. and Congress will use the Constitution, Police and Military against the People and only then the Military will be ever to stop it, why do you think they are starting to vete people and use BLM and Antifia against the People. Vote Trump 2021.

    George SecoGeorge Seco3 soat oldin
  • President Biden, is the real Clown if not just give time renmmber Fraud and Corruption always comes out at the End, specialty when you start to see the people his is picking for his administration they all believe in Socialism and this will bring a Civil War within Congress and America, Vote Trump 2021.

    George SecoGeorge Seco3 soat oldin
  • Beijing Biden is not the president he is a fraud

    Nun YaNun Ya4 soat oldin
  • After putting us through 4 years of divisive crap, now the Democrats want unity? Bullshit. You stoked divisions and now you got it.

    David OhDavid Oh4 soat oldin
  • Its only kickoff. Trump will win. It will take several months. It will probably take a period of time when we have two presidents but the Lord will make things right. Trust your faith not your eyes.

    rmclarkjrrmclarkjr4 soat oldin
  • Thank you

    Caroline CarnevaleCaroline Carnevale4 soat oldin
  • I am the 3rd one but with Biden policies it will be hard to move on. Especially since my teenager who works at McDonald's will make close to what I make. I might as well quit my crisis advocate job and cashier since it will be less stressful. I had plans to purchase a home finally and now really don't see the point since the taxes will sky rocket. There won't be unity till the swamp on both sides is drained fully.

    Ariela TarantinoAriela Tarantino4 soat oldin
  • I like you Patrick but you're very naive. We got Clinton because he helped bring in drugs through Arkansas as Governor helping Bush Sr. who is a Globalist extraordiare so they thanked him for it. I'm sure there were other reasons but playing along ensured his success. Every President is either already a part of the cabal or is coerced into following suit often with threats of violence or destabilizing the economy as the bankster-ganagsters own the 🇺🇸 Obama was put in to fool black Americans and many of them eventually saw through his lies. Trump came along because he is against Globalism and communism despite any flaws he may have. Globalism is headed towards communism. It starts off by bringing migrant workers into the 🇺🇸 beyond a country's capacity to maintain balance in the economy i.e. driving down wages and benefitting corporations over citizens. The major corporations pledge no allegiance to any country. Trump was against China, who Americans were losing half a trillion dollars per year on trade to, and China owns almost everything on this earth including, through blackmail and corruption, many powerful politicians around the world LIKE JOE BIDEN. This is why the corporate-owned mainstream media attacked Trump for his entire Presidency. Media lied about racism towards Mexicans. Trump's son-in-law, BECAUSE OF TRUMP'S USMCA deal, helped by Jared Kushner, received Mexico's highest honorary medal, the Order of the Aztec Eagle, from the Mexican president. For Patrick to say that if Biden makes too many big mistakes he'll get voted out is extremely naive when Biden only got elected through FRAUD. NO ONE WILL EVER GET ELECTED AGAIN IF THEY ARE AGAINST GLOBALISM!!!!! The president of Ghana 🇬🇭 exposed this pathogenic disaster we are currently in the midst of on video. I read the documents. You can't stop the New Normal/New World Order/ Great Reset. A new virus will be released that is far more deadly in order to get the deniers to fall in line. Listen to the president speak about it and search the document out for yourselves.

    C PC P11 soat oldin
  • 911 was an inside job. Lots of people look like you. You could also be Spanish, Italian, Greek, Indian or other groups. Don't worry.

    Kangaroo KidsKangaroo Kids11 soat oldin
  • *Trump gave birth to Biden !!* 👉😁👈 👍

    RavSingh Rajput````RavSingh Rajput````11 soat oldin
  • You are good people Pat!!! I think like you!

    Anne Space CoastAnne Space Coast12 soat oldin
  • What do you think about the 2020 election? In regards to ~ so if ok so Blue votes were obviously fed and replaced “official americans’ votes” = “Red votes”! -BUT- they may of been able to get away with Rogue-Media feeding all world the BS...but they forgot about the machines showing the ‘ACTUAL landslide’ Red had right off the BAT=ALL stopped as idiots realised TRUMP/RED had the landslide and even with rogue fed all prefed blue votes it still wasn’t enough, took BLUE 3days to feed blue prepared to be easily fed into the machines by Rogue or paid off temporary & senior election workers... for 3hours by 6feeders!! Refeeding same bogus blue votes...W/NO observers or other workers in room!? That was caught on election security cameras’ (& NOT proof?) SO NOW they fed enough by stopping red altogether = I say- if this is a BLUE WIN as all say...why did RED not LOSE at least 10-15 senate seats? But RED❣️INSTEAD gained a seat🤓 WHY? Did this happen cause the RED WON!! And reversing votes ...took the time it did!! Then feeding blue not American votes but false prepared Without outer envelopes nicely pre=stacked in unofficial boxes that suddenly appeared from under a covered table? Again with No-ONE in room = ALL were outside due to make believe pipe break! There was no breaks just corruption! I know the nurse they did a little piece on where she was “helping physically challenged” to fill out votes & ONE lady said yes it was nice of her - BUT we were NOT allowed or given the TRUMP votes said NO! Blue? No ONE felt, there was enough evidence = is a LIE = there is so much MORE re this & overwhelming evidence! But JUSTICE as ALL are long time democrats and it is corrupt! And due to them = supreme court felt if they think nothing to see = not gonna even hear it? WHY did NO-ONE want to see justice or make sure elections are fair? = it would mean Jailing everyone almost in that WHouse! They all along with Obamas’ & using their media friends & celebrities felt Biden would get the landslide = but using the Minorities and sucking up to them, too little too LATE = they ALL probably voted Red! Lol they’re NOT fools...Buden acts like he likes minorities yah to be hus cleaning /house help ONLY!!

    EnvironmentTruthWarriior TaylorEnvironmentTruthWarriior Taylor12 soat oldin
  • China is going to take California

    Claire MooreClaire Moore13 soat oldin
    • Mexicans

      RavSingh Rajput````RavSingh Rajput````11 soat oldin
  • It is not over till the fat lady sings

    john bennjohn benn14 soat oldin
  • Amazing views, thank you!

    American pharaohAmerican pharaoh18 soat oldin
  • You seem more American than many naturalized Americans.

    An-T MAn-T MKun oldin
  • 4th group. Know there was election fraud, totally trust in God even though we are not happy with the outcome.

    An-T MAn-T MKun oldin
  • Sorry bro. Trump was the only true byproduct of a corrupt system. Even if he got re-elected. Now that the system is back in control they won’t ever let 2016 happen again. Why do you think amnesty for 11million illegals on day 1 is a thing? Because it guarantees they keep control until the end of days. RIP America.

    KodimahKodimahKun oldin
  • I was with you until you said Trump gave us Biden. That is flat FALSE and the math proves it. (Not the vote count). Talking about every other input possible puts Trump in. Fact is the establishment just went full throttle with both middle fingers up to us and installed a man who should be in prison. Not Hillary corrupt but next level treason with more than enough evidence

    S_gonna_give It_to_yaS_gonna_give It_to_yaKun oldin
  • Man, I really needed to hear this. Thank you sir!

    Mike ThurmanMike ThurmanKun oldin
  • Trump didnt create a biden. Biden cheated massively. Unless you consider that the swamp annointed biden because of Trumps pro american policies. You do realize with the massive fraud you can't count on elections?

    IHateUTubeAdsIHateUTubeAdsKun oldin
  • A BIT OF REALITY! NO GOOD DOING RECOUNTS IF THE BALLOTS HAVE ALREADY BEEN SCAMMED! If the Voting Machines can't Check and Cross Reference the Signatures with the Addresses as being Legitimate, then you sure as hell can't expect the Visual Counters to be able to do it! Because! A Single Vote Ballot Scrutineer does NOT have a Memory good enough to notice that they may have seen that Signature or Address before or Cross Reference it! LET ALONE, if the Faked Signatures & Addresses Appear in front of Different Vote Scrutineers! As far as I am aware all the PRESENT Dominion Ballot checking Machines do is Check the BAR CODE! SO WHAT IS THE USE OF RECOUNTING FAKE BALLOTS????????????????????

    TheRealJukeboxTheRealJukeboxKun oldin

    TheRealJukeboxTheRealJukeboxKun oldin
  • I've had thoughts on leaving America but America needs us to stay & stand!🇺🇸

    Jude ChrzanowskiJude ChrzanowskiKun oldin
  • I sure hope this is true, but didn't he say that Iran fell overnight because people got naive, people got manipulated, people fell for a lot of different campaigns, devisive campaigns worked. He just described what is happening here now.

    Patricia LoneyPatricia LoneyKun oldin
    • @Patricia Loney absolutely happening here. I'm sure Patrick has a more intimate opinion considering Iran is his home land. Funny, if you go back to around say October and browse some international news sites such as you find articles about other countries saying this media frenzy and election fraud looks very familiar! What they mean is that its the exact same playbook the CIA used to rig elections. You get the media hype around your guy. Run nothing but election fraud propaganda leading up election day. Publish fake polls saying your guy is guaranteed landslide so that if ballot fraud comes up short you can immediately claim fraud yourself. Exact playbook all over south America with Venezuela being the most recent and pretty much what happen here. You know as well as every other sane person on the planet that if Trump won the left would be screaming that he stole it and would be rioting

      S_gonna_give It_to_yaS_gonna_give It_to_yaKun oldin
    • @S_gonna_give It_to_ya I wasn't saying that Iran fell for those reasons. I was asking. If Patrick believes that Iran fell because people were naive, manipulated, and they fell for a lot of different campaigns, and the divisive campaigns worked, then why couldn't it happen here? Because all of that has been happening here for several years now.

      Patricia LoneyPatricia LoneyKun oldin
    • People didnt get manipulated. The Iranian people were tired of being a US playground for elites with a CIA installed leader to control their oil. They were just waiting for the right populous leader to show up. Same as Cuba. Now granted Iran was far more advanced as a capitalist society in the 70s but who are we to tell Iran how to run their country?

      S_gonna_give It_to_yaS_gonna_give It_to_yaKun oldin
  • Were screwed

    javy stojavy stoKun oldin
  • i like that you are for trump i got into you and vlad for the last 2 months before that i didnt know who yall were but ive really got into journalism abd even started writing ive been inspired to do something other than turn wrenches even tho ive been doi g this for w7 yrs do you think writing a book is worth my time ?

    Angel GarzaAngel GarzaKun oldin
  • I was not a big Trump fan, but now recognize he's one of the best Presidents the US ever had. Besides his politics, he played a cultural role and brought to the light how crooked and evil political elites are. They'll do ANYTHING to stay in power, and billions of people still didn't realize how deep this shit goes.

    lvolpelvolpeKun oldin
  • Common sense

    Donna MitchellDonna MitchellKun oldin

    sl0re10sl0re10Kun oldin
  • The CCP shill hid in his basement all year and got 80 million votes ? ha ha 80 million ghost votes

    Julie MunozJulie MunozKun oldin
  • i hear what you are saying but a face to face convo will answer a lot of questions👍🏻

    robert carozzarobert carozza2 kun oldin
  • America will die because of people's apathy and complacency and trying to be reasonable when they are dealing with unreasonable people.

    josh24josh242 kun oldin
  • It is not Trump we can't stand. It is racism we cannot stand.

    mike marquezmike marquez2 kun oldin
  • Where are you

    Carlos AyalaCarlos Ayala2 kun oldin
  • Well said

    The BianconaterThe Bianconater2 kun oldin
  • We have slipped into comes totalitarianism if we let it.

    C JohnsonC Johnson2 kun oldin
  • We going to lose our freedom!!

    Yanet OsorioYanet Osorio2 kun oldin
  • Just subscribed. Love this channel. Didnt know they were making such hotties in Iran. Lol. Keep doing what you do🙂

    Relana AllenRelana Allen2 kun oldin
  • When american was desperate for white immigration they brought in white communist and this is what we now have to fight america being a worldwide communist destination this is not a racist post this is fact that's why macarthy had communist on the run but was shamed by the media look into the history they even helped us too make the atomic bomb and it's been war every since ...

    truth doctor @ wake up african peopletruth doctor @ wake up african people2 kun oldin
  • Great great man!. Such common sense, so knowledgeable and loves America!. Wish there was a million more like him.

    Phyllis CopelandPhyllis Copeland2 kun oldin
  • I really appreciate your ability to connect the dots and show your viewers how you think. You are a great leader and it shows that you love your country. You make me proud to be an American.

    amber robertsonamber robertson2 kun oldin
  • Thankyou

    cori oberhanslicori oberhansli3 kun oldin
  • Iran does suck.... MAGA!!

    Jon JohnsonJon Johnson3 kun oldin
  • Biden real demons very danger man, while pres Trump good heart

    cecilia climacocecilia climaco3 kun oldin
  • Well everybody couldn't have won what's your point

    Cathy HansenCathy Hansen3 kun oldin
  • They took the 2020. They will take the mid terms.

    Gisela MollerGisela Moller3 kun oldin

    NAPU2NAPU23 kun oldin
  • People don't understand a mixed economic model at all 🙆🙆 None of the democrats are talking about *abolishing* capitalism. Infact we do have socialism in the form of public schools and social security! Don't get brainwashed by what Fox news says. Not even Bernie is talking about Socialism like those in Venezuela which is communism.

    Anirudh ArunAnirudh Arun3 kun oldin
  • Problem is if the Communists are calling the shots.... really you'll be able to vote freely? It didnt happen in 2020 so.......

    Anne MuscholAnne Muschol3 kun oldin
  • Love your Delivery 😎

    IGIT rabtrailsIGIT rabtrails3 kun oldin
  • Don’t be a sheep

    Dean BranchDean Branch3 kun oldin
  • you look and sound italian to me :)

    Mr CmiMr Cmi3 kun oldin
  • I normally enjoys your interviews, BUT Offcourse it matters, it's not about change news stations to hear what you wanted to hear... ITS about the truth... you are pretty naive for a man thats doing your research... and so uninformed. There was actually no point to your view

    Nico SNico S3 kun oldin
  • A lot of truth to what you are saying . You haven't yet talked about how elections have consequences. Gun control, abortion, government-run Healthcare, piling on of national debt, social norms that have been around for thousands of years did have been changed in two decades. People feel they're being pushed too hard left too quickly and they don't like it and I hope they never will.

    Paul PughPaul Pugh3 kun oldin
  • best rational guy ever

    Sunt StrainSunt Strain3 kun oldin
  • OBVIOUSLY , you still don"t F...... GET IT! people who has no education, they'r poor and people who use the system to survive , will be the real victims , good look to you that has a lot a money and that spoke to "powerful people", " people with money", you forgot about them, your comment is just crab, thank you for for you stupid comment for those people that are less fortune

    thebusinessonlinethebusinessonline3 kun oldin
  • DemonRats are the new domestic terrorists taking over and ambushing the government without acknowledging all the 75 million American citizens who voted for Trump

    Betty ScuoteguazzaBetty Scuoteguazza3 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the words of encouragement! :)

    Keep IT RealKeep IT Real3 kun oldin
  • Hmmm...tRUMP is the cancer that killed the Republican Party. Lost the 2nd term, lost the house AND LOST THE SENATE!!! I know it is hard To accept the facts! You will get over it with time, so it’s ok to keep lying about there was voter fraud in millions! Enjoy!

    Chandana DeSilvaChandana DeSilva3 kun oldin
  • You look just as much if not more like an Italian , Greek or Spaniard as you do Middle eastern mate , were you wearing a burqa ?

    Ben GeppBen Gepp3 kun oldin
  • Praying for America 🙏🇺🇸

    Mary PriceMary Price3 kun oldin
  • 4.6k unrealistic, victims.👎🏻👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿 Pat! You sir, you are my favorite person on this dumpster fire they call UZworld. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    The OffenderThe Offender4 kun oldin
  • They will not loose the midterms they stole this election they will steal them all you are delusional

    George WilliamsGeorge Williams4 kun oldin
  • Wow this guy refuses to see it coming

    George WilliamsGeorge Williams4 kun oldin
  • It’s over we’re so close it’s over goodbye it’s over

    Angelena CrowderAngelena Crowder4 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry it’s over

    Angelena CrowderAngelena Crowder4 kun oldin
  • This video is not ageing well lol

    Leo PisaqLeo Pisaq4 kun oldin
  • In a practical and honest world, your point of view would be well taken. However, you can't ask those of us that saw what we saw not to believe what we saw - not with a straight face, anyway. Trump is NOT a "byproduct" of Obama. Obama fully intended for his legacy to live on vicariously through the evils of that woman. I'm not a "byproduct" of my sound belief in the 10 commandments, civil liberties, and our constitution - I merely abide by these principles.

    MarchonMarchon4 kun oldin
  • I wonder after l this evidence...if u still feel the same

    Clau C.Clau C.4 kun oldin
  • Biden said he had the cure for cancer and he also said the cure would be worse than the virus

    Laura LittleLaura Little4 kun oldin
  • I loved this message!

    TheDudeTheDude4 kun oldin
  • Me no speakey Chinese.

    Gary BrierleyGary Brierley4 kun oldin
  • Dude you are so wrong about Biden being the result of TRUMP.. Biden is the by-product of Democratic election fraud. PERIOD!

    Sean OliverSean Oliver4 kun oldin
  • Kobe scored 60 pts. Utah had 30 assists.

    Darren HenleyDarren Henley4 kun oldin
  • How are you supposed to get your life back when you are on lock down and can't work and face tremendous destruction of life values? They dangle a check in front of our faces knowing 600 dollars won't do anything for anyone. We have no control of that. We can't force places to open which means no jobs. No new jobs are being created. In some places all over the world people are threatened with jail, fines, felonies. This is all due to democratic rule. Power, ego, wealth, position. This is way bigger then Trump. This has been in motion for years and years. The "New world Order" One World. They(the deep state) has been play a very strategic game of chess, with the world as it pieces. Now with JOE "LIED"-n put into place they are setting up for checkmate. Connect the dots. The bigger picture is just waiting to be uncovered. I respect your words. Thank you for giving us a place to share ours with you also.

    GhostGhost4 kun oldin
  • He actually said on a film clip on Joe Biden he was going to win one way or another! Proof that their was cheating that was going to happen‼️

    Jan HoodJan Hood4 kun oldin
  • America is actually going through the 3rd world war. In a unprepared way of chemical human made virus and with that being able to control the uS election.

    Etoile LunaEtoile Luna4 kun oldin
  • Great input!🙏🇺🇸💞

    Sheilla VoltaireSheilla Voltaire4 kun oldin
  • Trump's presidency did not result in a Biden presidency, THEY STOLE IT, anyone has an ounce of intelligence can see how corrupt n hateful these people are.

    Kim GriffithsKim Griffiths4 kun oldin
  • One problem Biden then won by voter fraud

    king Cyrusking Cyrus4 kun oldin
  • They will never loose again.If they stole this election, they will steal the next as well.

    EleazarEleazar4 kun oldin
  • on a roll till the middle when he thinks the electon was ligit

    Dan BritDan Brit5 kun oldin
  • I wish it were that simple. We are talking socialism here . .being shoved down our throats. Not so easy to innovate and use your God given talents under socialism. We are confident in ourselves but self confidence and industriousness and determination dont do one much good under socialism or communism unless you are part of the elite. If they can still steal elections in 22 . .the midterms will just be a farce like this last election. Thats why people are so upset and why this simply cannot stand.

    Ken GlavensKen Glavens5 kun oldin
  • Capital hill looks very much like a prison to me now????????

    Sue OngSue Ong5 kun oldin
  • Is a joke to me.

    Sue OngSue Ong5 kun oldin
  • I fundamentally disagree with your victim shaming. Good for you for not being a victim, but not everyone feels like you!!!!!!! Some will feel victimized!!!!!! Good grief! People can feel differently! You’re getting arrogant. You even calling into doubt the election is despicable. Trump tried to overthrow an election, the most anti-American thing I know. Enough with let’s wait for Trump to say he concedes. He lost the election, end of fu*king story. What, you need Trump to admit the truth for you to accept it?!?! You really disappoint me. I am unsubscribing from your channel. Now I definitely agree that the government is way too big and our freedoms are being infringed on.

    Jeremy BrownJeremy Brown5 kun oldin
  • You’re a champ!

    Logan McCloskeyLogan McCloskey5 kun oldin
  • This gentleman is interesting , first time this has come up on my you tube account .

    Darren WilliamsDarren Williams5 kun oldin
  • I fully believe if you counted all the legal votes and there was a protocol in America for the voting system that President Trump won again but nobody wants to do the right thing they just want to see their pockets full

    David TurnerDavid Turner5 kun oldin
  • Mother Nature is your god

    David TurnerDavid Turner5 kun oldin
  • Circle jerk of life

    David TurnerDavid Turner5 kun oldin
  • You are forgetting how Biden supposedly won.Not by the majority of voters voting for him.Trump won by a landslide.But the (in your face)fraudulent election with all the complete corruption in our country,They got away with it.It is the end of our country as we know it.I will never recognize a fraudulent President.

    Joyce BroganJoyce Brogan5 kun oldin
  • Naw, the elections are fixed. All a lie. Fraudulent results

    Lance TranterLance Tranter5 kun oldin
  • Preach it bro....feel the same from another mother..

    Ryen MartinRyen Martin5 kun oldin
  • In the past the radicals could be voted out however 2020 was the last. Unless we go back to hand counting of votes the elections going forward will be a complete shame. Biden cheated. #factcheckthat

    S WilliamsonS Williamson5 kun oldin

  • Orrrr they’re ALL a biproduct of dominion. Newt Gingrich won the primary and two months later Clinton “won” I’m sorry but they’ve been stuffing the box. Look at the popular vote. Hilary was the first candidate to schedule fireworks. Cause she knew they cheated. I’m sorry but I disagree these people aren’t products of the person before they’re products of what the elites want. Period.

    Mayberry MomMayberry Mom6 kun oldin
  • You might not be taxed 100% but 70% hurts. The message of capitalism is the ONLY thing I care about. Number one for things to stay affordable but number 2 for all of us to prosper.

    Mayberry MomMayberry Mom6 kun oldin