Reaction to Kid Who Sold 200 PlayStations for $40K Profit In A Week

7-Dek, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David shares a story and lesson of a kid that bought 200 Playstations and a week later made $40,000. Subscribe for weekly videos
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  • こうさかこうさか5 kun oldin
  • Sooo only if I have 100,000 dollars to throw away then there is a place for me to make money in a shitty economy?? Okay thanks for the great advice let me go grab my 100,000 dollars out of my ass real quick and get started

    Brohan SchboginBrohan Schbogin10 kun oldin
  • acting like the kids story is inspirational

    jsojso12 kun oldin
  • The trick about the whole playstation thing is/was figuring out a way you could even purchase one in the first place let alone 221. I have no clue what he hacked or what he had to do to get the opportunity to purchase 221 playsations, because there were approximately 221 thousand nerds who would have sucked off someone a year before it's release just to be on the waiting list to purchase 1 of the goddamn things. I have a friend who's been trying to purchase one since well before it was released. Sure he could pay double or triple it's retail, to purchase one now, but he's holding out until he could purchase one at retail cost. I'm guessing all of these shortages are just one big scam, especially in the electronic/computer arena to sell their products for triple retail. Of course they pretend that they have no connection to the vendors that sell it for triple the retail... yeah right!

    Liberty RapsherLiberty Rapsher13 kun oldin
  • The more things you have & want The more you will pay for them. Once you grow up and have a little more experience in life you will understand that less is more.

    Chris BlackChris Black19 kun oldin
  • I bet the same people that bought those PS fives shop at convenience stores. Let’s pay $6.50 for A pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. If they were not so lazy they would go to a supermarket and pay $3.50. May not be the best comparison but I’m just being lazy ha ha Ha

    Chris BlackChris Black19 kun oldin
  • All of the people who bought the PS fives from this fella are Addicted to video games and need the newest and best product that comes out. They are never satisfied. Yes this person did take advantage of those people. He is just a little smarter and ambitious no matter how you look at it. One persons addictions are always exposed by another’s reward.

    Chris BlackChris Black19 kun oldin
  • This comment section is hilarious. Goes to show how many people don't know the simple concept of supply and demand

    RagnarRagnar19 kun oldin
  • Even if I could’ve afford to buy 10 of them I wasent getting any of them.that kid and many other people have messed up the game. Now we can’t even buy what we want even if we had the money cause this computer wizards get everything before we even click the item to buy

    JoJo tv said wat upJoJo tv said wat up19 kun oldin
  • Lmao promoting bigger sucker type business

    Dragos ManailoiuDragos Manailoiu25 kun oldin
  • Why are people mad at the kid? The pimple faced gamers and their addiction made the stupid decision to buy a console at that ridiculous price. I have no sympathy for lack of forethought.

    RamRam26 kun oldin
  • Coming up next, a burglar with a work ethic

    Jeff DoeJeff Doe28 kun oldin
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    Rodolfo VitangcolRodolfo Vitangcol28 kun oldin
  • I don't blame scalpers. I really blame people who are willing to pay the scalpers.

    Tony WongTony Wong29 kun oldin
  • For everyone who think that scalping is pure evil, please check this video for more information. You can change your mind after that.

    Toorek100Toorek100Oy oldin
  • Well, if a person has over 110 000 USD in personal savings at age 21, I think he may be making money by things other than selling playstations anyway. :D

    Psyche Pete's ChannelPsyche Pete's ChannelOy oldin
  • I cant afford 1 ps5, what now ?

    S KS KOy oldin
  • Promoting this behavior is not cool.

    Dija's Vid DumpDija's Vid DumpOy oldin
  • Everyone is being sold scalped goods every day of our lives. It's hypocritical to disregard scalpers(which also in this context are allowed to exist because of a price fixing scheme that sony and nvidia mastered) but at the same time be okay with paying 50-70% markup for even your FOOD, without batting an EYE. That's capitalism.

    Thunde YTThunde YTOy oldin
  • You should’ve done your research on this. These things sell out in seconds because ppl are using some crazy cpu bots. They order within a second.

    Sulaiman Shah - Finance VideosSulaiman Shah - Finance VideosOy oldin
  • Who gives af if he’s promoting someone scalping he’s still feeding us knowledge be grateful at the end of the day PlayStation 5 is going to be restocked

    Apple StewApple StewOy oldin
  • This is why fundamentally speaking capitalism is bad. Through the lens of capitalism this kid is doing nothing wrong and in fact is "hustlin" but morally what he is doing is wrong.

    BeanburritoBeanburritoOy oldin
  • Who has 110K + sitting around to scalp a high demand product?

    MurtasmaMurtasmaOy oldin
  • yeah ok there...the kid spent 100k to profit 40k btw.

    Monte CairnsMonte CairnsOy oldin
  • Scalping is not to be commended

    Ryan RoyceRyan RoyceOy oldin
  • You charge 20 to 30k an hour and or 500 for a question. Your the opposite of help.

    Gypsy OutlawGypsy OutlawOy oldin
  • Unsubscribed

    Chris ReadChris ReadOy oldin
  • Bro I can’t even buy 1 ps5 how the f-k did he buy 21 at once

    cholo carrillocholo carrilloOy oldin
  • does the parants have to claim this on their taxes?

    Fred LegendFred LegendOy oldin
  • FM Transmitter. Used that when I was a cable guy that drove a work van with no cd player.

    moneymike 82moneymike 82Oy oldin
  • My son wanted the PS5 & New Xbox so I made him do research & we got 5 of each with NO BOTS just grinding,searching, trial & error. We even had 2 orders cancelled. We flipped 8 system's turned a nice profit & he got both systems free & donted 10% of his profits to charity. I made him understand supply, demand, hard work & giving back. People just giving kids stuff are part of todays problems, teach these kids to grind!

    Lets Get ItLets Get ItOy oldin
  • Scalping with over $100k in inventory risk isn’t exactly a business that everyone could get into lol

    BBOy oldin
  • He's a scalper. They buy up big thus depleting the market of the already expensive items, making it impossible for people to buy at the real price of the item. This should be criminalised, it's wrong.

    H. S.H. S.Oy oldin
  • Scalping doesnt create any value. A lot of ppl thougth about that but its just not right.

    Georgi ShishkovGeorgi ShishkovOy oldin
  • Pat.... scalping isn't very halal

    Systems Realty TeamSystems Realty TeamOy oldin
  • As soon as I heard about these I attempted to purchase but couldn't find and frankly at my age and financial situation, I wasn't motivated to find a connection. Now you've got me thinking....

    Mark BidenMark BidenOy oldin
  • Who gives a shit about this story????

    Delete TheEliteDelete TheEliteOy oldin
  • Why legal?

    Addy DokesAddy DokesOy oldin
  • You know your country is fucked when business people are shilling price gouging other working class people as a career.

    Martin MortellMartin MortellOy oldin
  • Lots of people didn't get the message. All they complain about is scalping and missed the whole point of this video...thus why there will always be a 1% in this world.

    Will SurfWill SurfOy oldin
  • He sold $40K, he didn't make $40K. Also, he is the exception. No one else I knew could buy more than 10.

    whodidit99whodidit99Oy oldin
  • If this "genius kid" that sold 200 Playstations was my son ..he would be driving on his own time and expense every person he sold the playstation to. If it meant driving all around the country - so be it. He would have to return the made money and APOLOGISE for being GREEDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That would be a nice lesson for him and very expensive. My 16 years old son is building a gaming PC as I write this. He was trying to buy a Nvidia 3060 TI video card that came out recently - to no avail. Bots were buying all of them almost. He came to me and asked me to buy one on the Ebay. My answer ??? OVER MY DEAD BODY !!!!! Not even a penny more than the retail cost would go to a psychopath that makes money that way. EVER !!!!! I hope my son will learn a lessons that life presents him now with such a situation. He will learn how to be PATIENT, resourceful, creative and eventually will find what he is looking for - the NORMAL WAY.

    Andrew JakubczakAndrew JakubczakOy oldin
  • They shouldn't post things like this on personal sales like that kid did. Now that kid is going to be targeted by the government to make sure he pays taxes on that income that is so high.

    Janice KozakewichJanice KozakewichOy oldin
  • That’s a bad example 😂😂😂😂

    Yungin 1414Yungin 1414Oy oldin
  • kind-of resembles the US election, instead of getting a man that earned a billion we might get a man that stole a billion; both used capitalism (taking advantage of vulnerability)

    mydogREXmydogREXOy oldin
  • Love this vids

    Fabian GonzalezFabian GonzalezOy oldin
  • A micro scale example of Cornering the Market by taking away supply to increase demand. How did he float the up front costs? Maybe an adult with big credit? ... most likely

    Washington HoaxWashington HoaxOy oldin
  • Yea, he most likely used his parents money. 221 PS5's at $400 a piece is $88,400 and that's before tax

    An TranAn TranOy oldin
  • unsubscribed.

    Michael ClarkeMichael ClarkeOy oldin
  • Take a shot of water every time you read BOT in the chat 😳 prepare to be hydrated.

    Nicholas TalleyNicholas TalleyOy oldin
  • FM transmitters FTW

    RomaRomaOy oldin
  • So what if the kid used a bot? Get a bot yourself and go out and hustle...

    fortfortOy oldin
  • Had to dislike because of the example used. PlayStation 5 resales are not ethical, in my opinion.

    MiamiManiacMiamiManiacOy oldin
  • I get it the kid did a fucked up thing but yet he still managed to make money. Now I don't buy shit unless its from the retail store so I could care less what he did you gotta be dumb and desperate to buy a PS5 knowing you are overpaying and incentivizing people to continue scamming so why not be a grown up and wait until you can buy yours the proper way and if you cannot wait well than I guess you deserve to overpay for being a dumbass.

    WhoCares!!! 29WhoCares!!! 29Oy oldin
  • I get your point about hustling and all, but this is a bit different. I was trying to do this exact thing, and guys like this used bots and took them all. I get it, but it gets to the point where kids gotta pay double or triple the price now. The days of camping out in a line all night to get one is no more. I don’t think it’s right..

    Daniel GodlewskiDaniel GodlewskiOy oldin
  • No wonder other people were never able to buy them from BestBuy

    donald johnsondonald johnsonOy oldin
  • That's really good, he's smart but the people who accually bought that for that price........not too bright........waite it out!

    road runnerroad runnerOy oldin
  • Why would someone pay more for the ps5 on eBay when they can get it cheaper at regular stores???

    Nate PerezNate PerezOy oldin
  • I got this vid through your email marketing. awesome 😎

    Think no guessingThink no guessingOy oldin
  • Honestly, I don't know why you would promote such activity. There's different ways of making profit but this is probably the most unethical way of doing so. It's such a corrupt business, when all you care about is making money and not having a healthy relationship with clients. I know this is a short term problem but I wouldn't be applauding this person for his actions.

    Pablo AguilarPablo AguilarOy oldin
  • So you're promting scalpers, nice

    Danny ZukoDanny ZukoOy oldin
  • Who the fuk has enough to buy a play station. When ppl can't pay rent or food come on. Your out of touch.

    Deezo StrongDeezo StrongOy oldin
  • Scalping is bullshit & what's even worse is that people who have the money keep buying it at that escalated price so the scalpers just keep doing it. I hope they all get robbed. This channel might lose a bunch of subscribers after supporting such a thing, fingers crossed

    Tonya DTonya DOy oldin
  • This guy is a scalper, Pat. You’re so blinded by the pursuit of money, you praise anyone that comes across it no matter how low they had to stoop.

    Rob LaytonRob LaytonOy oldin
  • You guys have to stop agreeing to everything PBD says just bc hes rich and you want to be rich one day. Think critically for a sec

    OnnethoxOnnethoxOy oldin
  • Everyone knew it was gonna sell out and scalpers were coming...the scalper wasnt some 200iq person. He just a bad person adding 0 value.

    OnnethoxOnnethoxOy oldin
  • lol this aint it

    OnnethoxOnnethoxOy oldin
  • Everyone talking about price gouging is unethical on here is hilarious! Literally everything is price gouging if you think about it. You honestly think Walmart buys a product for $3 and then sells it to you for $3.05? It’s called roi dummy 🤦‍♂️

    Max DerinskiyMax DerinskiyOy oldin
  • If you're focusing on the bottom line, yeah he made money. He didn't add any value though, he's just a scalper. In the short term, he's successful. But that's not for me man, I couldn't be a scalper.

    Matt VMatt VOy oldin
  • fuck scalpers and fuck those suckers who get scammed by them.

    Don FantoDon FantoOy oldin
  • Top man!

    GayanGayanOy oldin
  • i get the message, theirs no way he got them fair and ethically. anyone who has ever worked electronic retail knows these are guarded like the gold that used to be in for knox. but instead of bashing the example absorb the message, maybe not PlayStations but find something you're pationate about and find a way to hustle it. playstation definitely took notes i dare this kid to attempt to do it again i guarantee they'll move it to in store only 1 playstation per customer lol.

    Steven H.Steven H.Oy oldin
  • patrick bet-david, for when a talk with Chamath

    FlluhsotFlluhsotOy oldin
  • Scum bag

    machinemachineOy oldin
  • Damn right. People are lazy. That's their only problem. Start your own business. Trust me. Don't make excuses. Do it now. Do what you love. Period. You can do anything. Trust me. Great advice as always buddy. 100% truth and no bs. Thank you 🙏

    Detroit 313 VlogsDetroit 313 VlogsOy oldin
  • scalpers.

    xvzi xvzixvzi xvziOy oldin
  • I cant find one he bought 200

    Maurice MartinMaurice MartinOy oldin
  • Facts 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    BadAppleNYCBadAppleNYCOy oldin
  • Does he know how hard it is to just but 1 ps5?

    qazzyqazzyOy oldin
  • This is called hoarding worse than hoarding n95 masks and mask . Cause of him I couldn’t get a ps5

    Aaron HoAaron HoOy oldin
  • I hate bottors

    #BuckeyeNation 16#BuckeyeNation 16Oy oldin
  • PS5 is not a product...its a global obsession

    Srinivasa VaradhanSrinivasa VaradhanOy oldin
  • "Hustlers are going to find millons of way to make money" Nothing but facts Pat. I literally made $5k this year of items in the trash. It is either make excuses or make money. Too many app and technology not create a product or provide a valuable skill. Still on my journey to a million. See you in Texas Pat.

    Coach HustleCoach HustleOy oldin
  • More respect 4 a drug dealer...

    Lex LooterLex LooterOy oldin
  • So rippin people off is capitalism... F t s..

    Lex LooterLex LooterOy oldin
  • After paying all the sales taxes and ebay fees I doubt he made 40k

    smokeyjayshousesmokeyjayshouseOy oldin
  • He used bots to buy up the ps5. And over sells them. People need to have patience cuz it’s not like the new consoles have game breaking game at launch which I’ll never understand. I’m waiting till April of next year

    oSo_KewL WIT_IToSo_KewL WIT_ITOy oldin
  • How did he use a bot ? I dont get it.

    Live LifeLive LifeOy oldin
  • Stupid companies selling these systems need to use captcha. Got to give it to him though. Had the right mind set. No matter what.

    MannyFreshMannyFreshOy oldin
  • America.... the land of milk and honey.... for those who work hard.

    GMo CazGMo CazOy oldin
  • He bought abiut 150 psx5 so he spent around 70k to make 40k. Great idea but it's not something everyone can do, is it?

    Fe BueFe BueOy oldin
  • it's too bad "making money" (national debt holdings) is an admirable achievement; selling a $5 thing for $20 resembles grocery; a very anti creator scheme...

    mydogREXmydogREXOy oldin
  • In fairness, 221 playstations at $499 a piece, assuming his final purchase cost was $520 as something pretty realistic after tax and shipping, that’d be $114,920 to buy 221 units. He may have made 40k, but dude definitely wasn’t struggling going into it.

    C FC FOy oldin
  • How does a kids have enough money to buy 221 ps5? Sounds kinda like his dad money

    Shiro SurferShiro SurferOy oldin
  • PLANDEMIC EXPOSED: What is a plandemic?...Dunno?...Please, watch this vid:

  • PBD is capitalizing off your comments. Not how you feel. Remember that.

    Nothin But MsNothin But MsOy oldin
  • The kid has made a profit, but his behaviour / action is unethical and immoral. Must have missed his Business Ethics lecture 😉☝️🧐

    Michael SolatraMichael SolatraOy oldin
  • I get your mindset. This being a luxury product i do. And I'm not investing in either side because personally didn't do any research. This sounds like a scalper not an entrepreneur.

    Luis ArceLuis ArceOy oldin
  • So he spent $100k and received $40k in one week? Losing a total of $60k in the process of trolling consumers purchase potential? Ummmm....

    MattMattOy oldin

    keosha pontookeosha pontooOy oldin