Reaction To Biden’s Economic Plan- $3.2 Trillion Cost To Workers

4-Sen, 2020
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The Patrick Bet-David Show Podcast Episode 8. In this clip Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick and Tom Zenner talk about Bidens proposed tax plan.
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  • Yeah they knew they were going to win and steal the election

    Joseph MulthaufJoseph Multhauf4 soat oldin
  • Taxes and gun confesgation. Cost. The King. The colonys

    Butch HathcoatButch Hathcoat6 soat oldin
  • I remember the joy of living during Carter and Obama. Carter... Put a sweater on and pay your double didgets home mortgage rate. Obama... Shut up your jobs aren't coming back.

    Dan GillDan Gill7 soat oldin
  • Cant run 3 trillion deficits and not think someone has to pay it back

    Brian MBrian M12 soat oldin
  • this makes me want to throw up. lets draw a line in the sand and go to war already.

    SoulSerratedSoulSerratedKun oldin
  • People who votes on left, have no ideia about economy. Its so sad. More money at politcs hands destroy every contries.

    Vinicius pimentel da silvaVinicius pimentel da silvaKun oldin
  • Biden's real, secret, egalitarian economic plan is explained in detail by George Gammon in this video...

    Savage HornpokeSavage HornpokeKun oldin
  • The democrats hate the middle class. They are expected to pay for everything and get nothing but grief

    Green PumpkinGreen PumpkinKun oldin
  • It’s not a revenue problem. IT’S A SPENDING PROBLEM. Who in their right mind thinks the government can ever quench it’s thirst for your money? We’ve taken a government formed to be the smallest and least intrusive in our lives to the complete opposite in a matter of 244 years. Just like Rome, we are falling from within. No foreign enemy. Pandering politicians promising free goodies for votes. The math is impossible. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

    mannyvelomannyvelo2 kun oldin
  • Blah blah blah.....every person says the same thing about how bad democrats economic policies are, but it always turns out to have the best economy under them

    Wiktor JachyraWiktor Jachyra2 kun oldin
  • U guys think 39% tax is bad? lol...come to canada 😂😂😂

    Mustafa HassanMustafa Hassan2 kun oldin
  • These comments will age like fine whine

    OhhellNOOhhellNO2 kun oldin
  • libtard economics

    Jack MurJack Mur3 kun oldin
  • So,ck it too,I'm there ure ackers

    Michael CallumMichael Callum3 kun oldin
  • Taxes will sky 🚀

    Martenson LeeMartenson Lee4 kun oldin
  • Just to inform you that in the Netherlands,.country with 17 million, it was calculated that till 2035 the eco-green-hysteria transition will cost 1000 billion Euro. Just think about this and extrapolate it for the US. Question is who ia going to pay this insanity? Quess what. You, the reader and your children and your grandchildren!

    zeepietzeepiet4 kun oldin
  • When will these idiot Democrats ever learn that raising corporate tax rates ALWAYS effects the middle class? 🤦‍♂️ Corporations don’t pay more tax, the cost gets passed on to the consumer ALWAYS!! Low taxes helps everyone, and increases revenue to the federal government. 🤦‍♂️

    Ralph PorcelliRalph Porcelli4 kun oldin
  • What I got out his tax plan is that under $400 shouldn't be effected much. Over $400K taxable will get screwed and over $1M will get royally screwed. The problem with this is that the 1%ers will find a way around this and he seems to be putting all his eggs in this basket. Add the $15 minimum wage and how that will affect unemployment, cost of goods and consumer spending, I would bet money that Biden sees a net reduction in tax revenues.

    Richard CarlisleRichard Carlisle5 kun oldin
  • We definitely need to get rid of bailing out single mothers. Quit rewarding bad behavior. Now hes gonna give them more... dispicable. Plus it don't matter the percentages of corporate gains and corporate taxes when there are loopholes that essentially make them pay nothing. The tax code could say 100% and they could GET MONEY because of all the loopholes.

    James SeekerJames Seeker5 kun oldin
  • The rich..,,,like these guys are sweating it

    MLEPOS1MLEPOS15 kun oldin
  • Wealthy people they'll move their money and good for them. Biden won't get his hands on it. The middle class and poor will pay. Politians will get richer.

    kevin tinsleyperskevin tinsleypers6 kun oldin
  • Middle class will lose jobs .... wait n watch

  • Biden didn’t need our vote to win he said it himself. All them lies they got caught up in while the election was going on.🧘🏾‍♀️ Too early. So now we think they are going to tell the truth while they are in office 🤸🏾‍♀️ If they said I voted for him Fraud vote.

    lady lovelady love6 kun oldin
  • if you are a Democrat you vote for yourself, if you are a Republican you vote for the country

    Andre FecteauAndre Fecteau7 kun oldin
  • holy COW tax, that is like shitload of "icecream" for pelosi -yey

    Bob LazroBob Lazro8 kun oldin
  • These tax plans do affect everyone thou. Cuz the corporation’s are just gonna raise price of service or product to make up for loss. Higher taxes don’t work.

    M.A.R.C.O.M.A.R.C.O.10 kun oldin
  • It’s Rigged anyways if you idiots think your vote counted your Loss

    Tyler GeorgeTyler George10 kun oldin
  • Biden is going to screw American people

    Geraldine EdgecumbeGeraldine Edgecumbe11 kun oldin
  • Unless you are in my house then it's 20,000. Sucks.

    Lori HunsakerLori Hunsaker11 kun oldin
  • I’m the “average American” the way I see it. If my boss doesn’t make money, I don’t have a job. The problem isn’t how much money that needs seized from our wallets. It’s the irresponsible spending from these bought out politicians.

    The FixerThe Fixer11 kun oldin
  • A mans going into office who flat out said he was going to raise our taxes.

    Johannthedog vlogs and more!Johannthedog vlogs and more!13 kun oldin
  • The flawed logic is this. This only affects rich people... Hilarious. When corps get taxed more they spend less and costcut more that means less people employed that means less spending which leads to their suppliers hiring less which basically means a general slowdown in the economy and eventual recession. This is proven economically time and time again and is the exact reason why taxes were cut from 90 percent so long ago. When there is less incentive to work hard companies will do just that. Also another flaw is that the ASSUMPTION is that it will raise 3.2 trillion but that's only if everything remains the same ie. spending remains the same, hiring remains the same which it obviously won't. This is a silly assumption and is a trick people use to manipulate numbers and stats. I will be worth millions assuming nothing bad ever happens ever. Really? If I dramatically raise taxes everyone will act the same forever...REALLY?

    Dom JohnsonDom Johnson13 kun oldin
  • The government you elect is the government you deserve 👏. The rich voted for this POS.

    American families firstAmerican families first16 kun oldin
  • What this guy convientely leaves out is the fact that the capital gains tax rate only goes up for people making OVER $1 MILLION a year. That means the fat cats who don't work and have millions in the stock market dont get to keep making their millions and paying only 20% on it while the rest of who go to work everyday pay a higher rate on our income.

    Joe DevitoJoe Devito16 kun oldin
  • Let me break it down / your first 4 months of wages earned a year goes to taxes / furious yet ??

    Miguel VazquezMiguel Vazquez16 kun oldin
  • The billionaires supported Biden. Now he'll turn on them. That's what democrats do.

    Rick PiconeRick Picone17 kun oldin
  • For all those who think raising taxes is a good idea here’s how it will backfire badly. If the rich have to pay more and they are making the same amount before the tax raise. They are just going to let employees go and say listen I can pay both employees and more taxes. So I got to worry about my family so I’ll fire my employees I don’t really need. So instead of creating more jobs millions of people will lose their Jobs very quickly. Now if you raise taxes to much rich people will just stop working and live off what they have. There’s no incentive to make money if it’s all going to be taken away by people who know nothing about business. And if the rich stop working and close the company the economy literally shuts down and we have another recession.

    marc Smarc S17 kun oldin
  • The tax plan is the most ridiculous thing, with this rampant situation going on. any tax intend will make an irreparable mark on the progress. These leaders are becoming useless for the public, to them is their agendas that counts, and (f) with everyone else who dislis it.

    mongo reveramongo revera17 kun oldin
  • adam and tom are confused

    james samuelsjames samuels17 kun oldin
  • Bidens tax plan will cause rich people to leave the country. Seriously, what is their incentive to stay here. France tried this. Not sure if you remember the yellow vest protests over the summer. So, that being said. Guess who pays the taxes. Trump is more credible than any democrat. Raising the corporate tax will also cause more companies to leave the country as well

    James MccarthyJames Mccarthy17 kun oldin
  • If you dont like high taxes, dont vote democrat

    James MccarthyJames Mccarthy17 kun oldin
  • Biden Lost big time

    Theo JobseTheo Jobse18 kun oldin
  • The entrepreneurs do not double any investments, they keep evading tax and shipping their businesses abroad. Very soon America will crash.

    phiana maseros limitedphiana maseros limited18 kun oldin
  • American rich do not think of the huge debt the USA owes. Pay tax the rich to pay off your debts.

    phiana maseros limitedphiana maseros limited18 kun oldin
  • Im nervous being a business student graduating hoping that the analyst jobs will not be diminished due to Bidens taxes

    Johnny Broussard IIJohnny Broussard II18 kun oldin
  • Golden Sachs is dirty!!

    confusedwhynotconfusedwhynot19 kun oldin
  • In Congress, July 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. I'm still waiting to see the first governor to send this to Joe Biden & Kamala Harris💔 Red state exit. Defund the Democrat party! #Texit #Redstateexit. America is trending towards socialism. Red states need to divorce blue states; If not then Red states will be dragged along for the ride towards socialism. Let's restore the freedoms that America has lost. And end censorship! #Redstateexit #RedStateProject #Texit 💔

    Finger FoodFinger Food19 kun oldin
  • In Congress, July 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. I'm still waiting to see the first governor to send this to Joe Biden & Kamala Harris💔 Red state exit. Defund the Democrat party! #Texit #Redstateexit. America is trending towards socialism. Red states need to divorce blue states; If not then Red states will be dragged along for the ride towards socialism. Let's restore the freedoms that America has lost. And end censorship! #Redstateexit #RedStateProject #Texit 💔

    Finger FoodFinger Food19 kun oldin
  • In Congress, July 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. I'm still waiting to see the first governor to send this to Joe Biden & Kamala Harris💔 Red state exit. Defund the Democrat party! #Texit #Redstateexit. America is trending towards socialism. Red states need to divorce blue states; If not then Red states will be dragged along for the ride towards socialism. Let's restore the freedoms that America has lost. And end censorship! #Redstateexit #RedStateProject #Texit 💔

    Finger FoodFinger Food19 kun oldin
  • The dumbasses of America just f-ed my life, I was literally just about to finish college and commit to a job that pays good and now that’s gonna be gone

    Ivan MartinezIvan Martinez19 kun oldin
  • When govt want money they print it. When workers want money they pay taxes.

    RobRob20 kun oldin
  • This will send American 🇺🇸 job abroad.

    Agbe DuseAgbe Duse20 kun oldin
  • Meaning Socialism CCP ! Don’t let Biden take the White House . Legislators, we will lose our Country to Communist China if you let him become POTUS.

    Jeanette HollabaughJeanette Hollabaugh21 kun oldin
  • Oooooo Biden is gonna screw you guys so hard !!! But you asked for it

    Sundjer BobSundjer Bob22 kun oldin
  • I love paying twice as much taxes for other countries, and most likely that money is going to politicians overseas accounts.

    -[REDACTED]--[REDACTED]-22 kun oldin
  • The “rich peoples” get taxed but they calculate this on they’re products the $60.000 a year have to buy! Is he CRAZY??? Better slim down government so they don’t need so much money!!! You better pay the roadworkers instead of double money for the political “organisers”!!!! I can tell: put a road here and they just start! Can do it for 50 dollars!

    Heinz HekoHeinz Heko22 kun oldin
  • We will have to refuse him .. Boycot him !!!

    JC AJC A22 kun oldin
  • Will joe be taking his 10% ????????

    D C CarterD C Carter22 kun oldin
  • Obama s tax plan

    R WrightR Wright23 kun oldin
  • We are going to war with China so we can delete the majority of our debt and reclaim our land and properties from the CCP.

    Todd BertramTodd Bertram23 kun oldin

    dennis coatesdennis coates24 kun oldin
  • What country is going to

    Kim GibsonKim Gibson24 kun oldin
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    Rodolfo VitangcolRodolfo Vitangcol24 kun oldin
  • You wanted everyone to vote for him. Don't be mad. Its what you wanted

    not effectednot effected25 kun oldin
  • As mr. T would say I pity the fool who voted for Biden

    east Texas boyeast Texas boy27 kun oldin
  • Higher taxes..then why in the hell are they sending out billions to other countries when we taxpayers are being screwed??!!

    Maryle HicksMaryle Hicks27 kun oldin
  • You want to know where the money will go? Pay down the debt, highway projects? Hahaha. Ok, the microphone guy just answered it and also they will give it to their cronies.

    Divine MercyDivine Mercy28 kun oldin
  • Hold for 4 years. Hopefully after 4 years of financial pain a new president will take office and repeal the crazy tax rates. Wishful thinking, I know...

    J MJ M28 kun oldin
  • Only thing different between Biden and an armed robber, is the armed robber carries a weapon and wears a mask. Although sometimes Biden does wear a mask.

    Steve MachainSteve Machain28 kun oldin
  • So you prefer amazon pay nothing then?

    Clarence DClarence D29 kun oldin
  • 63,000 ppl I know only making like 30-40 thousand a year wtf rich ppl need to pay more than what they do

    Paul MossPaul Moss29 kun oldin
  • All the smart people who voted for Biden where are you now

    David HewittDavid Hewitt29 kun oldin
  • Big Tech and Wall Street bought Obidens fraud election. And these moneychangers are complaining? lol

    Teresa ButlerTeresa ButlerOy oldin
  • I find it funny how the Democrat Politicians have convicted the Democrat voter that high taxes and high unemployment is a good thing! You truly need to be a special kinda stupid to vote for a Democrat!!!!!

    MrScott3060MrScott3060Oy oldin
  • The only people paying taxes are the working class

    Luke BellLuke BellOy oldin
  • We all know the economy is going to take a dump when Biden takes over. Say what you want about Trump he had a good run with the economy until covid hit. It might be better to not even have a job when Biden the socialist takes over.

    miduv82miduv82Oy oldin
  • What alot of people dont understand what affects the rich will trickle down to the the middle class and to the poor , always remember shit rolls down hill. The only one's it doesn't hurt are the politicians that are taxing everyone

    Jon AlarconJon AlarconOy oldin
  • I hope people who didn't educate themselves on what's going to happen to their money are happy.

    str84ward astr84ward aOy oldin
  • Why can't capital gains be progressive and income be flat?

    Chase NunChase NunOy oldin

    Tou ChaTou ChaOy oldin
  • Why is Adam struggling to understand simple statements?

    provishkyprovishkyOy oldin
  • Business will go back overseas again.

    CharlesCharlesOy oldin
  • What will happen is civil war i believe

    Terry MaddasionTerry MaddasionOy oldin
  • And?

    andy vacaandy vacaOy oldin
  • Goldman goods people? Hahaha wake up! Pat!

  • The problem is that the $3 Trillion currently in the private sector isn't benefiting the lower income earners. The government is promising to take that $3 Trillion to pay for free stuff for the lower earners. Personally I feel that people need to be held accountable for their actions. People who continue to make piss poor choices suffer bad consequences. Wealthy people don't owe anything to people that make bad choices or to people that are too lazy to work for their lively-hood. Biden's tax plans are only going to open the flood gates for corporations to leave the U.S. to countries with lower rates. If Biden keeps pushing, those wealthy people will physically move to less expensive countries. All of this will continue until the unemployment rate hits an all-time high and then what will Biden do outside of blaming Trump. I hope for the next four years, that every time Biden or the Democrats screw the people, that Trump pays for 50 commercials to be aired in every state... just pointing at the camera and laughing with a small caption 'you voted for this'.

    Shawn ClementShawn ClementOy oldin
  • The same people who voted biden are the same people who majored in gender studies and marxism if they even went to college and are rioting in the streets throwing molatovs into business knocking out people they disagree with... in the name of peace...

    aj12aj12Oy oldin
  • 4 things to put this discussion into perspective. 1. Median personal income is $65K, mean income is 35K in the US. 2. Medicare and Medicaid, SS are not liabilities . We pay into them, therefore they are social investments . Is your 401K a liability. I think not. 3. You mentioned taxes going to programs that you do not like , and get distributed to programs that you think are not popular or valuable . In the last 20 years there has been trillions of dollars distributed to programs that bail out banks, big businesses, etc. Most Americans do not like these redistributive policies . 4. That man, in the photo behind you, MLK. Before he died he was promoting policies antithetical to what you are talking about . Is this a propaganda stunt , or gaslighting , or do you think his message had value ? It reminds me of hearing Glenn Beck talk about MLK. Wrapping himself up in his glory , but not really worthy of it.

    pepernstpepernstOy oldin
  • Biden's plan is for the benefit of foreign competitive nations, especially so-called 'allies' like Canada, like Germany, France, and the EU, and of course China. If the US corporate rate increases, they benefit as they can keep their rates low, much lower than US which is what it was when Trump passed the tax reform which was a change after 30 years or so, thus the Biden tax structure is merely a re-alignment to the prior tax regime we see before the Republicans and Trump tax bill. It will HARM the US, harm American citizens and families, and especially business. It is good for certain US corporations though, and key investors, people like Mark Cuban who love stuff like that, and let's just say it now as you seem to love Golden Sacks. Realize as a Company they are deeply connected to this type of change and investors like Mark Cuban. The very people you seem to love as they 'do right by you' are the very people doing this type of harm. Much like You Tube loves saying these large media corporate owned news are 'trusted authoritative sources' where they can literally say things others will be penalized, demonetized, terminated, de-platformed for. Putting trust in such interests, is a recipe for disaster.

    Harry StylesHarry StylesOy oldin
  • Adam is a little girl

    Noah TorresNoah TorresOy oldin
  • The guy in the green jacket is quite annoying and never seems to add anything of substance to the conversation.

    isolationeitherorisolationeitherorOy oldin
  • Fuckin Old man

    Kent McjoKent McjoOy oldin
  • I bet half the people voted Biden because the media told them that "orange man bad"

    David KonevkyDavid KonevkyOy oldin
  • Goldman Sachs’ disastrous financial engineering nearly bankrupted the economy and put millions out of business!

    Matteo MancinoMatteo MancinoOy oldin
  • I would be a centralist, I am not allowed to vote! And I do not see any centralist! So I would be screwed anyways! It just seems to me that the rich would want to pay a little more so that america could fix all of the problems that the infrastructure has suffered! Some president could not just change taxes for the rich to pay more because they would be killed immediately from the powers that be! Until the elite diagnose every country as a whole and want to change for the better, there is nothing 99percent can not change. At least it would of been nice for me to become successful so I could of fed the malnutrition and starving children and adults so the prayer I placed as a very young child would of been fulfilled! But I am 50 years old and these 7 false charges have put me back 2 years and counting because I am being charged with a 2 to 10 for a charge because they were making me walk home from Victoria county jail in Texas and told them now when I pass out on the street somewhere you can charge me with public intox and bring me back to jail! And they tackled me for no reason and now I am being charged with retaliation on a police officer! And they tortured me for about 4 to 5 hours with a mask over my face and had me strapped in like a cone shape design as I was screaming with agonizing pain beyond belief and than they told me in jail they were going to take me back home where they originally took me to jail for a rape case I did not do and kept me in the garage for 3 hours and than did the bs tackling me! I am so tired of this dishonest system that has plagued me over and over. They had a felony on my record for over like 12 to 14 years and I was wondering why at the last minute some of these great jobs would not hire me at very last minute! Well than I found a dude that was a politician and he had it removed from my record with a sealed stamp from the state of Michigan! They had me on 20/20 or it might of been 60 minutes after eminem was on tv for the pistol whipping case he had and than after me it was 3 highschool football players who supposedly raped some female! How was I on national TV when I did not have any felonies and the case they had me on there I was charged with a misdemeanor! Very disturbing court life I have had to deal with due to the fact they even lied about things to add to the declination of character. 1 time I was stopping my 2 friends from fighting at oasis truck stop in heartland michigan and a truck pulled up with its high beams on and I chased the truck away because my friend had a baseball bat and was going to harm the truck and the guy inside if I wouldn't of stepped in. Than state police arrived and had us up against the car and I told them that you can't charge me with anything I haven't done shit! They charged me with assault and battery which the prosecutor of livingston county michigan would not let me go to trial by jury which I thought was a right but no it isn't a right apparently because I say there for over 4 hours trying to exercise my right to a fair trial and was denied, that later haunted me figure of speech because I was not allowed in nursing school at highland lakes in oakland county community college which has the best nursing school! Than I had to plea guilty for a retaliation on a police officer here in Victoria when I was 40 some years old and it did not fit criteria of charge especially when I never harmed anyone but I was highly drunk and said I did not want that officer around me and I did not care if the strapped me down to their bambam chair which they did and than later told me I set the new record of being tortured in the chair these people are very morbid Ithat same officer had the cuffs on me so tight I was in pain tryin to have him loosen the cuffs he had taken me to jail on a public intoxication and when I wanted to see video of everything that had taken place they did not show the first police car I was placed in and they switched me out to another police car which now the cuffs were not torturing me I did not want to sit in jail for how ever long it would of taken for a trial so I had taken the 4 years probation for my first ever felony charge! They have tortured me 3 times in port lavaca county jail and 3 times in Victoria and once in yuma and almost killed me in oakland county michigan which I won the trial and was denied at the ACLU building in Detroit, Mi for filing a complaint to start my lawsuit against the county and state the People that worked at the ACLU said I was the wrong color and laughed about it, I had a NDE out of body experience had like all kinds of life images flicker like a book thousands of images like a life review and even hovered over a gas station like 500 to a thousand feet and could hear and see everything that had taken place which I still have witnesses that are still alive today that were at the gas station and I knew everything that had taken place there at the mobile gas station on hickory ridge and m59 matter of fact a student from the same high school I attended and graduated in 1988 milford high milford michigan here on Earth! His parents own the Business! Everytime I have attempted to get an attorney for all of the fraud, declination of character and etc... They re highly interested and than do not here from them again the last one I called was al sharpton left message but noone returned the call I tried to call geoffrey Geiger but they do not do it because I am in Texas! I would never become a millionaire here in the states first I would have my record esponged and I would go to supreme court for my sovereignty and I would take the mountain man's family with me for his sovereignty also! I would have my record cleaned and first of all would file for bankruptcy even though I probably only owe 20 to 30 thousand in hospital and everytime they sent me to loony bin for no apparent reason! So hopefully The Mr. Honorable President Biden has the benevolent economic plan to become a beautiful planet! I got way off track there and did not watch the video because all we hear is change change change! I don't believe it will ever happen until the people place a blue collar and back him or her and make it happen and do not step foot in the Whitehouse and use your own bodyguards which you might want to use your veterans you know bikers etc... Peace and hopefully 1 day the world can achieve greatness here on this beautiful planet!!!

    Dean RowlandDean RowlandOy oldin
  • Loop holes, no one paid 90%, so the got rid of it.

    Kurt CunninghamKurt CunninghamOy oldin
  • 3.2 T is way inaccurate. All of history shows that when tax % is raised fewer taxes are paid. The rich will shelter their money.

    Gabriel SchneiderGabriel SchneiderOy oldin
  • Myron Helton It seems comments haven’t been posted. I hope you don't oppose the betterment principles of equity in this country. Not to mention the unequal distributions of wealth in our modern class system. The middle class is gradually shrinking - the stock markets are rising yet every day Americans are getting poorer. Ultimately progressivism is how society improves A statistic from the PEW research center states that “[v]oters with some postgraduate experience, in addition to a four-year college degree, are especially likely to associate with the Democratic Party. About six-in-ten with postgraduate experience (61%) identify with or lean toward the Democratic party. While just 33% associate with the republican party. Along with 57% of college degree voters identify or lean toward the democratic party. Suffice to say “[r]epublicans hold a slight 48%-44% of leaning voters who either have no more than a high school diploma, or some years in college but no four-year degree. “The Democratic Party’s advantage with more highly educated voters has grown over the past decade and is wider than it was in both 2016 and 2012.” SO my friend, your anecdotal that Democrats and leftists are idiots conflicts with the data presented. So where do you find yourself in the statistics? Sheeple are those that are ignorant and complicit. We find ourselves in difficult times because of Trump not taking this pandemic seriously. I truly hope your saving grace is that you agree that our economy needs to be improved and that our societal demagogues need to have their current level of power/influence challenged. Bless your soul : ) Pew Research Center. (2020, August 6). 1. Democratic edge in party identification narrows slightly. Pew Research Center - U.S. Politics & Policy.

    Andre ArteagaAndre ArteagaOy oldin
  • A bunch of shills. Corporate junkies, addicted to corporate welfare.

    Yor YayYor YayOy oldin
  • Joe who we taxing? Let’s tax the thing. You know the thing.

    Nick Smith-ChandlerNick Smith-ChandlerOy oldin