1-Okt, 2020
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  • 2:11 when you're so hyped for steve you go super saiyan

    TLTL6 soat oldin
  • Beating 5020 mode in ultimate custom night be like: 2:04

    lennylenny17 soat oldin
  • It’s a timeline of doom and pleasure

    Love x DeathLove x DeathKun oldin
  • 2:04 when people don't know that a betty boop movie was announced back in 2014

    James PfrommerJames Pfrommer2 kun oldin
  • you´re a cucu crazy

    diego valenciadiego valencia2 kun oldin
  • Everyone in 2018: WE WANT STEVE FOR SMASH! Nintendo in 2018: what was that? Everyone after the release of Minecraft 1.16: WE WANT 1.17!! Minecraft: did u hear that? 2020 Nintendo and Minecraft: Have 1.17, and Steve in smash. So they did listen to fans.

    Win Server 2008Win Server 20082 kun oldin
  • Steve:* mines blocks* / Mario: 0_0 .../ Steve: hi guys

    Xavier GarciaXavier Garcia3 kun oldin
  • my ears: did

    طارق وليدطارق وليد3 kun oldin
  • on one of your videos didnt you put steve on in front the camera and waluigi didnt focus

    Bryan SebastianBryan Sebastian3 kun oldin
  • Finally 2020 got better

    GalihGalih3 kun oldin
  • I want Ben 10 in smash

    EMPcreativeproductions17 PEMPcreativeproductions17 P4 kun oldin
  • Mincraft: HAHA TAKE THAT TRASH. Fornite and roblox: 😢

    big wolf gamer_UwUbig wolf gamer_UwU4 kun oldin
  • Was just waiting for dan

    Mr. Take your SheepMr. Take your Sheep4 kun oldin

    Ian WallsIan Walls4 kun oldin
  • Wait what a bout roblox

    Mohammad AhadMohammad Ahad4 kun oldin
  • Waluigi: w h y .

    Gerios _YTGerios _YT5 kun oldin
  • fun fact Mr. Sakurai made a video when he played minecraft than creeper killed him he said: And thats why i will never put Steve in Smash

    Itz_Not _ MeItz_Not _ Me5 kun oldin

    Arcelia PerezArcelia Perez5 kun oldin
  • What's next? Among us?

    123_Lem0nZ123_Lem0nZ5 kun oldin
  • *me to Kevin me to* - Hobo Bros 2020

    Joseph PereaJoseph Perea5 kun oldin

    Karen RojasKaren Rojas5 kun oldin
  • When Minecraft gets the 1.17 update

    ELL1S MISS10NNELL1S MISS10NN5 kun oldin
  • Among us is probably next lol

    FlimsyNoodlesFlimsyNoodles5 kun oldin
  • Nice

    TraXel vanillaTraXel vanilla6 kun oldin
  • It's Steve omg and Alex😦

    Patrick pcPatrick pc6 kun oldin
  • The meme potential is infinite

    No NameNo Name6 kun oldin
  • I bet someone will make when the zombie part when the door breaks then sans is just gonna be standing outside

    Calvin HerCalvin Her6 kun oldin
  • I legit got the goosebumps HOLYYYY

    Samuel ParkSamuel Park6 kun oldin
  • i cant believe how hard they popped off at a skeleton walking

    Literalicity.Literalicity.7 kun oldin
  • Stinky Steve: A Minecraft Mishap

    Jack The Inverted Blood Crying CassowarryJack The Inverted Blood Crying Cassowarry7 kun oldin
  • 1:45 *Steve IN Minecraft.* Not *Steve IN SMASH*

    Jaasonn18Jaasonn187 kun oldin
  • Anyone like the fact that the HOBO BROS are the creators of SMG4?

    Kaeo BolingKaeo Boling7 kun oldin
  • The final character in smash will be Waluigi watch

    MikeTheAlphaBoyMikeTheAlphaBoy7 kun oldin
  • Somebody: the games make you violent Also the games 2:04

    SanesSanes7 kun oldin
  • I hope you all know what this means for our lonely purple boy

    Justin MitchellJustin Mitchell8 kun oldin
  • I think the next dlc character is freddy fazbear

    mr lochtendomr lochtendo8 kun oldin
  • 2020 is gaming year thats why we are in this state.

    QaeZafri 1322QaeZafri 13228 kun oldin
  • We need roblox in smash

    Eyad HamedEyad Hamed9 kun oldin
  • The Reason Why Waluigi Did'nt Make It In Smash 1. Joker Stole His Invitation 2. Piranaha Plant Just Got His Invitation Accidently 3. Koozie Stoled It 4.Byleth Just Destroy Waluigi So He/She Gets The Invitation 5.Min Min Just Grabbed Waluigi Invitation using Her "Arms" (Get it?) 6. Steve Just Throw Waluigi to The Boomhouse And Gets The Invitation

    GachazGamer OnlineGachazGamer Online9 kun oldin
  • Hold on,lemme quote some of those smash fans: “HoW DarE U aDd miNEcrAfT sTEve InTO smASh?AftERaLl,ItS A FucKIng ChIlDRen’s GamE” People who plays minecraft: **intense commands block and buildings and texturepack intensifies**

    len serslen sers9 kun oldin
  • 1:Im bored.

    bing and asda ukbing and asda uk10 kun oldin
  • Xd 2:03 xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd 2:11

    Gero_onlineBG SegundoGero_onlineBG Segundo10 kun oldin
  • Nintedo: i hate minecraft but i just added minecraft steve in smash bros Mojang the creator of minecarft: nice lol

    carl nigel torrescarl nigel torres10 kun oldin
  • Skeleton: *sounding* Luke and kevin: *EARAPPE*

    Derek Frost WestbrookDerek Frost Westbrook10 kun oldin
  • ...

    toby 0207toby 020710 kun oldin
  • The way steve was announced to smash felt so similar to the way he was announced to smg4; mario falls into the minecraft world somehow.

    DuckwayDuckway10 kun oldin
  • Me: *looks behind the hoomans Also me: H E L L O M E G G Y

    Lionel Christian Wijaya 1205051Lionel Christian Wijaya 120505110 kun oldin
  • Noooo you Transformed meggie into A frickin waifu

    Beterraba Vitamina BBeterraba Vitamina B11 kun oldin
  • If waluigi is in smash the title will be the wahnderfuk update

    KJLuis21KJLuis2111 kun oldin

    silver the hedgehogsilver the hedgehog11 kun oldin
  • Oops not us I meant use sorry

    Lefty The BearLefty The Bear11 kun oldin
  • They have a better reaction on Steve than on sans on smash also nobody is going to us sans anymore Steve:Move over sans Steve’s in house. Sans:Oh no

    Lefty The BearLefty The Bear11 kun oldin
  • no one noticed the smash ultimate song they predict steve

    M's BM's B11 kun oldin
  • Every youtuber that react to Steve: *scream when 1 block was destroyed*

    Happy MangoHappy Mango11 kun oldin
  • does anyone not know alex has hit the chicken

    Rylan taRylan ta11 kun oldin
  • They should have made popularmmos a a skin for Steve

    Pomik 161Pomik 16111 kun oldin
  • Recreate Steve’s victory pose lol

    AidenRocks 51AidenRocks 5111 kun oldin
  • 1:44 luke he is already in Minecraft

    Gaming life Dad switch accountGaming life Dad switch account11 kun oldin
  • *steve entered in the chat*

    ped pedisped pedis12 kun oldin
  • how the both of them spazed out amuses me

    Joaquin VanzziniJoaquin Vanzzini12 kun oldin
  • Minecraft update 2021 Steve 4 ssbu

    amazing stodio 9123amazing stodio 912312 kun oldin
  • 2020 is bad 2020: Terraria 1.4.1 for PC, 1.4 for mobile, Minecraft cave update, Steve in smash, Rambo in MK11. BRUH

    A personA person12 kun oldin
  • waluigi's gonna kill some of his chickens...

    Derpy KittensDerpy Kittens12 kun oldin
  • SMG4 and Freddy Fazbear confirmed!

    the-flame-sockerthe-flame-socker12 kun oldin
  • I completely expected him, but I was thinking that he was gonna be the 4th character.

    DIODIO12 kun oldin
  • He just came out

    BD RebornBD Reborn12 kun oldin
  • Nintendo turned this into the best timeline.

    Randomized ThingsRandomized Things12 kun oldin
  • Take out the audio of this video and replace the video playing in the corner to a video of a spider or something and it will have the same effect

    ItsJustaOreoItsJustaOreo12 kun oldin
  • He is in before Steve

    Jayce haleJayce hale12 kun oldin
  • Heh i see you will building big pingas LOL

    bartelqbartelq13 kun oldin
  • “What timeline is this?!?!?!?”

    Gacha VRGacha VR13 kun oldin
  • Alternative universe: Steve isn't in smash

    MOGMOG13 kun oldin
  • Hi Ho-bros

    TheGamerNationTheGamerNation13 kun oldin
  • 1:50 Best reaction of all time.

    Peppermint CookiePeppermint Cookie13 kun oldin
  • *HI GUYS*

    Orangedenden89Orangedenden8913 kun oldin
  • Mario: where am I. Steve: HI GUYS

    Markus PMarkus P13 kun oldin
  • When you and your friend hear a creeper hissing - 1:50

    OfficialTriXXPlayZTvOfficialTriXXPlayZTv13 kun oldin
  • Those who like minecraft and smash bros click this button | | V

    SkyRitch YTSkyRitch YT13 kun oldin
  • he be rocking the blocking

    shitassshitass13 kun oldin
  • it would be cool if they added mario to smash

    Diamond TubeDiamond Tube14 kun oldin
  • Who guessed that it would be Steve Without even having the smash bros direct telling you

    TheOrangeNinja GamingTheOrangeNinja Gaming14 kun oldin
  • 1:50 they literally broke the sound of the mic, that’s how excited they were

    Lisa TatumLisa Tatum14 kun oldin
  • Sans and Steve are standing next to Mario and Cloud. What is this timeline?! Fnaf standing next to Devil May Cry, then Sans and Steve in Smash. Why?!

    icey foxicey fox14 kun oldin
  • Steve: (mines) Mario: oooooohhh helll naw

    Cat waifu I am a dudeCat waifu I am a dude14 kun oldin
  • Where there is darkness, there is steve

    Commander RedCommander Red14 kun oldin
  • Wow four people added to smash that is alot new recored of people added at once

    Debbie McDanielDebbie McDaniel14 kun oldin
  • They should add Alex to the smg4 series

    Alvaro ZaragozaAlvaro Zaragoza14 kun oldin
  • Probably the other one might be actual sans not a skin

    TheBadTime Gifter110TheBadTime Gifter11014 kun oldin
  • 와 3mG4오랜만 욕설만 않나오면 본다.

    윤의 개임채널.윤의 개임채널.14 kun oldin
  • Smg4

    Kyra ShannonKyra Shannon14 kun oldin
  • All we need is Waluigi

    salty blitzsalty blitz14 kun oldin
  • Of course these two would lose their shit, it’s as though one of their children is finally gonna be famous.

    Ryan NewmanRyan Newman15 kun oldin
  • Should've bleeped the bad word

    Gabrielle Belasco-murrayGabrielle Belasco-murray15 kun oldin

    catitude maxitudecatitude maxitude15 kun oldin
  • S:super cool M:memes G:Gmod for memes 4:four for lords

    kingodzilla242kingodzilla24215 kun oldin
  • I’m surprised Sakura is not in smash yet

    Depressed Mr krabsDepressed Mr krabs15 kun oldin
  • Wana hear men scream? This is for you

    Alma Rosa GonzalezAlma Rosa Gonzalez15 kun oldin
  • steve was in your videos as a anoying character and now he is in smash !?

    springtrap the builderspringtrap the builder15 kun oldin
  • everyone: 1:56

    DOOMPOPCORN115 im czDOOMPOPCORN115 im cz15 kun oldin
  • when a kid sees a spider 1:50

    LPS loverLPS lover15 kun oldin