11-Yan, 2020
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I used to make videos like this when it was musiclly years ago so i figured we'd see what my little sisters been up too...
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  • thanks for watching boys!! leave a like and let me know what videos u wanna see in 2020!!

    FaZe AdaptFaZe Adapt10 oy oldin
    • Loll 2020 is trash sorry past adapt

      Arhan ShukulArhan Shukul2 kun oldin
    • FaZe Adapt bro reacted to her tik toks rn🤣

      Cesar PerezCesar PerezOy oldin
    • You need to change the thumbnail your gonna get simps and try to dm your little sis

      nagwa haimednagwa haimedOy oldin
    • oh yeah my name is aquaz2d0 i play on ps4

      Aquaz2d0 LAquaz2d0 LOy oldin
    • oh no 2020’s fucked people’z watching anything u throw at em

      FloppoFloppoOy oldin
  • I love you adapt

    Andrew McNeishAndrew McNeish7 soat oldin
  • When he doesn’t follow hi sister LOL

    sebastian enriquesebastian enrique2 kun oldin
  • her smile is contiguous it’s sooo pretty...

    killuahub 7killuahub 72 kun oldin
  • she’s sooooooo pretttyyyyy thoooo

    killuahub 7killuahub 72 kun oldin
  • That thumbnail gave me the sweet home Alabama vibes.

    YuzzyYuzzy3 kun oldin

    leon ?leon ?5 kun oldin
  • s w e e t h o m e a l a b a m a

    peter griffinpeter griffin6 kun oldin
  • lets all be honest she has a hint of charli d

    Alexander RogersAlexander Rogers6 kun oldin
  • Oh never mined

    JetSkyJetSky8 kun oldin
  • Adapt slide the numb

    JetSkyJetSky8 kun oldin
  • His sis prolly follow james charles makeup tutorials

    Ziya HussanZiya Hussan8 kun oldin
  • Anyone else find it extremely weird that he put a peach next to his sister

    215 DAVE215 DAVE9 kun oldin
  • 4:31 that forehead tho

    LiixLiix9 kun oldin
  • 🔥

    Tyler WintTyler Wint10 kun oldin
  • steve thoo lov u bud

    CHAPSCHAPS10 kun oldin
  • Plot twis adapt is from alabama

    turtlebuttwinnnerturtlebuttwinnner10 kun oldin
  • His face of disappointment lmao😂

    Andru PrinceAndru Prince12 kun oldin
  • She looks like a minecraft character 🤣

    Space ArticSpace Artic16 kun oldin
  • 13:45. Me: watching in 2020

    RNQ RampagerRNQ Rampager17 kun oldin
  • Now things got extra intense when Jarvis watch this video

    rec vr on RRrec vr on RR19 kun oldin
  • Steve looked really sad when he was forced to move into that drug lords house🙁

    Osama PostedOsama Posted20 kun oldin
  • Him saying goodbye to corona beer 0:20 Corona Virus: Oh I'm just getting started.. I ain't leaving anytime soon...🤢🤢🤢

    SweptFnSweptFn20 kun oldin
  • Hey Alex I have a serious problem and I really need to talk to someone about it and I dont feel like I have anyone to talk to about this situation I'm going through..

    Erica VargasErica Vargas20 kun oldin
  • "There will be none of that", lowkey he sounds like your one friend's cool dad

    Jaxon ArmstrongJaxon Armstrong21 kun oldin
  • alex is the ultimate big brother "lemme check there's no boys in here"

    OSLG KappsOSLG Kapps28 kun oldin
  • I been watching when a was 6 I am now 15

    the tikooothe tikooo29 kun oldin
  • ya rip melly

    Orion YoungOrion YoungOy oldin
  • bruh she is 16 and you are still letting her do that bruh i should have never watched this video i will catch a case

    zx01 ._zx01 ._Oy oldin
  • I’m sorry,0 views on tiktok when she’s verified ?! 3:06

    E LozanoE LozanoOy oldin
  • “Back again with my first blog of 2020.” Bruh

    Nainoa KapuNainoa KapuOy oldin
    • Vlog*

      E LozanoE LozanoOy oldin
  • Bruh anybody else her when melly has his death sentence

    Gabriel Wilson-GarciaGabriel Wilson-GarciaOy oldin
  • Hawaiians

    Kaikane PauoleKaikane PauoleOy oldin
  • he said rona room it just hits different in 2020

    Nathan HammockNathan HammockOy oldin
  • It’s only just 302.7k dumb ass

    John MerkssJohn MerkssOy oldin
  • cring

    chance090chance090Oy oldin
  • You could tell he felt sad that she ain’t in any more vids

    DJCLAN 10DJCLAN 10Oy oldin
  • jarvis girl got cake

    S1L3N7 ClanS1L3N7 ClanOy oldin
  • I like how he doesn’t like when someone likes his sister but when that one guy didn’t like her he was still mad

    Crypticz ArkCrypticz ArkOy oldin
  • I live in Arizona

    Football god AshtonFootball god AshtonOy oldin

    Keleka MileKeleka MileOy oldin
  • when she see it

    R JoR JoOy oldin
    • 6:18 i dont understand either

      R JoR JoOy oldin
  • #fazeup

    Joshua BlackmonJoshua BlackmonOy oldin

    hannah deverahannah deveraOy oldin
  • Call her pls

    Roj AtroshiRoj AtroshiOy oldin
  • Bro she gone make me act up

    wavytheluvbugwavytheluvbugOy oldin
  • 9 months later wap

    Sajke 13Sajke 13Oy oldin
  • He was having a brotherly moment the whole video “Lemme check that there isn’t any boys”😂 I respect that though

    GhOsTy GaMiNgGhOsTy GaMiNgOy oldin

      Muhammad AhmedMuhammad AhmedOy oldin
  • thats a ting

    The ArkThe ArkOy oldin
  • tik tok is dumb

    andrew yahinandrew yahinOy oldin
  • I wanna see some adrenaline type stuff. Just a idea. Love your content Faze up Braaaaa!!!!

    Jereme schoffJereme schoffOy oldin
  • hey busted

  • yo you posted this on my birthday

    addhammyaddhammyOy oldin
  • His sister gets the copyright money😂

    Spz EnvySpz EnvyOy oldin
  • He big simping for his sister we all know he from Alabama

    Ashley LunoAshley LunoOy oldin
  • To sad melly didn’t come out and get it he staid in and died

    ScopeZScopeZOy oldin
    • What???are u talkin about

      Alan HernandezAlan HernandezOy oldin
  • i thought avani was your sis

    Msd BiaxalMsd BiaxalOy oldin
  • I love the vids

    Fusion 1113Fusion 1113Oy oldin
  • cool vid

    Aniken SchirmerAniken SchirmerOy oldin
  • she looks like a macoup soup

    Joey SchreiberJoey SchreiberOy oldin
  • u might wanna leave 2020 but i warned u too late rest in peace kobe

    Reed OllerReed OllerOy oldin
  • Adapt : NO NO NO NO WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS ? : Me : Nice stutter adapt

    Rezin CS:GORezin CS:GOOy oldin
  • Bro be acting like a old dad

    JOHNWICK 5050JOHNWICK 5050Oy oldin
  • He kinda is overprotective

    Xhoni ShegaXhoni ShegaOy oldin
  • Faze banks is good but faze adapt is better

    M3rcuryM3rcuryOy oldin
  • 4.00 second in

    Samuel TirschmanSamuel TirschmanOy oldin
  • Can u do more adapt says

    K9 PlugK9 PlugOy oldin
  • it good

    David WilhelmDavid WilhelmOy oldin
  • Thumbnail a bit sus

    Fresh ChaoZzFresh ChaoZzOy oldin
  • Who else saw 0 views but some comments

    Sebxs 999Sebxs 999Oy oldin
  • Witch is Kay

    Matthew MatthewMatthew MatthewOy oldin
  • Can I join faze if I beat someone the worst one pls

    Matthew MatthewMatthew MatthewOy oldin
  • not following your own sister 😂😂😂

    xd Alex シxd Alex シOy oldin
  • You should do another one

    Lenard AlvarezLenard AlvarezOy oldin
  • Do u trickshots

    You just Got bodiedYou just Got bodiedOy oldin
  • 5:04 he is getting d penalty

    coleenbradywinickcoleenbradywinickOy oldin
  • i dislike this

    xezex FNxezex FNOy oldin
  • imagen adapt got a crush on his sis

    Uriel TellezUriel TellezOy oldin
  • This was posted on my birthday

    Huntzim6Huntzim6Oy oldin
  • how does it feel that ur little sister has more likes than u😂🤣

    Ima DinozoarIma DinozoarOy oldin
  • She don’t look 16 she look older

    Justin GreenJustin GreenOy oldin
  • You made this on my birthday

    Phoenix SmithPhoenix SmithOy oldin
  • No cap your sister wears hella makeup

    Andres MartinezAndres MartinezOy oldin
  • That boy that boy sus

    Yo blitzFCシYo blitzFCシOy oldin
  • Sorry bro but imma take yo sister

    Sammy WilliamsSammy WilliamsOy oldin
  • Just gonna say by to the corona so ya bro

    R3DManicR3DManicOy oldin
  • Adapt boy ur so over protective

    DannyO Lopez27DannyO Lopez27Oy oldin
  • Sup

    Herman NordbergHerman NordbergOy oldin
  • Bruv the beer r corona beer and guess what's happening in the world right now

    Faze FireflyFaze Firefly2 oy oldin
  • Hi

    George BryantGeorge Bryant2 oy oldin
  • Who’s watching in 2020 when it’s the worst year

    M4RCOM4RCO2 oy oldin
  • only simps watch this vid

    GG ClipZYTGG ClipZYT2 oy oldin
  • Cool

    aiden perriconeaiden perricone2 oy oldin
  • Cringe 😬

    Sweet_appleSweet_apple2 oy oldin
  • 6:39 Are you InSAnE BrUv 8:24 lol 11:01

    xd Alex シxd Alex シ2 oy oldin
  • That’s a dope lamp where could I get one of those ?

    FxguresFxgures2 oy oldin
  • Alibama

    Ice BaryIce Bary2 oy oldin
  • Bama

    Ice BaryIce Bary2 oy oldin
  • Wow you are a protective bother

    Raymond AlcantaraRaymond Alcantara2 oy oldin
  • me: realizes shes only famous cause of simps 0_o

    Wolfie OiWolfie Oi2 oy oldin