Rapper NBA YoungBoy arrested in Baton Rouge

29-Sen, 2020
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Rapper NBA YoungBoy arrested in Baton Rouge

  • Leave NBA young boy alone.

    Travis SimmonsTravis Simmons3 soat oldin
  • Another criminal loved by Americas stupidist

    tanks gameingtanks gameing5 soat oldin
  • Bruh. If I hear knocking at 2am and open the front door to see the nigga in the middle of the top row I know it’s over.

    HarleyHarley5 soat oldin

    Philip KicelemosPhilip Kicelemos5 soat oldin
  • NBA we all know you came from the hood, you got money now so stay out the Hood ,you don’t need to be out there acting like you still broke, change your game but keep your mind frame the same

    Gary HallerGary Haller9 soat oldin
  • His new name will be young bitch

    Delmar FavreDelmar Favre9 soat oldin
  • Wat an amazing group of young FELLAS!

    Ramy DRamy D11 soat oldin
  • All of them is ugly... Drink water.. Eat healthy.. Gangsters? They look like crackheads to me

    Special Agent BobSpecial Agent Bob14 soat oldin
  • Keep that fuckin low life behind bars!!! Sick of these pieces of shit talking about killing people and selling drugs!!!!

    Louis HughesLouis Hughes14 soat oldin
  • Live your lyrics, perhaps not.

  • 1:12 my nigga he famous how much money do you expect for him to have in his pockets 10 dollars

    YEET_18YEET_1818 soat oldin

    You YouYou YouKun oldin
  • They love to post negative shit post wen doin good too

    Bunny NicoleBunny NicoleKun oldin
  • Cop dumb af

    Patrick RievesPatrick RievesKun oldin
  • smh dude might be hit 🤦

    James MilesJames MilesKun oldin
  • Dumb ass

    Jerry HoeJerry HoeKun oldin
  • Money talks and he’ll probably walk but if he doesn’t change his lifestyle what happened to Kodak will happen to him too.

    Richard CarterRichard CarterKun oldin
  • He's tired and doesn't want to sell his soul and now wants to go to jail! P.s. he's tired of using drugs as well and wants to get off

    Nino GamboaNino GamboaKun oldin
  • Abuse Of Discretion . . .

    D. STARKSD. STARKSKun oldin
  • No shit... but the NRA is the real threat Right you fucking moron liberals.

    Bill NelsonBill NelsonKun oldin
  • This youth dont like is life

    bling j HoT crocbling j HoT crocKun oldin
  • When you become a celebrity all illegal activity ceases. You cut loose anybody that can affect your money. Bad publicity Bad characters around you is bad for the entertainment business. This is basic 101 Al Capone philosophy. We don't know how to act you go to prison but I guess that's what they want to do so they can come out and potentially make more records. But you're wasting your eye best years in prison when you could be making hit records because the shelf life for most rappers is about a decade and a half.

    Sean GreenSean Green2 kun oldin
  • Wtf🇯🇲

    Empyrical muzikEmpyrical muzik2 kun oldin
  • #woeeeee #subscribeback #A #Lick itunes.apple.com/album/id1536541727?ls=1&app=itunes @AppleMusic uzworld.info/player/video/n4fTn7uifavOlao #via @UZworld @TREEDOGGMRATM #alick

    Dallas WorldStarNewsDallas WorldStarNews2 kun oldin

    BigbabyBigbaby2 kun oldin
  • 0:49 the second guy up top look at his lips

    Sergio CuautleSergio Cuautle2 kun oldin
  • 69 told me they was doing a music video in the old school chevys hittin blocks wit guns and drugs

    Joe DavilaJoe Davila2 kun oldin
  • 100 % trash

    David WatersDavid Waters3 kun oldin
  • the whole squad look like some crack headz

    blueprintblueprint3 kun oldin
  • Man bro got too much money and shit going for him to b slipping up like dat

    Jake SparkaJake Sparka3 kun oldin
  • Just leave Yb alone fuck

  • It’s Baton Rouge wtf you think gone happen they all ways have guns and money them Opp be sum hies on my daddy I frm Baton Rouge I was toting a glock 19 and a cop got shock and started busting at me then yb dipped out the cut and started busting

    Zede HoganZede Hogan3 kun oldin
  • Good job Wanker rap about prison and shit rhymes

    Jodie HurrellJodie Hurrell3 kun oldin
  • Give me that money I'll show u how to be civalized

    Calvin PeteCalvin Pete4 kun oldin
  • Thats why he wanted go baton to sell guns

    αβγ καλγαβγ καλγ4 kun oldin
  • Kentrell Gaulden aka "Rapper Young-UN" looks just like my next door neighbors boy. But that kid's only 10 years old. He be mean-mugging too.

    Markus PatientsMarkus Patients4 kun oldin
  • rappers walk around with 100,000 now a days

    abdul azizabdul aziz5 kun oldin
  • This what j.prince tried to tell NBA Young Dummy. Yo dumb ass making videos in the hood with guns and money

    Eric WatersEric Waters5 kun oldin
  • This is gonna be the intro to his next album

    Rome ORome O5 kun oldin
  • Well they gotta give him his money back at least because he can prove he makes a ton of money legally.

    Rome ORome O5 kun oldin
  • cartel operation

    Rosalba WilliamsRosalba Williams5 kun oldin
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    Debbie R. DiazDebbie R. Diaz5 kun oldin
  • Chippewa, 38th 🐍💚 38 baby 4L

    MosthatedParthMosthatedParth5 kun oldin
  • #Free10

    Reborn YTReborn YT5 kun oldin
  • We all know who had the 50k on him😐

    c pc p5 kun oldin
  • From the looks of it yb ready fu war

    Martell PumphreyMartell Pumphrey6 kun oldin
  • idk why yall rappers need cash bruh. Just use credit card and wallet like all normal ppl do

    IRHADIRHAD6 kun oldin
  • they gonna keep him in court so long he gonna be broke paying lawyers even if not guilty he'll be broke

    Lanny almonLanny almon6 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/iaLdbMyanZbTm5o

    Brian SempleBrian Semple6 kun oldin
  • Man these guys won’t get it until they get 200 years in fed prison!!! Pay attention to brothers who did the same thing 10-20-30 yrs prior!!! Ask Jimmy Henchman or James Rosemond.....the jails and the prison never move. Your lawyer will sell your dreams while charging 500$ per hour for his service. Dumb rapper. Lost soul. No parents. Fool and his money will soon part.

    Kartier Supreme WhiteKartier Supreme White6 kun oldin
  • This police dumb as fuck yb a multi millionaire 80K ain't shit

    Shannon JohnsShannon Johns6 kun oldin
  • Oh yea. Everybody’s innocent....officer I don’t how that got there🖕🏽😂😂😂😂😂😀😂😂😂y’all already know. The shit is out of control💯

    Linden WallaceLinden Wallace7 kun oldin
  • When your music sucks fat dc you need as many guns as you can. 69 showed the street what's up and how to handle to hood.

    Saiyan RichardSaiyan Richard7 kun oldin
  • So they going to act like baby joe ain’t a rapper too lol

    Lavish LexLavish Lex7 kun oldin
  • They all gánster until cops show they star running like a getting rid off their guns , that’s ain’t mine pulling their pants up and trying to erase their tattoos to late wanna play gánster , now big Leroy is waiting for you in cell block , don’t drop the soap wanna be gangsters

    Saul CalderonSaul Calderon7 kun oldin
    • You big mad for some reason 😂

      Luis GuzmanLuis Guzman6 kun oldin
  • Why yall still be tryin to keep this shit up they let yall make all the money then come take it from yall after 5 years then FBI come out of nowhere 😒 pls try to invest yall money stupid ahit if the 1st blk man couldn't make it doing drugs how the hell you think you can....smh...

    Doug ReedDoug Reed7 kun oldin
  • Stupid

    levitelevite7 kun oldin
  • 4kt 💚

    Muhd EkmalMuhd Ekmal7 kun oldin
  • 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 Please take out the TRASH!

    True ConfessionzzTrue Confessionzz7 kun oldin
  • NBA Dumb boy

    King CharlesKing Charles7 kun oldin
  • His life is over

    King Capo da 8King Capo da 88 kun oldin
  • He’s a rapper you dumb***. Of course he will ride around with that cash

    Paige BrownPaige Brown8 kun oldin
  • Dumb asf swear 😂

    Buser gskBuser gsk8 kun oldin

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    Matthews CelineMatthews Celine8 kun oldin
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    Matthews CelineMatthews Celine8 kun oldin
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    Matthews CelineMatthews Celine8 kun oldin
  • Dam I love his music

    Brice LemonBrice Lemon8 kun oldin
  • You just gotta to be smarter his name to big to to get caught up on petty shit he a boss now gotta move like one in other words gotta have a boss mindset.

    Ray ClayRay Clay8 kun oldin
  • Just fuckin move to another place, act lowkey and do your music nbas a fucking moron

    Alexis LaplanteAlexis Laplante8 kun oldin
  • Young boy my dad

    Damir FrazierDamir Frazier9 kun oldin
  • Yb

    Damir FrazierDamir Frazier9 kun oldin
  • He was just trying to shoot a video in his hood😓

    Dekeydren HuckabyDekeydren Huckaby9 kun oldin
  • Draco your woo doc

    Shayla TuckerShayla Tucker9 kun oldin
  • Why do rappers buy the most cheap ass guns.

    Cali JoeCali Joe9 kun oldin
  • Every youth Jprince get into it with, ends up going down for something soon after. Y'all notice that (?)

    NoFrenNoNoFrenNo10 kun oldin
  • Ole dumbass boy !!! That's my nigga; but, how tf you gon risk yo boys and your life/freedom doing some 6ix9ine for no fucking reason type shit

    NoFrenNoNoFrenNo10 kun oldin
  • Get y’all a draco

    Marcus JoinerMarcus Joiner10 kun oldin
  • 3youngboy 3 tay_k

    AK- 69AK- 6910 kun oldin
  • Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm six is a snich man

    goodjabuggoodjabug10 kun oldin
  • Young boy a snitch

    Christian MalcolmChristian Malcolm10 kun oldin
  • Didn’t have pictures of the drugs tho😭

    Jaden TJaden T10 kun oldin
  • Bruh no comment.

    spurlynxspurlynx10 kun oldin
  • He look innocent

    Ed EvansEd Evans10 kun oldin
  • Mane who ever told is a snitch

    Moneybro TjMoneybro Tj11 kun oldin
  • He said people don’t usually carry 80,000 dollars Like bruh it’s youngboy

    Bobby’s studios RebellionBobby’s studios Rebellion11 kun oldin
  • She said they was waving guns most likely a music video

    Bobby’s studios RebellionBobby’s studios Rebellion11 kun oldin
  • Broke Ass Niggas Wit Dat Plan Dey Get Shot Down

    Masen HamiltonMasen Hamilton11 kun oldin
  • Bruh im finna unsub and sew

    willie hopkinswillie hopkins12 kun oldin
  • I seen sixnine on the phone hid in bruh real snitch

    Tyrone MckinnonTyrone Mckinnon12 kun oldin
  • Yall see baby blow magshot that 👦 with the Shitz

    Dejay MidgeDejay Midge12 kun oldin
  • Free lil top

  • He ain't no raper

    Ozz El MultivocesOzz El Multivoces12 kun oldin
  • Young who?

    Ozz El MultivocesOzz El Multivoces12 kun oldin
  • All i gotta say is. Free the home he did nothing wrong.

    • Stfu bitch

      Armando XDArmando XD10 kun oldin
  • He was on live and UZworld with a couple of these guns... he told on himself!!!! This generation...a lot of them tell on themselves... got to put everything on social media... no face no case!!! Why you think the older generation never wanted to take pictures and be in pictures... never let ya left hand know what your right hand is doing or have!!!🤷🏽‍♂️💯

    Jamal WilliamsJamal Williams13 kun oldin
    • @T Boy so why dpmypu follow the new gen than. you must really love the new gen

      Darryl FranksDarryl Franks8 kun oldin
    • U right..... this new generation makes me sick to my stomach.... everything they have to post..... drink water post, eat a sandwich post, take a shit post ....

      T BoyT Boy8 kun oldin
    • Jamal Williams those are not the same guns

      Young KidzYoung Kidz12 kun oldin
  • mad 05

    Devin HughesDevin Hughes13 kun oldin
  • I'm from baton rouge they could of went to the shooting range. But joggers will be joggers

    Brandon PhillipsBrandon Phillips13 kun oldin
  • Free top

    Pappy BanzPappy Banz13 kun oldin
  • 😂🤣 that was his whole life savings he just lost.

    K20c2 10thGenCivicK20c2 10thGenCivic14 kun oldin
    • Dumbest comment goes to you

      Jordan BrownleeJordan Brownlee6 kun oldin
    • He probably got more. More than both of our money combined 🤣🤣

      FAM4LIFEFAM4LIFE12 kun oldin