Rakim Breaks Down Hip-Hop History, Talks Dr. Dre Sessions, Eric B, His Book + More

26-Sen, 2019
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  • Beautiful! Beautiful interview and i,m glad Ra said he doesnt feel any MC is greater than him

    trendreesetrendreeseKun oldin
  • It is said by family members of 'Marcus Garvey, Marvin Gaye and surprisingly Malcolm X 'that they were good behind the mic via being outspoken,But in their everyday life they were Bashful/SHY '😅🤒 Ooo yea PLEASE THERE should be NO more Present day 'old school back and forth' about. . Big Daddy Kane and RA. .. ,THIS interview says it ALL.!!!! He is by FAR my favorite MC! Always cool clam and when need be 'QUIET AS KEPT'

  • It is said by family members of 'Marcus Garvey, Marvin Gaye and surprisingly Malcolm X 'that they were good behind the mic Via outspoken,But in their everyday life they were Bashful/SHY '😅🤒 PLEASE THERE should be NO more Present day 'old school back and forth' about. . Big Daddy Kane and RA. .. ,THIS interview says it ALL.!!!! He is by FAR my favorite MC! Always cool clam and when need be 'QUIET AS KEPT'

  • Rakim and Big Daddy Kayne 2 of the best lyrical Brothers alive

    William JeffersonWilliam Jefferson3 kun oldin
  • Gonna buy the book lol

    BOS ElderBOS Elder4 kun oldin
  • I love this.

    Kitchen HacksKitchen Hacks4 kun oldin
  • The integrity in this mans character is impeccable. High Respects! Take notes yall! #hiphopliveson

    PTC PresentsPTC Presents4 kun oldin
  • Why is it that captions say that one HIP HOP ARTIST can brake down a subject on HIP HOP HISTORY more than any other HIP HOP ARTIST.. it can be misunderstood that one mans word is gold? It should read A HIP HOP Artist view on the History of their Music/Sound.. js

    Gabe PowerGabe Power5 kun oldin
  • This cat is the mother effin truth! Period!!

    Darwin LemonDarwin Lemon5 kun oldin
  • Rakim the 🐐 Strong Island! Represent. Wyandanch,Brentwood, C.Islip, Hempstead, Freeport. Stand up. Yes, Rakim changed the game. His own flow, educated rhymes, the perfect voice. He is HipHop. Everyone should pay homage to this man. Very humble and respectful. People forget the greatest emcee is Rakim Allah! Long Island influenced hiphop to another level. Starting with Rakim. More L.I. emcee legends Busta Rhymes, Chuck D.,Biz Markie,EPMD and more. Respect when respect is due.

    Sean HeffronSean Heffron6 kun oldin
  • DJ Envy & Angela Yee always have question that interupts the momentum of a interview. It sounds like they just have a question in their head & as soon as there's a pause they're gonna blurt it out regardless of what the guest is saying. Charla is the only one that seems to listen and react.

    El VeeEl Vee6 kun oldin
  • Rakim nuff said

    Kwan SmithKwan Smith7 kun oldin
  • I still remember how hype the club would get when Rakim's verse would come up on Truth Hurts- Addictive song.

    Pat JohnsonPat Johnson7 kun oldin
  • Can you fine examples of hip hop's best please help me get in touch with Rakim? I believe X-Cel can help him keep the promise of obtaining an education (GED) he made to his parents. I/We value that greatly and would be honored if he would even consider us. Learn more about X-Cel at: www.x-celeducation.org/ #Best #GBC #BlacklovE #BlessUp

    Sean EbanksSean Ebanks8 kun oldin
  • Dr.Dre had so.e gay guys

    C.L. EdwardsC.L. Edwards9 kun oldin
  • this guy rains testorone....

    Mendu MbilaseMendu Mbilase9 kun oldin
  • Man, he's looking great after all these yrs. One of my favs as a kid. I'm from Chicago but I like that NY swag and intonation. 🎶👑"But don't make me wait too long cuz imma move on the dance floor, when they put something smooth on-so pump up the base, it's better when it's loud...(cuz I like to move the crowd)-yeah🎶🧘🏾‍♀️🕊🤍💢"

    Jennie JanineJennie Janine9 kun oldin
  • Rakim is legit the GOAT that gave birth to all other GOAT's

    Jonathan ShanksJonathan Shanks10 kun oldin
  • Don't sweat the technique

    Malcolm KucheraMalcolm Kuchera10 kun oldin
  • You are my favorite! You are the God!

    Intellectual WarriorIntellectual Warrior13 kun oldin
  • I never get tired of hearing Whats on yo mind. ❤👑

    Karen KKaren K14 kun oldin
  • Rakim we need that self destruction verse freestyle for the anniversary of the song or something or remake of the song.

    madant22madant2214 kun oldin
  • Rakim real low key he don't flat his money. he sounds like he good mad bread money over the years.

    madant22madant2214 kun oldin
  • Rakim was destine to be great regardless. Rakim would've been one of the greatest Quarter backs of all time in the NFL

    madant22madant2214 kun oldin
  • Wow, this is the best interview I've seen up here this far. A quality interview centered around the conciousness of our culture I salute the Breakfast Club for making this happen. I can't wait to watch this with my 12yr son. Thank you

    Lord AnnuNatiLord AnnuNati15 kun oldin
  • U got the best of all time talking truth as Envy is wearing TIGHTS

    dmoney668dmoney66815 kun oldin
  • Rakim I Awsum!!!!

  • I'm the godmc.

    Andy 15Andy 1519 kun oldin
  • Ever wonder why he got paid in full first? God favors the god.

    Israel GraceIsrael Grace19 kun oldin
    • The only one lyricist I bow too.

      Israel GraceIsrael Grace19 kun oldin
  • Rakim is truly my kind of laid back smooth Sexy like that bruh bruh love you always

    Rita NewellRita Newell20 kun oldin
  • “Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far” - Teddy Roosevelt

    Purple NemoPurple Nemo21 kun oldin

    MenziiMenzii21 kun oldin
  • When I was in the 9th grade, two of my classmates got into a heated argument over who’s the better rapper: Rakim or Redman. It got so ugly that another classmate accidentally got hit in the head with the teacher’s coffee mug. You know you’re a legend when the mention of your name is a touchy subject even if your occupation is not “politician.” Salute to the God MC and Funk Dr. Spock.

    Bill Cosby Touched My DoodleBill Cosby Touched My Doodle21 kun oldin
  • How can anyone not like this interview? This is Ra...the Godfather of Hip Hop. Unreal.

    affordthisaffordthis22 kun oldin
  • Put a gay flag behind this Legend.

    Uncle ThomasaurusUncle Thomasaurus22 kun oldin
  • Straight up... Rakim is the Mount Rushmore of rappers.. He is seriously all alone on that mountain. Then.. We can discuss everyone else for 2nd, 3rd etc.. Go check out (Lyrics of Fury) We are lucky to have witnessed this Genius Rhyme.. I bet Cassidy thinks he better than Rakim.. He keeps saying hes the best (bar for bar) rapper alive.. Not even close.. Check out the voice Rakim has..

    Video Game World Inc.Video Game World Inc.24 kun oldin
  • How did I let a whole year go by and not know about this interview smh...shame on me! Salute to the Greatest emcee Rakim Allah

    KingIzKashKingIzKash25 kun oldin
  • Hip-Hop Royalty. Best lyricist to ever bless a microphone.

    Eddie BEddie B26 kun oldin
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    Timothy EricTimothy Eric26 kun oldin
  • RAKIM THE LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RH - 10WS 714401 Castlebrooke SSRH - 10WS 714401 Castlebrooke SS28 kun oldin
  • This man is a legend 🎯 If he does an album today I'd buy. Hall of Fame artist 👑

    P8ntballa(paintballa)P8ntballa(paintballa)Oy oldin
  • He needs to stand up he’s gonna our ppl to sleep in this interview lol

    jay Richjay RichOy oldin
  • I can say this: I have studied hip hop and mcs a long time. when asked why i think rakim is supreme......write down my 5 favorite mcs. Then write down each their best flows. Rakim might have wrote 4 of them. So pick another 5 mc's.......rakim might have wrote 3 or 4 of them. Keep going. This dude right here is very much a part the culture. Eternal. All time.god mc

    maslefunkmaslefunkOy oldin
  • Don't listen to much rap/hip hop but I love Rakim

    Erika HetheringtonErika HetheringtonOy oldin
  • I like listening to their stories

    Keisha MayKeisha MayOy oldin
  • No one ever really gives him credit for his shout outs to woman on just about every record and with total class, no wonder, even though he enjoyed others rap, it too his daughter being there to make him realize, what it's all about , with a diffrent set of ears, but, does he know how great he is and the anti that..alway much respect and never hate Break down just the girl parts or any mention or use of their voices, he is way better then Kane..and slept on for sure.. The female perspective..check it

    Abby HindsAbby HindsOy oldin
  • Thoroughly enjoyably interesting interview.

    Muurish AwakeningMuurish AwakeningOy oldin
  • stash more cash than Burt Bedell.

    Tyre NewsomeTyre NewsomeOy oldin
  • Got to open up for Rakim in 2017. What an honor! 👑

    Miillie MeshMiillie MeshOy oldin
  • Hes the man. Did he say he ws god at 52:20?

    Dennis MorganDennis MorganOy oldin
  • Kim aging slow still look the same use to back his music up so much

    Ugene WalkerUgene WalkerOy oldin
  • Most Respected man in Hip Hop. God bless the God..

    Makin MuzicMakin MuzicOy oldin
  • Microphone fiend: "After 12, I'm worse that a Gremlin Feed me Hip-hop and I start trembling".

    Danny RandDanny RandOy oldin
  • Then they got a nerve to put the Gay flag behind him lol!

    Real Conspiracy Wow!Real Conspiracy Wow!Oy oldin
  • A legend yes. ..a real rap rapper .. totally ...but with all due respect this was the most boring interview ever...

    Mama Onogbu DOMMama Onogbu DOMOy oldin
    • I got that feeling too, very , typical questions

      Abby HindsAbby HindsOy oldin
  • nigga still looks like he 45 ...black dont crack foooo real !

    kay CCuzzokay CCuzzoOy oldin
    • @Jerrell Simmons yea i hear dat .but yu know lol

      kay CCuzzokay CCuzzo29 kun oldin
    • 45 and 52 ain't that big of a difference 😂. Actually this was a year ago so make that 51.

      Jerrell SimmonsJerrell Simmons29 kun oldin
  • Purposeful,deep, intrinsic understanding,self analytical.... are just a few traits...

    P Funk 1963P Funk 1963Oy oldin
  • It has to feel good to be one of the most respected human beings on this earth. He has always remained humble though.

    OJOJOy oldin
  • I've followed this man sense Paid in full. Hes definantly a legend and has a lot of self respect.

    JIM DOJIM DOOy oldin
  • Rakim we love ur raps ....

    Nicholas GoodNicholas GoodOy oldin
  • If lyrics could kill, Rakim would be serving consecutive life sentences.....

    Checkdacontract NowCheckdacontract NowOy oldin
  • Yeah sure it is demeaning to women that's why they are some of hip hops biggest fans and at the concerts trying to get backstage.

    Princern PrincePrincern PrinceOy oldin
  • Why did this interview have to end?

    Andrea ArringtonAndrea ArringtonOy oldin
  • I was so excited to see this interview!!!! I am a huge fan Ra!!!

    Andrea ArringtonAndrea ArringtonOy oldin
  • For me, since my parents are the same age as him it jus seems like he dont really wanna let go an rrally jus open up . We all love this dude but he so shy an reserved. Its good an bad at the same time

    שמרשמרOy oldin
    • He's not shy and reserved at all. He's just not a clown

      A1A1Oy oldin
  • He's in my top 3...

    Mike JohnsonMike JohnsonOy oldin
  • This Nigga Is, and Always Will Be Rap Royalty...#Period

    WickoWickoOy oldin
  • Duse I have a crush at 5! Hahah

    Love LifeLove LifeOy oldin
  • This dude is just an all around awesome human being. So cool. So intelligent. So nice. Soooooooo sikk on a mic. Humble as fukk. Much respect my dude! ✊🤘

    Dikkie SikkStringsDikkie SikkStringsOy oldin
  • peace; I had to come back to this interview re-listen to Rakim just speak on his life. Covid 2020 not 19! Dope listening!! Salute to one of the illest, Ever!!!

    Carlos RobCarlos RobOy oldin
  • Always been a fan of his. In the midwest growing up the dude was played everywhere. Eric B and Rakim..word is bond

    Earl TimesEarl TimesOy oldin
  • This Brutha is gettin respect like the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. That says alot about the God.

    nuffsdnuffsdOy oldin
  • Younginz u betta listen to the jewelz the GOD mc is droppin. 🎤🙏🎤🔥🔥

    nuffsdnuffsdOy oldin
  • The 18th Letter!

    JAI BanksJAI BanksOy oldin
  • His book changed my life, believe it or not.

    21Street-erfication21Street-erficationOy oldin
  • 2020 legend real talk

    G SeverinG SeverinOy oldin
  • The God said “I’m 5’8 140 on a good day” 😄

    Hussle CroweHussle CroweOy oldin
  • Rakim will always and FOREVER be the G.O.A.T!! HE IS HIPHOP!!!

    Shaun MillerShaun MillerOy oldin
  • Real Hip Hop Legend

    Keith Moors SrKeith Moors SrOy oldin
  • Anybody got that timestamp of his unreleased diss to Kane?

    Patrick Garry ClarkePatrick Garry ClarkeOy oldin
  • Talk to damn slow... trying be too cool. Corny. Back in the day 87. My best rapper. Interview sucks.👎

    Eric RobertsonEric RobertsonOy oldin
  • He doesn’t interview well at all!

    Larry GreenLarry GreenOy oldin
  • That looks like royal bane de champagne behind Ra

    Habtamu NeftenyaHabtamu NeftenyaOy oldin
  • He should have been in that video. RAKIM was 1 of the illest and dopest spitters at the time. Should have LLCOOLJ on that track also. Krs was hating at the time

    Visjah BlessVisjah BlessOy oldin
  • Rakim seems like a better person than rapper that speak volume about his character

    Alonzo CarterAlonzo CarterOy oldin
  • My Inspiration...maaaaan...this here is the legend of deep conscious hip hop

    reginald turnerreginald turner2 oy oldin
  • Rakim is more New York than the most New Yorkest New Yorker 🌃

    S HogS Hog2 oy oldin
  • A true hip-hop legend. Ahead of his time, one of the greatest to ever do it. And to hear his story...I only respect him more.

    Drew BlakeDrew Blake2 oy oldin
  • Hes the best that EVER did it in MY eyes. But i grew up in the 80s. Im a year older than him power understanding years old. Peace to BK and Rakim Allah. ☪

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali2 oy oldin
  • Rakim sticking to what was best for him is something you don't really see in todays rap/hip hop. Everybody wants to sound like the next person.

    Bill SamiBill Sami2 oy oldin
  • The legend that ever been.

    C ChölC Chöl2 oy oldin
  • he will continue to abstain from being equivalent to a "joke"

    CuesHQCuesHQ2 oy oldin
  • being from the west rakim’s laid back flow was gangsta and it was the only rap music we had at the time before nwa and ice t.

    EL TEEZYEL TEEZY2 oy oldin
  • Original Goat, there was only sheep before the R

    Maleeq MaciaMaleeq Macia2 oy oldin
  • No one caught the been there done that line. Dre made a song called been there done that after leaving death row. It was the first single aftermath put out. Rakim dropping metaphors mid convo that goes over heads lol

    J PoweJ Powe2 oy oldin
  • Remember when HIPHOP meant Higher Infinite Power helping our people?

    Obeomah BeyObeomah Bey2 oy oldin
  • Still dresses normal. Clothes that fit and look clean and normal! Not that ripped up shit with holes and extra schmediums!

  • Culture - worldwide, this man reached all parts of the world, respect from UK

    Mike inmyhandMike inmyhand2 oy oldin
  • He was doing grown people stuff at 12. He's inspirational.

    ambria harrisambria harris2 oy oldin
  • Moms and pops records. Aww

    ambria harrisambria harris2 oy oldin