Rafael Nadal vs Mackenzie Mcdonald - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020

30-Sen, 2020
645 142 Ko‘rishlar soni

Rafael Nadal vs Mackenzie Mcdonald - Round 2 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments of the match between Rafael Nadal and Mackenzie Mcdonald in the second round. The Spanish player won easily in three sets 6/1 6/0 6/3.
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  • It’s looks like the USTA sent a lamb for a sacrifice.

    TheRedc0metTheRedc0met5 kun oldin
  • I sure hope McDonald is not the future of US Men’s tennis

    Chris MChris M7 kun oldin
  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini

    Eowkshd YdijzgxEowkshd Ydijzgx14 kun oldin
  • Tênis é muito chato

    Omar RochaOmar Rocha15 kun oldin
  • Mackenzie is a girl's name

    FlukeFluke16 kun oldin
  • Keep on going baby, Djokovic is waiting for you :)

    Egyed ErvinEgyed Ervin16 kun oldin
  • Muy desparejo este partido es una práctica para rafa.

    PabloPablo16 kun oldin
  • College tennis vs real tennis

    MD101MD10116 kun oldin
  • Arse handed

    StavrosStavros16 kun oldin
  • Looks like a practice session!

    JoHn GhalyJoHn Ghaly16 kun oldin
  • Nadal vs djokovic in the finals would be sickkkk

    Jack LiuJack Liu16 kun oldin
  • it's slaughter

    Buenos DiasBuenos Dias17 kun oldin
  • Stay strong Rafa.

    Mark MarkMark Mark17 kun oldin
  • nadal's hair tho...

    KMKM17 kun oldin
  • Calling your son macdonalds...brother's KFC?

    tntleitntlei17 kun oldin
  • Rafael Nadal vs Donald Trump

  • The confidence of Nadal in this tournament is huge. Djokovic almost broke it in 2 finals and once with the referee call thing and Federer perhaps once but that didn't happen so it became rock solid. And of his combination of great physical power, great spin to the ball, good running, physical endurance, mental strength and technique of super level make him very suitable for this tournament.

    innosantoinnosanto17 kun oldin
  • Rafael simply unbeatable grt player😍👌

    kerry Akerry A17 kun oldin
  • 13 French open titles and still hasnt been to a 5th set in the Finals..looks like #20 AND a tie with The Fed Express for most GS ever for men. People forget that Roger had 10 Majors before Rafa got his first one in 2005 at the French

    Troy HaskinsTroy Haskins17 kun oldin
  • Great play

    Denis VerkhoturovDenis Verkhoturov17 kun oldin
  • watching nadal on clay is a genuine privilege - unquestionably the most formidable opponent of all time on this surface, or any surface. He'll win it imho

    Hayden WHayden W17 kun oldin
  • Mc Donald, want fries with that ass whooping? Hey kid, show some respect in the end this is the king your playing with

    XT8 MEDIAXT8 MEDIA17 kun oldin
  • Mrs Nadal La Class La performance l efficacité on voie du gros entrainement derrière le top Nadal les Français devrait en prendre Notre vue l hécatombe a Roland Garos Sauf Mrs Hugo félicitation 260eme mondial le paradoxe et incroyable pour des autres Français en + a paris

    Solarplus frSolarplus fr17 kun oldin
  • This guy looks so much like Novak I thought I was watching Novak for a second

    Long TranLong Tran17 kun oldin
  • Super boring matches. Gerasimov, McDonald, Travaglia. Nothing epic. Just walk. No versus top 100.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne17 kun oldin
  • Hitting bombs

    daniel deatondaniel deaton17 kun oldin
  • Un grand much Rafa you're my boy love you buena suerte xxx 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Maria WintonMaria Winton17 kun oldin
  • Burger King: Probably Nadal still hungry

    Jessyca NetoJessyca Neto17 kun oldin
  • Nadal´s balding becomes more and more apparent with the passing of years.

    Xao_PhanXao_Phan17 kun oldin
  • Tá doidooooo joga demais as parabens

    Fabricio SantosFabricio Santos17 kun oldin
  • why so many views for a 2nd round roland garros in just 2 days?? Seems weird, no?

    ciupenhauerciupenhauer17 kun oldin
  • Nadal bliad')

    Vitali. KVitali. K17 kun oldin
  • Every year the French is hyped, 'it will be so competitive'... How many more times does Rafa have to win this thing before people get it? This is his house.

    Tom BryantTom Bryant17 kun oldin
  • What a shots from Rafa, what a sound from every shot. Every hit is getting closer to #13 🔥🔥🔥

    *! Mammadov*! Mammadov18 kun oldin
  • The Silence of the American Lambs....

    Alex HowAlex How18 kun oldin
  • Weak handshake at the end

    KALANI12017KALANI1201718 kun oldin
  • nadal could've played right handed that day and still would of won

    John TerryJohn Terry18 kun oldin
  • Terrible job with the highlights, as always!! 🤦‍♂️

    MrPiccoloFan2MrPiccoloFan218 kun oldin
  • Nadal doesn’t stop.

    Tatsushi koike 小池竜史Tatsushi koike 小池竜史18 kun oldin
  • Saludos a todos de parte de un Venezolano viviendo en Lima Perú. Siempre he admirado este torneo y en este caso a Rafael Nadal. Lo felicito por este nuevo triunfo

    Carlos jose Polanco esserCarlos jose Polanco esser18 kun oldin
  • Rafa needs a harder test than this before we get to the business end of the second week. He made quite a few uncharacteristic errors in this match and the way he was playing made me think he'd struggle against any top 20 player. Just praying that his form will peak when needed.

    David JDavid J18 kun oldin
  • I hope he at least had a McFlurry during break

    FranFran18 kun oldin
  • Clay court is as like nadal's home ground so who can stop him?he is a king of clay court and nobody can't beat the king.

    Nazrul IslamNazrul Islam18 kun oldin
  • be very scared djoko and thiem nadal is at home...the only place he wins

    SyphorXSyphorX18 kun oldin
  • Why are so many people watching these videos? wtf?

    Lama AdministratorLama Administrator18 kun oldin
  • 強すぎ

    おしゃれ幼稚園児おしゃれ幼稚園児18 kun oldin
  • 2 minutes highlights. Gee, thanks

    JazzJazz18 kun oldin
  • 2:03 ぶrrrrラファエラ、、ナダーーーー

    テニス好きテニス好き18 kun oldin
  • Hang tough Mackie. Didn't he take a set off of Federer before?

    vinyltapvinyltap18 kun oldin
  • I think Mackie had a bad day, certainly he can do better even against Nadal...

    Alejandro MascittiAlejandro Mascitti18 kun oldin
  • RAFA NADAL- you’ve been my favorite tennis 🎾 player since the first day I saw you- You’re a beautiful intelligent compassionate interesting Passionate-A VERY VERY GOOD PERSON- the best seen in my life. You’re gorgeous grateful gracious Wunderful SPORTSMANSHIP IS AN HONORABLE ADJECTIVE for you. I set my clock for all your matches. My favorite word as well is you’re HUMBLE. I adore your fabulous persona BE WELL BE SAFE & live life forever.‼️❤️💕👄 conniejworley@ gmail.com

    Connie WorleyConnie Worley18 kun oldin
  • Thats a statement for sure.

    Robert HaysRobert Hays18 kun oldin
  • I srsly need someone to explain to me why Mackenzie McDonald is so hyped. I don’t see the hype at all. He’s alright but there’s nothing outstanding about him

    John ParkJohn Park18 kun oldin
  • Now that's called taking care of business

    Francis LeeFrancis Lee18 kun oldin
  • LET'S GO U.S.A!

    AUDIOHOSTEM187AUDIOHOSTEM18718 kun oldin
  • He looks crisp

    William DunnWilliam Dunn18 kun oldin
  • congrats rafa nadal

    Mark Rhyan WorksMark Rhyan Works18 kun oldin
  • 見てて気持ちええな

    匿名匿名18 kun oldin
  • Actually good efforts from McD. No point doing a baseline slug-fest with Rafa in RG. He tried to mix it up.

    Sudhir BishtSudhir Bisht18 kun oldin
  • The big 3 should automatically go to the quarter finals. These Matches are a waste of their time.

    NovaNova18 kun oldin
  • Nadal highligts

    Clz ClzClz Clz18 kun oldin
  • Novak Will wait for him in the final.

    novola1972novola197218 kun oldin
  • Come on, Mac, you gotta represent the name better than that. Just feeding Nadal yummy snacks to smash all over the court.

    Hugh MacDonaldHugh MacDonald18 kun oldin
  • OK wats the shoes nadal wearing those loook super cleannn

    Stéphane 06Stéphane 0618 kun oldin
  • My hitting partner played McDonald in Norcal junior tournaments. I don't think he's been at his best the past few months due to coming off injuries. Nadal played great, as always.

    Will BaileyWill Bailey18 kun oldin
  • He is on steroids again.

    Kosta El KomandanteKosta El Komandante18 kun oldin
  • Just saw Novel's highlights and it was 9mins. Is RG against Rafa?

    Harriet AcquahHarriet Acquah18 kun oldin
  • Nadal was like: „Nice warm-up, now where’s that Mackenzie guy I‘m supposed to play against?“

    Timepiece EnthusiasmTimepiece Enthusiasm18 kun oldin
    • Hahahahah

      Isidro AriasIsidro Arias16 kun oldin
  • I kinda got ‘sit yo ass down kid‘ vibes from Nadal there...

    Timepiece EnthusiasmTimepiece Enthusiasm18 kun oldin
  • 1:35 これ入るん!?

    栗林雷旗栗林雷旗18 kun oldin
  • Yeah, Nadal was *not* going to be beaten by someone named Mcdonald

    unowen7591unowen759118 kun oldin
  • that smash at 0:55 had ridiculous velocity!

    Christian PetersonChristian Peterson18 kun oldin
  • Mi I'DOLO...😎

    Luis Rodriguez arreguiLuis Rodriguez arregui18 kun oldin
  • Nadal was just lovin' it too much... *Hint: opponent's name.

    MiraversalMiraversal19 kun oldin
  • This year it’s Djokovic

    Patrice SankaraPatrice Sankara19 kun oldin
  • Hello 911? I'd like to report a murder

    SS KingsleySS Kingsley19 kun oldin
  • too easy, is there not a better round 2 challenger for nadal?

    Blue PavilionBlue Pavilion19 kun oldin
  • Vamos rafa

    Jérémie AugustinJérémie Augustin19 kun oldin
  • Incrível... Rafael Nadal

    Madison OliveiraMadison Oliveira19 kun oldin
  • If he keeps playing like this, he’s going to crush Djokovic

    AMOROLDAMOROLD19 kun oldin
    • @Da Lee no. djokovic is a joke, he always has the easiest draw in the tournaments. He is a shit.

      AMOROLDAMOROLD16 kun oldin
    • Djokovic.....the one and only 💪💪💪

      Da LeeDa Lee17 kun oldin
  • 2008 FO final painful flashback....

    KishnabeKishnabe19 kun oldin

    system abcsystem abc19 kun oldin
  • Welcome home Rafa! CHAMP13ON!

    Adrian CiscatoAdrian Ciscato19 kun oldin
  • Nadal is done with all the hate, he just stopped talking made the racket do the talking...

    Adrian CiscatoAdrian Ciscato19 kun oldin
  • Mackenzie never stood a chance. He hasn't improved or grown since his college days. This kind of tennis won't cut it on today's tour, he needs to take tips from Diego Schwartzman.

    Monica MatosMonica Matos19 kun oldin
  • that's why he didn't play in the US OPEN en route to 13th French Open Title and 20 Grand Slam titles

    Je GarJe Gar19 kun oldin
  • Too short highlight compared to other grand slam highlights.

    Nico SlaterNico Slater19 kun oldin
  • healthy RN is a flash in RG clay court

    gregorius maria Wibiksonogregorius maria Wibiksono19 kun oldin
  • Bro that was fucked up

    Bryan MunizBryan Muniz19 kun oldin
  • just another day at the office for rafa

    Joe KimJoe Kim19 kun oldin
  • dont do mackie like that

    gotemgotem19 kun oldin
  • this looks like warm up match for nadal. stroll in a park. e z p z

    George HGeorge H19 kun oldin
  • these kids really should fkn step their game on man.. sure it's hard but too loose this big against the big 5.. it's sad. same happend too Ymer.

    Mr potatoheadMr potatohead19 kun oldin
  • It’s just me or the speed is little bit slow? It’s because of the pitch? I’m new to tennis and trying to learn don’t judge me plz.

    Ahmad is okayAhmad is okay19 kun oldin
  • 相手が可哀想やわw

  • That guy Nadal has a potential, maybe someday he will win a slam, or two.

    aris oraisaris orais19 kun oldin
  • 2:02 R-r-r-r-afael Nadaaal

    Data SportsData Sports19 kun oldin
  • Rafa needs big Mac.

    Nam Ji YooNam Ji Yoo19 kun oldin

    Шерфедин АбкеримовШерфедин Абкеримов19 kun oldin
  • Everybody knows he is doped

    ertzuuztreertzuuztre19 kun oldin