Quackity Gets Pranked While Playing Jackbox

12-Yan, 2021
994 440 Ko‘rishlar soni

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    • Quackity: guys please, follow me on twitch

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    • Guys please

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  • 0:17 I got summoned

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  • The hilarious gong ethnopharmacologically impress because cellar delightfully found since a entertaining walk. synonymous, brief shade

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  • “guys please” -Quackity 2021

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  • #guysplease lets goooo

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  • guys please

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  • 7:00 Fundy: "I like the dad kissing one" Wilbur: 👁👄👁

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  • We’ve got Ranbouw

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  • *Guys, please*

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  • quackity Today at 11:67 PM guys please

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  • i was on this stream and it lasted for almost 30 minutes. guys, please calm down

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    • ahh do you know what he stream was called? i cant find the vod:(

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  • 6:00 I guess I’m a rubber ducky😃

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  • guys please 😭😭

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  • *Guys please*

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  • Who’s they guy they played with that kinda sounded like raccooneggs but with a higher voice

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  • Guys. Please.

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  • #guysplease

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  • 4:25 HE DONT MISS

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  • Guys, please make more jackbox videos

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  • im disappointed that the top comment isn’t “guys, please”

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  • we not gonna talk about bad has BARS

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  • Guys please

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  • 6:55 HE KISSED WHO!?

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  • Can we get some "guys please" In the chat

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  • Guys please

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  • Guys Please

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  • I miss the old quackity

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  • guys please

    ꧁M a r i a n a꧂꧁M a r i a n a꧂2 kun oldin
  • “Hello guys hi guys hello guys hi guys” *randomly picks up guitar but fails* “OW” This is somehow pure comedy

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  • Guys Please

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  • Why did BBH go off so hard in this one :fire: :fire: :fire:

    Mayaismyname RnMayaismyname Rn3 kun oldin
  • I'm a big stupid head. The end.

    BrutalBrutal3 kun oldin
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  • guy please

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  • Guys please

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  • awww omg bad when he got guilt tripped TTTT

    Ttny LambTtny Lamb3 kun oldin
  • #guysplease

    BartekBartek3 kun oldin
  • The msg was from today 11:57 pm when did you stream it

    WorthyantWorthyant3 kun oldin
  • I think bad being pg just strengthens his rapping

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  • Guys please

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  • guys.. please

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  • I THOUGHT BBH WAS ACTUALLY THE ONE TALKING BUT I WAS LIKE "wait bbh would never draw that-"

    chiakudochiakudo3 kun oldin
  • Guys please

    Ernest Dela CruzErnest Dela Cruz3 kun oldin
  • guys please

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  • Why does George rap SO close to his mic-

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  • guys please..

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  • Guys Please

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  • guys minecraft.

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  • i know why his name bad now

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  • Guys please

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  • This whole stream was Q’s friends bulling him via a jackbox game

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    bro its ray ! !bro its ray ! !4 kun oldin
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    Max_digitsMax_digits4 kun oldin

    Max_digitsMax_digits4 kun oldin
  • People with try phobia are probably afraid of an or*y because there’s so many holes😂

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  • guys please

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  • *guys* *please*

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  • Assholeness goes brrrr in 3.. 2.. 1...... GUYS PLEASE

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    • @EA lol

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    • Why is it not dolores umbridge being liked?

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  • guys please

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  • M.

    melxdiq doomsmelxdiq dooms4 kun oldin
  • what is quackity's intro i mean the "Streamed on twitch.tv/quackityhq" scene? whats the song

    Endlock - RobloxEndlock - Roblox4 kun oldin
  • Jack of

    ZarmizuZarmizu4 kun oldin
  • 8:40 i need this

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  • Guys... please...

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  • True frends

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