1-Okt, 2020
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  • loving it

    Orange HighlighterOrange Highlighter3 kun oldin
  • YESSS! The beast of rock come back! gracias por este legado de puro rock tantos años, sois increibles. Come on bro, give me more rock!!!

    Pepe CatalánPepe Catalán4 kun oldin
  • Ac dc

    Teresa Ortega CastroTeresa Ortega Castro4 kun oldin
    • 💜

      Teresa Ortega CastroTeresa Ortega Castro4 kun oldin
  • 2020 until octuber: Worst year ever 2020 after AC/DC releasing a new album: Best year ever

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue6 kun oldin
  • Right now we need rock and roll

    S197 GTCSS197 GTCS7 kun oldin
  • 2020 until octuber: Worst year ever 2020 after AC/DC releasing a new album: Best year ever

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon7 kun oldin
    • Oh shit.. 😮😍😍😍

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue6 kun oldin
  • #PWRUP vengan a México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽⚡♥️

    Fay HardyFay Hardy7 kun oldin
  • Normies: "2020 is the worst year ever" Angus Young: Hold my school uniform

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni7 kun oldin
    • Hardest. We Are The Dealers.

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon7 kun oldin
  • I am READY!

    revun666revun6668 kun oldin

    Prakhar VermaPrakhar Verma9 kun oldin
  • The world needs this

    BIgKnuckleJonBIgKnuckleJon10 kun oldin
    • ppl will listen, play, adore, talk about acdc 🤘

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni7 kun oldin
  • Great news! Can't wait to crank it!

    Citizen55Citizen5510 kun oldin
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!

    Raul BluesmanRaul Bluesman10 kun oldin
  • 2020: This year is bad. AC/DC: No, year is good.

    JS 2099JS 209910 kun oldin
  • The ONE and ONLY Rock Band ---- AC / DC --- Thanks 4 it Guys ... .

    dcoog anmldcoog anml10 kun oldin
  • Can't wait for the tour

    Jeff DuncanJeff Duncan10 kun oldin
  • New album from AC/DC is the only cure for that corona-crap, cause you're not bothering that shit anymore. \m/ from Poland!

    OgnistyShadowOgnistyShadow11 kun oldin
  • Stevie young hold the heritage of the late uncle malcom

    thorsten riedelthorsten riedel11 kun oldin
    • This is the best thing to come out of 2020, with Eddie Van Halen passing I need some good music to help ease the pain. Thank you AC/DC for continuing to rock on !!

      dcoog anmldcoog anml10 kun oldin
  • Legends are all powered up this season

    Chitrabhanu TamrakarChitrabhanu Tamrakar11 kun oldin
  • World tour i hope. South Africa a must!

    Mark SpigolonMark Spigolon11 kun oldin
  • Bk in blk part 2

    Robert GhanemRobert Ghanem12 kun oldin
  • Oh shit.. 😮😍😍😍

    Manuel TraunigManuel Traunig12 kun oldin

    iga bargiga barg12 kun oldin
  • 2020 is The best year ever I'm Not A Democrat and I don't wear covid mask. And I have been to 10 ACDC shows covering the Late 80s early 90. And American patriots Rock the Hardest. We Are The Dealers.

    Jarvis GandyJarvis Gandy12 kun oldin
    • thank god

      seiom jvonyseiom jvony11 kun oldin
  • Please tour fellas!!!

    Douglas RothDouglas Roth12 kun oldin
  • how dare u to bring tears to my eyes and make my heart bump like this, have me on the edge of my soul bstrds cant love u more ure my pagan gods. a thousand years from now ppl will listen, play, adore, talk about acdc 🤘

    alicia blackalicia black13 kun oldin
  • All the dislikes are from the people who didn’t power up

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov13 kun oldin
  • Im crying like a twat ,😭😭😭😭😭🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟☝️☝️☝️🤟🤟

    Rockers racing and gamingRockers racing and gaming13 kun oldin
  • ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANGUS YUNG FOREEVER

    Ruan GuyterRuan Guyter13 kun oldin
  • AC/DCはすげぇなあ

    ホンダネーションホンダネーション14 kun oldin
  • My two favorite bands AC/DC and Van Halen

    Michael DortonMichael Dorton14 kun oldin
    • Right

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov13 kun oldin
  • They dropped the big fat surprise on us just like that

    sokin jonsokin jon14 kun oldin
  • This is the best thing to come out of 2020, with Eddie Van Halen passing I need some good music to help ease the pain. Thank you AC/DC for continuing to rock on !!

    Dave SchnareDave Schnare14 kun oldin
  • 😳😯😯😯😯😯😯

    Crxstian M.Crxstian M.14 kun oldin
  • Shot in the Dark....I wait FO

    Gál MiklósGál Miklós15 kun oldin
  • I'm waiting for You- AC/DC.

    Kazik FurtakKazik Furtak15 kun oldin
  • One more concert of AC DC and I can die...

    Deki StojanovicDeki Stojanovic15 kun oldin
  • thank god

    Colonel HenryColonel Henry15 kun oldin
  • ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Mf421Mf42115 kun oldin
  • Hope Phil has teeth

    Mark MorrisseyMark Morrissey15 kun oldin
  • damn it's good i'm very happy Brian is back

    jerrylee01jerrylee0115 kun oldin
  • Hell yeah

    Mf421Mf42115 kun oldin
  • 2020 needed some AC/DC!! and I had to react to this song: uzworld.info/player/video/omaab62GabWSX6o

    Belgian JasperBelgian Jasper15 kun oldin

    Ben TebbeBen Tebbe15 kun oldin
  • Right

    Gabe LaCroixGabe LaCroix15 kun oldin
  • This accompanied with the new Stryper album makes this year way better

    BuckeyeBuckeye16 kun oldin

    rocketqueen.rocketqueen.16 kun oldin
  • Thank you for fixing 2020 Angus!!!!

    Em DoodleyEm Doodley16 kun oldin
  • If this is new.... ME LIKEY!!!!!!!!

    Pericles MichaelPericles Michael16 kun oldin
  • looks like they are BACK IN BLACK

    Ptao TomPtao Tom16 kun oldin
  • Awesome ❤❤🤘🤘🤘🤘

    igot40acresaliigot40acresali16 kun oldin
  • te llevaste a van halen y nos regresaste a AC⚡DC

    Juan de Dios Perez MontepequeJuan de Dios Perez Montepeque16 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait till the album is released and then AC/DC come and tour DOWN UNDER 🇦🇺

    Agatino MazzaAgatino Mazza16 kun oldin
  • God I hate government lice

    eatem nsmileeatem nsmile16 kun oldin
    • Wowwww

      Ptao TomPtao Tom16 kun oldin
  • Yawning, is that I'm deaf Brian still?

    eatem nsmileeatem nsmile16 kun oldin
    • Yes cash a liability check and still mine acdc gold

      eatem nsmileeatem nsmile16 kun oldin
  • Impressionante...

    Walney SPWalney SP16 kun oldin
  • 🤘uzworld.info/player/video/qIC6j6-Qc8muqJo🤘

    Marcelo SimiandMarcelo Simiand16 kun oldin
  • 🎶 I shot the dog 🎶

    Max KeenanMax Keenan16 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that watched this 100000000 times?

    Miguel CarrilhoMiguel Carrilho16 kun oldin

    Oscpa PalmOscpa Palm16 kun oldin
  • Wery wery god

    Dodi DodiDodi Dodi16 kun oldin
  • Oh my fucking god. THEYRE BACK!

    CompanCompan16 kun oldin
  • Neden neden neden daha önce keşfedemedim sizii

    Sude WSude W16 kun oldin
  • november, 2 things happen this year: -NNN (no nut november) -the new AC/DC album

    Face McShootyFace McShooty16 kun oldin
  • Thanks to ACDC, you are still making the year 2020 meaningful ⚡

    Miri M.Miri M.16 kun oldin
  • Same old style yet never gets old. \m/

    Steven ZinSteven Zin16 kun oldin
  • Олды тут!

    Григорий ПолуянГригорий Полуян16 kun oldin
  • Wowwww

    charlotte HOUSEcharlotte HOUSE16 kun oldin
  • Sounds like the same shit *yawn*

    The TiminatorThe Timinator16 kun oldin
  • Me when this released: 2020 Best year ! Me on october 6th: *Crying and shaking uncontrollably*

    Aureus MiniaturesAureus Miniatures16 kun oldin
  • Have fun with a AC/DC medley blind-test : uzworld.info/player/video/h6PKf7Zjm9W6mao

    Aïo LiveAïo Live16 kun oldin
  • 👏👏👏👏

    Mf421Mf42116 kun oldin
  • It's like a time tunnel to the late 70's Lets go there because 2020 is crap

    leokimvideoleokimvideo16 kun oldin
    • Lol, it didn’t sound like this in the 70s I can assure you of that.

      Ter RowleTer Rowle5 kun oldin
    • Omg 30 sec and I can’t stop singing: shot in the dark...shot in the dark...

      sokin jonsokin jon14 kun oldin
  • 👏👏👏👏

    Mf421Mf42116 kun oldin
  • ⚡️🔥🔥

    Mf421Mf42116 kun oldin
  • Hell yeah

    Mf421Mf42116 kun oldin

    Jhon :vJhon :v16 kun oldin
  • New music?

    Jack KellyJack Kelly16 kun oldin
  • indonesia please...

    serak sixxserak sixx16 kun oldin
  • and you won't need a doctor 'Cause it'll cure all ills...

    CassieCassie16 kun oldin
  • real rock is coming back!!

    Janam RaiJanam Rai16 kun oldin
  • Alas, the answer...the solution to remedy a planet. THANK THE SUN WE GOT BRIAN JOHNSON BACK! Guess that doctor knew what he was doing when he heard about our hardship. AAAhhhhh...

    big tradebig trade16 kun oldin
    • OMG YES

      CassieCassie16 kun oldin
  • Thank you ACDC for making 2020 better! Thank you for continuing to rock!

    Ben StangBen Stang16 kun oldin
  • Just watched it, great

    Chao Wingching Hongfingshong PingPangPongChao Wingching Hongfingshong PingPangPong16 kun oldin
  • Lol 6.66m subscribers

    hòóliGanhòóliGan16 kun oldin
  • Mexico is ACDC :)

    Gerardo QuintanaGerardo Quintana16 kun oldin
  • 2020: Well maybe I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore.

    Ngaire-Jasmin BarrettNgaire-Jasmin Barrett16 kun oldin
  • I've started to live again!!!

    Jose Emmanuel Dominguez HerreraJose Emmanuel Dominguez Herrera16 kun oldin
  • 2020 has been terrible sometimes but with some of my favorite bands releasing new music, it’s been alright. Now with AC/DC back and releasing new stuff it’s really good

    Patrick SchardtPatrick Schardt16 kun oldin
  • You've grown old

    A Metalhead guyA Metalhead guy16 kun oldin
  • We Salute You

    Martín HonoratoMartín Honorato16 kun oldin
  • This is some badass Flick of the Switch sounding stuff. I want to hear the whole album so bad.

    Daniel EidetDaniel Eidet17 kun oldin
  • I want more

    Noah AnysNoah Anys17 kun oldin

    Pascal SolkanPascal Solkan17 kun oldin
  • Oh yes the world needs some AC/DC now!! Release it soon boys and we will rock out in honour of Malcolm!!!

    Brian HouleBrian Houle17 kun oldin
  • ...wanted to share a note before this track hits the net at 1 am: I saw AC/DC in August 1984 ..the Monsters of Rock festival Donnington Park.. Van Halen opened for them. Eddie blazed solos so heavy for that show..it was so incredible and so raw..what a show they put on....todays been a sad day for rock with the loss of EVH...i feel this track and this band will keep a fire burning for those who rocked the world and still do....thank you Eddie...and thank you AC/DC....keep the engines firing and keep the burning torch of rock lit forever.. ...

    train_00train_0017 kun oldin
  • Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa

    Javier MartinezJavier Martinez17 kun oldin

    Gatling HawkGatling Hawk17 kun oldin
  • Endlich sie wieder da

    Sport BilliSport Billi17 kun oldin
  • Formulaic :-)

    G ManG Man17 kun oldin