Protein Packed Omelette!

8-Yan, 2021
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2 Eggs, 1 Cup of Spinach, 2 TBS of Cheddar Cheese

  • Man she’s talented, she can perfectly crack an egg with her muscles

    General DeltaGeneral Delta18 kun oldin
    • Meanwhile i can't crack an egg normally and I'm 18

      rainbow_ editzrainbow_ editzKun oldin
    • True

    • Ikr

      jady aziel medallajady aziel medalla2 kun oldin
    • @General Delta I couldn’t care less 😂 you fucking idiot

      Kyle GoodallKyle Goodall2 kun oldin
    • @Kyle Goodall well you dont know a joke

      General DeltaGeneral Delta2 kun oldin
  • I would not want to be on Lynja’s bad side

    theShaqtus5320theShaqtus5320Daqiqa oldin
  • Her biceps are bigger then my house

    fresh princefresh princeSoat oldin
  • I have NEVER in my life cooked before but I saw this video and decided to try. I made an omelette using this recipe and my sister said it tasted amazing! I love Lynja’s recipes they are amazing! Thank you Lynja❤️

    Isabel LomeliIsabel Lomeli3 soat oldin
  • No muscle at all just scrawny

    Kyle GoodallKyle Goodall4 soat oldin
  • Don’t mess with lynja

    Christian LunaChristian Luna5 soat oldin
  • She is the new SHE HULK

    Vivian O'DellVivian O'Dell5 soat oldin
  • Daaaam Linda's pythons are bigger than mine

    Molebedi NthagaMolebedi Nthaga5 soat oldin
  • Ouuu my grandma 👵 strong 💪🏾💕🤩

    Zakra BountyZakra Bounty6 soat oldin
  • She is lowkey stronger than me for sure

    Reflex0528Reflex05286 soat oldin
  • Or you can just make scrambled eggs and put cinnamon on it

    red crew mate with five childrenred crew mate with five children7 soat oldin
  • How does she not? burn herself? when? she. put her hand on the stove?

    Brittany DufreneBrittany Dufrene8 soat oldin
  • Save her the vortex got her

    Abby roadAbby road8 soat oldin
  • Men she cool food workin strong muscles

    wyeth evanzwyeth evanz9 soat oldin
  • Linda if you have grandchildren make tere favoriete food plz

    Jason RoperJason Roper9 soat oldin
  • Is it only me Who Wonder whos grand mom this is im Kinda jelly

    the basterdthe basterd10 soat oldin
  • You're so cute❤

    Misbah paper craftsMisbah paper crafts10 soat oldin
  • Dang she could take on her haters all by herself

    Anri HelsdonAnri Helsdon11 soat oldin
  • Cute grandma

    Jyoti tiwariJyoti tiwari12 soat oldin
  • I hope if she was my grandma 😎😎

    yk Kadiyayk Kadiya13 soat oldin
  • Thats talent to open eggs with those muscles Damn she's buffer than me and im 11

    CHIPZCHIPZ15 soat oldin
  • Nice the minecraft sounds at the end made me hungry

    Countryhuman KDCountryhuman KD19 soat oldin

    Lenny SummersLenny Summers20 soat oldin
  • Lynja: 'flexing muscles and bragging about healthy lifestyle' Lynjas tshirt: EXTRA BUTTER

    spontaneous potatospontaneous potato20 soat oldin
  • Who else thinks shes better then gordon ramsay

    Lost HopeLost Hope20 soat oldin
  • She even COOKS food for bodybuilders.. *SHE MY GRAMMA NOW*

    Poggo DoggoPoggo Doggo20 soat oldin
  • Lynja the great be cookin in the kitchen

    Himiko togaHimiko toga21 soat oldin
  • I believe that those biceps are larger than XQC's

    RandoM S A PRandoM S A P22 soat oldin
  • That looks so good I kind of want to try that but I hope you enjoyed that pal:) ❤️❤️

    candle toycandle toy23 soat oldin
  • The best chef

    RAFA DROIDRAFA DROID23 soat oldin
  • It's pretty funny whenever I'm going to go to a restaurant I always see your videos and then I think mmmn

    cookie lovercookie loverKun oldin
  • Go linda!

  • Mooooom! Grandma is trying to tell me I'm strong again

    Juniper BerryJuniper BerryKun oldin
  • Lynja thank you for exiting you make my day brighter every day im so happy ur so active and happy yet so old thankyou

    imonlyhapyimonlyhapyKun oldin
  • I'm scared of this woman

    Lord NutshellLord NutshellKun oldin
  • Idk y’all I’m kinda scared now

    BeefyIsHere-Brawl StarsBeefyIsHere-Brawl StarsKun oldin
  • She is so talented she over here with her freaking 22-inch muscles and mines like 1 inch she is so talented � ❤️ ❤️ #go_linda

    Kasey shufeltKasey shufeltKun oldin
  • Weyd

    katie longkatie longKun oldin
  • I never noticed her small arms until now

    Meme GlobMeme GlobKun oldin
  • :)

    Esa K.Esa K.Kun oldin
  • You better run before I scramble You like a egg and fold you like a omelet it is a joke ok

    hi I am bobbyhi I am bobbyKun oldin
  • I feel like you can cook a whole forest and only come out with a hand full of spinach.

    Darkness LostDarkness LostKun oldin
  • Omg your so funny

    Fate DavisFate DavisKun oldin
  • Such a queennnn✨💞😭

    Samara AcedoSamara AcedoKun oldin
  • Woah calm lynja I don’t want the smoke

    The Gucci GangsterThe Gucci GangsterKun oldin
  • Her: who's talking crap about me. Me: I'm talking crap about u🤣

    The awesome gamer girlThe awesome gamer girlKun oldin
  • Who’s behind the camera is my question

    YourDMYourDMKun oldin
    • Idk

      Maddie WeesnerMaddie WeesnerKun oldin
  • “Who’s talking crap about me?” Me: idk but I’ll mosh them for you

    Emo NerdEmo NerdKun oldin
  • Those 22 inch pythons? John Cena competitor right herr

    Tristan’s in SlytherinTristan’s in SlytherinKun oldin
  • Lynja is a alpha Chad

    Cathie UreCathie UreKun oldin
  • Me:showing to my grandma me:can you do this grandma grandma:run to her room cry*

    banxna_ milxbanxna_ milxKun oldin
  • I can’t believe she exists 😍

    S. P.S. P.Kun oldin
  • That is just bad omlet lol

    Kapitan MelanżuKapitan MelanżuKun oldin
  • Wow

    Charles CharlesCharles CharlesKun oldin
  • The ketchup threw me off 😂

    BH BlutzBH BlutzKun oldin
  • "use a mini wisk" Aight Imma use fork

    emmo ebboemmo ebboKun oldin
  • Check the heat?! I’m not a fire bender

    Mingonite -_-Mingonite -_-Kun oldin
  • I love her

  • Me who loves Spinach: 👁👄👁 *MOM CAN YOU MAKE THIS!?*

    xxNIKKOxx the bearxxNIKKOxx the bearKun oldin
  • You know ive tried all yiur recipes. And I love them all. And peanut buttwr in Raman. Genius. But its not a protein omelette without ham! Im sure theres a reason. But your an amazing cheif and I hope you kids and grandkids understand that.

    Keef KoganeKeef KoganeKun oldin
  • She needs more appreciation because she puts a lot of time into this

    Antonio Noel SabolboroAntonio Noel SabolboroKun oldin
  • The haters should be thrown into the egg vortex

    Liam LyonLiam LyonKun oldin
  • You make me not want to be vegan anymore

    Will.GWill.GKun oldin
  • I honestly love how people like you are very funny

    cherri flamecherri flameKun oldin
  • “Plate that jawn”

    Drew DanielsDrew DanielsKun oldin
  • I think I heard Max talking crap about you? Might wanna go teach him a lesson k.

    The Quiet KidThe Quiet KidKun oldin
  • Ok she strong asf cracking an egg like that is very hard don’t beleive me try it yourself

    This is my family and I am not proud of it FamilyThis is my family and I am not proud of it FamilyKun oldin
  • Her: *touches pan and feels nothing* Me: *touches pan-* AAAA

    VeD_BO1VeD_BO1Kun oldin
  • Why is it so cool to watch this

    Aziz MoralesAziz MoralesKun oldin
  • Wow she's more buff and amazing than me

    Bailey CastoBailey CastoKun oldin
  • Omg yes girl crack those eggs

    Mariah RoweMariah Rowe2 kun oldin
  • How did she crack it-

    jady aziel medallajady aziel medalla2 kun oldin
  • The salt and pepper crusher just called us poor

    Kevan MarshallKevan Marshall2 kun oldin
  • My dude be lifting weights I can't even lift marshmallow weights

  • Stfu for once

    Brennan Lujan - EVE StudentBrennan Lujan - EVE Student2 kun oldin
  • Fucking wierdo

    Kyle GoodallKyle Goodall2 kun oldin
  • HOW

    The fire wolfThe fire wolf2 kun oldin

    YourTypical WeirdoYourTypical Weirdo2 kun oldin
  • I wish I was that good at making eggs!!! And I don’t like spinach but that looks so good, I would most definitely eat it!!! And that CHEESEEEEEEE

    Country PotatoCountry Potato2 kun oldin
  • FEAR

    lily_bobaween sisterlily_bobaween sister2 kun oldin
  • I would get yoke every where

    Stevie Mouse CrunchStevie Mouse Crunch2 kun oldin
  • Oh God how are those muscle's so big

    zeroOgden EnzozeroOgden Enzo2 kun oldin
  • Bommer

    Fortnite BoyFortnite Boy2 kun oldin
  • Dang she is strong

    BaddieYOONJIBaddieYOONJI2 kun oldin
  • Oh my darn gosh you beated a Muscle Man in cracking an egg with your 'MuScLeS' Press R to 🙇 to OUR GRANDMA

    Gabe The Legendry Chimken Nuggers Moncher DoggoGabe The Legendry Chimken Nuggers Moncher Doggo2 kun oldin

    Thatbaby WitchThatbaby Witch2 kun oldin
  • I just noticed that she said Jawn she from Philadelphia

    BlackcaraX1BlackcaraX12 kun oldin
  • THE VORTEX IS TOO STRONG FOR LITTLE LYNJA!!!......... well she ded

    0_2 YT animates0_2 YT animates2 kun oldin
  • Best. Grandma. Ever.| Periodt.

    Immie's SxnflxwersImmie's Sxnflxwers2 kun oldin
  • why is she talking like that

    ManuManu2 kun oldin
  • Rare footage of Marge simpson cooking

    Diego ArambulaDiego Arambula2 kun oldin
  • love your cooking are you really that strong but I really love your Channel 6 in more to UZworld and you get a lot of likes for me cuz I'm always watching love you buy a put some of those fun clips of you cooking oh and try the new Ariel fry

    Debra BurnettDebra Burnett2 kun oldin
  • Your a man right?

    U. D. D. SenseiU. D. D. Sensei2 kun oldin
  • She added a minecraft eating sound effect... She is perfect

    The_Clapp3rThe_Clapp3r2 kun oldin
  • Lynja flexing hard in that thumbnail

    brukaybrukay2 kun oldin
  • Bruh she got bigger guns than my fatass

    DogethDogeth2 kun oldin
  • I freaking LOVE this woman. My daughter and I watch her videos and then run into the other room just so we can show everyone else.

    Danielle JARAMILLODanielle JARAMILLO2 kun oldin
  • I thought those muscles belonged to Mike Tyson for a second

    ChaoticNovaChaoticNova2 kun oldin
  • I've been watch your vids linda.. I need a workout review 😂

    Daddy NielDaddy Niel3 kun oldin
  • Lol I wise you were my grandma love all the videos you I'm so happy now Xp

    •flare the glowing••flare the glowing•3 kun oldin