PRO hero”s react to TikToks & AMV[MHA][Gachalife]part 2

27-Sen, 2020
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  • Oh my god the U.A. pride one... Dadzawa looked so proud! I love it!

    Sunshine PlayzSunshine Playz23 kun oldin
    • Yes he looked so happy! 🥺

      Viri In The AbbyssViri In The Abbyss21 soat oldin
    • I mean he is gay

      {Anna banana}{Anna banana}Kun oldin
    • @Xx_Sky Chan_xX I’m bi too

      NIckStar OPNIckStar OP3 kun oldin
    • that means he loves us but just hides his feelings :3

      Ochako_Uraraka_ Stop.shipping_me_with_DekuOchako_Uraraka_ Stop.shipping_me_with_Deku3 kun oldin
    • Sunshine Playz I’m bisexual

      Xx_Sky Chan_xXXx_Sky Chan_xX5 kun oldin
  • I swear this one is making this me cry so much 2:02 if I don’t have friends like those there is no point in living

    LemonSquashLemonSquash8 soat oldin
  • Dude that video should have taken so many work nice job

    BlueGamingBlueGaming11 soat oldin
    • Thanks

      •visibly_ Confused••visibly_ Confused•10 soat oldin
  • 1:17 y e s

    ThatOne ExoticButterThatOne ExoticButter14 soat oldin
  • You should do the overhaul vs deku fight with them if u haven’t already

    Gentle_Criminal 1Gentle_Criminal 115 soat oldin
  • Me at 2:03 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I don’t know why I always cry at them

    • Astrielle •• Astrielle •16 soat oldin
  • awesome video as usual ! but one mistake : all might reacted to him fighting muscular last time so why is he so suprised ? or is just so that the story can go smoothly and u can get a better reaction ....? either way, it was awesome UwU

    QwQ faceQwQ face20 soat oldin
  • Spoilers from the manga 6:50 Say the guy who stand 5 min against Shigaraki when Deku fought him with so much strengh that everybody was shocked😌

    ArianeArianeKun oldin
  • Finally a smile

    cotton candy🍭cotton candy🍭2 kun oldin
  • Damn I didn’t know mido-bro could be cute and evil

    Kirishima EijiroKirishima Eijiro2 kun oldin
  • wait why isnt deku in the pro hero group oh wait hes not a pro hes a master i forgot

    Nakhaie MirzaNakhaie Mirza3 kun oldin

    cotton candy🍭cotton candy🍭3 kun oldin
  • lol I thought Aizawa was making this face: 👁3👁 xD

    Vanny The KillerVanny The Killer3 kun oldin
  • even though I've added like 100 views to this myself i just can't stop watching it's truly amazing.

    Alyssa PrideAlyssa Pride4 kun oldin
  • Endeavor is the kinda guy who would throw a rock at the ground and miss

    Lotsa sphagettiLotsa sphagetti4 kun oldin
  • This is honestly the best Gacha allmight that I have ever seen

  • 2:01 i didnt know bakugou had a soft side for kiri and kaminari-

    Ochako_Uraraka_ Stop.shipping_me_with_DekuOchako_Uraraka_ Stop.shipping_me_with_Deku5 kun oldin
  • Aiwaza-sensi! I uh threw it at Kaminari cause I was in a bad mood 😅

    Izuku MidoryiaIzuku Midoryia5 kun oldin
  • Whenever I think of the sports festival at UA I think of the one roast when deku says “I’m not all might and todoroki isn’t you.”

    XxLIAxX :3XxLIAxX :35 kun oldin
  • Why does no body ever show poor shoto or lida in sains fight with them

    Raygan HatmakerRaygan Hatmaker5 kun oldin
  • 5:08 Looks like All Might is wearing a dress...🤣😂🤣

    Lydia LeeLydia Lee5 kun oldin
  • Endeavor’s thoughts 💭:How could 3 teenagers be better than me

    XxGACHA_ FIRExXXxGACHA_ FIRExX5 kun oldin
  • Who’s blue in the first tiktok?

    unzile mehmetiunzile mehmeti5 kun oldin
    • You choose it can be Deku or anyone or even you

      •visibly_ Confused••visibly_ Confused•5 kun oldin
  • *Yep this is what normal people watch this days and I love it*

    Captain JaysonCaptain Jayson6 kun oldin
  • i cant sto replaying it 4:37

    Grape GachaGrape Gacha6 kun oldin
  • Repent JESUS is coming soon

    Sefakor AzasuSefakor Azasu6 kun oldin
  • Midnight is that cool aunt no cap😫💅💕✨

    GachaflixGachaflix6 kun oldin
  • Im I the only one who thinks that Endevor be thankful to Deku cause he is the reason Shoto uses his fire

    Sofia GuevaraSofia Guevara6 kun oldin
  • Can we take a minute to appreciate 1:36 ?

    youraverage loseryouraverage loser6 kun oldin
  • When your teacher beats your father in a fight what do you do. Deku needs this answer

    hayden scotthayden scott6 kun oldin
  • Why was endeavour sad or angry at 0:50

    Abeera UmairAbeera Umair6 kun oldin

    Midóri SanMidóri San7 kun oldin
  • Okay, I’m sorry but the pan one made me cry since I’m Pan, it just means a lot to me-

    Lavender_YTLavender_YT8 kun oldin
    • :)

      •visibly_ Confused••visibly_ Confused•8 kun oldin
  • ENJI YOU ARE A JERK, HE IS STRONGER THEN YOU! also can you make them react to deku vs overhaul.

    Shadow LycanShadow Lycan8 kun oldin
  • Allmight sees deku getting hurt* all might : WHO THE HELL TOUCHING MAH CHILD deku crying in pain* All might : my poor baby :(

    Kay kay Msp c: oliverKay kay Msp c: oliver8 kun oldin
  • Endeavor: He is still weak Deku: Excuse me take that back, I have killed two villains by myself that you pro hero’s couldn’t defeat

    Rsniper 808Rsniper 8088 kun oldin
  • Bruh I love endeavor and bakugou since they have so much character development

    IZmittensIZmittens8 kun oldin
  • can u do one with the rise edit pls

    Ashlee LarimoreAshlee Larimore8 kun oldin
  • 2:01 The pros: aww Me: 🤧😭 KACCHAN now you can finely stop yelling

    Jaxi_Chan •-•Jaxi_Chan •-•9 kun oldin
  • I- dont know why aizawa is crying may I know rhe reason pls T^T

    Sansational landSansational land9 kun oldin
  • Why is Deku’s mom hair purple

    • Angel Draws •• Angel Draws •9 kun oldin
  • 👏 👏 👏

    • Angel Draws •• Angel Draws •9 kun oldin

    xHaruko.ChanxxHaruko.Chanx9 kun oldin
  • My cousin has those hearing things that attach to her ear to cause she was born with hearing problems and sounds a little weird when she talks but I love her

    Seraphina Tong YeomansSeraphina Tong Yeomans9 kun oldin
  • Same here Danzawa did look proud 😢😢😢Amazon

    Paris PretzelParis Pretzel9 kun oldin
  • Bakugo: can I keep him Dad might: #jealousdadmight Me: yass

    IzUkU MidoriyaIzUkU Midoriya9 kun oldin
  • Wait.. WAS URURAKA HOLDING A PAN FLAG IF SO PAN SQUADDDDDDDD hehe I'm pan Edit: I SWEAR TO GODDDD WHY I'D EVERYONE MAKING ENDEVOR HOMOPHOBICCCC ya know then less people like endevor as a character and he's not a bad person cause in one episode he smiled and was trying his best to be nice to todoroki ;-; this isn't hate but don't make him homophobic cause it'll bring more hate to him cause then people start to believe he is homophobic XD

    bts armybts army9 kun oldin
  • I'm pretty sure endeavor wouldn't really care about the others sexuality but Todorokis

    Cute RatCute Rat10 kun oldin
  • I don’t get the 2 tiktok can someone explain it

    Abeera UmairAbeera Umair10 kun oldin
  • May someone tell me if I’m aloud to buy kaminari

    Red AmberRed Amber10 kun oldin
  • Tell me the truth.... *Who simp for overhaul..?*

    Nurul Hidayah Chang AbdullahNurul Hidayah Chang Abdullah10 kun oldin
    • Nurul Hidayah Chang Abdullah I mean kinda

      •visibly_ Confused••visibly_ Confused•10 kun oldin
  • Okay, will I find one video with pro heros in it and will say that Deku SHOULD be pro hero, right now

    Ice IceIce Ice10 kun oldin
  • I was legit hoping to see them beat up endeavor....🥺

    Fre LeafFre Leaf10 kun oldin
  • I was in the middle of saying “Pro hero’s-“ then my arm like got twisted and I said; “Pro hero’s react to my arm breaking”

    *-Teddy and Friends- **-Teddy and Friends- *10 kun oldin
  • All might: y u callin my successor week ehh?

    CattriCattri10 kun oldin
  • The pride one makes me think When i move out of my parents house im telling them im pansexual because I won't have to live by their rules and worry about what they think of me :) they are pretty homophobic

    Quake _ GachaQuake _ Gacha11 kun oldin
  • I love 1:34

    Smol PotatoSmol Potato11 kun oldin
  • 1:36

    youraverage loseryouraverage loser11 kun oldin
  • Pro hero react to"flicker"

    Cruz De los vivosCruz De los vivos11 kun oldin

    Naomi Nia UgbomoikoNaomi Nia Ugbomoiko11 kun oldin
  • 0:50 oh great homophobe im straight

    Jared's ChannelJared's Channel11 kun oldin
  • denki strong

    Aman DhaliwalAman Dhaliwal11 kun oldin
  • Why does almost no one add cementoss (No hate)

    NL GamingNL Gaming11 kun oldin
  • 3:27 What is the name of the song? I don't know English so I had to translate it 👌🏻👁👄👁

    Jatsuky- Kun 7w7Jatsuky- Kun 7w711 kun oldin
  • What is the tiktok of the pikachu remix?

    Luna Demon GamerLuna Demon Gamer11 kun oldin
  • 1:36 what episode is this

    Sero HantaSero Hanta11 kun oldin
    • @•visibly_ Confused• okay

      Sero HantaSero Hanta10 kun oldin
    • Season 5 oh most the last episode

      •visibly_ Confused••visibly_ Confused•11 kun oldin
  • Y THE FUCK. AIZAWA LUVS ALL HIS KIDS AND DENKI ISN'T AN EXCEPTION. PERIOD, I AM HONESTLY SO TRIGGERED I CANT UFVDHSBCJERGKLNBED. like I know its a joke but y would he be happy if Denki bb got hit? if it was anyone else (except Mineta) people would be like "nooooo babbyyyy" and here u guys really be making fun of Denki lmao.

    Clouds.Clouds.11 kun oldin
    • like can u pls stop bashing Denki as a character lmao? toxic fandom check.

      Clouds.Clouds.11 kun oldin
  • esta muy merecido tu like y mi apoyo posdata sub nuevo xd :)

    Ale_ Gacha 3742Ale_ Gacha 374211 kun oldin
  • please make deku punch endeavor

    Emma CoxEmma Cox11 kun oldin
  • E uzworld.infoaAfWNs8Kvfo dont ask

    Buster_theparrotboiBuster_theparrotboi12 kun oldin
  • Midnight looks like toko fukawa-

    ImNotAIdiotImNotAIdiot12 kun oldin
  • Ive watched this 15 times 1:33

    Zale ZaneZale Zane12 kun oldin
  • 1:37 I AM PICACHUUUUUUU 2:41 Aizawa is now my least favorite teacher >:( All Might is now my favorite

    Himiko TogaHimiko Toga12 kun oldin
  • Tell that red head to be proud of Todoroki Someone- Just because he lost in a fight doesn't mean you act FLOOOPING deSpreSsED- Anyways if someone tries to attack my bbys ( mha ) 🔪

    BTS BlackpinkBTS Blackpink12 kun oldin
  • Easerhead: Dennis is dumb Shinsou: my boyfriend is not dumb Me: he’s dumb when used as a charging station for bakguos phone

    Froggy PebblesFroggy Pebbles12 kun oldin
    • I mean Denki

      Froggy PebblesFroggy Pebbles12 kun oldin
  • I'm jamming to this lol 1:39

    [Owea][Owea]12 kun oldin
  • At the end endeavor reminded me of Bakugo

    Shy_KatieShy_Katie12 kun oldin
  • Omg you are legit the only one who uses all mights real eyes 😂 This wasn't hate anyone

    ?My ñåmë īs Tøkyö¿?My ñåmë īs Tøkyö¿12 kun oldin
  • Endeavor : Eh he's still weak Me: hah?! BISH! Not only did he find Stain when the Heroes couldnt, midorya & friends also kinda defeated the HERO KILLER even though they were still in their first year of highschool. And that's not even mentioning him single-handedly defeating Muscular and defeating Overhaul even after sir nighteye said it was fate for him to die. HE CHANGED THE FUTURE BISH! And saved two kids the process, which is more than I can say for you looking at your family issues 🙂

    Nellie JohanssonNellie Johansson13 kun oldin
  • They should react to deku vs overhaul.

    Demonic GachaDemonic Gacha13 kun oldin
  • Me: Watching the end and eating Evendorar:eh he's still weak Me: jumps threw screen and knocks him out* Don't ever call the marshmallow weak

    Midnightmadness UwUMidnightmadness UwU13 kun oldin
  • I’m pan to uraka

    Night night ClubNight night Club13 kun oldin
  • bru- "HE'S STILL WEAK" BRO he's stronger then u sis 💀👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙂🔪

    〜dehydrⱥted clouᖙ〜〜dehydrⱥted clouᖙ〜13 kun oldin
  • What about mics qwirk in death from that

    Gacha Deku -kunGacha Deku -kun13 kun oldin
  • They can reacts to Deku and Bakugou vs nine...?

    Katsuki :BakugouKatsuki :Bakugou13 kun oldin
  • Aizawa: Whoever threw that is gonna get an A+ in my class! Me: What if it was Mineta?

    Redhood BautistaRedhood Bautista13 kun oldin
  • endeavers face when deku defeated muscular is priceless

    Daniel BellDaniel Bell13 kun oldin
  • When All Might fought ‘All For One’ I started crying 😂

    Lolthumbnail_ 2121Lolthumbnail_ 212113 kun oldin
  • You are what i inspire to be, your videos are perfection if only i made content like this

    CielioCielio13 kun oldin
  • her: my camera storage was full me: mines been full for months and i was somehow able to still add pictures O-O

    Riker And Sisko The PomskysRiker And Sisko The Pomskys13 kun oldin
    • BlusteryMercy OMG SAME!

      Mamta SinghMamta Singh11 kun oldin
  • When endeavor called him weak the others were like “boi”

    Lala LandLala Land13 kun oldin
  • That first one is so accurate it’s to good but like why it gotta be like that

    Sofia NagleSofia Nagle13 kun oldin
  • Endeavor- eh, still weak Me: b*tch he f*cking took down overhaul what more do you f*cking want?!

    Katsuki BakugouKatsuki Bakugou13 kun oldin
  • They should react to todorokis past with out him

    Monse MartinezMonse Martinez13 kun oldin
  • Wow that last one was really hard to keep up with And omg this came out so great It killed me when Denki got a caprisone thrown at him Endeavor: ugh he's so weak Deku: beats villains Me: bitch,who's the weak one now? Try fighting him. Bet you'll pee your pants on the first strike/hit

    Safia BenarbaSafia Benarba13 kun oldin

    nashla GAMER.0nashla GAMER.013 kun oldin
  • 2:01 I love how in that tiktok they can talk without moving their mouth

    Thotsuki bakuhoeThotsuki bakuhoe14 kun oldin
  • *Hes still weak* Izuku: *Defeats Overhaul*

    Mha ._. ᴇᴅxᴛsMha ._. ᴇᴅxᴛs14 kun oldin
  • Omg.. I started crying with the Kacchan going deaf thing.. *that shit hurted :,(*

    Latte Of DepressionLatte Of Depression14 kun oldin
  • That teach endeavor for keep calling people weak

    Josue MercadoJosue Mercado14 kun oldin