|| Prince Bakugou AU reacts to Original AU || ORIGINAL || GC || UwU ||

30-Sen, 2020
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  • This is like the 5th time I've watched this- it's so good!

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  • I love it 💕💕 But I wanted to say that someone uploaded your video on their channel... It's not ok that they get the likes or even the Views... But I want to say again I love your Video🥺🥺

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  • Green team

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  • Jerin2010 stole your video

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  • Somebody copied this video search prince bakugou au reacts and it should be there blue profile picture

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  • Bakugo and Izuku be like: We really need ti help Todoroki with his depression -~-‘

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  • What did the princess and the beginning do to get stabbed?!

    ItzLimePopItzLimePop11 soat oldin
  • HaHA i like how u spelled queen mitsuki Queen maTsuki

  • Me: sees the intro* Also Me: *chuckles* That turned dark...

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  • Can you do a part 2

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  • Someone stole this video from you

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  • It was very good i love this reacting vid

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  • Wait I wanna say something-I don’t know if you know but someone stole ur video ;-;

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  • in this fantasy au deku got his quirk from a legend who saved the kingdom from monsters maybe idk

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  • bishhh u killed this and then at the end gurll whats ur digits

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  • Hey dude i found someone that stole ur vid heres the linkhttps ://uzworld.info/player/video/gY3MqLeDldvVp2s

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  • Hey i have question umm can you do tutorial on how you did ur intro. Plsssss

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  • did he drink detergent.....

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  • I really like your intro

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  • Oh wow Katsuki's mother and father have a crush on married ;O

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  • Hi! Just wanna say someone used your video for their channel This is the link- uzworld.info/player/video/gY3MqLeDldvVp2s Unless they asked to use the video please report it! 😣🙏🏼

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  • some one cop yore vedo love you to

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  • MHA Fantasy AU gives me Merlin vibes

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  • I love this Video gurl When I see this video I click it so fast I love it I think I watch this video 20times Yeah 20times

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  • Waaaa i am late U~U but i love your video UwU

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  • Damn you really just threw a knife at that girl’s forehead in your intro like it was nothing 😳

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  • Also I hate ur OG bakugo he's mean also I agree with his mom and bakugo supposed to be single

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  • Bakudeku is the gross one than tododeku but I like even better the real OG ships

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  • Your out to is everything

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  • uzworld.info/player/video/gY3MqLeDldvVp2s they took your video

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  • I really love your intro

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  • 4:55 lol mood

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  • I love the bakugou prince au 😔✨

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  • when your watching her videos in love with her intro me: omg I loveeeeeeeeee it ahhh i cant

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  • Favorite TikTok is at 3:48

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  • Do you think the creators gcaha club charanter should go to jail because she killed a barbi girl?

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  • Can you make them react to "fear & courage amv/asmv bnha heros rising?"

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  • I love your intro

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  • I think my favourite anime show is now nothing to me now i reget seeing this

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  • I just want to tell you someone stole your video

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  • ohhhh so mitsuki and masaru’s crush’s name is married?

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  • 2:21 there the video begins

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  • Nice vids u forgot todoroki's scar

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  • The intros song is something the whole world should hear.

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  • 4:10 I hate when people you the word mashallah! DO THEY EVEN KNOW WHAT IT MEANS! I can't believe they're using Mashallah without knowing what it means! Mashallah means "What God has willed" Mashallah is an Arabic word!

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  • U should do a part 2 if you want I'm not forcing you U-U btw this was AMAZING

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  • I like the entrance girl👌😄

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  • Crush= m Read =>

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  • kirshma was hot ether way leeme stop i ship for way to much ppl

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  • Thx for killing the barbie

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  • jerin2010 stole this video if you didn't know-Please help me he's getting views from it!

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  • God damn it I hate Prince Bakugou AU’s mom

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  • I kinda feel bad for todoroki When it was bakudeku

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  • um...you forgot todoroki's scar

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  • I freaking love you're intro

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  • Can you make them react to sad todo

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  • You're intro is so Amazing!!!

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  • Wait where did shoto go at the end

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  • part 2 pls!!!!!!

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  • hmm isnt that your AU not original AU

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  • I love your intro 🥺🥺✨✨🦋😂

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  • 5:12 Poor Todoroki :(

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  • uzworld.info/player/video/gY3MqLeDldvVp2s He copied you and put it in the original title! I'm using a translator, I'm Brazilian, but I report it

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  • Intro: you can’t touch me there Me: *pokes the screen for a second* :P

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  • Yo!!! This idiot stole your video btw!! uzworld.info/player/video/gY3MqLeDldvVp2s

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  • I don’t ship any of these..;-;

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  • Me vibing to the outro:💃😎 My mom:👁👄👁🤦‍♀️

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  • Wait you said that Deku and Bakugou marry escort her but what about the ‘cheating’ thing? WILL they get married or will they NOT?

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  • I dare you to make part 2

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  • Me in the into *boops ur nose* you: YOU CANT TOUCH ME THERE

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  • 4:27 Me: Ayyy Tridashies sweep remix of mlp. Me: *S W E E P.* Why are you reading this?, This is a time waste

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  • Can they react to some more todoroki I feel bad for him😭

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  • Is so... COOL!! (New sub) ¿part 2? Pliss

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  • I don't like Ms.Bakugo like that...😢😢😔😔

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  • this was so amazing! you should definitely make more of these!

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  • Make part 2 pls, this video is so incredible (I'm sorry to my bad english ;-; I'm brasilian ;------;)

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  • *_I Feel Like I Need Part 2-_*

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  • 1:15 i can

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  • You heard then masaru and mistuki crush is married

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  • Hey someone stole your video

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  • I'mma just say Kirishima is so cute :;((•﹏•๑)));:

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  • What's the name of the song at 4:28? I can't find it anywhere

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  • 5:23 Deku look smug af

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  • Please stop shipping bakudeku it’s so toxic

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  • Nice intro

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  • Mhm the real mom is WAY better than THAT mum of Kacchan

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  • God daaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

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  • Part 2 please🙏🙏🙏

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  • No one gonna talk about the intro that pretty smooth 👀👀

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    Izuku MidoryaIzuku Midorya6 kun oldin

    Izuku MidoryaIzuku Midorya6 kun oldin
  • midoriya: role, Villager me: hMmMm.

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  • Ranks: Emperor/Empress Duke/Dukeness Marque/Marqueness Count/Countess Baron Commoner This are the ranks according to my royalty fanatic sister

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  • Plz do part 2 of this

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  • @jerin2010 stole ur video >:(

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