Polo G - Martin & Gina (From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

19-Okt, 2020
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Music video by Polo G performing Martin & Gina (From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon). (C) 2020 Universal Television LLC

  • THÉ GØÄT really doesn’t use any autotune

    Ashish BhajanAshish BhajanSoat oldin
  • I’m trying to rap all the songs in this album word for word almost got this I’ve got heartless down tho

    Daber9583 2.0Daber9583 2.02 soat oldin
  • He doesn’t need auto tune

    PanzerPanzer3 soat oldin
  • Shii dis one of my favorite songs ❤️

    Bre VuBre Vu3 soat oldin
  • Polo g is the 🐐

    bruh gangbruh gang5 soat oldin
  • 🐐🖤

    haydra 22haydra 227 soat oldin
  • what is that hoodie

    Nikke_Fin 03Nikke_Fin 037 soat oldin
  • Yes🖤

    RicoRico17 soat oldin
  • Hello, go and like my video that I will go to the bathroom and when I come back I want 300 likes

    O-dog BitchO-dog Bitch20 soat oldin
  • use auto tune for batter vocal

    LiL Sanju - OfficialLiL Sanju - Official21 soat oldin
  • I Don’t Even Know What I’m Doing Right Now, Forget Everyone Calling This Man Polo A Goat Lmao When We Know Damn Well He’s A Legend He’s Been Through Hard Times And Still Made Us An Album That’s Why He Deserves More Respect Then He Actually Has, Polo G If You See This Bronem Just Know I Admire Everything You Do And There For You Are My Favorite Artist In The World And I Won’t Change That💜✊🏾

    KdtheManKdtheMan22 soat oldin
  • The bass be going hard 🤙🏼🤙🏼

    Diego R.Diego R.Kun oldin
  • “LEGEND”

    IV LeolaIV LeolaKun oldin
  • Love from the uk brudda , keep your shit up

    Y1Y1Kun oldin
  • Fav rapper easily and fav song for now cause it’s always changing up yk

    Julia HamonJulia HamonKun oldin
  • Polo g the best rapper out of chicago i been saying this since 2019

    Born PsychopathBorn PsychopathKun oldin
  • Please notice me

    Christian MakoujiChristian MakoujiKun oldin
  • King, may god protect u and ur family bro 💸💎👑👑👑👑

    Ebony 01Ebony 01Kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mike MiddletonMike MiddletonKun oldin
  • GOAT

    Varun ChopraVarun ChopraKun oldin
  • Polo G the reason why I keep goin . shit tuff outta Chicago everyone got they own situation . Ive never seen someone with more talent what a 🐐 .

    ZinyZinyKun oldin
    • Can you listen to my new song on Spotify open.spotify.com/artist/1hO8BqhnHb0Xi9U4M188EM?si=9OvUvT_ARGuARm5wt88R5g

      Yung SnakeYung SnakeKun oldin
  • When polo g die everyone gonna be dick riding ion like his music like that but people gonna be fake when he die I'ma just say rip I ain't gonna have my pfp like him or nun polo g a goat doe

    JayDracossJayDracossKun oldin
  • Bra Stay Dangerous 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

    Isaac WashingtonIsaac WashingtonKun oldin
  • He’s the goat Now he’s my Favriot artist he should be top

    DevilishYT UwUDevilishYT UwUKun oldin
  • Polo couldnt make a body song even he tried

  • it kinda sounds like he's sick or he speeking to close to the mic

    ChristianChristianKun oldin
    • soundcloud.com/ant11x/martin-and-gina-remix-feat-lil-baro-x-caprice-the-new-youngin Polo G deadass cosigned these kids, wtf

      WeastWeastKun oldin
  • Polo g = 🐐

    Ace _Ace _Kun oldin
  • Did you sell your soul i

    Jax MaloneJax Malone2 kun oldin
    • soundcloud.com/ant11x/martin-and-gina-remix-feat-lil-baro-x-caprice-the-new-youngin Polo G deadass cosigned these kids, wtf

      WeastWeastKun oldin
  • Bro polo g dont sell your soul plz

    Riley LangleyRiley Langley2 kun oldin
  • If polo dies I'm a real fan🐐

    Moneybaggyo CrisMoneybaggyo Cris2 kun oldin
    • soundcloud.com/ant11x/martin-and-gina-remix-feat-lil-baro-x-caprice-the-new-youngin Polo G deadass cosigned these kids, wtf

      WeastWeastKun oldin
  • Im trying to reach 100 subs so can someone help me out by giving me a sub?

    ZnX BlankZnX Blank2 kun oldin

    Kageyamas BaeeeKageyamas Baeee2 kun oldin
  • best rapper alive idc

    analaura morgananalaura morgan2 kun oldin
    • soundcloud.com/ant11x/martin-and-gina-remix-feat-lil-baro-x-caprice-the-new-youngin Polo G deadass cosigned these kids, wtf

      WeastWeastKun oldin
  • Greatest rapper of our generation 🐐and from my city chi-raq onbro

    BSM GhostfaceBSM Ghostface2 kun oldin
  • Polo G = 🐐

    SherwiSherwi2 kun oldin
  • Let’s just speak facts WOLO G (aka DA GOAT) is going down as one of the greatest rappers of all time no fuckin cap

    Ricky BellRicky Bell2 kun oldin
  • The goat🥇

    monica whitrackmonica whitrack2 kun oldin
  • polo g is the best rapper

    Addi Paul-Elie AkaAddi Paul-Elie Aka2 kun oldin
    • soundcloud.com/ant11x/martin-and-gina-remix-feat-lil-baro-x-caprice-the-new-youngin Polo G deadass cosigned these kids, wtf

      WeastWeastKun oldin
  • Best song ever👍

    King BoyKing Boy3 kun oldin
  • Wolo G 💯

    Michael GuerraMichael Guerra3 kun oldin
  • Actually his Nebiyu"s fav artist.. n i think Polo G is woow Infact his bringing that good soul to my feet🔥🔥

    Keisha DzepeteKeisha Dzepete3 kun oldin
  • live performances with bands >>>

    ion fucking knowwwion fucking knowww3 kun oldin
  • The Moment this legend and eminem make a song its gonna pass life is good for sure

    The Wanderers 179The Wanderers 1793 kun oldin
  • Man brought a whole band for the instrumental, truely live music love it!

    Josh NunnJosh Nunn3 kun oldin
  • If he die rap is done for bru

    rblx rblxrblx rblx3 kun oldin
  • DONT FOLLOW OTHER PEOPLE PATH , FOLLOW YOURS.stay safe guys,yo polo g if you are reading this have a wonderful DAY

    Haesay PawHaesay Paw3 kun oldin
  • 🤍💙💚💛🤍🖤🧡🧡💜💜❤️❤️

    DavidDavid3 kun oldin
  • bro he doesn’t use auto tone

    humanpoops7humanpoops73 kun oldin
  • Polo G is better then whoever your favorite rapper.

    Shinobi DripShinobi Drip3 kun oldin
  • Georgiana MifsudGeorgiana Mifsud3 kun oldin
  • If anyone subscribe to tbezzy johnson on youtube I will subscribe back in like videos

    Tbezzy YouTube Channel johnsonTbezzy YouTube Channel johnson4 kun oldin
  • claim your “before 1 million views” ticket here 🎫

    Pla1zPla1z4 kun oldin
  • Lowkey a goat 🐐

    MrFreshAfrican -_-MrFreshAfrican -_-4 kun oldin
  • If Polo G dies I’m over like he’s a goat

    NoKapSerityNoKapSerity4 kun oldin
  • 2:03 he even says this while sining

    George Logan JrGeorge Logan Jr4 kun oldin
  • This goat got drip too, the fit lookin clean 🔥🔥🔥

    ZekXeedツZekXeedツ4 kun oldin
  • YOU DA GOAT🖤🖤🐐🐐🐐

    Kami CapalotKami Capalot4 kun oldin
  • I love you so much Taurus no homo

    Kami CapalotKami Capalot4 kun oldin
  • GOAT

    TJ GuerinTJ Guerin4 kun oldin
  • U r the best💪❤

    banana boybanana boy4 kun oldin
  • He The Only Who Actually Song The Whole Song

    OB WinzOB Winz4 kun oldin
  • love you polo g

    Justin DelamazaJustin Delamaza4 kun oldin
  • Why'd he censor "girl"

    Roman PisaniRoman Pisani4 kun oldin
  • Love you polo!

    Proud ConservativeProud Conservative4 kun oldin
  • My new favorite rapper

    Henry BarberHenry Barber4 kun oldin
  • I was waiting for him to walk back and fall back he was to close to the border of the stairs

    Jose BeatsJose Beats4 kun oldin
  • Yo polo G got his act and hasn’t lost it after you did ur first Polo G x Juice Wrld you became one of the rappers in history

    Redeem RelRedeem Rel4 kun oldin
  • Best rapper in da game I swear

    SaucySefSaucySef5 kun oldin
  • Doesn’t miss 🖤 🐐 🔥 (Like if u think so)

    dazz. LFdazz. LF5 kun oldin
  • If we lose you ima be done with rap, if I’m correct and we end up losing Polo G, claim ur real fan tickets here.

    NovazNovaz5 kun oldin
  • Polo g I hope u see this u are my fav rapper I starded listen to u like 2 years ago I didn't listened so much to music but when I heard I just fall in love with ur music.brooo u have the best bangers I really love u unfortunately I couldn't came on a concert but I really hope u are may fav rapper and if u would respond it would be the best shit of my life bro u look so cool I really love ur drip and I really think you will become the goat yes that title is real u are really the goat so I think u have a nice day and see this message love u man peace out

    Tudor PancescuTudor Pancescu5 kun oldin
  • Best rapper and your my favorite

    J breezyJ breezy5 kun oldin
  • Goat

    Jason SmithJason Smith5 kun oldin
  • why does it sounds like his nose is stuffed

    Noah MalphursNoah Malphurs5 kun oldin
    • He's too close to the mic

      Emaleigh CoreyannEmaleigh Coreyann4 kun oldin
  • The boys in the back be kickin shit🤣😯😎🤙🏽

    Fee EffFee Eff5 kun oldin
  • Nice

    Emery Everett-VilsantEmery Everett-Vilsant5 kun oldin
  • lol they censored stick

    AmeenUchihaAmeenUchiha5 kun oldin

    Hoda MohamedHoda Mohamed5 kun oldin
  • Polo g is different 😈😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥

    Jamil Zeidan10Jamil Zeidan105 kun oldin

    Epic GamezEpic Gamez5 kun oldin
  • Listen to him before he goes like juice x peep and pop smoke

  • Goated babys☺️💨🍃

    Jainia’s JourneyJainia’s Journey6 kun oldin
  • The 🐐💯

    muki 20muki 206 kun oldin
  • hes a gg respect

    Lungy SibanyoniLungy Sibanyoni6 kun oldin
  • Pog Polo g da goat

    A zeA ze6 kun oldin
  • 🐐 🐐🐐🐐

    dd9dda9453 Daviddd9dda9453 David6 kun oldin
  • I need the non auto tune version on Spotify this sh*t 🔥

    GimboogieGimboogie6 kun oldin
  • Funny that polo g didn’t make bad song and x also didn’t make a bad song. All legends didn’t make a bad song. If we lose polo g I’m gonna cry

    Songs for EternitySongs for Eternity6 kun oldin
  • Legend

    iTzNxsty skillsiTzNxsty skills6 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Ronnie JohnstonRonnie Johnston6 kun oldin
  • fr i wanna do a song with polo one day.

    Loui TLoui T6 kun oldin
    • One day

      A zeA ze6 kun oldin
  • im dead ass prouda ma nigga wolo fucking g!!!!

    luh capalotluh capalot7 kun oldin

    Y PY P7 kun oldin
  • Watch out dec 13 ur my fav plzzzzzz

    James JonesJames Jones7 kun oldin
  • damn i love Polo

    Ben WettbergBen Wettberg7 kun oldin
  • We been losing to many rappers lately we NEED to protect Polo G 💯❗❗❗

    Darius ColeyDarius Coley7 kun oldin
  • If polo g ever dies I’m claiming that I’m a real fan

    Br UhBr Uh7 kun oldin
    • @Takevious Craig 😢 lol

      Br UhBr Uh2 soat oldin
    • You gay I ain't with that

      Takevious CraigTakevious Craig5 kun oldin
    • @Joe Mama 😔

      Br UhBr Uh5 kun oldin
    • @Takevious Craig sorry daddy

      Br UhBr Uh5 kun oldin
    • What is wrong wit you

      Joe MamaJoe Mama7 kun oldin
  • Plz colab with lil tjay again you guys are the best duo

    Nate TNate T7 kun oldin
  • Wait til he grow up 😭🥳

    Anna MaloloAnna Malolo7 kun oldin
  • He went off on those drums though, song was great

    Yvng DoggoYvng Doggo7 kun oldin