Playing with the #1 Girl Duo in Warzone! 🤣

28-Sen, 2020
1 807 485 Ko‘rishlar soni

Playing with the #1 Girl Duo in Warzone! 🤣
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  • Can I pet cat

    Edwin GarzaEdwin Garza2 soat oldin
  • guys being dudes

    J BJ B5 soat oldin
  • Yo it’s grumbay

    Omar CabreraOmar Cabrera6 soat oldin
  • Nick kidding on hes not loving doing bunkers and recons

    Mattverick GamesMattverick GamesKun oldin
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    Alex FloresAlex Flores2 kun oldin
  • Ya they are number one na they don’t know how to slide cancel

    Sterling KellySterling Kelly2 kun oldin
  • When nick says you here that lil Billy and lil Timmy and theres no one called Timmy or Billy :(

    _cl1pz_cl1pz3 kun oldin
  • "someone shooting??" *nick casually shooting the window*

    OutlawOutlaw3 kun oldin
  • I know I did not just hear them call quarry a hot drop 🤣

    Dan The ManDan The Man4 kun oldin
  • “Yea train station is lit” 😂😂

    Davis JohnsonDavis Johnson4 kun oldin
  • Dropped guns 💪 hahaha 🤣

    Thomas BuchananThomas Buchanan5 kun oldin
  • " i'm tryna be more cringe"

    tommyalzztommyalzz5 kun oldin
  • bro wtf u drove over dead bodys nick

    Miguel PerezMiguel Perez5 kun oldin
  • anyone who wants to 1v1 made a big mistake

    Miguel PerezMiguel Perez5 kun oldin
  • like dude ur insane

    Miguel PerezMiguel Perez5 kun oldin
  • Miss season 2-3 warzone was the best

    JiCeTo NiCe69JiCeTo NiCe695 kun oldin
  • 2 sad dudes

    Dragon knightDragon knight5 kun oldin
  • “Also Also” got me lol

    Brandon PoitrasBrandon Poitras5 kun oldin
  • #1?

    KSI 2.0KSI 2.06 kun oldin
  • Yooo I fucking died when he was driving right next to them saying yeah were just gonna walk 😂😂

    Tyler MitchellTyler Mitchell6 kun oldin
  • 3 months later and this is still the funniest warzone video ever!😂 “whats brackin?”

    Braden LargeBraden Large6 kun oldin
  • Never laughed watching you until now. Had me rolling.

    HagShack5HagShack57 kun oldin
  • I only watch his videos so I can hear him yell “LIKE THE VIDEO MAN”😭

    Brutal_ GunnerBrutal_ Gunner7 kun oldin
  • 14:18 “ I got a friend request from a blank name” another kid that nick played with got a friend request from a blank name too while nick was playing with him does anyone known why?

    JZslaysJZslays8 kun oldin
  • best game ever LOL

    Mi SilverMi Silver8 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the carry 😭😭😭 I’m dead

    JaredJared8 kun oldin
  • droppin the guns was immaculate

    Opsomet 09Opsomet 098 kun oldin
  • his face half the time was a no shit look

  • I lost Brain cells bro

    Johan BakkerJohan Bakker11 kun oldin
  • What does she mean at 18:05 ? they said it was a smart thing to do with your ammo, but I couldn't understand what she was saying? Someone please let me know what they were talking about at 18:05

    Austyn DavisAustyn Davis11 kun oldin
    • It’s basically you have reserve drop all your ammo then you drop the ammo box and you refill your ammunition you’ll be able to reload with the ammo you dropped as well ...basically you’re camping in a way does that make sense ?

      Views 566Views 5662 kun oldin
  • simp confirmed lol

    Josiah BrabbJosiah Brabb13 kun oldin
  • What's Brackin

    Seaniel 1Seaniel 113 kun oldin
  • You nick has a wife

    Christopher McCrayChristopher McCray13 kun oldin
  • What’s brackin 😂😂😂

    Brahm ShawverBrahm Shawver13 kun oldin
  • This is the funniest video ive ever seen bro nick gotta do reaction videos 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lil DangleLil Dangle13 kun oldin
  • wait....this isnt the same rosie from thedoo's gamer girl vid is it?

    darkinertia2darkinertia214 kun oldin
  • full vod someone?

    RobKJ3RobKJ315 kun oldin
  • Lmao. My teammates play like them 😂

    J3 FitnessJ3 Fitness15 kun oldin
  • That was funny

    Ulisés ChicasUlisés Chicas15 kun oldin
  • "Yalla emshe" i love it 😂

    Xx_ _XxXx_ _Xx16 kun oldin
  • He was so salty at bro when he brought up train station nick was about to flip😂

    Lane SwitchinLane Switchin17 kun oldin
  • hilarious

    Jonathan TorresJonathan Torres17 kun oldin
  • hes muslim yay

    Syed AliSyed Ali18 kun oldin
  • this is how a couple of my buddies actually play! i cant take it.

    GUMBOGUMBO19 kun oldin
  • Is this the same holly that was in the video with David Dobrik

    Brian ManningBrian Manning20 kun oldin
  • Nick never ever change the intro so you know what to do.... LIKE THE COMMENT! Peace and love baby

    KrumzoKrumzo21 kun oldin
  • Broooo after watching this I now realize that I play like a girl. Nick train me the right way.

    Aidan BowersAidan Bowers23 kun oldin
  • Bro I swear to got a kittens look the exact same

    Tyler TTyler T23 kun oldin
  • Yoo your cat looks exactly like mine💯💯

    Brady StutesBrady Stutes23 kun oldin
  • Lol only in warzone

    itsRuSh Yo!itsRuSh Yo!23 kun oldin
  • Dude why you so judgemental , you laugh at everything they say or do. Just let them be. You’re annoying af 😂😂

    One Ugly 95One Ugly 9524 kun oldin
  • How do they not hear him clowning them

    Sam HenwoodSam Henwood24 kun oldin
    • he must be on Discord with his boyfriend

      Jose SalinasJose Salinas23 kun oldin
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    Drew DavisDrew Davis25 kun oldin
  • He tryna be slick bby saying “What’s brackin” 😂

    Gooo VeteranGooo Veteran26 kun oldin
  • why exactly are nick and his friend playing this off by snickering and whispering to each other as if the way the girls are playing is weird? "i'm trying to be a little more cringe", acting like they don't know much or acting stupid. i just get the feeling like they were being sarcastic and condescending when the girls were very communicative, eager to listen and take advice, open to suggestions and overall very chill. kinda put me off a bit there.

    Kevin FrancoKevin Franco26 kun oldin
    • Bro, Nick is legit just playing around. Relax.

      Hundo SavageHundo SavageKun oldin
    • If u watched nick before he was just messing around. He still was watching his teams back and went with them to get that win. Its a win win and nobody needs to get offended for somebody else. Koo?

      Uce DawgUce Dawg15 kun oldin
    • Fr , very disappointing. Nick does that a lot but they were being bogus to these girls for no reason

      jose lopezjose lopez24 kun oldin
  • Nios in game mic wasn't on the whole game, how could they hear him?

    Oliver GrewinOliver Grewin26 kun oldin
  • Talk more Arabic 🤣

    Abdulrahim HabibAbdulrahim Habib27 kun oldin
  • You cant make friends on COD like you can battlefield

    DWrld GsterDWrld Gster27 kun oldin
  • Ur mans a simp

    Escanor Lion sin of prideEscanor Lion sin of pride27 kun oldin
  • subbed for the kitty

    water666water66627 kun oldin
  • The punching at the end lol

    Jeremiah BuckJeremiah Buck28 kun oldin
  • “I dropped one” “its back there” I’m weakkkkk

    DustyBDustyB28 kun oldin
  • Straight comedy

    VisualVelocityVisualVelocity28 kun oldin
  • Pretty much a whole video of Nick and homie talking shit and acting arrogant af, kind of annoying

    xavier gandarillaxavier gandarilla28 kun oldin
  • 14:51 This man's face! NO SHIT SHERLOCK!

    lisban noalisban noa28 kun oldin
  • The biggest guys with the smallest pets lmao

    lisban noalisban noa28 kun oldin
  • Oh my God

    Ruby LazcanoRuby Lazcano29 kun oldin
  • Imma dog person myself, I don't dislike cats, I love kittens, but I am very allergic to cats.

    Tyler CrispytipsTyler Crispytips29 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    James MooreJames Moore29 kun oldin
  • This is a classic 🤣🤣

    CramCramCramCram29 kun oldin
  • at least they won lmaoaoa

    waviiboiitrey6waviiboiitrey629 kun oldin
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    Sneakz N' HeatSneakz N' HeatOy oldin
  • Who ever the dude that is playing with Nick sounds like the biggest douchebag.

    Global VisionGlobal VisionOy oldin
  • You speak Arabic?? 1:04 ماشاء الله عليك😂✌🏻✌🏻

    Jacob OuazeneJacob OuazeneOy oldin
  • Brooo my guy Nicky knows what he’s doinnnnn😉

    Joshua RiosJoshua RiosOy oldin
  • I think this is a real pussy way to act! Especially with girls right

    Greg MuirGreg MuirOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 kak funny

    MechEng CupidMechEng CupidOy oldin
  • If you not married yet make sure choose wife from war zone players if not you going to have big problem like me🤣she’s not going to let you get your loud out bro

    avetis Tepirjyanavetis TepirjyanOy oldin
  • My dad won’t let me talk to people in warzone because he’s afraid I will listen to bad words 😢

    VR MaximumVR MaximumOy oldin
    • 😂😂😂take the setup to your room

      alvinalvinOy oldin
  • That ending was hilarious! The very reason I subscribed! The content is awesome but Nick's sense of humor is the best!

    Bobbi UnroeBobbi UnroeOy oldin
  • Yallah habibi hahah love when he says that

    HsSW20 CHsSW20 COy oldin
  • the fact he has a wife

    Braedynhall BraedynhallBraedynhall BraedynhallOy oldin
  • Nick thinking I have a wife but whatevers

    syph on youtubesyph on youtubeOy oldin
  • Been geeking this whole vid.

    Ryan ShankRyan ShankOy oldin
  • I actually enjoy watching nickmercs so much man, literally one of the coolest people on this planet, he's up there with Keanu Reeves for me 👑🙌🏾

    Patrick ColemanPatrick ColemanOy oldin
  • Damn bro i love when nick talk arabic i understand him lol😂

    HasheeHasheeOy oldin
  • Brooo is that the Rosie from mcnasty’s video?

    Toby BrownriggToby BrownriggOy oldin
  • Please do more videos like this, this was funny as hell 😂

    YuurBugginYuurBugginOy oldin
  • Nickmercs fell for voice changers ahahahaha nickmercs the King of simps

    nickytax101nickytax101Oy oldin
  • im crying laughing

    Hussain SiddiqiHussain SiddiqiOy oldin
  • This whole video just confused me. 🤣😟🤣 The guy’s reactions confused me. The women’s call outs confused me. Not sure if the women were getting made fun of just because they are females or because they were passive players 🤨 awkwardness for everyone in this video 😂 BEST DAMN ENDING EVER!! ✌🏼❤️✌🏼

    Nerdy BeeNerdy BeeOy oldin
  • App

    Leonel GomezLeonel GomezOy oldin
  • يلا يلا حبيبي like you man

    Sam Nab'aSam Nab'aOy oldin
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    Mike RaadMike RaadOy oldin
  • Do you think

    Yessica MataYessica MataOy oldin
  • Kaiqknaoqi

    Bradley MurdockBradley MurdockOy oldin
  • My favorite thing about his videos is when he says “peace n love baby” it’s great 👍

    Nathan LuffmanNathan LuffmanOy oldin
  • End game buy adv vstat and the everyone else buy precision and clusters to lock ur target surrounded make a an easy team whip n usually get enough money to do it again from the kills

    Ivan DrazenovicIvan DrazenovicOy oldin
  • SIMP

    I_am_ GodI_am_ GodOy oldin
  • Not gonna lie feel like y'all being assholes lol

    Brion PittsBrion PittsOy oldin