Pennywise Beatbox Solo 3 - Cartoon Beatbox Battles

8-Yan, 2021
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------------------------------------ Pennywise Beatbox Lyrics -----------------------------------------
It’s close to midnight, and someone stupid’s lurking in the dark,
Under the moonlight you see that he has no nose to smell his fart,
He tries to think, but his mind is filled with air just like a balloon,
He may be pink, but I’ll make him turn yellow just like his girlfriend,
You’re gonna end!
Cause I am Penny, Pennywise,
I’ll take you by surprise and scare you till you’re paralyzed,
Cause this is Penny, Pennywise
Go back to Bikini bottom and find your whole town terrorized

  • Pennywise becoming invincible NGL so I vote Patrick

    Verbalase FanMadeVerbalase FanMade13 daqiqa oldin
  • Does Pennywise suck or not? And...Patrick is the best beatbox ever in the Whole wide world. 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    aaron visonaaaron visona10 soat oldin
  • make new video about woody woodpaker vs siren head

    بتاع التكنولوجيابتاع التكنولوجياKun oldin
  • Patrick stole the win from Thanos already. If he also somehow wins against Pennywise, I will be disappointed.

    MrNexisMrNexisKun oldin
  • Thanos vs black panter please

    DarkSkullDarkSkullKun oldin
  • Penny pennywise

    Noah SolanoNoah SolanoKun oldin
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    David FDavid FKun oldin
  • I have an idea for the finale, so I think that the finale every single character in cartoon beatbox battles before episode 14 is going to vote

    Chris MooreChris MooreKun oldin
    • But I actually think people are going to vote Patrick!

      Chris MooreChris MooreKun oldin
  • Here's my opinion why pennywise should win he had a remix of thriller like boi Micheal Jackson he would be happy and Patrick been winning because of people only voting on character like even verbalase said this in his CBB live chat that its no character beatbox battles its CARTOON beatbox battles like C'mon Just make it fair for the opponents Patrick is going up against

    EemotikEemotik2 kun oldin
  • Pennywise reminds me of the bendy video game but Patrick reminds me of me

    bendy gamingbendy gaming2 kun oldin
  • Pennywise won by a lot I mean,he is amazing

    Blue tank BunnysBlue tank Bunnys2 kun oldin
  • Episode 13 black hat vs thanos

    optimus prime leader of autobotsoptimus prime leader of autobots2 kun oldin
  • yay michael jackson beatbox

    Rey 1Rey 12 kun oldin
  • My best beatbox solo for now it,s Patrick

    Ahmed MoamenAhmed Moamen2 kun oldin
  • I wish he won 😭

    CROCK *13CROCK *132 kun oldin
  • Verbal ace has great taste in music

    Jason BetheaJason Bethea2 kun oldin
  • Your videos are so fun Donnie and your all your videos is cool and awesome OK and beatbox challenge is

    Steven PittmanSteven Pittman2 kun oldin
  • Uhhhhhhhhhh

    among us blue and white plushamong us blue and white plush2 kun oldin
  • *ç1 wise*

    samsungisbettersamsungisbetter3 kun oldin
  • Yes

    Yadira HernandezYadira Hernandez3 kun oldin
  • I would have voted pennywise but his end really makes it go bad

    Maxximus CroftMaxximus Croft3 kun oldin
    • Wdym

      Alicia DavenportAlicia Davenport13 soat oldin
  • oh oh pennywise might win... just look how many views

    Mateo's gaming placeMateo's gaming place3 kun oldin
  • Thriller Pennywise

    Axl Arellano 8000 Arellano GamingAxl Arellano 8000 Arellano Gaming3 kun oldin

    Brendon Diaz-VasquezBrendon Diaz-Vasquez3 kun oldin
  • Me seeing a vent camper in piggy 0:29

    William GarciaWilliam Garcia3 kun oldin
  • Cool vid

    laura deniallaura denial4 kun oldin

    D_u_c_k_y_sD_u_c_k_y_s4 kun oldin
  • Verbaase what do u use to animate ?

    Mr marshmallow FoxMr marshmallow Fox4 kun oldin
  • Abi vidyoları biraz hızlı ata bilirmisin

    Mammadova NaziMammadova Nazi4 kun oldin
  • 👍

    Victor VargasVictor Vargas4 kun oldin
  • This is how many people are ready for Deadpool vs Black Panther 👇

    E. ME. M4 kun oldin
    • Claim your "is that a like begger I see?" ticket here!!!

      Username PasswordUsername Password2 kun oldin
  • Bendy have a horror video game and bendy got cartoon

    young God King 2 The Wolf & Toys Bonnieyoung God King 2 The Wolf & Toys Bonnie4 kun oldin
  • Sailor moon vs pennywise Round 9 season 2

    Gio Remdell MendozaGio Remdell Mendoza4 kun oldin
  • he beatbox michael Jackson thriller

    JessieMatthew 1071JessieMatthew 10714 kun oldin
  • People are storing patrick bc character here is evidence: When thanos and others repeated and needed more elyrics in this one patrick repeated a lot and had very less lyrics, Pennywise on the other hand, Had more lyrics soo what does this mean?

    Distorded MindzDistorded Mindz4 kun oldin
    • It's mostly Patrick's delivery of it.

      Waluigi TimeWaluigi TimeKun oldin
    • Distorded mindz pennywises didn't really sound like how it should've

      HamoodiHamoodi3 kun oldin
    • @Distorded Mindz well i voted patrick cause of beatbox

      HamoodiHamoodi3 kun oldin
    • @Jordan Turner Mhm they're clearly voting by character.

      Distorded MindzDistorded Mindz3 kun oldin
    • exactly. people were complaining that thanos said the same line twice at the beginning and twice at the end when that's literally what patrick is doing here

      Jordan TurnerJordan Turner3 kun oldin
  • Great episode 13 ace I love penny wises intro when he offers u a cake !🎈👍🏻👍🏻🎈

    Nikkita KempNikkita Kemp4 kun oldin
  • I bet stephen king is dancing to this

    Back stabber vlogsBack stabber vlogs4 kun oldin
  • Scary! Love it!

    Chilly NewsChilly News4 kun oldin
  • pennywise won

    Isaiah MccoyIsaiah Mccoy4 kun oldin
  • pennywise: like Patrick: reply

    Jaycob GermanJaycob German5 kun oldin
    • Patrick

      The cool catThe cool cat8 soat oldin
    • Patrick

      The cool catThe cool cat8 soat oldin
    • Patrick

      The cool catThe cool cat8 soat oldin
    • Patrick

      The cool catThe cool cat8 soat oldin
    • Penny is thriller

      SHARKOSHARKO9 soat oldin
  • Yknow, i still think patrick won, but HOLY shit this was fire as well!🔥 Tough choice honestly xD havent seen this close of a battle ever since Thanos vs Darkseid

    One Menacing ShitpostOne Menacing Shitpost5 kun oldin
  • Verbalase,if you are reading this,please make pennywise win,he had a better and more epic performance..,he even had paid a tribute to the great legend Michael Jackson,which is a bonus,people just vote Patrick for the MEMES AND CHARACTER..I am very sick of it he keeps killing off highly awesome beatbox performances like Thanos and others..He literally ruins the competition LIKE SO VERBALASE CAN SEE PLS👍

    Satheshwaran maharajanSatheshwaran maharajan5 kun oldin
  • Next cartoon beatbox battle Deadpool versus Black Panther 🎤 🤩🤩

    Rosario GutierrezRosario Gutierrez5 kun oldin
  • 10/10

    Guy KaiswatumGuy Kaiswatum5 kun oldin
  • I agree

    Adrian HuynhAdrian Huynh5 kun oldin
  • Incredible Pennywise won easily

    Joshua EllisJoshua Ellis5 kun oldin
  • I Give Pennywise a 2/10

    WWE And FurbyWWE And Furby5 kun oldin
  • Guys Pennywise just ruin my childhood by turning Spongebob into a Zombie

    WWE And FurbyWWE And Furby5 kun oldin
    • Lol. I'm guessing you voted Patrick just because Pennywise turned SpongeBob into a zombie.

      Username PasswordUsername Password2 kun oldin
  • Can u do a Pennywise Beatbox 1 remastered?

    Air Force POWERAir Force POWER5 kun oldin
  • Better than pateriks

    Jad NehmeJad Nehme5 kun oldin
  • I voted Patrick and yet I still listen to this beatbox more then Patrick's.....idk why but oop

    Pikachu GamerPikachu Gamer5 kun oldin
  • 0:28 my mom when she catches me awake when im supposed to be sleeping

    Sickfox 9902Sickfox 99025 kun oldin
    • Xd

      ST_RCST_RC4 kun oldin
  • Vote Patrick

    Nathaniel BullingerNathaniel Bullinger5 kun oldin
  • pennywise took the dub

    Pokemon BrosPokemon Bros5 kun oldin
  • Penny wise is beatboxing like the thriller

    David DriscollDavid Driscoll5 kun oldin
  • Pennywise won this in my book

    Ariana MeinkingAriana Meinking5 kun oldin
  • Skitzo vs cartoon at

    ayşe yılmazayşe yılmaz6 kun oldin
  • C o p y r i g h t :(

    CafecitoCafecito6 kun oldin
  • Once again penny wise in my opinion DESTROYED Patrick But THE DAMN PEOPLE WANT PATRICK TO WIN SEASON 1 this happened in Patrick vs Thanos We all knew Thanos won but the Patrick fans didn’t vote for his beatbox

    Chrispy AnimationsChrispy Animations6 kun oldin
  • 1:27 if you listen closely you can hear penny say balloon-a

    Dark WolfDark Wolf6 kun oldin
  • Make impostor Vs crewmate for among us pls

    Vinícius Rafael Molinari GomesVinícius Rafael Molinari Gomes6 kun oldin
  • Put baby Yoda on beatbox battle

    Jory DheemJory Dheem6 kun oldin
  • Vote Patrick he so better

    Unoma OforahUnoma Oforah6 kun oldin
  • 한국인아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ 어디있어ㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓ

    이랑퐝이랑퐝6 kun oldin
  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬

    Nooov1010n NnNooov1010n Nn6 kun oldin
  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

    Nooov1010n NnNooov1010n Nn6 kun oldin
  • 😡🦀

    Gisela GarciaGisela Garcia6 kun oldin
  • Everyone vote Pennywise becuase he song Thriller. Pennywise and don't Patrick Star as the winner.

    Rico ArjunaRico Arjuna6 kun oldin
  • Want pennywise to win

    Nickolas McConnellNickolas McConnell6 kun oldin
  • The person who stole thanos's beatbox actually didn't steal anything this time, good job clown.

    Cons The Coca ColaCons The Coca Cola6 kun oldin
    • @Ali Barakat Wait a second.. GOSH DANGIT I DIDN'T HEAR THAT PART

      Cons The Coca ColaCons The Coca Cola5 kun oldin
    • HE showed us how to float

      Ali BarakatAli Barakat5 kun oldin
  • Pennywise won

    Zaul RodriguezZaul Rodriguez6 kun oldin
  • Pennywise 👎

    jane alvesjane alves7 kun oldin
  • Do sonic vs penny wise

    Dougie DebebeDougie Debebe7 kun oldin
  • Bruh the start is the best part

    Star RequiemStar Requiem7 kun oldin
  • He's sounds are creepy and awesome

    Marckie Xian ColinaMarckie Xian Colina7 kun oldin
  • Love it but you can’t stop getting the feeling they had to nerf pennywise for his godlike performance.

    Wandering ChannelWandering Channel7 kun oldin
  • joelosteen

    Enth EnthEnth Enth7 kun oldin
  • Go peniwyse

    Blaker Soilder1X1X1Blaker Soilder1X1X17 kun oldin
  • Shake your Phone and the Beatbox will move

    Jaycob AdamsJaycob Adams7 kun oldin
  • And someone stupid lurking in the dark haha

    Murielle EtienneMurielle Etienne7 kun oldin
  • 1:17 the way he says this hits different

    BellAnimationsBellAnimations7 kun oldin
  • When your walking at night trying to get your phone to watch verbalase mom: 0:29

    David OlivaresDavid Olivares7 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Ryan KauffmanRyan Kauffman7 soat oldin
    • Yes

      Gaming with LR ;_;Gaming with LR ;_;Kun oldin
    • Hahaha can put this stuff in it’s to funny

      Anileydi DiazAnileydi Diaz4 kun oldin
    • no

      Kibby WitzKibby Witz5 kun oldin
  • Hello verbalase, I don't speak much English but, there is someone called "Warner Chappell" who appropriated this "solo", I hope you read this.

    Nintendista EspañolNintendista Español7 kun oldin
  • Go lil pennywise

    Paris GrantParis Grant7 kun oldin
  • I vote Pennywise to win

    Carina MuñozCarina Muñoz7 kun oldin
  • How did black panther won when he did smooth criminal by Michael Jackson but pennywise did thriller and everyone votes patricks

    donis Carillodonis Carillo7 kun oldin
  • I love pennywise song I hope he win but I feel like Patrick is going to win because he is a meme that it

    sans The skeletonsans The skeleton7 kun oldin
  • 0:28

    Nolab AndrewsNolab Andrews7 kun oldin
  • This is awesome, Micheal Jackson would be proud

    CreeperKid MCCreeperKid MC7 kun oldin
  • Anyone think rare wubbox should come on in season 2?

    Cuphead FanCuphead Fan8 kun oldin
  • Patrick deserves win

    Lucas ferrareziLucas ferrarezi8 kun oldin
  • Verbalase needs to do a another video like avatar the last air bender vs The second movie of shark boy.

    Junior PlaysJunior Plays8 kun oldin
  • Like and reply if you are team pennywise!

    SirSnapdragon 8115SirSnapdragon 81158 kun oldin
  • I love the thriller dance

    Dylan a REGULAR Pro plays RobloxDylan a REGULAR Pro plays Roblox8 kun oldin
  • Cool

    gordomozagordomoza8 kun oldin
  • Not good

    Sammy 01 MalleySammy 01 Malley8 kun oldin
  • This is my jam so a chucky beatboz please plz

    Christy OlveraChristy Olvera8 kun oldin
  • Patrick still wins because he went monke.

    Perry the PlatypusPerry the Platypus8 kun oldin
  • Music teacher:Don't worry kids the music test is ez :) The music test:

    Michelle BialenMichelle Bialen8 kun oldin
  • This song remiss me of the song thiler