🐦 Pelican Bird Gets A New Foot Made | FULL EPISODE | S08E11 | Bondi Vet

5-Okt, 2020
75 981 Ko‘rishlar soni

Chris gets an unlikely challenge from a bird that's missing a flipper. He must make a new one.
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  • All these comments about the twins. Why is no one talking about MILDLY VENOMUS being HARMLESS? Or am I just really Minnesotan

    Elaina GranseElaina Granse7 kun oldin
  • Doc Chris, you ARE AMAZING !!

    Jona BriggsJona Briggs9 kun oldin
  • The Twins talking in tandem, drew my attention away from the real work of helping the Pelican. I don't know who's idea it was to have them talk at the same time, but it was annoying.

    Cindy ThurstonCindy Thurston11 kun oldin
  • Tim is casually holding Australia's largest snake 29:14 : "he might lunge at you, that's okay" Zack casually roasting Tim 29:17 : "Tim pulls it out and it's even bigger than him. Not a great feat-" is no one gonna just mention this subtle roasting xD

    DatOne CheekaDatOne Cheeka11 kun oldin
  • Indian ki tarf se aap logo ko salut..

    Gourav TiwariGourav Tiwari13 kun oldin
  • Dr. Lisa is pregnant at this time just not the far along. I know it is a little baby boy named Hudson Gus. Is very cute baby you have there Dr. Lisa Chimes.

    Melanie QuillinMelanie Quillin19 kun oldin
  • Well when we where camping we went for a walk and saw a brown snake and mum said for us to go back

    Locky LoversLocky Lovers21 kun oldin
  • I love these twins. Love nature! Need more like them!

    Donna JacksonDonna Jackson22 kun oldin
  • I love what the twins are doing but because of how bad my ADHD is it gets so hard to listen to how slow they are speaking. I hope they keep doing what they're doing but god please just talk separately

    Janae GrahamJanae Graham26 kun oldin
  • Why does the son of the owner of luna have no shoes am I the only one who noticed that

    Black Ro3eBlack Ro3e27 kun oldin
  • Thank you twins for ur work but I CANNOT understand you guys. U like talking like that and thats great do what makes you happy, but subtitles would be nice.

    Deja SpriggsDeja Spriggs29 kun oldin
  • The twins are REALLY annoying talking like that..

    AviellaAviella29 kun oldin
  • Trying to talk at the same time because there twins is neat saying yee yee yee yee gets really annoying

    mister animal man jujumister animal man juju29 kun oldin
  • I don’t know why, but I’ve never wanted to hug a pelican more

    Mapo TofuMapo Tofu29 kun oldin
  • Great recovery for Luna :)

    AnetteCBAnetteCBOy oldin
  • do you think any of those deadly snakes are friendly? like theyre deadly but cuddle bugs to some of the keepers?

    SmithKittyKatSmithKittyKatOy oldin
  • Why were they euthanized cats for surgery then wake it up when it's done I think the guy meant to say tranquilize

    Melissa MatthewsMelissa MatthewsOy oldin
  • Being a twin myself a lot of ppl say its more of like an echo or mimic type of talk we don’t mean to do it it just kinda happens sometimes, co workers get a kick out of it when we speak to each other its “like one person just having a conversation” i also work with identical twins its fun honestly cus we get along so well.

    TheTwinsPlayTheTwinsPlayOy oldin
  • I found a kitten in a culvert across the road in April. He was the teeny tiniest bugger. He was 5 weeks old when I found him, he's around 7 months now. His looks and temperament are almost identical to Luna's so I'm over here feeling her owner's pain. He's a Russian Blue or a mixture of it. At least that's what everyone thought... now I'm wondering about Tonkinese? I don't know. He has the ultra soft, fluffy, luxurious fur that Russian Blues have... It's not uncommon for people to dump animals in my area :/ 90% of my pets over the years were dumped animals. Other than my mother's buying or adopting pets. His name is Novascotia, or Nova for short.

    Hex MorganHex MorganOy oldin
  • Lol the twins

    Xnex_ _robloxXnex_ _robloxOy oldin
  • The twins! Identical twins share the same DNA...100%. They are clones of eachother. They unusually often think and reacts exactly the same way at the same time....especially these 2. I was intrigued by the them and thought they were adorable...

    Pelle SvedénPelle SvedénOy oldin
  • Me: pelican :) The Twinnies: *show up on screen* Me: pelican :(

    Toph.da.melonlordToph.da.melonlordOy oldin
  • The twins are actually kinda cute to me now..even though yeah its STILL creepy when they say things together lol


    Val MariaVal MariaOy oldin
  • snakes! eeek!

    Dorothy ThomasDorothy ThomasOy oldin
  • That pelican has lovely eyes.

    Jason KinnearJason KinnearOy oldin
  • Dr. Andrew looks like Martin Freeman

    Jay AndersonJay AndersonOy oldin
  • I am getting a bit more use to the twins weird talking as I see them more and plus I have been playing Animal Crossing for YEARS and dealing with Timmy and Tommy talking that way also 😂 I just have NEVER heard twins irl that talk this way before I saw these two..lol

    ꧁Legendary Zelda꧂꧁Legendary Zelda꧂Oy oldin
  • Twins that talk in tandem reminds me of the Shining. It creeps me out.

    Julia TaylorJulia TaylorOy oldin
  • Loon is sooooooo cute

    AJ SanchezAJ SanchezOy oldin
  • Twins often finish each others sentences, but better let that happen naturally.The Echo-ing is just weird, this way.

    Widdekuu91Widdekuu91Oy oldin
  • The work they do far outweighs anything else; wind your miserable necks in and be nice. Look up on twin behaviours too.

    Bee OpenshawBee OpenshawOy oldin
  • I found a kitchen outside that had a bloody front left paw. Upon a closer exam of her paw. I found out that she didn't have any claws or pads. She does have the claw that is the thumb and the one pad with this claw. When I found her she was all alone. So l brought her into my house. She is now 6 yrs old. She can never go outside. I don't know what happened to her before I found her. The vet thought that something attacked her and ripped off all of her claws and pads. We named her Sassy. Because she is so sweet and playing from day one. She doesn't let anything stop her. She's also in silver gray color like Luna.

    Theresa HolguinTheresa HolguinOy oldin
  • These twins were on before. I remember them. That pelican foot really is looking bad. Chris really thinks outside the box. When is comes to certain cases. Flipper will lead a happy life now and be able to walk better. Another great episode

    Theresa HolguinTheresa HolguinOy oldin
  • My impressions about the twins have autism. Amazing work.

    Edith M Perez RiveraEdith M Perez RiveraOy oldin
  • Before the next person hates on the twins, just look up the science behind how they speak.

    Sarah HollisSarah HollisOy oldin
  • Odd question... but as the kitten gets older how will the plate work? Will she out grow it?

    Senamora EverstoneSenamora EverstoneOy oldin
  • Breaking a humerus is not humorous

    Limi VLimi VOy oldin
  • Where are the comments about the boy not wearing shoes in the vet clinic

    Catelyne LovellCatelyne LovellOy oldin
  • Good for Zach! Great work with those snakes!

    Kristina WeberKristina WeberOy oldin
  • luna was leaving the vet like she would do it again 😂😂😂

    Lina :Lina :Oy oldin
  • I absolutely loved watching tim train zach. It was fascinating learning about the wrist thing and wow zach was so calm cool and collected. I would've panicked so hard

    Kristin HarrisKristin HarrisOy oldin
  • Lol I think the cameramen did not give them lavs which is making them more tolerable this time. Well done.

    Kristin HarrisKristin HarrisOy oldin
  • That talking at the same time drives me INSANEEEEE 😵😤 I appreciate their work but I have to skip iver when they speak cant handle it

    Amy EvansAmy EvansOy oldin
  • I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't show the surgery process on Luna.

    84tjwatson84tjwatsonOy oldin
  • Love your videos you are the best UZworldr ever and I want to be a vet to from you

    Ross Gavin ElliottRoss Gavin ElliottOy oldin
  • To everyone hating on the twins, please stop it hurts a lot and I know you don’t mean harm but it is obviously happened because of trauma like for instance it’s like separation anxiety. So please stop spreading hate and instead spread love ❤️ hope everyone is keeping safe ✌️

    Sienna GriffithsSienna GriffithsOy oldin
  • at frets i throat it was cute now just stop pls stop

    Sarina BirdSarina BirdOy oldin
  • Some one needs to teach Dr. Chris an American accent. He SO needs to play Captain America on the big screen! He looks so much like Steve Rogers from the comics!

    fRo0tLo0pfRo0tLo0pOy oldin
  • sorry luna hope your better and please like 👍🏻

    Angela DyAngela DyOy oldin
  • I turned on CC and it wasn't working for the twins 😂

    BurritokillerBurritokillerOy oldin
  • I LOOOVE THIS SHOW HE IS SUCH A GOOD PERSON how ever im in wonderment as to why his eyes are always blood shot

    Taylor LindseyTaylor LindseyOy oldin
  • The Twinnies should do the Twin Telepathy Challenge lol Love u Bondi Vet!!

    Alex The AmazingAlex The AmazingOy oldin
  • It's not a negative feeling abt the twins it's very freaking Annoying when one is talking the other talks u can sing 2GETHER but not talk at the same time they are way 2 damn old too be doing tht it's very annoying too hear both their voices is all not negative abt them.

    Erica SpearmanErica SpearmanOy oldin
  • those twins r the most annoying people ive ever heard

    drew boyddrew boydOy oldin
  • Those twins are ANNOYING AF!!!!

    Danielle NichollDanielle NichollOy oldin
  • I loved how he made the thong for the pelican😃

    Damien & Erica PrestonDamien & Erica PrestonOy oldin
  • Twins have to say everything together I can’t really understand😂🤣

    Georgie JonesGeorgie JonesOy oldin
  • I'm sorry for skipping most parts.. and hated doing it. I just couldn't watch these twins forcing to talk together. Hahaha! Regardless, really thankful for what they are doing for wild birds.

  • This show has been making me hold onto life just when I think things couldn’t get worse or I’m loosing home I watch this like religiously and I got so excited to see a new episode I’m screaming

    Cazmeris landonCazmeris landonOy oldin
    • And crying

      Cazmeris landonCazmeris landonOy oldin
  • I appreciate so much what the twins are doing, but to hear them BOTH talk at the same time is a little hard to understand. You can tell they do it on purpose so people may not take their unselfish, hard work seriously. Personnal opinion but keep up the great work!!!

    Audin 1027Audin 1027Oy oldin
  • yay chris is still hare

    Prayer MoralezPrayer MoralezOy oldin
    • get it hare and he's a vet so animals

      Prayer MoralezPrayer MoralezOy oldin
  • UUUUGH GODS NOT THOSE TWO AGAIN! Sorry, can't watch them, have to skip the parts they're in.

    Storm AngelusStorm AngelusOy oldin
  • With Luna the kid with her why is he barefoot???

    Crafty ChloeCrafty ChloeOy oldin
  • that dude just subtly called tim short

    Mehul MendonMehul MendonOy oldin
  • Flipper is my nickname since before I was born!!

    Joycee JollyJoycee JollyOy oldin
  • The twins talking was so trippy.

    KatLady85KatLady85Oy oldin
  • I really love what the twinnies do, but I really don't like how they try and talk the same. If they dropped the act and were their own persons they would be able to do an even better job at helping animals

    Maggie O'BrienMaggie O'BrienOy oldin
  • The twins kept talking at the same time but I hope that flipper and Luna get better.🙏🏻

    E BondE BondOy oldin
  • The twins are talking at the same time 😆 Love what they do ❤️

    LexiLexiOy oldin
  • How come those 2 identical girls talk at the same time?

    Maulena S'AnonMaulena S'AnonOy oldin
  • I can’t stand the twinies they need to stop featuring them.

    Donnell MosesDonnell MosesOy oldin
  • They need to give a trigger warning for the Twinnies. Yeesh.

    sammygirl6910sammygirl6910Oy oldin
  • Can't stand these twinnies... they try too hard to mirror eachother while not actually doing it.

    eidodkeidodkOy oldin
  • Pelican flip flop! Awesome job Dr. Chris!

    Cheryl RosalisCheryl RosalisOy oldin
  • It 2020 and I'm watching to take a break from the crazy going on in the US

    Joan JohnsonJoan JohnsonOy oldin
  • The twins are really bad at trying to copy each other

    Hola PineapplesHola PineapplesOy oldin
  • is it necessary to talk at the same time? i put the video and I clicked of to do something else and I thought my mic was broken when the twins started talking

    ØkÄmii WōłfeØkÄmii WōłfeOy oldin
  • Omg not the twins again. You cut out the surgery footage but leave in the twins talking? For gods sake just mute them and put in sub titles, everyone hates listening to them!! They are so fake and super annoying!!

    KittinPyroKittinPyroOy oldin
  • Those twins are so annoying but I refrain from ripping into them because of their love for animals.

    The KirkThe KirkOy oldin
  • The twins are scary talking together

    Cynthia MateoCynthia MateoOy oldin
  • I know this is off topic, but why do they have to speak at the same time? I mean, just because they're twins doesn't mean they HAVVVE to talk at the SAME time.. :/

    Moonlight Wolf Tales and WildcraftMoonlight Wolf Tales and WildcraftOy oldin
  • I love the twins... thay try to talk in sink

    Sky CSky COy oldin
  • pelican

    David WeaverDavid WeaverOy oldin
  • Bondi Vet episode without a dog in it??!! :(

    Asmita BakshiAsmita BakshiOy oldin
  • Twins are great - I have twins in my family - love them

    pirateladypirateladyOy oldin
  • Bless them for saving people from these snakes- it's bad when you loose your life or limb from them

    pirateladypirateladyOy oldin
  • Chris is back

    jennifer ceballosjennifer ceballosOy oldin
  • I love the Twinnies! I will admit, their talking at the same time can get a little annoying, but I don’t believe they even realize it anymore. It’s just how they are, but the work these lovely women do, is so amazing. I think I can get over their annoying aspects. Lol. They are so sweet and loving towards the birds. So get over it people! Lol. Also wanted to say like, wow how beautiful is that pelican. Wow.

    BTS/ARMY LoverBTS/ARMY LoverOy oldin
  • 29:15 " he might lunge at you , that's okay " . Holding one of Australia's most venomous snakes 🤕

    Tasneem EdwardsTasneem EdwardsOy oldin
  • This used to be my everyday all day show on Television , and on the weekends I would watch the week's episodes from beginning to end AGAIN 😂

    Tasneem EdwardsTasneem EdwardsOy oldin
  • I'm a twin and I really think that's not a good look for twins. I mean we as a group suffer a lot from misunderstanding, misinterpretation and prejudice. People often doesn't see us as individuals or don't even care to try. In movies or series twins are portrayed as a gimmick at best or the sidekicks of the villain deprived of a personality. People doing that in real life is a huge disappointment for me. This just makes us look even creepier to others and it irks me... They had the chance to appear in a heartwarming series and be good representation for twins, they decided to portray us as creepy weirdos incapable of thinking for themselves and feeding more in the stereotypes we already suffer from. I feel let down.

    Richero ChiaraRichero ChiaraOy oldin
  • I would think to better milk venom from a snake, also a reward, you’d have live snacks for them to look at

    Flabbergasted ShenanigoatFlabbergasted ShenanigoatOy oldin
  • n

    SSB_SoSSB_SoOy oldin
  • The twins do such great work but omg are they hard to watch Side note: Zach is a 10/10 cutie handling that snake

    SkaIsNotDeadSkaIsNotDeadOy oldin
  • ...Bumble foot...? Whatever dork picked that name needs a good pecking by offended birds

    Tab ByTab ByOy oldin

    Henrietta JonesHenrietta JonesOy oldin
    • There’s also twins on the tv show Botched that do the exact same thing

      carry-on-my-wayward-soncarry-on-my-wayward-sonOy oldin

    Henrietta JonesHenrietta JonesOy oldin
  • The twins one word vocabulary, "Yes".

    Judith NeeleyJudith NeeleyOy oldin
  • I hate the twins so much. They're creepy.

    Caroline FinkeCaroline FinkeOy oldin