Peewee Longway, Cassius Jay - Pink Salmon (Official Video)

8-Yan, 2021
652 599 Ko‘rishlar soni

Directed by Adrian Per
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Official music video by Peewee Longway, Cassius Jay performing "Pink Salmon" © 2021 MPA Bandcamp Music Group / EMPIRE

  • Nice album, bro

    phathisizwemphathisizwem13 soat oldin
  • My nigga peewee 👊🏾

    Keenan WilliamsKeenan WilliamsKun oldin
  • Peewee look nothing like kodak he don’t even sound like him

    Rio JrRio JrKun oldin
  • How can you thumbs down this

    simple moneysimple moneyKun oldin
  • I’ve been listening to peewee for a few years now ... his time to blow soon come love 💚 from da 🇬🇧

    John MongrélJohn MongrélKun oldin
  • All the way in Trinidad and I love me some peewee 💙💙

    Genene O'ConnorGenene O'Connor2 kun oldin
  • This kodak

    Evan CookEvan Cook2 kun oldin
  • Going crazy still 💪💪💪🏆

    GMBCashBoizGMBCashBoiz2 kun oldin
  • This nigga so underrated

    mahummad kentmahummad kent2 kun oldin
  • 🤦🏿‍♂️What niggas gone do when we go cashless? 💰💵🤷🏿‍♂️

    j doloj dolo2 kun oldin
  • Peewee is super underrated lol it’s crazy

    PlayNow ListPlayNow List2 kun oldin
  • This one isn't the one thats going to go, but your getting closer, you got it in you bro, this is definitely the direction you should be going in, more melody like your song "fruit" off BMnM3. Sorry to say but you need to go all "pop" bro.

    Kris KKris K3 kun oldin
    • Listen to skydiving

      Pyi PiankhiPyi Piankhi21 soat oldin
  • kodak is a sellout and playin multiple roles.

    S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷V̷S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷V̷S̷H̷I̷L̷L̷S̷3 kun oldin
  • This beat didn't come from zay

    DJ Slow It UpDJ Slow It Up3 kun oldin
  • Yea this a nice tune man

    Dave StaffordDave Stafford3 kun oldin
  • "You can get bags with Bitcoin She with the shit she been going" 🔥

    Marquis CarrMarquis Carr3 kun oldin
  • So im the only 1 think cuz look like kodak in the face

    Johnae dropping the poundsJohnae dropping the pounds3 kun oldin
  • Longway been the the shit

    Dante PrideDante Pride3 kun oldin
  • I like it🔥

    Julia Rae TibarJulia Rae Tibar4 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂

    goundoba tamanategoundoba tamanate4 kun oldin
  • Goat

    L.A. PromotionsL.A. Promotions4 kun oldin
  • Yooo neva heard of you but this bangggg

    Geee MoneyGeee Money4 kun oldin
  • Slaps hard then bih ‼️

    Triton88keyzTriton88keyz4 kun oldin
  • PeeWee so cold 🥶🤧...DADA ZADDY SWALLOW THE NUT 😛🎶💙Don't leave no traces in my CADDY !!

    Ms.Destiness StokerMs.Destiness Stoker4 kun oldin
  • Don't do it to em like that peewee🔥🔥🔥💨💨

    Nicholas MorrisNicholas Morris4 kun oldin
  • The original kodak

    Yasir WesleyYasir Wesley4 kun oldin
  • He dont k ow who the fuck iam but im proud of you bro ...

    Nisye PierceNisye Pierce5 kun oldin
  • 44 hit ya shirt look like tye dye

    Nisye PierceNisye Pierce5 kun oldin
  • Bro look like Kodak

    KingMike EntKingMike Ent5 kun oldin
  • My guy takin them vegan tips from money man ay

    Mack Hair 11Mack Hair 115 kun oldin
  • PeeWeeLongWay This Bihh 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

    Jeramiey GonzalezJeramiey Gonzalez6 kun oldin
  • Keep goin up wee!

    R. GlennR. Glenn6 kun oldin
  • Tooo hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Goldberg HendersonGoldberg Henderson6 kun oldin
  • Collab w 42 dugg shit would slapp

    TheDankness707TheDankness7076 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥 longway longway

    Sikk SpeedSikk Speed7 kun oldin
  • Love him!

    Mya FrazierMya Frazier7 kun oldin
  • Pewee took the hook from riff raff song featuring chief Keef called tip toe 3

    erick alvarezerick alvarez7 kun oldin
  • Just found this song bumping music and it played as an advertisement and I thought it was a related song playing next, until I looked! Lmao I’m soo glad I did! Shit is on replay right now 4th time ina row! 🔥😂

    Mikey SauceMikey Sauce7 kun oldin
  • I can't stop playing dis bih

    Chris CoxChris Cox8 kun oldin
  • Longway got em one wit this one

    Daniel JacksonDaniel Jackson8 kun oldin
  • This nigga waaaaay too understand, like he don’t miss ever

    YungPoundSignTLYungPoundSignTL8 kun oldin
  • Is this a new long way I see bro hell yah.💯💯💯💯

    MarioMario8 kun oldin
  • lets give bro his flowers now..

  • keep killin shit

    Lategod DammitLategod Dammit8 kun oldin
  • I knew he had a hit song in him 📈

    Justice AddisonJustice Addison8 kun oldin
    • He been dropping hits nigga, catch up

      RadezGMRGRadezGMRG7 kun oldin
  • 🔊🔥🔥📀

    Justice AddisonJustice Addison8 kun oldin
  • Dat Heat

    Murph MarkMurph Mark8 kun oldin
  • When she need me I’m on the wayyyy

    J BJ B8 kun oldin
  • I caught this as an ad and high af. Came back sober it’s still lit 🔥. Got a new fan 💯

    Native SunNative Sun8 kun oldin
  • New weight longway!!!!!!

  • Ayyyyy, my boy said he came out of the pandemic better than he went in!!

    Mr. YeeeMr. Yeee9 kun oldin

    John DoeJohn Doe9 kun oldin
  • 1716 angel number

    IG: mindopeningquotesandimages & omnigoat420IG: mindopeningquotesandimages & omnigoat4209 kun oldin
  • Best song out right now

    Stephen TaylorStephen Taylor10 kun oldin
  • Longway bih

    DE'JOE.EDE'JOE.E10 kun oldin
  • Mr blue Benjamin!

    Meekah SheMeekah She10 kun oldin
  • Damn longway I need a new playlist from you my G

    YouTube deleted 2 of my accountsYouTube deleted 2 of my accounts10 kun oldin

    Goham LatimerGoham Latimer11 kun oldin
  • Pressure pressure i got weed but this one better

    Jr JrJr Jr11 kun oldin

    dee nelsondee nelson11 kun oldin
  • LongWay Bitch 🔥 👌

    Zaierre HZaierre H11 kun oldin
  • Hands down he the hardest I done seen he should be way up he really be spitting

    Bobby MillerBobby Miller11 kun oldin
  • i like dude as a person but this just doesn't replace whatever kodak black was...

    LIQUID FXLIQUID FX11 kun oldin
  • Longway you losing weight my boy!!!

    Dine & DashDine & Dash11 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥 my boy longway💪🏾💪🏾

    Shanikka WrightShanikka Wright11 kun oldin
  • Dudes flow is fire

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez11 kun oldin
  • Just noticed how good u looking big homie looking healthy salute!!!

    Slime BallSlime Ball11 kun oldin
  • Played this song had em both saying zaddy

    G FridayG Friday11 kun oldin
  • I Had My Son On Dis Day 🖤🖤💪🏾💪🏾

    Trayvon WilliamsTrayvon Williams11 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥👍👍👍👍👍

    John BennettJohn Bennett11 kun oldin
  • Longway Bitch🔥

    Randy SmithRandy Smith12 kun oldin
  • fw that new longway $$$$$

    MoneyMan JuiceMoneyMan Juice12 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Vucci VandrossVucci Vandross12 kun oldin
  • Long way den lost bout 40pounds see yu brah lol

    Se'Quan ShepherdSe'Quan Shepherd12 kun oldin
  • he look like an older kodak black

    Anne CobblestoneAnne Cobblestone12 kun oldin
  • One of my fav rappers !

    Ms TurnerMs Turner12 kun oldin
  • My nigga Wee 👌🏾

    Jerrod LeeJerrod Lee12 kun oldin
  • I grew up in 90s i really dont fuck with this new era music but long way the only one i can vibe to..

    Co P RogersCo P Rogers12 kun oldin
  • Honestly one of the best to do it

    Easton LeMonEaston LeMon12 kun oldin
  • Peewee Flow So 🥶🧊🥶

    Grim ReaperGrim Reaper12 kun oldin
  • Longway bihh💯💪😳

  • He love that mimi shower line 👌 Bro this another one ☝️ Flow crazy 😜

    rosegoldbbrosegoldbb12 kun oldin
  • This shit banging Get this 2 a million

    Road Runna Records 242Road Runna Records 24213 kun oldin
  • Ayyyyyyyyyyy🤘🏾🤘🏾💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Supastar ReeseSupastar Reese13 kun oldin
  • Best flow in the south easily

    agthaog1986agthaog198613 kun oldin
  • Love me like she Kiki it’s me I love you 😘

    Knox KieraKnox Kiera13 kun oldin
  • Longway lookin healthier! Big dawg back with one of the best flows. I can tell he really wanted to cut up(dancing) but was holding back. This beat crazy, not by Zay🤣

    SNAB__SNAB__13 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mike SandersMike Sanders13 kun oldin
  • Dude look like Kodak black father after losing weight

  • Peewee just got that idgaf vibe I love him 💕

    Keanna ReeseKeanna Reese13 kun oldin
  • Go Hard I was just like where my boy longway at

    D.P.M.G LucciFlimsD.P.M.G LucciFlims13 kun oldin
  • I know that’s Kodak Black Dad

    Keep it realKeep it real13 kun oldin
  • Bro snapped on this 1. Keep bringing that fire 🔥. No Cap

    Jay MacJay Mac13 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪

    Rebecca SmithRebecca Smith13 kun oldin
  • Definitely on the way up up!

    Koki PurvisKoki Purvis13 kun oldin
  • Here before a million ! Yeeee

    Josh HenryJosh Henry14 kun oldin
  • Pressure

    2 Amped 2 Quit Productions2 Amped 2 Quit Productions14 kun oldin
  • Hit 🎯

    Calepo NelsonCalepo Nelson14 kun oldin
  • longway longway we need you out here

    MarvinD FosterMarvinD Foster14 kun oldin
  • Shit heat

    Khalil MontesKhalil Montes14 kun oldin