Peanut attacks Jack! Plus my NEW Comedy Cntrl special & Audrey’s new holiday cookbook! | Jeff Dunham

29-Noy, 2020
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Click here to watch: "Jeff Dunham’s 2020 UZworld REWIND | JEFF DUNHAM" --~--
LIVE! (Well it was the other day...) Peanut attacks Jack! Plus talking encore airings of my NEW Comedy Central special, and how to get Audrey’s new cookbook!... The perfect holiday gift! Head to to get your copy!
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  • LIVE! (Well it was the other day...) Peanut attacks Jack! Plus talking encore airings of my NEW Comedy Central special, and how to get Audrey’s new cookbook!... The perfect holiday gift! Head to to get your copy!

    Jeff DunhamJeff DunhamOy oldin
    • Not just vegan but pandemic cook book, Its starting to get harder to find milk eggs and butter in some places. We might all be diabetic vegans by the time this is all over with, Jk. lol

      Charlie WhitewolfCharlie Whitewolf13 kun oldin
    • Your wife is SO out of your league bro... High 5 ;)

      LeoTehJesterLeoTehJester16 kun oldin
    • ☺☺☺

      tanyatanya27 kun oldin
    • Anytime Peanut said "Come back!" made me want to laugh even more. I haven't forgotten that scene in the All Over The Map special where Peanut screamed "COME BACK!!!"

      PurpleAddict2019PurpleAddict2019Oy oldin
    • Oh my goodness. The boys’ laughs are the cutest thing ever!!! I love their little giggles. And congrats Audrey on the cook book! I love how Jeff was her #1 fan!

      Brandi SpryBrandi SpryOy oldin
  • I'm glad to see you guys are doing ok

    savage patch kidssavage patch kidsKun oldin
  • Best part of my day Thanks Jeff

    Richard CoverRichard Cover2 kun oldin
  • What's Walter think of the cookbook?🤣🤣

    Larry HawkinsLarry Hawkins4 kun oldin
  • Calmest I’ve ever seen peanut🤣

    Vlone GeattaVlone Geatta5 kun oldin
  • 12/14/21 Hi Jeff, where is Walter....? He was the best one you've had.....been watching the old ones but did you retire Walter. if so can you get him out of retirement ? I love it when you worked with him......thanks Jeff....

    Dallas LondonDallas London5 kun oldin
  • Proud of u Audrey

    R. A.R. A.6 kun oldin
  • I love you peanut! From the Philippines. 😘😘😘

    Ako Si HakeAko Si Hake7 kun oldin
  • That's cool. Too bad I lost my sweet tooth a long time ago.

    44punisherable44punisherable7 kun oldin
  • What a blessed guy you are dude! So much fun! Thanks for sharing joy and your family. Looking forward to that book and your shows. God bless!

    David ThompsonDavid Thompson8 kun oldin
  • Beautiful family

    Lynn HardingLynn Harding8 kun oldin

    BP JOJOBP JOJO8 kun oldin
  • This was super duper cute!

    Enchanted ParlourEnchanted Parlour9 kun oldin
  • Locked in paradise Jeff

    cesar fernandez lopezcesar fernandez lopez10 kun oldin
  • You have a funny conscience Jeff🤣😂🤣 👍🏻 lovely kids, what's so funny? Youuuuu🤣😂🤣

    cesar fernandez lopezcesar fernandez lopez10 kun oldin
  • That is cool the kids involved with mom and dad and love peanut as well. Cool. Have a great day be safe

    Arthur Elks, Jr. BuckyArthur Elks, Jr. Bucky11 kun oldin
  • Jeff Dunham I am just so impressed with your work. I date a local comedian here in our home town. Syracuse, NY. He has told me about you. In fact because I noticed our local casino(Turning Stone in Verona, NY.)has a picture of you with some dates in which you will be here. I hope we will have an opportunity to make that show. Today has been the first time tuning in to see any sort of your performance here on UZworld. You were incredible. I must say I enjoyed each one so far that I have viewed. The one where you introduced peanut to the twins when they were very little was so sweet. I think because it was so personal. You opening up your family to your viewers is huge. It shows the pride you have in BOTH. Your family & your fans. Brilliant idea. Then the Christmas cookbook your BEAUTIFUL wife put together. With you, the boys "wow have they grown." along with peanut. Again another family presentation. This time of year. It's like you can feel the love and warmth of your family working through you and into your work your career. It is truly amazing and inspiring. Please continue doing what your doing. You have an amazing gift and a beautiful family. May God Bless You and Yours. May you all have a wonderful new year. "2021" Julie Loftin

    Julie LoftinJulie Loftin13 kun oldin
  • 7:50 "I'm gonna get you, Jack." 😆

    Allif JamilAllif Jamil13 kun oldin
  • This is the reason why I watch Jeff Dunham. Peanut you are hilarious, can't stop laughing. 😂😂😂😂

    Elijah TriceElijah Trice14 kun oldin
  • Lollll jack was cracking up

    Rachel KueflerHTD4lifeRachel KueflerHTD4life18 kun oldin
  • There's as much sense in vegan cookies as in dead tamagochi.

    BigMarakasBigMarakas19 kun oldin
  • jeff your kids are too cute i love seen them

    amy icyamy icy20 kun oldin
  • I'm a really huge fan I like your work hope to one of your shows after the covid is all over with

    The BossThe Boss21 kun oldin
  • What a lovely family

    Tim KaneTim Kane22 kun oldin
  • What a beautiful family you have Jeff ♥️ I definitely want that cookbook!!

    Darla ClarkDarla Clark22 kun oldin
  • I dunno if we could add ‘Peanut’ to the recipe.......joke It will be purple......

    red delatorrered delatorre22 kun oldin
  • that's awesome about your cookbook Audrey and that's very sweet you're donating half your profits to charity you are awesome and Jeff you are still one of the best comedians ever you and the whole gang stay safe and happy New year

    RachelDee AtwoodRachelDee Atwood22 kun oldin
  • donkeys smell

    philip pollackphilip pollack22 kun oldin
  • I love their laughs!!! Nothing better than a child’s laugh!! Thank you. You put a warmth in my heart ❤️

    Norma HarneNorma Harne22 kun oldin
  • Why does Peanut have to be a puppet?!!

    VictoriaVictoria22 kun oldin
  • Beautiful Family...

    Emma SherryEmma Sherry24 kun oldin
  • Hi Audrey I would love to buy your cook book!!! I would like to try Vegan. I like the pictures in the cookbook, I like huge colored pictures in cookbooks!!!I can,t wait to buy your cookbook!!!

    Maureen DesquitadoMaureen Desquitado24 kun oldin
  • Diets come and go,I know people who have gone vegan,and then Keto,and even Carnivore......Have you heard of "Vegan Deteration" ? There are Videos on You Tube about this. I love your Dummies, and I love your videos, and shows. I am a huge fan.

    Fay SchneiderFay Schneider24 kun oldin
  • Your boys are adorable!! I’m going to check out your cook book. I’m not interested in being vegan but I’d love to see how you get around dairy and get the same result. I’ve tried some vegan made by a friend but it wasn’t very interesting so I’m interested in seeing how you did it.

    MacDaid DavidsonMacDaid Davidson24 kun oldin
  • Your sons are cute and adorable 😊

    Freddy Fernando Gonzalez ふるFreddy Fernando Gonzalez ふる25 kun oldin
  • Vegans are beautiful !!!

    Jungle LibraryJungle Library26 kun oldin
  • Am I a vegan because I eat grain fed beef?

    Vincent WesolowskiVincent Wesolowski26 kun oldin
  • You have a great family but why are you do this

    susan Gomersallsusan Gomersall26 kun oldin
  • ☺☺☺☺☺

    tanyatanya27 kun oldin
  • In other words, great for giving you even WORSE Diarrhea...

    leeuniverseleeuniverse27 kun oldin
  • Theres a big difference between Peanut at home and on the stage.

    Blake BridgesBlake Bridges27 kun oldin
  • I got a great tip for you, add arduino mechanics and programming so you could add arm movements

    Thomas HeislerThomas Heisler27 kun oldin
  • Didnt know had hovering magic, lol

    Thomas HeislerThomas Heisler27 kun oldin
  • Hey you putting character bookmarks in them? Everyone that likes this give it a like

    Thomas HeislerThomas Heisler27 kun oldin
  • Jose and peanut should babysit Jack and James just like Walter did

    Jamison YTJamison YT28 kun oldin
  • You have 2 cutie 2 sons

    SvenVG SvenVG1986SvenVG SvenVG198628 kun oldin
  • I love seeing you with the family. Get James in Gymnastics when Covid is over. He is good. Do the boys understand you do the voice of the guys yet?? LOL Jack is too cute.

    Killeen RyanKilleen Ryan28 kun oldin
  • Your sons name is james. My name is James 2. We both have the same name.

    James KreidlerJames Kreidler28 kun oldin
  • Well he is just talking with the pupte

    SpongeBob Fan 101 [TM]SpongeBob Fan 101 [TM]29 kun oldin
  • those two kids have some amazing parents

    m00km00k29 kun oldin
    • @m00k You are aware that the root word of the word Human is humus which means organic decayed dark brown, black material in dirt, soil, dust of the ground

      ilove youiyesilove youiyes29 kun oldin
    • @ilove youiyes oooo fiction is my favorite

      m00km00k29 kun oldin
    • The Holy Bible indicates white skin is biblical Leprosy.2kings5:27. In 2005 USA genetic scientist proved that white skin is the produced by a deceased mutated gene , hence white skin is a mutation not a race and indeed is an auto immune decease. This is about truth, better health and prevention, heredity not hate.

      ilove youiyesilove youiyes29 kun oldin
  • Jeff you are the best god bless you and your family and all the especial friends

    Juan GutierrezJuan GutierrezOy oldin
  • Jeff is soo very talented. Makes you think they are all real. Great Job Jeff-fafa

    Winnie The Pooh And Eeyore 2Winnie The Pooh And Eeyore 2Oy oldin
  • Hilarious!! But as far as his merch. I don't see how he makes any money. You can't buy shit in his site... it tells you it's "in stock" then you click add to cart and it tells you that you can't order that amount because there's only 2 left and I only chose ONE???? I don't trust it now, so maybe I can get lucky on Ebay or something...

    Cherokee StormChaserCherokee StormChaserOy oldin
  • shes way too young for jeff... he likes em young!!! lol

    Don ClarkDon ClarkOy oldin
  • Hi Jeff and Audrey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm buying your cookbook now. If I may make a suggestion though, I am visually impaired so I will not be able to read it personally so I will need assistance from other people. If it would be possible maybe you could make an audio version or a braille version for the blind.

    Kyle GravesKyle GravesOy oldin
  • Cookbook looks great! Don't tell your friends they are vegan, they won't notice, trust me. Want to mention how he changed Peanut's voice from mask muffle to clear. His voice talent always impressive. Must be fun growing up with Peanut.

    Francesca SFrancesca SOy oldin
  • The cookbook is fantastic.

    D&M ProductionsD&M ProductionsOy oldin
  • Adopt a pet or a puppet

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • Every child need a companion

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • Right on

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • No wonder I'm an orphan

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • My cookies

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • Tar babies

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • Molasses cookues

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • So what did I do I forgot

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • I don't think anyone likes me now what

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • I'm the project the catch

    Breath OfLifeBreath OfLifeOy oldin
  • They are so cute you're crazy

    Salina RiversSalina RiversOy oldin
  • You're making fun of the holy people I see! . I spotted this BS from a mile away 🖕

    Garrett StearnsGarrett StearnsOy oldin

    Patrick GraggPatrick GraggOy oldin
  • You guys are so cute igotta get the book ypu guys must have a blast.merry xmad

    Karen RogersKaren RogersOy oldin
    • Lol

      Karen RogersKaren RogersOy oldin
    • Christmas

      Karen RogersKaren RogersOy oldin
  • i am vegan. That book looks fabulous.

    Rachel MooreRachel MooreOy oldin
  • You have a beautiful family...

    Ayushman BanikAyushman BanikOy oldin
  • It would be amazing, you could sell out baseball stadium, if Jeff teamed up with Gabriel or Jeff teamed up with agt winner Darcy, I've never seen Jeff Gabriel or Darcy live, but if they ever teamed up to do super shows I'd definitely get tickets 🎟

    Joel GoldmanJoel GoldmanOy oldin
  • Who else forgot peanuts not a living thing

    Poker SquirrelPoker SquirrelOy oldin
  • Wait do you walk around your house making your puppets talk? That would be funny as hell when your kids are like 13 and you are waking them up using peanut

    Evan WebbEvan WebbOy oldin
  • Dude I swear Audrey looks at peanut when she’s talking to him but it’s actually Jeff that’s talking to her 😂😂

    Aaron JonesAaron JonesOy oldin
  • Peanuts: no one thought him that James: casual cartwheel

    Jeroen ClaassensJeroen ClaassensOy oldin
  • Peanut is a alive. Right?

    Kishor2704Kishor2704Oy oldin
  • Tell jack and jake I said hi

    Yuxel GuinnipYuxel GuinnipOy oldin
  • Vegan: Completely avoiding the use of animal products for consumption, be it meat, gelatine, wool, or anything produced by animals, like derry, eggs and honey. Title of the book: Vegan christmas cookies & coco What's used for making those recipes according to Audrey herself: Derry and eggs. Ehhh.....Hmm....

    Natasha VanillaNatasha VanillaOy oldin
  • Why didn’t Walter help promo the Vegan cookbook? 🤔 (He likes Prius so much.)

    Until ValhallaUntil ValhallaOy oldin
  • OMG those boys are having the times of their lives I love it

    Jon AlmanzaJon AlmanzaOy oldin
  • it should go to charities that support Animals. Go Vegan !

    Daphne RiceDaphne RiceOy oldin

    Daphne RiceDaphne RiceOy oldin
  • This is his wife or a friend ? I never knew. She is pretty. Cute sweet kids.

    Lily ValleyLily ValleyOy oldin
  • This was awesome

    Farmerjon9660Farmerjon9660Oy oldin
  • Love 💖 it LMAO 😎

    Robert LisenbyRobert LisenbyOy oldin
  • This is the type of veganism I can deal with. There was nothing pushy or preachy about it. Also, acknowledging that vegan food often tastes awful, or has little to no taste at all. I'm definitely no vegan, but I will acknowledge that just as some vegan food tastes awful or has little to no taste, there is some that is actually pretty good. I have a challenge for any vegan though. Since we're talking about holiday stuff, if you can make vegan egg nog that actually tastes like egg nog, I'll be impressed, and I would definitely give it a try.

    BaronVonStauffenbergBaronVonStauffenbergOy oldin
  • Do your vegan cookies contain egg please? I want to gift the book to a friend who's little girl has an allergy to egg and dairy, I know some vegan recipes on occasion contain egg, thanks.

    looney llama ladylooney llama ladyOy oldin
  • The boys and battling like they're in an anime? That's cute. I guess Jeff and his wife are big anime fans too. So cool. Now I wonder what anime each of Jeff's puppet friends like? 😉

    Brandon AhlbergBrandon AhlbergOy oldin
  • Okay, when is it gonna be translated to Dutch🤗? Looks en sounds great! Love from the Netherlands! Huge fan ☺️

    Naomi 89Naomi 89Oy oldin
  • Great a vegan that has nothing to do with ventriloquism making there F.A.M.E. off of a seleve.

    O FloresO FloresOy oldin
  • Who else wants to see Peanut bake with Audrey?! Please!

    Ann HontzAnn HontzOy oldin
  • Are you going to have Achmeds new song ode da COVID out for iTunes/Spotify

    Lutester1990Lutester1990Oy oldin
  • Jeff can't wait t get on the road so he can have some real food....🤫

    Old and DecrepitOld and DecrepitOy oldin
  • 🌼💙💙💙

    Shanna CraftShanna CraftOy oldin
  • The show I watched (old one) said you were going through a divorce. So happy to see the family together ♥️

    Mona ThomasMona ThomasOy oldin
  • Audrey looks GOOOD!!!

    Jerry CraigJerry CraigOy oldin
  • Hows Walter

    Curious GeorgeCurious GeorgeOy oldin