Paulo Costa reacts to his TKO loss to Israel Adesanya, Dana White PISSED at Conor McGregor, UFC 253

27-Sen, 2020
687 692 Ko‘rishlar soni

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00:00 - Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa react to Israel Adesanya's victory at UFC 253
01:56 - Dana White reacts to McGregor leaking their texts, as well as Adesanya's TKO over Costa
04:06 - Jan Blachowicz speaks on defeating Dominick Reyes to become the new LHW champion
05:46 - Daniel Cormier reacts to Jan Blachowicz def. Dominick Reyes
06:51 - Joanna Jedrzejcayk reacts to Jan's victory at UFC 253
07:14 - Top Comments
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UFC 253 Results / Reactions
- Hakeem Dawodu def. Zubaira Tukhugov via split decision
- Ketlen Vieira def. Sijara Eubanks via unanimous decision
- Brandon Royval def. Kai Kara-France via guillotine in the 2nd round
- Jan Blachowicz def. Dominick Reyes via TKO in the 2nd round
- Israel Adesanya def. Paulo Costa via TKO in the 2nd round

  • Costa need smater or stronger

    DJ Ashu RajDJ Ashu Raj2 kun oldin
  • costa will never come back strong, trust me, he lost it, like all the young mental overroided boys ...

    jojo jo1113jojo jo11139 kun oldin
  • Conor needs to earn his place once again can't just come out of a long hiatus and expect the red carpet.

    taraishot100taraishot10012 kun oldin
  • Fake

    Florin Sorin MorosanFlorin Sorin Morosan16 kun oldin
  • Costa may not outwit Israel however to win Costa can try hulk mode but he'll have to take few hits

    Himanshu BishtHimanshu Bisht17 kun oldin
  • anderson paak

    Carlos ReveloCarlos Revelo20 kun oldin
  • Costa was too afraid to fight Adesanya. He did not have any confidence in the fight. An easy fight for Adesanya.

    Matt MattMatt Matt21 kun oldin
  • Do not come back stronger. Come back a better, smarter fighter. Though I think Adasanya is several levels beyond you man and you will never be able catch up. Now, I really would like to see you getting revenge because of the disrespectful behavior after the fight.

    Jose RiveraJose Rivera22 kun oldin
  • Izzy your a good fighter but mate you’ll definitely get humbled eventually you cocky weeb😂 I cannot wait. Costa learns from this actually throws some combos and utilises BJJ it’ll be different story I reckon .

    sohosoho22 kun oldin
  • There should be a fine for excessive flaunting such as sexual dry humping. Please bring some class to the cage.

    nerdwithjordansnerdwithjordans23 kun oldin
  • Who started the beef

    ChrisChris24 kun oldin
  • Chinese looking face on Reyes

    Corrosive ChinaCorrosive China24 kun oldin
  • Doesn’t joanna look like the scream mask lol

    TheJoeml85TheJoeml8525 kun oldin
    • She`s full of herself but looks much better with all that make-up on.

      Mark AntMark Ant23 kun oldin
  • What you need to remember is a loss doesn't mean anything, look at what happened to Lenox Lewis, lost all his titles and used that to his advantage and came back stronger and better and become the undisputed champion. So Costa should use this and come back stronger and hungrier!

    NoobTeaBagNoobTeaBag26 kun oldin
    • Manny Steward improved Lewis, Costa needs a new trainer.

      Mark AntMark Ant23 kun oldin
  • Oh and if your gonna come back stronger and smarter ... maybe your next fight should be with McGregor cause he's a bit off himself!!!

    John BrownJohn Brown26 kun oldin
  • I personally find it EXTREMELY funny that Costa was so upset at Izzy's final antics... cause basically it's part of the game isnt it? Whether you pull the little BS theatrics before the fight just as Costa did or after the battle is done , it's all the same. Paulo you just didn't get to enjoy your shit cause you got it handed to you on a silver platter... Truth be told. Adesanya is a classier person than this and maybe he wouldn't have thought to pull such a show of so called disrespect if you hadn't been so asshat cocky in your attempts at disrespecting him from the get go!!! You should've just been proud to be called out by the CHAMP way back when and showed more class yourself! White belt CRUSHES Black belt. ( FUNNIEST STORY EVER) You might want to trade up buddy!

    John BrownJohn Brown26 kun oldin
  • Domination of the year? Maybe, Ferguson Gaethje comes to mind. Ferguson put it all on the line, never quit, Pretty boy Costa gave up.

    John BoscoJohn Bosco26 kun oldin
  • Costa just means he'll take even more gear.

    moderatesunitedmoderatesunited26 kun oldin
  • Pity

    Alfred AntwiAlfred Antwi26 kun oldin
  • Can we just forget about Conor already?

    GladBeastBoyGladBeastBoy26 kun oldin
  • “Everybody thinks this is a tough man’s sport. This is not a tough man’s sport. This is a thinking man’s sport. A tough man is gonna get hurt real bad in this sport.” - Mike Tyson -

    Sub4Nothing NoVideozSub4Nothing NoVideoz26 kun oldin
    • Absolutely correct. Not a sport for Costa with single digit IQ

      bibi kolabibi kola25 kun oldin
  • Conor is waiting for himself to grow old so that he can say stupid ass quotes and defend himself saying im old please forgive me

    pepe the frogpepe the frog26 kun oldin
  • I would love to see izzy vs Jon Jones

    no nameno name27 kun oldin
  • HA!? HA!? HA!? HAH!? HA!? HA!?

    J.E ALFAROJ.E ALFARO27 kun oldin
  • Costa really needs to change coaches man they gassed him up made him really believe that Israel is weak and a nobody instead of giving him a set game plan they just over inflated his ego. The better prepared of the two won that night I was going for Costa but way to demolish isreal good job

    Jose SalinasJose Salinas27 kun oldin
  • Super man Israel .. best ever

    Gary pGary p27 kun oldin
  • This was an example of the Bull vs the Matador! That Issy made from Buhachino a Bilharinho was the perfect ending! So funny also how captain COLOMBIA reacted all the Masterblaster and ...look at Madmax! Walid i didnt see or hear...Issy beautyfull how you just yissed the glasses! Like a Nubian WARIOR! You and Usman are the proud of Africa! Thank you again for this clinque...typical Dutch style

    Karim BouabbasKarim Bouabbas27 kun oldin
  • Wants to fight 39 year old Diogo in main event !yep!

    Omar MalikOmar Malik27 kun oldin
  • Conor should fight Eubank Jr.Both would be sure they gonna win and both have the same chance .Trash talk with Eubanks Jr and Sr would be epic.

    Srdjan MilosavljevicSrdjan Milosavljevic27 kun oldin
  • If Costa comes back stronger, he's gonna have to compete at Light Heavyweight...

    Filip FerenčakFilip Ferenčak27 kun oldin
  • He didn’t know what to do... respect ✊ Izzy everybody.. best fighter in the ufc.. 20-0

    Dennis EdmondsDennis Edmonds27 kun oldin
  • BJJ White Belt Power!

    Pound SterlingPound Sterling27 kun oldin
  • Why do people hate Izzy??? I don't get it....

    Sanjay VSanjay V27 kun oldin
  • Everyone in MMA is using steroids... Nate diaz

    Adriyan SlavchevAdriyan Slavchev27 kun oldin
  • Mr costa if you want to beat him find a better team. Like connor mc gregor said ( and i dont like his aditude) mma fighters train over and over the same things. Old fasion mma fight style He introduce a differend complete fightstyle. Not onley Power and just brawl. Ask MVP Michel Venom Page ( Bellator) to train with you. Almost same stile as adessanya onley more extreem. Watch his vids. Ask the Mr cavenagh ( trainer Mc Gregor) to help you. Than you can win.

    Donald DuckDonald Duck27 kun oldin
  • Lmaoooo. naw, he never winning now. unless he hops back on that juice 😂😂

    A KA K27 kun oldin

    Martin AguilarMartin Aguilar28 kun oldin
  • I called it perfect...costa came charging in, telegraphed it, and got clipped. I called ko loss in second, won $30k. Why? bc costa didn’t have a chance on the outside - only chance was to charge in...perfect chances to counter and KO... I posted this prediction on multiple channels. I received HUNDREDS of dissents on my analysis. You fools need to LISTEN to former fighters, you all coulda made bank, but no ....your loss.

    Pugile MoltoBenePugile MoltoBene28 kun oldin
  • Costa needs a coach and he needs to be a little humble when he’s suppose to be a professional

    Anthony LapumaAnthony Lapuma28 kun oldin
  • I’m so happy that Genshin Impact has been released 🌟

    Red SolRed Sol28 kun oldin
  • The Stylebender warned Ricky Martin. Another one got smashed by the Last Stylebender.

    A. SmithA. Smith28 kun oldin
  • Paul Caster already came back stronger and smarter two days after. This is a moron with no brain. He would still be whooped again if he got a rematch but no one wanna see his useless fight. Couldn't throw a single punch in 9 minute fight

    DJ RHINODJ RHINO28 kun oldin
  • he pointed and said "Romero" lol izzy

    Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez28 kun oldin
  • GSP should just come back to middleweight and beat Adesanya and retire again... Technically GSP never lost that Championship belt it’s the fifth that makes sense

    E. FabianE. Fabian28 kun oldin
  • Joanna is my dream wife.. beautiful but can whoop anyone ass who try me, or mine if I disrespect her 😅 no disrespect

    jjholidaytheonly1jjholidaytheonly128 kun oldin
  • How does anyone expect a human being to loose 50 lbs in less then 4 days in water weight, and then trying to come back to fight in less then 2 days? endocrine system, hormones, and sugar levels are destroyed utterly and imbalanced..The fact he even showed up with out an I.V attached to him is a miracle

  • Acosta.. you are a disappointment.. waiting so long for some one to shut Alasanya big mouth come out with this??? I think Romero would have done better and win the fight

    Flor LoeraFlor Loera28 kun oldin

    w0lfw0lf28 kun oldin
  • Costa come back stronger? lmfao, talk some more lol, the only way you will fight Izzy again is if you go practice for another 2 years lol. All the talking amounted to Costa standing like a deer in headlights.

    B L O O MB L O O M28 kun oldin
  • Reyes looks like a drunk Charlie Chaplin dude if you freeze it at 5:32 LMAO

    Ramy AnthonyRamy Anthony28 kun oldin
  • Can we get dana to take a p.d. test

    tom bobtom bob28 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Dana learned a lesson about trying to predict someing that only 2 ppl has any control over n hes not 1 of the 2

    tom bobtom bob28 kun oldin
  • Honestly I’d say let jake Mathews fight Connor. Diego Sanchez just got his shit handed to em by dude. So why would you wanna fight him? and for those of you that says naw bro jake is too early in his career.. well I say this. Sanchez been around for a while now and has experience. He still whooped Diego tho. So with that being said. If experience is what he will need to beat Connor. Then how com he beat Sanchez. Sanchez has plenty of experience and still not only loss but got whooped by jake.. make it make sense

    Raw Struggle GamingRaw Struggle Gaming28 kun oldin
  • I'm taking wA 2 much, thE tech. 2 stNd a chNc agNst a rubRE, tall, skild strIkr is 2 clOs the gap, not clOs it lukng 4 1 strIk on wA in, clOs it Yl bloking & perEing Stablishing a beter tacticL & control position, agN & agN, cause hEl B atMpting ScAp quite quickly.. the wA 2 constNtlE clOs the gap on such a rubRE(physicLE sUpErior) fItr, is 2 B mOr rubRE Ovr-all thN him(sum of mNtLE & physicLE)... hUz that lEv? mAB GSP, jOns?, hkaBb mAB, kMzat DcNt chNc, possiblE 1ndrbOE?.. but NEwA, not mNE👋

    EZwAEZwA28 kun oldin
  • Looks like ricky martin got into a domestic dispute.. ouch

    Church GoinChurch Goin28 kun oldin
  • Prior to UFC Israel had 114 amateur and pro fights in kickboxing and boxing

    Kal OryKal Ory28 kun oldin
  • Dana White had a point about Costa getting Izzy to the cage and then not doing anything. I remember mid fight I said "oh he has Izzy against the cage yet hes not hitting or clinching him, yep Izzy is in his head its over".

    sporky McSporkersonsporky McSporkerson28 kun oldin
  • exactly what dana white said "very wired" i dont undersatnd, which costa fought this night, but iit was not the same...

    Der FredDer Fred28 kun oldin
  • So where's all of you fakers that talked crap about Izzy?

    Tesla Cyber TruckTesla Cyber Truck28 kun oldin
  • Don't come back mr. Muscle

    poirei konsampoirei konsam28 kun oldin
  • costa did nothing in that fight lol but he talked alot

    ks 1ks 128 kun oldin
  • If U wana come back U needa come back smarter,faster n serious without showboating... Booo to Ur tactics this time around

    Peteneizo BelhoPeteneizo Belho28 kun oldin
  • Todo peleador k pelea con Yoel Romero sabe lok le espera hospital

    Bernardo ContrerasBernardo Contreras28 kun oldin
  • You won, but humility will be a very hard lesson you will Learn!

    DanielVegan LandDanielVegan Land28 kun oldin
  • Yoel Romero er mejor en esa division

    Bernardo ContrerasBernardo Contreras28 kun oldin
  • Dom won that fight ohh wait he got knocked the fuck out the over rated crybaby went nite nite

    JoJoBonesJoJoBones28 kun oldin
  • Costa is just a big bum who throws with eyes closed. Yoel was about to k o him too. Be smart. He cuts too much weight. But too small for 205

    User AnonymousUser Anonymous28 kun oldin
  • His upside got knocked inside out

    Kerry BrennanKerry Brennan28 kun oldin

    OryahnOryahn28 kun oldin
  • Humbled.

    Ronnie Vincent AntivoRonnie Vincent Antivo28 kun oldin
  • Wait so is this Paulo Costa first loss???

    bring back judo leg grabsbring back judo leg grabs28 kun oldin
  • Maybe if he can increase his bench press by fifty pounds he'll win next time 😂

    JMG71586JMG7158628 kun oldin
  • There is nothing he can say he should retire

    GODS WillGODS Will28 kun oldin
  • Levels.

    Ryan JohnRyan John28 kun oldin
  • Ricky Martin wannabe...LOL.

    FR BmpFR Bmp28 kun oldin
  • Costa had ZERO game plan. All that bravado and machismo talking and he had nothing. Stood there and got dismantled. I bet money on the dude. What a disappointment. He should quit.

    Michael NormanMichael Norman28 kun oldin
  • Costa dont come back stronger, u need come back smarter like Bruce Lee wooooyeahhh

    Chris sawmaChris sawma28 kun oldin
  • Costa was Scared so scared he got destroyed to the street dog that he is

    Grin MuchGrin Much28 kun oldin
  • romero vs adensanya 2 very good fight

    Arwen Jay CastilloArwen Jay Castillo28 kun oldin
  • LMAO

    AA- GamerAA- Gamer28 kun oldin
  • So where's the skinny guy right now? Lol 🤣

    Raymundo IgartaRaymundo Igarta28 kun oldin
  • Izzy was on the juice why his right peck was droopy

    TilejbiTilejbi28 kun oldin
  • you could not even throw a fight that way , costa needs to stop skipping leg day

    Large FootLarge Foot28 kun oldin
  • Botched

    AtkRiteAtkRite28 kun oldin
  • So costa decided to use romeros game plan. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Big WillBig Will28 kun oldin
  • Um soco desmontaria essa caveira

    Nando ZaguriNando Zaguri28 kun oldin
  • Come back stronger and you will still receive same beaten. You talk too much Costa and I’m glad THE LAST STYLE-BENDER shut your mouth up and whoop your ass... #TEAMADESANYA#

    Tunde BadaTunde Bada28 kun oldin
  • Izzy did good and all but its still irritating hearing him talk abt that stupid face-off like he was soul reading costa. Costa did it as a joke it was super light hearted I dont get the animosity. I just wonder how he will act when a real disrespectful trash talker fights him

    Mike OxlongMike Oxlong28 kun oldin
  • Costa u had ur chance bro u done ..

    Lihsus ThinghLihsus Thingh28 kun oldin
  • Hows the white belt ?'😏

    David MackDavid Mack28 kun oldin
  • I was a Paulo Costa fan until a week leading up to the fight. Paulo Costa turned into Isreal, the trash talking the face-off stunt, the taunting during the fight. Costa deserves to get his butt kick because of his bad behavior.

    transporter101transporter10128 kun oldin
  • Izzy is very good at fighting, but not likeable person at all.

    Mr BlancMr Blanc28 kun oldin
  • Izzy is like a king cobra. Top of the food chain.

    mmkr0000mmkr000028 kun oldin
  • This guy is a disgrace to Brazil 🇧🇷. No hands all muscle.

    PooingvlogerPooingvloger28 kun oldin
  • I think Costa was scared of being countered if he throws such telegraphed punches

    JD vlogJD vlog28 kun oldin
  • Little rubber. Erased

    Jlf PortoesJlf Portoes28 kun oldin
  • Her head is better now

    Danny SmithDanny Smith28 kun oldin
  • Was Paulo Costa paid off? Hmmm 🤔

    QSTOG GQSTOG G28 kun oldin
  • Conor Vs Sanchez 🤣🤣🤣come on...... Dana wake up!!

    V MkrV Mkr28 kun oldin
  • Izzy should just fight jones now because he has already whooped the top Fighters in his division

    Danny SmithDanny Smith28 kun oldin