Paul Pierce and LeBron James' beef started with spitting and escalated to family drama

17-Yan, 2021
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Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you thought you’d put all the past relationship drama behind you, but for whatever reason you find the other person still clinging onto the history you had together? And does this drama come out publicly whenever you turn on the TV? No? Well, LeBron James does.
Despite having not suited up in the NBA for over three years now, in his new role as an ESPN analyst, Paul Pierce finds a way to trash LeBron James at any given opportunity. Envy leads you to say some absurd things - whether it’s saying that LeBron isn’t a top five player in NBA history, how it was him alone who made LeBron go to the Miami Heat in free agency, or just the thought that if the two were the same age he would have stopped LeBron from earning his NBA titles.
While Paul Pierce continues to hate, LeBron just keeps his head down and hoops. This is a situation that goes way beyond Pierce trolling on TV. It spans multiple teams, family members, and even a preseason spitting incident. This beef really has some history to it.
Written, produced and edited by: Joe Ali
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  • Paul Pierce is a petty ass dude, but thats what makes this beef great! Let us know what other pettiness you wanna see covered in Beef History! P.S.: Never forget Paul Pierce pooped his pants in a game

    Secret BaseSecret BaseOy oldin
    • Did Lebron write this comment?

      Dandy ChigginsDandy Chiggins11 kun oldin
    • @Matthew Lo Senna Vs Piquet. Senna Vs Prost.

      AngeloAngelo14 kun oldin
    • pierce is the only one who thinks is better or above lebron...he is the only one who believes is is the only rival lebron have / had ... pierce believe there was a beef with him and lebron where in fact ... lebron doesn't really give an ass rat about him ... pierce is a one time mvp and champion who is washed up and really could and would never make it into top 50 greats of all time ... he is just opening his mouth to stay relevant ... people forgot him already ... nobody buys his jerseys ... heck 10 years from now nobody will probably even wear his jersey ... so pierce ya hear me boy !!! wake up ... you are way below the king ... know your place ... you had a short burst of goodness in you at some point in your stupid career ... your a one time wonder pooping boy a champion and an MVP ... and that is about it ... sorry to say this but the TURTH HURTS boy !!! accept that you are washed up star that could never reach the king ...

      Pinoy Dog Father TvPinoy Dog Father Tv17 kun oldin
    • @SecretBase this is a weird question, but where do you get the scores for your “Beef history” series? Do you record your own or is it made by an orchestra?

      Nathan FallsNathan Falls18 kun oldin
    • @TimeCop it's true

      de Williamsde Williams29 kun oldin
  • The repulsive drama formally milk because dad advantageously jam beneath a naive taste. moaning, ethereal wholesaler

    Dan LiuDan LiuSoat oldin
  • Biased ass video lol.. Another LeBron nutthugger

    E. HouseE. House19 soat oldin
  • I didn't realize how much Paul Peirce beat out Lebron! Geesh!! This was actually a rivalry, I can kind of see why Pierce talks the way he does now but he should still relax a bit since he's now retired

    ACEACE3 kun oldin
  • Well... what has he done? Leflop chases teams to BUY rings, hes never brought a team from the sewer to a championship and never could.

    i said what whati said what what5 kun oldin
  • wack narration on this one. this guy sounds like hes trying too hard to be cool

    Stephen SorianoStephen Soriano7 kun oldin
  • he's full of crap damn smh

    AldieThe GreatAldieThe Great9 kun oldin
  • Paul Pierce is a TOOL. Plain and simple. Could never stand the nonsense coming out of his mouth.

    Cory JohnsonCory Johnson9 kun oldin
  • It would be great to see a Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg Beef History! Dudes had some real beef...

    Ouyang WenhaoOuyang Wenhao11 kun oldin
  • This beef was good for basketball. We need more competitiveness in the league it’s soft now. Paul now and days gives bron credit calls him the best in the league but when’s he’s playing why would we expect that? I wish more star players would go at each other and make games interesting, just leave it on the court though!

    King FloresKing Flores11 kun oldin
  • This was the most bias Beef History I've ever seen. No objectivity.

    TJ CroninTJ Cronin12 kun oldin
  • I think we need a beef video between Phil Jackson and Jerry Krause.

    Jake TannerJake Tanner13 kun oldin
  • lol if people say nothings personal and yall dont wanna take it? thats weird

    Lucky Jackson 2020Lucky Jackson 202013 kun oldin
  • & its weird how yall so dearly want PP to respect lebron lol yall mad that yall not on tv talking or something?

    Lucky Jackson 2020Lucky Jackson 202013 kun oldin
  • uuuhhh yall dont remember PP was a allstar and well respected way before LBJ got into the league?

    Lucky Jackson 2020Lucky Jackson 202013 kun oldin
  • One stayed and got lucky. The other ran and team hopped.

    Ты так беденТы так беден14 kun oldin
  • Do a Lebron and Kyrie one now

    Guillermo DominguezGuillermo Dominguez14 kun oldin
  • Great video! Do a beef history on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook!!!

    Petie PeglegPetie Pegleg14 kun oldin
  • The You-tubers Sneek dissing PP is showing he worships the king. Saying PP is no Zeek is a reach. In my opinion PP is a top 25 player of all time that rode it out wit Boston the big 3 deserved to come together with KG being loyal to Minnesota like PP was to Celtic. Add Ray who was traded 2 times (Not by choice ) He was best player on team both times. Bron going to MIA was cool. But he proved to be a ring chaser the min he left & went back contradicting why he left in 1st place! After killing Cavs cap and trading all its assets and draft picks depleting there franchise he goes to LA misses playoffs then trades there entire Franchise except 2nd rd pick Kuz 😂 for a top 5 player then wins a ring. I say, my fellow country men & women... This is your King???🤔💯😂😂

    Joseph ArmsteadJoseph Armstead15 kun oldin
  • I just want to know what LeBrons cycle is! He's aging backwards!

    tim kendatim kenda15 kun oldin
  • Ayy that was a smooth transition to completely dismiss LeBron 2011 loss. I mean I’m a big LeBron fan but still...

    Stealth VertexStealth Vertex15 kun oldin
  • Lebron is the only reason people growing up in the 2000s knows Cleveland has an NBA team

    K WilliamsK Williams16 kun oldin
  • The Big Aristotle 🤦‍♀️😂

    David NgDavid Ng16 kun oldin
  • He's not wrong tbh. Bird, Kareem, Magic, Jordan, Shaq, Duncan, I'd even argue Kobe, are all better than James

    Randy ChildersRandy Childers16 kun oldin
  • No way I'm going to believe Paul Pierce is being honest as an analyst. He is just being a clown and riding that wave.

    TheRealBanditoTheRealBandito17 kun oldin
  • "Pierce did some talk just not at James" OH Really? Paul Pierce is always taking. 😂

    TheRealBanditoTheRealBandito17 kun oldin
  • Paul Pierce is right, LeBron isn't a Top 5 player of all time. He is just marketed like that by the NBA. I have Durant, Kahwi, Antetokounmpo ahead of LeBron right now. I can't put LeBron in the discussion with Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Wilt, Duncan , Kobe , Bird , Dr J , Russell . I have a hard time putting James above guys like Vince Carter , Shawn Kemp, Scottie Pippen or Larry Johnson in their prime.

    The Prodigal HeelThe Prodigal Heel17 kun oldin
  • paul “bs comes from both my mouth and my ass” pierce (but he was lowkey a pretty good player)

    aidenaiden17 kun oldin
  • Lebron literally brought Cleveland a championship 😂😂😂😂 man said what did he do to build a team, he was literally that franchise, literally he was the only thing good about the whole of Cleveland in fact for so many years

    Mr 2 slimMr 2 slim18 kun oldin
    • So he did nothing to build the franchise and instead tried to win despite it is what you're saying?

      DIVAD291DIVAD29116 kun oldin
  • pierce is an amazing player back in the day, in his prime he was really one tough cookie...but he is nothing compared to every aspect pierce aint nothing compared to lebron and that the truth...period... pierce without rondo, ray and kg vs. lebron + his original cavs team mates = pierce boston will eat dust...that is a no brainer...james can sweep pierce boston easily without kg, rondo and ray allen ... lebron did what he needed to do in that situation with his mom on the sidelines...we all know that lebron love her mom so much...still, pierce is probably a hall of famer but is not even close to any conversation of greats or goats...lebron, kobe, bill russell, kareem, wilt, jordan, bird, magic, shaq ... nope i can't just see pierce cracking up the list...a one time mvp i think and a bonified legit all star and a superstar at some point in his career...but again...his not even close toe to toe with lebron and lebrons accomplishment... lebron in his younger days is just a raw beast with athleticism but current lebron is a more fined and tuned player that he can discard his athleticism because and doesn't need to rely on his brute strength anymore as he uses his basketball IQ better now, instead of making himself stand out he now makes his team mates better with his passing and play making ability and has learned how to hurt opposing teams from the outside compared in his younger days where he heavily rely on just his strength, speed and undeveloped basketball IQ... lebron is like wine that he gets better as he gets older while pierce just faded and never made an impact after his prime days...

    Pinoy Dog Father TvPinoy Dog Father Tv20 kun oldin
    • Well said

      BigBoyGeorgeBigBoyGeorge17 kun oldin
  • We need a beef history for Ali-Liston

    Brayden CarrollBrayden Carroll21 kun oldin
  • I love the narration on this one this dude did his thing!

    Blair ThomasBlair Thomas21 kun oldin
  • Might be early, but im smelling beef between Booker and Simmons

    Omar AbuseifOmar Abuseif21 kun oldin
  • Do a Mike Hargrove Ichiro beef video next

    Dakota PassarelliDakota Passarelli21 kun oldin
  • Overcoming the Celtics rhymes with Jordan overcoming the Pistons, except ofcourse, the bad boys were better.

    The Italian StalianThe Italian Stalian22 kun oldin
  • Interesting learning some Lebron history. I didn’t know he made the conference finals or the finals prior to joining the Heat.

    Dominique BrownDominique Brown23 kun oldin
  • 5:23 lmao

    Evan ErbEvan Erb23 kun oldin
  • Can we get a Russ and KD one now?

    Seiya MurphySeiya Murphy24 kun oldin
  • 4:45 Lord only knows what KG was saying to Gloria James in that moment.

    NabiiNabii24 kun oldin
  • Mo Williams was tuff‼️

    RannyRanny24 kun oldin
  • I feel like after Super Bowl 55, there could be a Beef History vid of Belichick and Brady.

    Mobile Gamer DudeMobile Gamer Dude24 kun oldin
  • I despise both of these guys but god damn is Pierce not the most annoying personality on any NBA tv show

    Austin StevensAustin Stevens25 kun oldin
  • The absorbing quiet distally carry because flock notablely grease circa a innocent macaroni. hushed, debonair screw

    Rickey VinluanRickey Vinluan25 kun oldin
  • Pierce is right. Le Bum isnt a Top 5 Player

    Der MisanthropDer Misanthrop25 kun oldin
    • @BigBoyGeorge Im not a Pierce Fan, Son.

      Der MisanthropDer Misanthrop17 kun oldin
    • Pierce isn’t even top 100

      BigBoyGeorgeBigBoyGeorge17 kun oldin
  • Paul Pierce is overrated

    The ProtagonistThe Protagonist26 kun oldin
  • Do one on Chuck vs. KG's skinny jeans

    PjStorm27PjStorm2726 kun oldin
  • Pierce was not Lebron's rival. The Celtics were his rival. Out of the Celtics big 3, KG and Allen were both better than Pierce.

    Mr. WilliamMr. William28 kun oldin
  • There’s wayyyyy too much Pierce slander in here.. disrespectful. Some of y’all are casuals.

    Ethan MyersEthan Myers28 kun oldin
  • In 2007 when the Cavs go to the Finals it's "Lebron carried his trash team to the Finals." But when they can't win the title it's "Cleveland's front office can't get it done for Lebron. So of course he would he leave for Miami." Ridiculous. Bronexuals give Lebron all the credit and none of the criticism. When Bron loses it's always someone else's fault. When Bron wins he gets all the credit. Lame AF. Btw the goat doesn't shoot 34% in a playoff series or get owned in the Finals by a role player. Jason Terry plz stand up 🤣

    TimeCopTimeCop29 kun oldin
  • Kinda impressive that Lebron was able to lead a team with no all starts TWICE in his career to the NBA finals. AI did the same thing in '01 as well.

    Health InspectorHealth Inspector29 kun oldin
  • Next: Charles Barkley vs Big Ol Women of San Antonio

    asdfghjklasdfghjklOy oldin
  • Narrator is distracting

    NJ MNJ MOy oldin
  • Rent free

    Pete DittoePete DittoeOy oldin
  • No one gonna mention the ending of Game of Zone? Spoiler: Pierce won out against James for the throne

    Andrew YuAndrew YuOy oldin
  • My dad and P would be best friends

    Liam AkehurstLiam AkehurstOy oldin
  • I don’t understand how ppl say lebron needed a three to beat the Cs but pierce needed a three to beat lebron lmao pierce had a 3 lbj had a 3

    Eli ThorntonEli ThorntonOy oldin
  • Pierce is so whack sometimes 😂

    Jacabo BlancoJacabo BlancoOy oldin
  • Pierce is right though. Lebron did go to Miami because of those Celtics

    Mr. MurphyMr. MurphyOy oldin
  • Now do Dame Vs Russ

    Isaiah StevensonIsaiah StevensonOy oldin
  • His comments over the years show just how ill informed or reckless LeBronda is with his words. It doesn't matter if it's remotely true, he'll say it out of spite. He's a 6'8" spoiled brat crybaby.

    Gottiline Ace The OGGottiline Ace The OGOy oldin
  • 3:58 yoo chill chill 🤣

    mohammad alsobhimohammad alsobhiOy oldin
  • “What has LeBron James done for any organization” He literally IS the Cleveland Cavaliers organization and won more rings in 4 years in Miami then the rest of their franchise existence. And now he brought a chip back to LA.

    Brian EifeBrian EifeOy oldin
  • The extra-large extra-small exuberant saxophone speculatively tumble because description italy return for a grotesque instruction. difficult, old fish

    ZuluCinemaZuluCinemaOy oldin
  • Pierce rlly don’t care bruh

    DrunkenMasterDrunkenMasterOy oldin
  • Do warren sapp vs Michael strahan next!

    Howard SouleHoward SouleOy oldin
  • Uncle beef is the best kind

    Nick TNick TOy oldin
  • 4/10 ain't no GOAT.

    Paige GuerinPaige GuerinOy oldin
  • I'm not a Draymond fan but "You ain't Kobe!" Is one of the funniest things I've heard in an NBA game.

    Sean HudsonSean HudsonOy oldin
  • that big 3 celtics team was the MOST OVVERATED in history

    Brian TepBrian TepOy oldin
  • This video highlights the fact that LeBron really tried to win in Cleveland before he went to Miami. I say this not as a LeBron fan, but as a Cleveland sports fan. Management missed every chance to help him.

    gdragon521gdragon521Oy oldin
  • Much respect to Paul Pierce. A great competitor at his position despite lacking the athleticism of his highflying peers.

    spiidey1spiidey1Oy oldin
  • Lebron has no beefs. Just haters 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Dhk4Dhk4Oy oldin
  • 2:48 BARS 😂 🔥

    Dhk4Dhk4Oy oldin
  • Paul is a punk

    tien5tritien5triOy oldin
  • sucked lebron off the entire video but glossed over his 2011 choke job😭😭😭

    Malnourished AfricanMalnourished AfricanOy oldin
  • Lebron had plenty of help in Cleveland before he choose to go to Miami, sixty game winning series come on stop

    STEPHANIE WilliamsSTEPHANIE WilliamsOy oldin
  • Lebron's mom always finds a way to embarrasse him 🤣😝

    STEPHANIE WilliamsSTEPHANIE WilliamsOy oldin
  • How about Kawhi vs. Spurs beef?

    Rad BloggerRad BloggerOy oldin
  • Get the other guy back, this guy sucked

    Van WilderVan WilderOy oldin
  • As a Boston fan we were actually horrible we betted our chips on aging prime players and didn't bother to bring in young guys to build once they age more and more. But I guess it's all good now

    Devy DevDevy DevOy oldin
  • Osama bin shaq😭😭😭😭

    Devy DevDevy DevOy oldin
  • 8:28 the Heat didn't win easily or a bit more relaxed. They where just clutch in the 4th. But LeBron ain't clutch people say. The 2 years they beat the Celtics, in the deciding game, LeBron had dagger shots in 2011 and 2012. These where huge shots.

    Cedric AsdfghjklCedric AsdfghjklOy oldin
  • Paul who I never heard of that man or Dwight Howard - LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal

    Dr Too BreezyDr Too BreezyOy oldin
  • UZworld: Shi Dog vs Michael Punchline

  • Great topic. My thought is pierce was and still Is jealous of lebron because he wasn’t him in 2011 etc

    Drey ScorchinDrey ScorchinOy oldin
  • Paul pierce was a great player and a Finals MVP, but he has no business of even being in the same conversation with LeBron, Bron is on Mt. Rushmore of Basketball and Pierce is only on the Celtics Mt. Rushmore

    William BurneyWilliam BurneyOy oldin
  • Everything Pierce said was the Truth absolutely dude ran away from the celtics and into the arms of DWade what a fraud

    Josh VascoJosh VascoOy oldin
  • Lol! If only he's the same age as LeBron? Dude, at year 17, Bron is still winning chips while Pierce is getting thrown from team to team and averaging less than 15ppg. F outta here, Paul. 😂

    Bazooka JoeBazooka JoeOy oldin
  • Hahahah so this is why Pierce is traumatized by LeBron.

    KingKingOy oldin
  • The premise of this video seems to be that Pierce was trash...but he wasn't. He's a HOFer that is probably one of the better players in Boston history. Saying "come on bruh you're no Isiah Thomas." Really?

    Adam GervalAdam GervalOy oldin
  • Now more than ever Brady vs belichick beef video!

    Miguel HernandezMiguel HernandezOy oldin
  • I don’t know if this really fits in the beef category

    Samuel NoblesSamuel NoblesOy oldin
  • LeBron is not top 5, but he is top 10.

    yoinkhahayoinkhahaOy oldin
  • Latrash james is. Not in my top 5.

    Jennifer CrapseyJennifer CrapseyOy oldin
  • This narrator is awful

    TysonTysonOy oldin
  • I would definitely take Paul Pierce over Isaiah Thomas...People don't realize Pierce was the best Wing in the East (possible exception for Vince Carter) after Jordan retired UNTIL Lebron took that title in about 2005-2006. Pierce's game winner over Al Harrington after calling his shot was one of the most amazing playoff moments of that era.

    RyanRyanOy oldin
  • 2009 Celtics bulls deserves a rewind, most entertaining playoff series possibly ever

    Justin MartinezJustin MartinezOy oldin
  • Do Chase Utley vs the New York Mets

    Misery’s CompanyMisery’s CompanyOy oldin
  • Paul pierce is so delusional 🙄

    Courtside convoCourtside convoOy oldin
  • We need Nate Diaz vs Connor Mcgegor next that is a great beef

    Kno snagzKno snagzOy oldin