Parler has been Taken Down!

8-Yan, 2021
343 994 Ko‘rishlar soni

Both Apple and Google have remove the Parler App. Information is being controlled by Big Tech as Directed by Big Government. Free Speech is Free only when it agrees with the lefts agenda

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  • How nice to finally see a human being as a president!

    Barry ProbberBarry Probber5 kun oldin
  • Kind of late to run to the harbor to begin tossing tea into the water, when those ships departed last November.

    Hans Von MannschaftHans Von Mannschaft7 kun oldin
  • Stop saying "brown shirts" you sound ignorant, Stop it and get a grip. "0:38 My wife and I were actually was watching Animal House, one of the the greatest movies of all time..." 2;31-Why is it that Hollywood is sucha left wing sackashit? OK BOOMER

    Road TripRoad Trip7 kun oldin
  • So happy. It was the single largest hub of white supremacists, bomb makers, conspiracy theorists. We know you love the sites. So no worry 😆 😆 😆 99.8% of the surface posts were " scraped" and archived before the site went down.

    jus dedjus ded9 kun oldin
  • Gosh you are really a snowflake

    alessio betalessio bet11 kun oldin
  • WOW 😱

    WildStyle VloggsWildStyle Vloggs11 kun oldin
  • The sad reality is if you exist in a capitalist Society this is what happens with corporations that use a capitalist system to the benefit so that they can hold on to the reins of power through legal bribery known as the K Street lobbying Tango. And it's not just Democrats but if you open your eyes to the big picture citizens united allowed corporations to purchase and own their own members of Congress. Defeat Citizens United ruling and defeat corporations overhaul of reins of power of all of our daily lives. Open your eyes it's not just a one-sided party both houses are corrupt don't play into the game like a simpleton and thinking that there's a savior from one side of the party. The Savior will come from Grassroots community members taking up the reins of government.

    pengo82ndpengo82nd11 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂.. This is what happens when you Aid an armed Insurrection at a failed coup. Be lucky that we have not seen the submission of the Fourteenth Amendment article 3.

    pengo82ndpengo82nd11 kun oldin
  • So y’all ok with racist comments on Parler?

    EliteGameingFilmsEliteGameingFilms11 kun oldin
  • I’m with ya bro. Fuck the left.

    mrtribey1mrtribey112 kun oldin
  • Well, big tech doesn't want people planning attacks on their platforms. Duh. A few points: 1. Trump lost 2. He deserved to lose (worst President since Hitler.) 3. Get over it.

    Zoomer30Zoomer3012 kun oldin
  • Sedition is not protected by the constitution. Spreading known lies to incite sedition is not protected by the Constitution. The Brown shirts were A LOT like the Redhats that attacked our Capitol. If you actually knew ANYTHING about history, you would see that. Once the traitors are taken care of, there will be no problems. No one is coming after you unless you break the law. Common sense.

    NijeguhzNijeguhz12 kun oldin
  • They shouldn't have let a bunch of terrorists plan an attack on our capitol using their platform.

    james Donejames Done12 kun oldin
  • The Totalitarian and Dystopia that the leftist and the cheaters who committed the biggest fraud in US history with a very blatantly Bogus Election, cannot tolerate freethinking, they cannot tolerate free speech, the first and second amendments are in their target hair is next, and they intend to do away with the United States as we know it, PARL ER has been taken down because it represents free thought and free Speech, these are things that the leftwing mob cannot tolerate, and there is a purge going on now on all media’s and networks, to remove conservative thought and speech, the imposition of tyranny

    Guy DavidGuy David12 kun oldin
  • Hey, grab 2 cups and a string, and start talking to each-other...BUILD YOUR OWN PLATFORM if you don’t like it. Also I find it’s hilarious that you got 2 texts and a phone call in the span of this video... oh yeah... you’re being

    Heywoodj1969Heywoodj196912 kun oldin
  • America Without Trump--What follows is the natural progression of events when the bulwark guarding America is torn down. As Orwell’s 1984 was a warning to our fathers and grandfathers, this story is your warning. Heed it well.

    Stacy ThuyStacy Thuy12 kun oldin
  • Joeseph goerbles and 1939 all over again. !!!!!

    Jeff BirkmeyerJeff Birkmeyer12 kun oldin
  • If you want to spread your disinformation and racism, now you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Get yourself a soapbox and stand in the town square and spout your crap. Try it, see how it goes.

    Jon HamiltonJon Hamilton13 kun oldin
  • I will not stand quiet for their left wing Nazi bullshit either.

    Joe DovJoe Dov13 kun oldin
    • commit crimes, be prepared to lose your freedoms

      colonel 100colonel 10012 kun oldin
  • Thank you for that! I was just being honest.

    G GG G13 kun oldin
  • Yeah, you're right, the democrats are stirring up a hornet's nest at the moment. You hit the nail right on the head, good call!!

    G GG G13 kun oldin
  • No worry. George and the boys didnt have internet in 1776.

    Marcus BlankinshipMarcus Blankinship13 kun oldin
  • Awesome.! In the big tech needs to protect democracy this is awesome! We finally get that traitorous piece of s*** president off of social media for good!!!!

    Dean AnderDean Ander13 kun oldin
  • You are absolutely right this is just the beginning 75 million people can take down Twitter and Facebook and UZworld they are not machines they are run by people who have addresses just like everyone else we should be asking them questions face to face theres 2 sides to every story put the truth out and let the people decide what's right for them not weasels who pay politician's while they are getting paid by American citizens and foreign governments

    Harold LeroyHarold Leroy13 kun oldin
  • Awesome 👌

    Demetrius ArchuletaDemetrius Archuleta13 kun oldin
  • Lol cope harder, losers

    cowardlycouragecowardlycourage13 kun oldin
  • Leaving for Rumble.

    Mike HerringMike Herring13 kun oldin
  • Parler was a garbage fire and some of the things i saw said on there explain why it was shut down.

    Roger EakinRoger Eakin13 kun oldin
  • Welcome to Free Market Capitalism!

    Ron SouthwickRon Southwick13 kun oldin
  • I think/affraid that joe and Kamala are going to incite a a war in America. They are both sick Godless reprobates !!

    Robert McKinleyRobert McKinley13 kun oldin
  • This is just the beginning. We are looking at the "new world order" and the worldwide communist dictatorship as predicted in the Bible. We can complain all we want to but things are just going to get worse until Jesus comes to get his church. Accept Christ and you will be saved. (John 3:16 and Acts 16:31) This world is going to be turned into hell. Those Godless reprobate politicians are drunk on power and it is unlikely they will change. They have an "I am God" complex!! Make Jesus Lord today and he will set you free. "Where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty." (2 Corinthians 3:17)

    Robert McKinleyRobert McKinley13 kun oldin

    Stu CrosslandStu Crossland13 kun oldin
  • The FBI should investigate if Parler orchestrated the attempted coup.

    Ara KayAra Kay13 kun oldin
  • trump is just a citizen like anyone else and in 8 days will have no "presidential super-powers". When he misbehaves on social media he is bound to get punished like any other participant.

    Ara KayAra Kay13 kun oldin
  • Sounds like communism coming from this video. I thought that was bad.

    Keith EdwardsKeith Edwards13 kun oldin
    • @colonel 100 that is what they told kap when he took a knee and lost his job now look how the tables turn.

      Keith EdwardsKeith Edwards12 kun oldin
    • this is capitalism at work. companies dont have to do business with you

      colonel 100colonel 10012 kun oldin

    Craig RobinsonCraig Robinson13 kun oldin
  • Don't they accuse you of violence, among other things, for disagreeing with them?

    Truck68Truck6813 kun oldin
  • Newsflash: Parler fails at capitalism...

    B BB B14 kun oldin
  • Tyrannical government first step is to remove free speech.

    Meli MatanatotoMeli Matanatoto14 kun oldin
    • the government? this is capitalism at work

      colonel 100colonel 10012 kun oldin
  • This is now an aggressive coup to take the USA down! We have let their slow creep go on for 50+ years and now that they see our demise is almost complete it's a no holds barred sprint to complete our total loss and their complete takeover!!!! Will Trump tuck tail and run or will he invoke the Insurrection Act?!

    Harvey MulockHarvey Mulock14 kun oldin
  • Such suppression of political opposition seems something right out of a communist country. It's interesting to see the obviously biased left using the threat of violence as an excuse to remove any site which allows Freedom of Expression, given the fact that the left always posts content encouraging violence against those who don't agree with them. These people are scumbags!

    The New Zealand GringoThe New Zealand Gringo14 kun oldin
  • Your right, I've been trying to get people to understand about the brown shirts and the black shirts. One group was in Italy the other in Germany. It's getting real.... It's time to organize!!!!

    ralph gordonralph gordon14 kun oldin
  • It's a social media reich with the racist BLM and ANTIFA trying to legitimize their racism for the cause and stomp out any competing belief and accuse their resistors as evil. Truth is their kryptonite and they will do anything to stop it.

    Alex SandovalAlex Sandoval14 kun oldin
  • HYpocrit crying oder big tech on UZworld...stupidity at is finest

    22BrotherX22BrotherX14 kun oldin
  • The butthurt on the right is just beginning ....YOU.TRIED.TO.OVERTHROW.THE.GOVERNMENT!!!!!!

    Bluepad emailBluepad email14 kun oldin
  • If you clowns can't see that you are the fascist brown shirts storming the Reichstag, its clear you have been manipulated by misinformarion.

    Bluepad emailBluepad email14 kun oldin
  • They aren't censoring everything, just something very specifically used for organizing sedition, a crime. You don't have a right to commit crimes and if you scream fire in a theater it isn't protected speech.... Don't break down into tears snowflake!!!!

    Bluepad emailBluepad email14 kun oldin
  • When there is no longer a dissenting opinion, your freedom is over! You are a slave to media and the MSM! MSM (PROPAGANDA) must die for freedom to flourish!

    Vend3ttAVend3ttA14 kun oldin
  • You are a tool of Russian misinformation and a traitor!

    Bluepad emailBluepad email14 kun oldin
  • Good grief, Have people become so ignorant that they don't understand their "Freedom of Speech" rights under the Constitution. Our speech is only of government interference. Speech is not sanctioned by private property owners. What this means you're free to spout your speech in the town square. However, you're not allowed to do that in someone's retail establishment or online platform. Spout your speech on your own platform or in your own establishment.

    RedWolf777SGRedWolf777SG14 kun oldin
  • Well, it was full of Chinese and Russian sock puppet accounts trying to provoke true patriots to do illegal things.

    John RyanJohn Ryan14 kun oldin
  • We better hit back because if we don’t the communist left will enslave us again. It will be nazi Germany all over again.

    Cassandra E. Rosa RosaCassandra E. Rosa Rosa14 kun oldin
  • Who were the ones who advocated for businesses to be allowed to refuse service based on deeply held beliefs? That was the slippery slope. This is the result.

    MrHanMrHan14 kun oldin
  • You’re still on UZworld dude so ...

    Alistair HendersonAlistair Henderson14 kun oldin
  • Trying to sign up on Gab

    Debby VibbertDebby Vibbert14 kun oldin
  • THE GOOD NEWS... Medical experts have concluded that 95% of the COVID cases are Republicans. Trump has made non-believers out of them from the beginning, and now they're paying the price. The REPS (or Confederate racists) are disappearing exponentially. Sob sob!

    Peter CPeter C14 kun oldin
  • Joe Biden 2021

    DJO214DJO21414 kun oldin
  • Nah bud, google and apple taking parler off their apps is the same thing as you telling your son he needs to get his own place if he starts going against your rules in your house. You wouldn’t take “but muh free speech” from’d say “in my house, this is a dictatorship. You take your ‘free speech’ to your own house”. That’s what google and apple have done. They banned Trump because of his incendiary remarks which violated their terms of service. Trump tried to find ways to defiantly and disrespectfully circumnavigate that ban, parler was one of them. So parler was removed from the app store. Apple and Google are private companies, not government/public property. They have an image to maintain in order to make money. Being seen as a cosigner of a divisive president who encouraged an insurrection is probably not on their agenda. Simple as that. Cry about “muh brown shirts” all you want, but it was literally one of your capitol storming “patriots” who donned a “camp Auschwitz” shirt in the capitol, and it’s literally your party, not the multi-ethnic, multi-religion, multi-sexuality, democratic party, that most closely resembles the uniform demographics of the actual brown shirts. Now, feel free to ban this comment, because this is your channel after all. See how that works?

    Ryan BaileyRyan Bailey14 kun oldin
  • U crack me upppp but love the truth !

    All Things Cheryl SnellAll Things Cheryl Snell14 kun oldin
  • The Insurrection act should be done

    Michael RondoMichael Rondo14 kun oldin
  • The swamp is more than just group of corrupted politician bribed by CCP. Censorship, propaganda and infiltration. They started exercising CCP here all begin with having this election rigged so easy.

    Patrick ChanPatrick Chan14 kun oldin
  • Good riddance.

    Ed RowlandsEd Rowlands14 kun oldin
  • 👍🏿

    Tony MaloofTony Maloof14 kun oldin
  • This has been the goal from day one I bet. How convenient. This will set the stage for them to ban everyone... JUST LIKE BIG BROTHER 1984!!!!

    The LoveJoy ShowThe LoveJoy Show14 kun oldin
  • The “brown shirts” are the Trump supporters! Trying to stop the certification of an election- It just ain’t American!

    Daniel StumpDaniel Stump14 kun oldin
  • OBEY the Democratic Syndicate OBEY the Democratic Party OBEY the Democratic Establishment OBEY the Democratic Government OBEY the Democratic Klan OBEY the Democratic Big Brother OBEY the Democratic Monopoly OBEY the Democratic Communist

    The GOATThe GOAT14 kun oldin
  • The left just don't get it. Freedom of speech is being infringed upon. McCarthy was onto something back in the 50s with communism in Hollywood. The American people poo poo'ed it off and claimed it a witch hunt. Well here we are seeing it come to fruition. Time to take a stand !

    Donald Parlett jrDonald Parlett jr14 kun oldin
  • Why has Trump not starred his own site!

    Joe nugentJoe nugent14 kun oldin
    • because conservatives cant make websites

      colonel 100colonel 10012 kun oldin
  • Like print and TV media corporation, private online media have a right to choose content presented on their platform. They also have a responsibility to exclude hateful, threatening, extremists rhetoric or blatantly false information. They should fact check in order to protect their businesses from becoming a soapbox for every big mouth delusional crackpot with an axe to grind.

    Allen GrayAllen Gray14 kun oldin
  • "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." - 1st Amendment You should get familiar with it because what you think it protects it doesn't. The 1st Amendment is a rule for congress (the government), says so right in the beginning. It doesn't work the other way around. You don't have a right to your own facts and nonsense. You are not entitled to your own platform to shout that nonsense from. You can't hide behind this amendment to skirt any real world consequences from the shit you say. Being a liar, a racist, a nut job in general, can cost you your job, friends, family, and reputation. The 1st Amendment doesn't protect you from any of that, nor should it. Social media companies are not the government. You agree to a Terms of Service (TOS) and End User License Agreement (EULA) when you sign into and use their service. There's no guarantee of "freedom of speech and expression", much less a guarantee of access to their platform. If you didn't want Parler and other media outlets to get dropped from support or ban your base, respectively, then maybe you all shouldn't have aligned yourselves with conspiracy theorists, racists, seditionists, and insurrectionists, who are all calling for violence against our government and Americans. That starts with Trump and other populist leadership. Remember, shit flows down hill. You and your base will be wearing his stink for years to come. TLDR: The 1st Amendment doesn't apply in this case. Also, you all fucked around and found out. Now, you only have yourselves to blame.

    GuyLeRauchGuyLeRauch14 kun oldin
  • 1A has nothing to do with what a private company does/doesn't do re: Terms of Service.

    shyseoulshyseoul14 kun oldin
    • Shame I had to search for this comment 😂. Furthermore, I believe the tech companies are only doing this because they are trying to save their own asses... probably not doing it out of any sense of morality.

      Why-PhiWhy-Phi14 kun oldin
  • Let’s kick there brown shirt ssses

    Corbo YatesCorbo Yates14 kun oldin
  • Before you talk about the first amendment, please look it up. First amendment applies to congress - not private companies. Look it up please!

    T DT D14 kun oldin
  • Parler enabled the terrorist attack on the capitol.

    Jake MoseleyJake Moseley14 kun oldin
  • They were removed for HATE SPEACH. fyi YOU ARE THE BROWN SHIRTS.

    WeCan WorkThisOutWeCan WorkThisOut14 kun oldin
  • GAY!

    tombobrumleytombobrumley14 kun oldin
  • Parlor is gone

    Missy MMissy M14 kun oldin
  • Welcome to the New World Order! Attack on the 1st Amendment. They aren’t just Communists they are Satanists.

    David MaceDavid Mace14 kun oldin
    • this is capitalism at work.

      colonel 100colonel 10012 kun oldin
  • But you’re the epitome of a brown shirt - maybe try reading a book before burning it.

    Pieter FaberPieter Faber14 kun oldin
  • Amen

    Russell MawsonRussell Mawson14 kun oldin
  • Let’s create a network,talk in person, Let’s all go to work

    victor arcurivictor arcuri14 kun oldin

    Mr RobotMr Robot14 kun oldin
  • You guys should all wear uniforms so we know who to thank for saving us all. I suggest buying a lot of brown shirts

    CareyCarey14 kun oldin
  • It just proves that even Big Tech knows enough to pull the plug on crazy.

    Doctor MorbiusDoctor Morbius14 kun oldin
  • As an outsider (from another country) - it seems to me, that the Democrats are guilty of inciting insurrection themselves, by both words and actions - words, they said 'we will impeach the president', and actions - by putting into motion, the task of impeaching the president; and also threatening and bullying people as well, by demanding that Mike Pence do it first (to try and keep their hands clean, in the public's eyes). By attempting to impeach him and cut off his avenues to defend himself (through social media), take down Parler (the new social media kid on the block), and shut it down, so that the most basic of human rights in America (Free Speech) is effectively stifled and silenced, the Democrats are doing the very thing they accuse the President of doing, by angering and stirring up a lot of trouble - to provoke their fellow Americans into doing something about it. They are throwing kerosene on the fire - Tell me I'm wrong, I know I'm not.

    G GG G14 kun oldin
    • No...respectfully..worry about your own damn country

      Weiser Than BudWeiser Than Bud14 kun oldin
  • Trump goes down. Yes!!!

    Weiser Than BudWeiser Than Bud14 kun oldin
  • I never saw a crybaby eat oreos and drink whiskey until today.

    Weiser Than BudWeiser Than Bud14 kun oldin
  • They're shutting down all social media competition so there's no communication online. They already have a monopoly on the mass media. They've implemented lockdowns so we can't meet in person. It's a takeover, and they don't want to allow any organized resistance, so they're shutting down any possible means of communication or mass organization. Welcome to Hell. It won't get any better without a fight. They won't stop here. They will keep going until everyone is enslaved. I hope you're all ready, because I'm sure as hell not.

    Jedimario88Jedimario8814 kun oldin
  • You are relying on your boogeyman 'big tech" (youtube) to get your message out, aren't you? You like big tech just fine when it gives you what you want for free, don't you? You are, by definition, full of shit. Pony up and pay for your own server farm, host whatever the fuck you want. No matter, there's a data dump yesterday that has every thing you ever put on parler in the public domain now. You scan your driver's license to get on parler? That is now public knowledge. It's also the FBI's hands, count on it. They will know who is in what group, what they said, when, and it cannot be repudiated. They have the EXIF data from every photo and video you uploaded. The stuff you thought you deleted? Got that too. Good luck.

    Jesse MacOhlssonJesse MacOhlsson14 kun oldin
  • 1st amendment doesn't apply to hate speech; esp. in light of the insurrection on 1-6-21. If you continue you will lose everything. Either 10 years or your life.

    Space DuckSpace Duck14 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Anarchy-1 TVAnarchy-1 TV14 kun oldin
  • if you have a twitter/Apple/facebook or google account YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM

    The TruthThe Truth14 kun oldin
  • We're stronger than them...they won't win the fight. Let them bring it, and we will defend

    Jerrod DooleyJerrod Dooley14 kun oldin
  • Brother,They're coming after us. I never thought I'd see our country in such bad shape

    Jerrod DooleyJerrod Dooley14 kun oldin
    • @Tim Shields that's something that people who are scared do. I'm too old to run, and am only scared of the man upstairs.

      Jerrod DooleyJerrod Dooley13 kun oldin
    • @Jerrod Dooley Then check under your bed

      Tim ShieldsTim Shields13 kun oldin
    • @Tim Shields why the hell would I run? I'm too old for that shit. I'll stand and fight

      Jerrod DooleyJerrod Dooley13 kun oldin
    • You better run and hide. They are coming for you look out your window and check under your bed.

      Tim ShieldsTim Shields13 kun oldin
  • Haven't tried bourbon and cookies, but I love beer and cookies

    Josh BurnsJosh Burns14 kun oldin
  • Yeah I am with you that's. FUCKING. B Shit. EVIL

    Laura KingLaura King14 kun oldin
  • Private companies can kick anyone off social platforms just as a shop can refuse service if they choose.

    Lar LarLar Lar14 kun oldin
  • Our Govt has learned how to control the citizens from CHINA

    George ValenteGeorge Valente14 kun oldin
    • this is capitalism at work.

      colonel 100colonel 10012 kun oldin
  • Dude! These are private businesses and can do whatever they wish!!

    Joseph StokesJoseph Stokes14 kun oldin
  • Thumbs up brother.

    Jc2Jc214 kun oldin