Our Puppy's First Haircut.. *Embarrassing*

25-Sen, 2020
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I feel so embarrassed for him...
The groomer said once we get him wet he will go back to being curly!!
We love you guys!
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We love you Della Fam!!

  • i thought you loved otter pops lol

    claire mclaire m4 kun oldin
  • you shoukd give away an iphone 11 pro

    claire mclaire m4 kun oldin
  • Text and drive - no no Vlog and drive - dallin approved

    Sara WeberSara Weber6 kun oldin
  • It’s cute

    Ava caputoAva caputo12 kun oldin
  • i really want the iPhone plz

    Ashley DiamantinoAshley Diamantino14 kun oldin
  • I saved my puppies tooth!!!!! For memories!!! And putting in her album eheh

    Jenna StamaJenna Stama16 kun oldin
  • Guys I’m in school but I’ll watch anyway 😁😌

    Lil Nicky Da BaddestLil Nicky Da Baddest18 kun oldin
  • how cute is banksy!!!!1

    lexi lelelexi lele18 kun oldin
  • Like ya cut G

    Carson PLAYZCarson PLAYZ18 kun oldin
  • Banks is a fluffy bear and cutie

    Madeleine MoralesMadeleine Morales19 kun oldin
  • Like honestly the Della car better have a license plate saying: della fam, or della vlogs😂

    amelia 1amelia 119 kun oldin
  • i is new

    Emma SchneiderEmma Schneider19 kun oldin
  • I am new

    Brooklyn BuddenBrooklyn Budden20 kun oldin
  • Banks looks so different!! WTHeck!! Also, when Dallin and Bella saw Banks you could tell they didn't really like his haircut and you could tell they tried their best not making it obvious around the groomers too 🤣

    Carisa HochCarisa Hoch20 kun oldin
  • Aww Banks looks so cute!!!

    Alicia GrossAlicia Gross20 kun oldin
  • Dallin, since you like peaches, you & Bella should take a trip to Georgia & try their peaches ❤️😀🍑

    Jordan ParkerJordan Parker20 kun oldin
  • subscribe to JD vlogs

    Melissa ManzoMelissa Manzo20 kun oldin
  • We should do a give away for a new iPhone

    Itzelyse 8Itzelyse 820 kun oldin
  • If I could get eanything it would be airsoft gear/guns or money

    Airsoft _SAAirsoft _SA21 kun oldin
  • I want an Apple Watch I’ve been asking for my mom for to get me one for a long time and she just she said she doesn’t have that much money right now I want it for Christmas but I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get it for Christmas so that will just make my dream come true

    Kyleigh DavenportKyleigh Davenport21 kun oldin
  • Dallin: don’t be like this girl, don’t text and drive Also Dallin: vlogging his puppies new haircut while driving

    Michael GranaldiMichael Granaldi21 kun oldin
  • I just found out that my cousin watches you guys too as well as me! We both are subscribers and we both support you!

    Kay TheKay The21 kun oldin
  • It's ok I hate to get my hair cut to

    Carlee ShoemakerCarlee Shoemaker21 kun oldin
  • When bella was Squping the pie she said this is for you baby it made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Katie TedrickKatie Tedrick21 kun oldin
  • I remember when my dog was that fluffy🥺 But they made her LOOK LIKE A TWIGGGGGG😕😑🥴

    Kiana TalbotKiana Talbot21 kun oldin
  • What kind of breed is Banks

    Cody SandmanCody Sandman21 kun oldin
  • I love your videos

    Sydnee HarrisSydnee Harris22 kun oldin
  • Your dog is so cute

    Aline Groulx-GrantAline Groulx-Grant22 kun oldin
  • Are you sure that's the same dog

    Christian DixonChristian Dixon22 kun oldin
  • There is no way I would take my dog to one of those places and leave them , I know a lot of bad stories about those places

    Richard JohnsonRichard Johnson22 kun oldin
  • Keto ice cream I eat cause I’m on keto lol I love y’all you the best

    Kayla ThompsonKayla Thompson22 kun oldin
  • His so cute I love you guy so much you are so amazing guy so much

    Kaitlyn RoyceKaitlyn Royce22 kun oldin
  • I’m new

    Sofia FuentesSofia Fuentes22 kun oldin
  • I phone 11 pro

    CorgiCorgi22 kun oldin
  • I’m new❤️

    Gracie WilkinsonGracie Wilkinson22 kun oldin
  • No offense whatsoever, but some people can’t subscribe because they aren’t allowed to have a UZworld account. They can’t subscribe or like, or comment to explain. This is not meant to be harsh, but I wanted to explain because i was in this situation a little bit ago. I love you so much Della Fam! 🥳🥳

    Mads SmithMads Smith22 kun oldin
  • All the comments: “Don’t TeXt and DRIve” “As he’s VloGGiNG” We get it guys😂

    aspen Greeneaspen Greene22 kun oldin
  • I NEED that dog collar with the locket for my puppy 😭😍❤

    Brianna HarrisBrianna Harris22 kun oldin
  • Don’t be rude

    xxgirliesangelsxxxxgirliesangelsxx22 kun oldin
  • Aww he is cute

    Kynsley CroweKynsley Crowe22 kun oldin
  • Aww so cute

    hi girlhi girl22 kun oldin
  • Go subscribe to em&lex vlogs

    Em&Lex VlogsEm&Lex Vlogs22 kun oldin
  • I really need a iPhone 11 I need it so much plz🥰

    The unique squad GiselleThe unique squad Giselle22 kun oldin
  • Yo dallin and bella use memories at jatie wedding

    Eli WarrenEli Warren22 kun oldin
  • that's karma for naming your dog banks that's a horrible name

    Apollo JohnsonApollo Johnson22 kun oldin
  • Banks looks so different. I LOVE HIS FLUFFY HAIRCUT!!🦮

    Christian For lifeChristian For life22 kun oldin
  • He’s so adorable

    Lexus TaylorLexus Taylor22 kun oldin
  • Hahah don't text and drive as your recording and driving 😂

    Karlee GreenKarlee Green22 kun oldin
  • **Giveaway idea** one day pass for a subscriber to be sent out to spend a whole day with Della. Who wants this!! Blow it up!!!👀💯

    Peyton CoffinPeyton Coffin23 kun oldin
  • How can banks get more adorable 😍🐶

    Iris McintoshIris Mcintosh23 kun oldin
  • Banks is soo stinking cute 😍 love you guys ❤

    missy6399missy639923 kun oldin
  • Who else agrees Bella should make a Smule account? Make this the most liked comment so Bella sees!!! Copy and paste..

    adrian popeadrian pope23 kun oldin
  • Who else agrees Bella should make a Smule account? Make this the most liked comment so Bella sees!!! Copy and paste..

    adrian popeadrian pope23 kun oldin
  • Who else agrees Bella should make a Smule account? Make this the most liked comment so Bella sees!!! Copy and paste..

    adrian popeadrian pope23 kun oldin
  • Who else agrees Bella should make a Smule account? Make this the most liked comment so Bella sees!!! Copy and paste..

    adrian popeadrian pope23 kun oldin
  • I saved my dogs frist baby tooth.

    Katie BKatie B23 kun oldin
  • No offence to anyone but dellin running away from banks reminded me of a little kid 😂😂😂

    Ella CalderElla Calder23 kun oldin
  • Bella loves banks

    Jeanel BartholomewJeanel Bartholomew23 kun oldin
  • Banks is not cute again but I love him still he's so cute

    Jeanel BartholomewJeanel Bartholomew23 kun oldin
  • why would she not save banks tooth we save all my dogs teeth

    Everything IsaEverything Isa23 kun oldin
  • More people need to be educated on cutting dog's hair. It's horrible for them. They should be just brushed. I'm sorry but long hair helps to keep them cool and warm

    Jill durhamJill durham23 kun oldin
  • I have subscribed and followed you on IG! I joined the fam and have loved it!!!! 💕😂

    Jada RoseJada Rose23 kun oldin
  • My dog is almost 4 years old but her hair is so short she has never had to go to groomer

    Kaitlyn DillonKaitlyn Dillon23 kun oldin
  • "Don't text and drive!" Meanwhile Dallin drives and vlogs haha. Love you guys!

    Mari Daniels MyersMari Daniels Myers23 kun oldin
  • Awww Banks is so adorable. Need the curly hair back though. I think a good prize should be either a new iPhone or money for the giveaway. Love watching your vlogs. Dallin has been killing the prank wars with some original creative ideas. Bella is beautiful and so talented. What an amazing family. Glad to be apart of it. ❤️

    Tara BrockwellTara Brockwell23 kun oldin
  • who else is still tryin to ajust to the epic new intro!!!

    Shelby RhodesShelby Rhodes23 kun oldin
  • Prank idea for Bella and Katie and Addie: Bella and Katie should hang out and let Addie with Dallin and Josh home alone Addie should act sick all like throwing up and have a cough if you want to pretend that yo have a fever wear a jacket or a shirt and put it on your forehead for 2 min and then tell one of them to check you forehead it will be hot I was doing that in school 😅 and then lay on Dallin’s lap and throw while you’re napping and start choke and then pass out so Dallin or Josh carry you to the car and when you wake up tell Take a drink hide it to pretend that you throw in the car tell one of them to bring a bag with him and keep passing out hope you like it like if you agree 👍💗

    Abigail MarkeyAbigail Markey23 kun oldin
  • I don't blame you, Bella! Banks is so adorable!

    LiviaLivia23 kun oldin
  • Where is hazel

    Julia RielaJulia Riela23 kun oldin
  • the haircut is so cute

    xhumeraxxhumerax23 kun oldin

    Jerome WrightJerome Wright23 kun oldin
  • Dallin: Don't text and drive like this girl Also Dallin: filming while driving 😂

    Chloe ChwangChloe Chwang23 kun oldin
  • I keep my puppies teeth when I find them!! Banks looks so much better!!! 4-6 weeks is perfect time between baths and cuts mainly for the nails! Im sure they talked to you about it!

    Heather KitchenHeather Kitchen23 kun oldin
  • Can you please give away a iphone 11 I really want one cause right now I am using my computer to.comment cause my phone shattered

    Maribel GonzalezMaribel Gonzalez23 kun oldin
  • Is it me or does banks looks like a super cute little bear jajajja

    Gabriela Gutiérrez RosalesGabriela Gutiérrez Rosales23 kun oldin
  • Prank idea!!! Buy something expired at the store and then get a good one and eat that one with the expired one out and pretend you got food poisoning 😅 (my idea) copy repost and like so they can see!!!

    Chloe ChwangChloe Chwang23 kun oldin
  • hi am new....may I subscribe

    Elias NgomaElias Ngoma23 kun oldin
  • I love you guys and you are my favorite UZworlds couples and you are very very beautiful couples and banncs is very cute adorable beautiful

    Fatima alshihheFatima alshihhe23 kun oldin
  • Aww

    Denis VillagranaDenis Villagrana23 kun oldin
  • Dallin:bankaroni Bella bankroll Me lol

    Lucy MarieLucy Marie23 kun oldin
  • my sister saved 7 of her puppies teeth

    Brittany PalmerBrittany Palmer23 kun oldin
  • This girl I know from church her name is Della!!

    Mylie HaleMylie Hale23 kun oldin
  • Dallin talking shit about some texting and driving. Also Dallin, vlogging while driving 🤣

    Brea McDadeBrea McDade23 kun oldin
  • Dallin: Don't be like that girl texting and driving. Me: ........ Then dont vlog and drive

    juliealewjuliealew23 kun oldin
  • He looks adorable, that haircut looks so cute

    Christina NewmanChristina Newman23 kun oldin
  • i actually know a lot of people who keep their puppies teeth

    Trinity KTrinity K23 kun oldin
  • Some people may not have an account

    Emma WilsonEmma Wilson23 kun oldin
  • What if you guys got the wrong puppy

    Ghala AliGhala Ali23 kun oldin
  • I love your videos so so so much😍😍😍

    Daisy LummisDaisy Lummis23 kun oldin
  • He doesn’t even look like banks anymore he looks like a cute fluffy bear

    Jules_ NationJules_ Nation23 kun oldin
  • I want an Origami collar for my dog 🐶

    Edith F.Edith F.23 kun oldin
  • Banks turns from a dog to a teddy bear

    Erikas KraujalisErikas Kraujalis23 kun oldin
  • He looks more like topper

    Josie WilsonJosie Wilson23 kun oldin
  • Can there please be a giveaway for a laptop. This year had us financially not stable,and maybe I will be able to get a laptop,for my school next year(grade 10) Anyways, I love you guys❤️

  • Lol my dog swallowed his first lost tooth 😂

    Mr. CrazyCatLoverMr. CrazyCatLover23 kun oldin
  • After grooming banks look like a chow choww😂❤️❤️❤️

    T KT K23 kun oldin
  • I don't need anymore my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Kay DachKay Dach23 kun oldin
  • I was watching Instagram story’s and I came across dallin’s Instagram story why did y’all throw toilet paper at there house and his truck stop showing hate on good vibes

    Jorge HernadezJorge Hernadez23 kun oldin
    • I saw that too.

      Faye QuinlanFaye Quinlan23 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Cali Valley MomCali Valley Mom23 kun oldin
  • Love the fact you are a good friend requests to be mean and have some fun stuff like that but 3AM is

    Cali Valley MomCali Valley Mom23 kun oldin