Our One Day Built (FIREBALL) TURBO Crown Vic Hits the Dyno! MORE BOOST!

28-Noy, 2020
107 456 Ko‘rishlar soni


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  • Surge tank

    Steven GirdhamSteven Girdham21 kun oldin
  • Respect on wearing that shirt in the video. That was awesome!

    Larry nonyabizLarry nonyabizOy oldin
  • Love the Ford content

    Jonathan UpshawJonathan UpshawOy oldin
  • The 4.6 is a brute for taking that power

    Yotam RolandYotam RolandOy oldin
  • So sad what it takes to make no power in these old 4.6s. love the shirt Jeremy!

    Jarryd LancasterJarryd LancasterOy oldin
  • "I'd rather be fat than lean." Tell that to an Instagram fitness model...😄😄😄😜😄😄😄

    UncleManuelUncleManuelOy oldin
  • What a dumb shirt, we are all in this together and people with a voice should be voicing facts and science not their feelings. This lackadaisical attitude about doing the right thing is exactly why so many people are dead.

    David MDavid MOy oldin
  • What are you using to tune the vic? Hp tuner?

    OmegaTigerwoods420OmegaTigerwoods420Oy oldin
  • Sick build. Very impressed.

    413xxx86413xxx86Oy oldin
  • Are y'all still falling for McCarthyism 60+ years later? Pretty sure in that Orwell quote socialists would be considered the ones actually speaking the truth. The people and corporations in power, on both sides, are the ones demonizing socialists. He was a democratic socialist after all.

    Rafael Cruz Jr.Rafael Cruz Jr.Oy oldin
  • Not a fan of the political and religious bullshit. Will be unsubbed for a while until you guys chill..

    James MayJames MayOy oldin
  • That 2021 Silverado has been in the shop a long time. Someone isn’t missing their brand new truck?

    Randal CrandalRandal CrandalOy oldin

    kenneth gongorakenneth gongoraOy oldin
  • Love the shirt 🇺🇸

    Dallas LonardoDallas LonardoOy oldin
  • digging the shirt!

    William DouglasWilliam DouglasOy oldin
  • The quote was spot on.

    Brian AshleyBrian AshleyOy oldin
    • Just don't tell these "Anti Socialism" folks that Orwell was a democatic Socialist!

      James ArmentiJames ArmentiOy oldin
  • Love the shirt

    Steven WolfSteven WolfOy oldin
  • Is that still a stock bottom end, i heard you say it had cam swap but missed it if you said anything about the lower end of it. Bad ass, would love to have a CV like that but with full exhaust

    young11984young11984Oy oldin
  • JEREMY!!! I need a tuner as good as you with the same positive attitude that knows about Chrysler engines!!! Three water pumps, two head gaskets, and a temperamental hemi. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated

    Marky Mark 24/7Marky Mark 24/7Oy oldin
  • Didn't know Jeremy was a hypocrite and a fascist supporter. Now I've unsubscribed from Cleetus and Jeremy. I looked up the hodgetwins and all they're doing right now is bitching and whining about the election like snowflakes. Biden won babies, get over it, America is free because of our elections and constitution, quit trying to destroy that

    donofdeathsdonofdeathsOy oldin
  • It is so nostalgic to see you two working together. I met you Jeremy when i was like 15 years old back at the Sonic on gandy during the RevXtreme days and used to do some pulls in mexico with ya. Si i met in the Mafia motorsports days a long time ago as well. Great to see you two still doing your thing. Keep up the good work guys. looking forward to the next video. Next time i come down to Florida i want to come by the shop and say hey and see some of the projects

    John CsercsicsJohn CsercsicsOy oldin
  • I loved my 2V, it sounded great and took a 175 shot regularly with no issues. They aren't super powerful but they sound awesome.

    balzonyr4headbalzonyr4headOy oldin
  • Thumbs up for the Hodge Twins shirt

    19504x419504x4Oy oldin
  • Nice shirt, Hodgetwins are some funny dude's. Yeaahhhh!

    Preston PhillipsPreston PhillipsOy oldin
  • Love the Hodge twins shirt!

    James DesantoJames DesantoOy oldin
  • That 2v Mod sounds ROWDY.

    Eric KlevenEric KlevenOy oldin
  • Is that a 2v or 3v? I can't remember. Ya'll have had it so long. Want to turbo my s197.

    David YarbroughDavid YarbroughOy oldin
  • I was watching the y band as well XD

    Jason EscobarJason EscobarOy oldin
  • I love the shirt!

    Austin SchulteAustin SchulteOy oldin
  • I freaking love the shirt! I knew you were smarter than most humans lol.

    Farm Fish and FreedomFarm Fish and FreedomOy oldin
  • I wish some things in life could still be free from political statements.. my favorite sport is being infected

    Dustin RodriguezDustin RodriguezOy oldin
  • Yeah, now that's a damn nice shirt. Yeah.

    Applicator 40 USAApplicator 40 USAOy oldin
  • Hello I love the shirt in the beginning

    Zach SZach SOy oldin
  • Recently with Cletus too, leave the politics out of it.. Take that shirt off just for the video and throw on a PFI speed one or something..

    Aaron S.Aaron S.Oy oldin
    • @Aaron S. I agree with you on that.

      Shane CShane COy oldin
    • @Shane C You're missing my point. It's a Automotive Performance Channel not a political platform. He will end up loosing watch time with political statements like that.

      Aaron S.Aaron S.Oy oldin
    • Why be silent. He has a great platform to reach people. Great job Jeremy, don't change a bit for these socialist.

      Shane CShane COy oldin
  • I love your shirt Jeremy!!!

    Conman0320Conman0320Oy oldin
  • Socialism distancing hahaha... You're a legend bro never change 🤙🤙🤙

    john doejohn doeOy oldin
  • Love the shirt Jeremy

    Mark BenoitMark BenoitOy oldin
  • Link the quote to the tee shirt.

    BraapclickBraapclickOy oldin
  • 169 thumbs down, yall crazy as hell man, that was a DAMN good show!

    superbeeblazesuperbeeblazeOy oldin
    • soy soldiers they lurk around car channel's so they can report them to CommieTube and try to get them took down.

      Brooks336Brooks336Oy oldin
  • what and why did he drill a hole in

    justmavvjustmavvOy oldin
  • So somebody answer me this literally anybody but you’ve heard cleetus say not to come by the shop but what if your actually looking for work like you need some tuning done

    Dylan SandersDylan SandersOy oldin
  • That Hodge Twins shirt, though. Respect 👍

    NuminousNuminousOy oldin
  • Love the Hodge twins shirt!!!

    Nathan matasNathan matasOy oldin
  • Lol I got the software you adjust the charts for me

    Dylan AntalekDylan AntalekOy oldin
  • Jeremy ! Need my LT1 TUNED !!!!!!!!

    Dylan AntalekDylan AntalekOy oldin
  • That's crazy nice👌🔥

    Philly DeePhilly DeeOy oldin
  • Race Related (The mustang tuner that used to be in those shops down the street) was top notch. Cleaned up BS shoddy work by other tuners/shops from the Tampa side o the bay on more than one occasion.

    Florida ManFlorida ManOy oldin
    • That’s was the shop.

      FasterpromsFasterpromsOy oldin
  • You guys (usa) are already hated by pretty well the whole planet and are now close (FLA) to being despised by your own countrymen. Not a good time to be either a yankee or Floridian at the moment so why "poke the bear"? I love this channel and everyone on it. Making a political (Jeremy's t-shirt) statement and or VERY subjective stance just isn't necessary or appreciated! That's the reason we support you guys! There has to be a separation.

    Chester McGillicuddyChester McGillicuddyOy oldin
  • picked up a few subs i noticed 👍🇺🇸

    DukesofhazzardDukesofhazzardOy oldin
  • Duuuuuuuuude, I know this is a car show but I love the shirt!!!!!!

    musiclovermusicloverOy oldin
  • I don't thinkni can support this channel anymore

    RC 1963RC 1963Oy oldin
  • Like it but that cutout is terrible

    The Largent VlogThe Largent VlogOy oldin
  • I love your shirt!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

    Hidden MotorsportsHidden MotorsportsOy oldin
  • Rip wiring for the o2 sniffer

    Kyle CoxKyle CoxOy oldin
  • Thumbs down you did not show the burnouts with that car maybe next time I'll give you a thumbs up anyways I love your videos peace out Brothers

    Steve AndersonSteve AndersonOy oldin
  • Love the shirt brother!! 🇺🇸🔴🇺🇸🔴🇺🇸

    DrugTalk 101DrugTalk 101Oy oldin
  • Sai is the guy, tuned my N/A 16' GT and made 430rwhp! Great guy, he's tuned 3 cars for me.

    William MarlinWilliam MarlinOy oldin
  • Getting mighty close to that boom point... the stock bottom end in my Grand Marquis let go at about 490 rwhp. Better keep that spark knock down lmao...

    thirdarcthirdarcOy oldin
  • I come to these channels to get away from reality for a little while. Once politics starts leaking in, in the slightest, I’m out. Good luck in your future endeavours! ✌🏻

    Marc ManningMarc ManningOy oldin
    • Same here. Fuck.

      First LastFirst LastOy oldin
  • The old Vics sounding pretty mean! Love the quote at the end of the video man so true.

    Rob P.Rob P.Oy oldin
  • Your quote is spot on for what we're going through in today's time.

    Todd DooleyTodd DooleyOy oldin
  • Why does the car seem to surge, or buck when starting the dyno runs? Almost like a fuel or boost cut??

    djwilliamsdjwilliamsOy oldin
  • Socialism distancing. love it!

    Todd DooleyTodd DooleyOy oldin
  • Actually George Orwell has many quotes that will hit home at this particular time.. Thank you .. for sharing this little piece of lifes facts with everyone.... Amazing video also.....JL

    Jason LanningJason LanningOy oldin
  • Is this the vic the subscriber gave to him over a year ago?

    Michael WilliamsonMichael WilliamsonOy oldin
  • Deleting any bad comments: Typical ignorance.

    Spike KastlemanSpike KastlemanOy oldin
  • What is the difference between an LS ans LT Chevy motors. Sorry if it seems like a common sense question I should know but don't

    William CruseWilliam CruseOy oldin
  • Its just a funny shirt people. Please dont start crap here. This is by far one of the nicest guys on UZworld. If you are a socialist and it offends you... don't watch the man's videos. I'm sure it won't hurt his feelings and no one here will miss anyone with a negative attitude. This is a positive community and we would like to keep it that way.

    Gonzo's GarageGonzo's GarageOy oldin
    • positive...ly advocating for more deaths due to unfounded fears

      cad5359cad5359Oy oldin
  • Love the hodgetwins shirt

    Matt WrightMatt WrightOy oldin
  • You know that George Orwell was a socialist, right?

    MulticrosmanMulticrosmanOy oldin
    • @Luxter1994 and what the hell do you know about living under socialism or communism? That's right, nothing! Go talk to some migrants who escaped from those countries. Cure your terminal ignorance.

      Indy RockIndy RockOy oldin
    • Exactly. Jeremy's shirt is trying (and failing) to reference some form of Socialism, and I'm just sitting here like "You say that like it's a bad thing." 🤦‍♂️ I generally leave a like on most of these videos, but will have to give this one a thumbs down if only, because of the misinformation and scare tactics.

      Luxter1994Luxter1994Oy oldin
    • Indeed he was. No better way to understand socialism and where we are headed then to read his books.

      David BeckDavid BeckOy oldin
    • I wouldn't expect anyone who willingly spends $30+ for a t-shirt to research people's beliefs lol.

      SixGapSixGapOy oldin
  • That shirt is bad ass Jeremy! Love it!

    grabber_coyote2013grabber_coyote2013Oy oldin
  • That thing sounds like my piece of shit ford

    Jive TurkeyJive TurkeyOy oldin
  • Btw...people warching on phone have no way in hell to see dyno stats.so please for fuck sake .TALK!

    viking kingviking kingOy oldin
  • Love the shirt Jeremy

    Sam The Lego ManSam The Lego ManOy oldin
  • Will never have anyone other than sai li tune my mustang!! Great video.

    ben sposseyben sposseyOy oldin
  • I love y’all’s dogs!!!!!

    Wolf PartyWolf PartyOy oldin
  • Love the socialism distancing shirt!

    Gotboost428Gotboost428Oy oldin

    Charles RyboltCharles RyboltOy oldin
  • Jus a quick hope on YT an first this on my recommendation page or feed a Crown Vic an I jus know that’s a #FasterProms

    Crown Vic Police InterceptorCrown Vic Police InterceptorOy oldin
  • Loved this video, LOVED the t-shirt and the quote, keep 'em coming!

    KlipschHead281KlipschHead281Oy oldin
    • @Ashley Blake-Hood What @KlipschHead281 said so bye bye Commie.

      Brooks336Brooks336Oy oldin
    • @Ashley Blake-Hood - One of the differences between Conservatives and Liberals is the ability to quote people when they are right, while a Liberal is incapable of this. 😉

      KlipschHead281KlipschHead281Oy oldin
    • Wears anti-socialist shirt, quotes known socialist... all he's done is show the hypocrisy of the "conservative" movement.

      Ashley Blake-HoodAshley Blake-HoodOy oldin
  • I can't be the only one that loves the sound of a mod motor starter.

    Joshua BlackJoshua BlackOy oldin
  • Excellent choice in shirts.

    MomJeans2MomJeans2Oy oldin
  • I like the print on Your shirt.

    Liten FaraLiten FaraOy oldin
  • What pcm are you using? Piggy back? Standalone?

    Dustin CDustin COy oldin
  • :) nice shirt!!!

    Mine, Shall not be infringedMine, Shall not be infringedOy oldin
  • Love the SOCIALism Distancing shirt 😆

    John FeoktistovJohn FeoktistovOy oldin
  • Why did it look like it had spark blowout on every pull coming into boost

    Joseph ButtsJoseph ButtsOy oldin
  • Nice Hodgetwins shirt. Cool to see how many people noticed that as well.

    Parham Motor SportsParham Motor SportsOy oldin
  • Are you still running the returnless fuel system on this?

    Andrew HarrisAndrew HarrisOy oldin

    edvismeedvismeOy oldin
    • From the Hodgetwins officialhodgetwins.com/

      Shane CShane COy oldin
  • I freaking love your t-shirt 👕

    Chris GallaherChris GallaherOy oldin
  • What's up with that shirt?

    SchmuppesSchmuppesOy oldin
    • @First Last Something something bootstraps.

      SchmuppesSchmuppesOy oldin
    • Just a Bible thumper prattling on about the evils of, uhhh, helping people?

      First LastFirst LastOy oldin
  • Love the shirt, SOCIALism DISTANCING. Then an Orwell quote! Is it snowing outside?

    Brendan SinclairBrendan SinclairOy oldin
    • The irony of the Orwell quote mixed with his shirt gave me a headache...

      Luxter1994Luxter1994Oy oldin
  • Jeremy: i have people ask me to tune LT’s and i cant its like pulling teeth Also jeremy: tuning cleeters c7 with an LT 🤷‍♂️ just saying

    Devon RudaitisDevon RudaitisOy oldin
    • He's talking about the older lt engines like in c4 vettes and early 4th gen camaros

      ShawnfagelShawnfagelOy oldin
  • Love the shirt Jeremy

    Andrew LAndrew LOy oldin
  • You’ve been wasting your life on GM’s. 😢

    diDidiDiOy oldin
  • This dude thinking his antiscience take on the pandemic is "the truth" now. Stick to tuning cars, you're clearly not cut out for politics. Jeremy, I know you'll just delete this comment, it says a lot about how hollow your take on "freedom" is.

    rabbibabyrabbibabyOy oldin
  • Maybe this is a dumb question but I’m a newbie.. what were you drilling holes in?

    Chad BoronChad BoronOy oldin
  • Jeremy, I love your quotes at the end of the videos! This quote went really well with your Hodgetwins shirt. Keep up the awesome content brother. That was a DAMN GOOD SHOW!

    Chris GoodsonChris GoodsonOy oldin
  • Gotta love the Hodgetwins!

    thomas aikenthomas aikenOy oldin