Our New Lambo Needs $30K Worth Of Work Done..

29-Noy, 2020
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  • Great video ! Wish you would of showed the Stradman reactions to your new car . Thanks

    StealthplateStealthplate11 kun oldin
  • All those problems with such low mileage 🤯what are they building over there? 🍋

    2 Lane Blacktop2 Lane Blacktop19 kun oldin
  • What did you guys pay for this car had to be a deal!

    SuperCarCeoChris HolderSuperCarCeoChris Holder20 kun oldin
  • Why is this car with so little mileage needing so much work ?

    simon fawcettsimon fawcett21 kun oldin
  • So with €31000 of work, that's a great negotiating tool, should have shaved +€20000 off the asking price. Cheap car.

    YllaStar 95970YllaStar 95970Oy oldin
  • That’s what gets handed down- when the previous owner is burnt out from what he has already spent on the car, which is more expensive then the house 😅!

    Joseph W.Joseph W.Oy oldin
  • Hey don’t you guys work on Stradman’s vehicles? So happy I found this channel!

    TK421ps STK421ps SOy oldin
  • Do the exhaust when you do the clutch cause your going to remove it anyway

    Adrian BalboaAdrian BalboaOy oldin
  • Had a bunch of gallardos because they are a great reliable exotic. I went through everything you mentioned, including the steering rack (cost me $1500). Bring it to a private exotic mechanic. Plenty of good ones around. Also plenty of good used parts. Expect to pay 75% less than what the dealer quotes you.

    DoosturDoosturOy oldin
  • These are things that are not broke. As far as tires those tires could easily been in storage till use and never drove on. If they were installed around 2012 no tread would be on them tires with those miles

    T PayneT PayneOy oldin
  • At least it isn't James's Bugatti

    Russell WolfRussell WolfOy oldin

    J. ChurchJ. ChurchOy oldin
    • I need someone to do my clear protector and wrap my roof in match silver to some painted trim pieces. For my 2019 Volkswagen Alltrack!

      J. ChurchJ. ChurchOy oldin
  • You can save many thousands of dollars by NOT having the work done by a Lambo dealership. Tire Kingdom is 100 percent capable of mounting and balancing 4 tires on your rims and aligning the car. Shocks that are OEM equivalent aren't that much, either.

    OldSlowGamerOldSlowGamerOy oldin
  • So will that clutch jump in for free or what will that cost or....are you going to change it yourself? Mad respect then!

    Andy WoohooAndy WoohooOy oldin
  • 14 year service? That's a really long term planned service....although probably a copy of an earlier year service

    Lucas DanskiLucas DanskiOy oldin
  • Definitely bringing my car to the Summit Lambo Shop when I need some work done! Can't trust the shops in LA lol

    effspoteffspotOy oldin
    • Effspot here i was thinking your lambo problem was an issue!

      SuperCarCeoChris HolderSuperCarCeoChris Holder20 kun oldin
    • Bring it to agx

      Eric GonzalesEric GonzalesOy oldin
    • effspot sick s class man🔥🔥🔥 Love from India 🧡❤️💜💚💛

      Rudrransh SRudrransh SOy oldin
  • Little Cottonwood and ALTA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to be skiing there again in March, friend is a ski school instructor there.

    Greg BakerGreg BakerOy oldin
  • You can send off the rack to have it rebuilt for around $600 jorgenauto.com, the rack seals leaking is a common issue..

    Hunter JonesHunter JonesOy oldin
  • Your lamborghini is fake

    TrickyFruitTrickyFruitOy oldin
  • I've never believed in two people more in my life

    Ecomm704Ecomm704Oy oldin
  • Love the sound of the gen1 V10s!!!

    SportZnTouringSportZnTouringOy oldin
  • Lambo owners kill me. they will spend 100k on a used lambo, 28k on repairs then you want to buy carbon fiber for 250. carbon fiber work is harder than mechan8cal work to do.

    Carbon Fiber Creations WashingtonCarbon Fiber Creations WashingtonOy oldin
  • Love your channel guys and y’all relationship, congrats on the lambo!

    MakelifefitMakelifefitOy oldin
  • Love the DIY Life. Keep it up!

    The Millennial Entrepreneur Harrison BaronThe Millennial Entrepreneur Harrison BaronOy oldin
  • Texas Roadhouse blows outback away

    starfanstarfanOy oldin
  • We recommend that you tell Lambo Denver to go stuff fuzzy animals and you do the work yourself. YAY!

    hulaGUNZhulaGUNZOy oldin
  • Congratulations guys. I can't wait to see how you fix the lamborghini...

    Richie DiazRichie DiazOy oldin
  • Faith: "How the sky is so blue here in Utah"? Perhaps planes don't spray chem trails there like they like to do in Cali for example.

    YouCantHandleTheTruthYouCantHandleTheTruthOy oldin
  • Cmon don't take it to the dealership!! Those prices are f:ing ridiculous!!

    YouCantHandleTheTruthYouCantHandleTheTruthOy oldin
  • I think I would take it back

    tjlift22tjlift22Oy oldin
  • We only have 8% clutch life...let's take a drive

    Eric SchmidtEric SchmidtOy oldin
  • Thats not damage my friend. That's just owning a 15 year lambo

    Harry TaylorHarry TaylorOy oldin
  • Time to call Tavarish XD

    Joshua SutherlandJoshua SutherlandOy oldin
  • Oil changes are about a $1000 too it’s stupid because of liability shops charge so much

    Chubby HubbyChubby HubbyOy oldin
  • I had no idea they made low profile snow tires.

    Tuomas HoloTuomas HoloOy oldin
  • Shoulda went with the lp. Saves a lot of maintenance money in the long run.

    Nathan OkruskoNathan OkruskoOy oldin
  • bottom line, F Lambos buy a Vette... lol

    furrchompfurrchompOy oldin
  • It seems to me all your Lambo really needs is a clutch. No sweat! 👍

    mariodesmomariodesmoOy oldin
  • Need Sal Merch...

    tapouuttapouutOy oldin
  • Get Scotty to fix it for 10,000.

    Poppapump BernardiPoppapump BernardiOy oldin
  • Did I miss how much they paid for the car?

    Real DonaldReal DonaldOy oldin
  • You have a friend with a hoist in there shop

    Hunter RiddallHunter RiddallOy oldin
  • It really needs a wing🌚

    EUgeneEUgeneOy oldin
  • Hey Summit you better get Tavarish on the phone ASAP to fix it for less than that. 🤣

    Deez NutsDeez NutsOy oldin
  • Twin Turbo and Fi Exhaust... hands down.

    Victor RodriguezVictor RodriguezOy oldin
  • They're about to be the next Chris fix

    truckplayztruckplayzOy oldin
  • Last video is was “mint”... just saying.

    TontsyyTontsyyOy oldin
  • please do a louder exhaust on lambo

    Will HarrisWill HarrisOy oldin
  • Gotta say it Faith looks like a Who from Whoville. Lol not a bad thing just can't stop seeing it!

    Richard AddRichard AddOy oldin
  • Not sure if the Lambo or her plastic surgery has cost more so far

    Chris ButtonChris ButtonOy oldin
  • Tires were made in the 6th week of 2012. Damn

    Arjun SinghArjun SinghOy oldin
  • You dont need an alignment after you mount and balance your tires because you are messing the alignment components

    Nathan DayNathan DayOy oldin
  • This is why you do not buy used cars....very foolish move.

    golf007sd2golf007sd2Oy oldin
  • OMG... I love this video. I cannot wait for the repair videos. Im saving to buy my own Gallardo.

    Justin ReynoldsJustin ReynoldsOy oldin

    ThatguywithnopancreasThatguywithnopancreasOy oldin
  • You do not need to replace tires that are 2 years old, industry standard is 6-10 years in age. Alignment afterwards is optional.

    OnyxCobraOnyxCobraOy oldin
  • Outback is not better than Texas Roadhouse!

    Tyler MassieTyler MassieOy oldin
  • I'd call. "Makes and Models" 👍

    safedriver1979safedriver1979Oy oldin
  • Get an aftermarket clutch

    Jakob MoilanenJakob MoilanenOy oldin
  • Can't wait to see the merch, but for the love of God, STOP using that shit product. My clients would lose their shit if I applied that product to their car.

    Agustin Alamo-GarciaAgustin Alamo-GarciaOy oldin
  • 12:16 Thats what she said! 🤣

    milesfastmilesfastOy oldin
  • Gotta say I am excited for you guys. Can't wait to see future videos.

    M CanoM CanoOy oldin
  • U go team...I believe in u

    Nismo XNismo XOy oldin
  • Get an air cup system

    Nismo XNismo XOy oldin
  • Will I never learn. Watch the whole video before commenting. Ignore previous comment.

    Ray SpencerRay SpencerOy oldin
  • Just found you Guys. Just love you you Guys. (UK).

    john colemanjohn colemanOy oldin
  • How much did you two get the lambo for?

    Wyatt SWyatt SOy oldin
  • Cannot wait to see the clutch install.

    Doug KimDoug KimOy oldin
  • Race cars can have repair kits (spare parts: body panels, suspension...) of like 100k+but they are much simpler to repair

    Rotor BladeRotor BladeOy oldin
  • Get a second opinion if you can. Might be difficult with a Lambo.

    Ray SpencerRay SpencerOy oldin
  • for sure outback it not step up for sure

    Luis CancioLuis CancioOy oldin
  • I bought a Jeep a couple months ago. Did 900 miles and the engine blew up. Ended up spending nearly what I paid for the bloody thing on a engine replacement.

    Gunt4shGunt4shOy oldin
  • Idk man, I think the dealership wants to make money off you...

    Oscar QuezadaOscar QuezadaOy oldin
  • Is it me or does faith look remarkadly similar to a who in horton hears a who

    Lewis G.Lewis G.Oy oldin
  • Time to get over to makes and models, bet you would cut that price in half at least...

    Jesse GonzalesJesse GonzalesOy oldin
  • Can't wait to see what you do with the gallardo! so stoked!

    BroGnarlyBroGnarlyOy oldin
  • @Faith - don't drive with your phone in your hand like that... here in The Netherlands you get a 240 euro fine for that - now automatically detected by camera cars

    Joy LJoy LOy oldin
  • *Call AGX asap!!!*

    reality checkreality checkOy oldin
  • You guys know I love you both, but...TESSA!!!

    The NutThe NutOy oldin
  • I paid 190 for my 33” bfg’s and I thought that was a lot lol

    charles michaelcharles michaelOy oldin
  • Go to Audi dealer. They will service Gallardo and Huracan for half the price as lambo dealer

    pdubbb1pdubbb1Oy oldin
  • Manual swap the lambo if u can like Strady

    Narinder Singh RanaNarinder Singh RanaOy oldin
  • What about makes and models for all the repairs

    Kevin SavarimuthuKevin SavarimuthuOy oldin
  • Yessir that's our mortal ...Scouts!!! #be_prepared ☝✌

    Titan IanTitan IanOy oldin
  • Lift off the gas pedal when shifting if you want to limit clutch use

    Martin AllaireMartin AllaireOy oldin
  • Why don’t you change some of the parts yourself. You will save a lot of money.

    Anthony OrtizAnthony OrtizOy oldin
  • You should start your own detailing starter kits.

    dapdavisondapdavisonOy oldin
  • Nothing new. Do your homework before buying used. Clutch change on Murcielago 18K. Engine has to be removed. Aventador clutch much, much better but would still require engine removal.

    Gerry DaveGerry DaveOy oldin
  • out of everything i would do just the clutch as far as that is the only thing that stops it from moveing, the tires would be for pieace of mind or if you choose to drive 160mph tomorrow, the service is for gearbox, diff etc so even tho miles are low i dont see the actual fluid to break down i feel this was a way for dealers to make money even tho peoples cars just sit in the garage

    TheDemobus/Auto creator'sTheDemobus/Auto creator'sOy oldin
  • why would you buy a car that needs that much work done

    Vashaun BlakeVashaun BlakeOy oldin
  • Is it just me or is the clutch job not that expensive in comparison to the cost of the shocks? (Been working in automotive for almost 20 years). I would say the average clutch job would cost 2-3 times more than front shocks

    ibracadabrarootibracadabrarootOy oldin
  • Summit life: $30,000 in repairs James be like: tis child's play

    jar jar binksjar jar binksOy oldin
  • Don’t disrespect Texas Roadhouse like that 😤😆

    Giovanni RiosGiovanni RiosOy oldin
  • Congratulations on the new Lamborghini love it you guys weren’t too far from me when you picked it up have an awesome day!

    Michael WeeksMichael WeeksOy oldin
  • Hey, repair work equals content, so it’s all good. Get after it!

    Throttle Body MediaThrottle Body MediaOy oldin
  • Great vlog 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    JB ReviewsJB ReviewsOy oldin
  • That’s what happens when you buy a used car

    Silker PackSilker PackOy oldin
  • Twin turbo lambo

    Tony STony SOy oldin
  • I run those Pirelli snows on my Macan S... LOVE THEM!

    Brian JBrian JOy oldin
  • Do the job self and order parts from the internet it will be much cheaper, no need to leave it at a lamborghini workshop. you will save a lot of money on what I said.

    Samuel petterssonSamuel petterssonOy oldin