OUR GIRLFRIENDS RACED! (Lamborghini Urus vs. Mercedes-AMG GLC63S)

6-Apr, 2020
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Two amazing cars but let's see who WINS! 👀
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OUR GIRLFRIENDS RACED! (Lamborghini Urus vs. Mercedes-AMG GLC63S)

  • If you had to pick ONE car would you go with the Lambo or the Benz?!

    Dobre CarsDobre Cars7 oy oldin
    • @Lauren Cleveland 👆👆👆

      Nathnael AsfawNathnael Asfaw19 kun oldin
    • Benz

      Lauren ClevelandLauren Cleveland19 kun oldin
    • Do you love ethiopian ☺☺☺☺

      Nathnael AsfawNathnael Asfaw19 kun oldin
    • Labogihini

      Dorothy M SillitoeDorothy M SillitoeOy oldin
    • Lambo for sure

      Moeisha LongmoreMoeisha Longmore2 oy oldin
  • who wants to see Christina and Cyrus race

    Julia HollerJulia HollerKun oldin
  • 8:59 its so cool

    Kurtangelo FloresKurtangelo FloresKun oldin
  • 4:57 its so cool

    Kurtangelo FloresKurtangelo FloresKun oldin
  • Lambo

    Yonatan HaileYonatan HaileKun oldin
  • I vant Cyrus and stive to res

    Yonatan HaileYonatan HaileKun oldin
  • Benz and I think von

    Harvey ReidHarvey Reid2 kun oldin
  • maddie

    Aoibhinn KeatingAoibhinn Keating3 kun oldin
  • Lambo

    brenae walkerbrenae walker3 kun oldin
  • I think m won

    Faye’s Play RoomFaye’s Play Room4 kun oldin
  • Ev

    Javonna WoodJavonna Wood4 kun oldin
  • Maddie

    Kenia FunezKenia Funez5 kun oldin
  • I cant choose im commenting before hand. Im gonna say ivanita cuz Mercedes is deff my pick. But maddie knows what she is doing but this is older so idk..... Imma just say tie!!!!!! They both are so equally beautiful!!!!!

    Stacie AlgerStacie Alger5 kun oldin
  • Benz

    Troy MarksTroy Marks5 kun oldin
  • Car just chilling upsidedowd guys!

    sungtaasungtaa5 kun oldin
  • lambo

    Felix MartinezFelix Martinez6 kun oldin
  • Benzima

  • Yvonne

    kimoya daviskimoya davis6 kun oldin
  • Benz

    Rehan RameshRehan Ramesh6 kun oldin
  • Oklahoma up The. Hggyjyggumugmguumgmhj,h,mount. Think danj,known,Fiji,fun,krrk

    Nay LayNay Lay7 kun oldin
  • I think Darren and Maddie

    Chi WeeklyChi Weekly8 kun oldin
  • I saw the. License plate

    Lerisa LabradaLerisa Labrada11 kun oldin
  • Both

    Chanhserey TranChanhserey Tran11 kun oldin
  • All

    Rezel Metch TingalRezel Metch Tingal11 kun oldin
  • does no one notice the turned over car

  • Headphones users rip

    arshad khanarshad khan12 kun oldin
  • I really think Maddy 💜💜💜

    Aaron BallyAaron Bally13 kun oldin
  • I think made

    Kimoya reidKimoya reid13 kun oldin
  • lamborghini is tha same as a toy wtf

    Disgized_AsianDisgized_Asian15 kun oldin
  • Benz

    Dillon FearsDillon Fears16 kun oldin
  • Darí tour girl friend win

    Luis HernandezLuis Hernandez16 kun oldin
  • Yes

    Telugu Tech TuberTelugu Tech Tuber17 kun oldin
  • SishIe

    Amber OsborneAmber Osborne17 kun oldin
  • ivan

    Nazir BeswickNazir Beswick17 kun oldin
  • Lambo fo sho

    Amir ColeAmir Cole19 kun oldin
  • Good morning Kingston love

    SlimedOut JaySlimedOut Jay21 kun oldin
  • Ivant

    Courtney BrooksCourtney Brooks21 kun oldin
  • Ivanita is going to win

    Holly Rebecca HendersonHolly Rebecca Henderson24 kun oldin
  • They should have used there paddle shifts

    Muhammad Younus AshrafMuhammad Younus Ashraf24 kun oldin
  • Yvonne is going to win

  • Hey I know you guys are a believer of God. And what’s going on in this world is the Devil’s work. I’m going to tell you something because I care about you guys. Please do not take the COVIC 19 Vaccine. If you read Revelation 13 it is known to be the Mark of the beast. Be careful. And God bless you all

    De’Quana BDe’Quana B25 kun oldin
  • Btw guys on the next video let steve drive let him have some fun

    Grace WambuiGrace Wambui27 kun oldin
  • I think mady

    Kevin Jorge LucasKevin Jorge Lucas28 kun oldin
  • LAMBOGHINI-urus because it’s my dream cars and I like them

    Bro and sisBro and sis29 kun oldin
  • How did you learn how to do a back flip

    Malik KoromaMalik KoromaOy oldin
  • the lambo is faster but the urus is heavy the marcidus is Little bit slower but lighter than the urus

    Khaled GamalKhaled GamalOy oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    kailey hydeskailey hydesOy oldin
  • i think madeline will win sorry ivanita

    trinity thackertrinity thackerOy oldin
  • This is the best video ever l love you

    Michelle DelphinMichelle DelphinOy oldin
  • happy

  • Is the AMG

    Sophy MokgosiSophy MokgosiOy oldin
  • Hi

    Alisha JonesAlisha JonesOy oldin
  • ivanita is gonna win

    olga villasanaolga villasanaOy oldin
  • Lamdo

    Jackson CurrieJackson CurrieOy oldin
    • Ops I met lambo

      Jackson CurrieJackson CurrieOy oldin
  • Whoever edited the vid didn't blur out madeline license plate

    Allanya X AmaraAllanya X AmaraOy oldin
  • I think Ivan is going to win the race

    Zelalem KahenZelalem KahenOy oldin
  • Benz

    Jazmin CardosoJazmin CardosoOy oldin
  • Great guys

    rush and family downerrush and family downerOy oldin
  • I think I think it's the one on

    Tegan FunkTegan FunkOy oldin
  • Lucas girl

    Rosette HarrisRosette HarrisOy oldin
  • You could see maddies license plate

    Jasperlife !Jasperlife !Oy oldin
  • Darus is so cute and funny

    Bryan YochumBryan YochumOy oldin
  • Yvonne I love you

    Christina BurksChristina BurksOy oldin
  • Hi

    Christina BurksChristina BurksOy oldin
  • You guys should do Ferrari pista

    Miles DawidMiles DawidOy oldin
  • Maddy

    Dauntae DortchDauntae DortchOy oldin
  • I think ivan is going to win

    Renata LujanRenata LujanOy oldin
  • i think nobody will win because they are both fast i think both

    McKenzie JonesMcKenzie JonesOy oldin
  • Ivanita

    Dennis KorankyeDennis KorankyeOy oldin
  • i know that ivanita was going to win

    Savanna CareySavanna CareyOy oldin
  • BENS

    Sandra CoroSandra CoroOy oldin
  • did steve forget to blur the lincens plate on the lamborghini

    meme Pappasmeme PappasOy oldin
  • dares and maide

    Raegan CroninRaegan CroninOy oldin
  • The benz

    Efren ZunigaEfren ZunigaOy oldin
  • Maddeline is beautiful more than ivanita. Love you Maddeline …………

    Crystal DundasCrystal DundasOy oldin
    • Im not. It's the truth of mine

      Crystal DundasCrystal Dundas4 kun oldin
    • why are so rude

      tanaka katunzitanaka katunzi6 kun oldin
  • MADDY and IVANITA have been best friends

    Feala TomaFeala TomaOy oldin
  • Why did you guys blurr it?

    Rochelle DiazRochelle DiazOy oldin
  • I watch you guys all the time :) i. think Mercedes gonna win

    Daniel AlvDaniel AlvOy oldin
  • Yvonne is the ugliest in

    Keyla PerezKeyla PerezOy oldin
  • Evon cep saying it’s a coupe no it’s not a coupe is a 2 door car merchandise just calls it a coupe but it’s a suv 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Mr GetmoneyMr GetmoneyOy oldin
  • You

    Raneshia BlackRaneshia BlackOy oldin
  • Mercedes

    Camaya BanielCamaya BanielOy oldin
  • Anybody else saw maddie's plate.

    Fxnny DxyFxnny DxyOy oldin
  • benz

    Renardo EditeRenardo EditeOy oldin
  • When I grow up in buying a Bugatti

    allen Bradleyallen BradleyOy oldin
  • Nice cars Maddie and Evine

    allen Bradleyallen BradleyOy oldin
  • Why do I see a car flipped over

    allen Bradleyallen BradleyOy oldin
  • 💋💋💋💋💋💋💔💔❤❤❤

    Bernice PondBernice PondOy oldin
  • Urus best

    Mr. AppleMr. AppleOy oldin
  • maddie

    Raymie Franklin-DonahueRaymie Franklin-DonahueOy oldin
  • I think Maddie is annoying

    Meissa RodriguesMeissa RodriguesOy oldin
  • Camera?

    waleed shahidwaleed shahidOy oldin
  • Ivanita

    riaan hobsonriaan hobsonOy oldin
  • i would go with the Benz

    Christopher McDonnellChristopher McDonnellOy oldin
  • AMG is going to win

    Ishmael SekonkwaneIshmael SekonkwaneOy oldin
  • Tema Mercedes ang

  • am i the only one who seen that upside down car 🤣

    JoJo NationJoJo NationOy oldin
  • Done

    Steph HilderbrandSteph HilderbrandOy oldin
  • benz

  • Actally IDN!?