OT Genasis Shares The 'Body Limit' Of Rappers His Girl Can Date

12-Okt, 2020
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  • 4:06 ummm yeah... Because we're guys.

    llashuwa Beatzllashuwa Beatz2 kun oldin
  • watsup with the clues bomb?

    Albert CaraballoAlbert Caraballo5 kun oldin
  • If black men would stop using scripture to support their immaturity, that'd be great. Thanks

    Kaleidoscopic DreamsKaleidoscopic Dreams5 kun oldin
  • Y'all these ugly dudes need to be reminded they're just there because of money not looks.

    Brooke CBrooke C6 kun oldin
  • Girlfriends please tread very s l o w l y.... best gift is education.. Cause one minute it's love, next minute it's F that B! smh

    Dawn Woody-PoitraDawn Woody-Poitra9 kun oldin
  • He mean passengers 👁

    Lilith AquariusLilith Aquarius10 kun oldin

    Maxamillian SteeleMaxamillian Steele10 kun oldin
  • Body counts Matters!

    Jerry JohnsonJerry Johnson10 kun oldin
  • @4:37 Yeee, saying this H*s be winning.. And there you have in luda's voice

    A OA O10 kun oldin
  • Damn!! I was looking for the next episode for Power Book also. I gotta wait till December?!?!😫😫😫

    ShannanShannan10 kun oldin
  • My wife was a virgin when we got married 😁

    AntAnt10 kun oldin
  • These new women are insane. Ain't no D. Worth it . He will still cheat

    T BrownT Brown10 kun oldin
  • Are mid-season breaks not normal? Those DC shows always do that shit.

    RoboCunnilingusRoboCunnilingus11 kun oldin
  • If OT don’t sit his ass down somewhere...if people wanna hoe, they should be able to hoe in peace. OT and no one else can judge the next person. Be concerned with goings on in your own drawz.

    deedeegirl6deedeegirl611 kun oldin
    • Maybe I missed it. But I thought that was his preference/standard for women he messes with. No different from women that refuse men below a certain height or refuse men that don't make certain amount.

      Jamfar777Jamfar7778 kun oldin
    • Btc everybody do it stfu

      Detroitgamer GodDetroitgamer God8 kun oldin
  • Damn they rushed over Killer Mike! That's so dope!

    Tori BondTori Bond11 kun oldin
  • He started off at 5 and got peer pressured from the interviewer to 2 😒

    password9319password931911 kun oldin
  • If OT don’t go sit his bowling ball head down. He’s not even relevant right now.

    Ms. RozayMs. Rozay11 kun oldin
    • Not "bowling ball head" tho🤣😭🤣

      Alicia SierraAlicia Sierra10 kun oldin
  • Is g herbo married?

    Bauttie T.H.U.GBauttie T.H.U.G11 kun oldin
  • So I guess regular dudes don’t count huh

    Don’t catch this MfDon’t catch this Mf11 kun oldin
  • Rich people

    2real always2real always11 kun oldin
  • Yee 100,000 Envy - 102,000. Me- Okay Envy we get it.

    Acqua DiAcqua Di11 kun oldin
  • Damn why they doin Tory like that?

    K TK T11 kun oldin
  • I understand the frustration with these double standards, but LADIES! Yeeeeeeeeee! Men are built different. Period! God didn't make or wire us the same for a reason. I am not saying its okay to cheat and run these streets, but we handle it a lot different for a reason. For the most part... There's a reason why we can get away with it and you can't. We give, you receive.

    Jephthe MedacierJephthe Medacier11 kun oldin
    • Y’all have been conditioned that you are built different and you’re not. You all just use it as an excuse to hoe around and then try and deem a woman less valuable for any little thing. You all are ego/insecurity based.

      Brand New Funk LLC !Brand New Funk LLC !8 kun oldin
  • Angela yees voice is irritating

    R Wom**k3R Wom**k311 kun oldin
  • A Jeep! I like jeeps

    God is An Awesome God He Reigns on Heaven and EarthGod is An Awesome God He Reigns on Heaven and Earth11 kun oldin
  • Coming from (Th)o.t. genesis...Next!

    kjdnyhmghfvbkjdnyhmghfvb11 kun oldin
  • I wonder what what women would say if a chick smashed 3 members of the church?

    yummdiddyyummdiddy11 kun oldin
  • The reason this is stupid is because he doesn't care how many people she has been with because of health and safety just how many rappers or ballers because of what others may think!!! That's trash!!!

    ****11 kun oldin
  • If he don’t go crip walk somewhere

    Jarae MilayJarae Milay11 kun oldin
  • the Trackhawk has a 700 horses with a hemi

    J.B.J.B.11 kun oldin
  • Angela Yee is such a messy feministic broad... Smh No one gives af about Megan at this point, and everyone is starting to wake up that "third eye" & actually see the BS her & team once again trying to pull. *JUSTICE 4 TORY LANEZ*

    KiNG SaVaGeKiNG SaVaGe11 kun oldin
  • Envy is a car junkie you realize how accurate he was with the price of the car? 😂😂😂

    Benny MusicBenny Music11 kun oldin
  • It’s easy to be “I’m the man! When you got money . Wait til the money gone

    RastaChan DoloRastaChan Dolo11 kun oldin
  • I agree.... if she has the money and wants to do that for her man why is it an issue?

    Eryxx PhillipsEryxx Phillips11 kun oldin
  • If a man has a high body count then they have no room to talk if she has a high body count.

    Aloe VeraAloe Vera12 kun oldin
  • I really like G Herbo. Wishing them the best!

    Shuandrekia ButlerShuandrekia Butler12 kun oldin
  • Shoot out KM

    Nahom SeyfuNahom Seyfu12 kun oldin
  • Angela had thoughts of her ex's like Vado and Plies, then defended that "Body limit" story real quick! 😂😂😂

    Hero HHero H12 kun oldin
  • Seek God’s will daily.💞 John 14:16 Romans 10:9

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries12 kun oldin
  • His pose highly suspect!!

    Robert WilliamsRobert Williams12 kun oldin
  • Angela yee still don't get it with men and women its a difference and it's real she won't understand until someone breaks it down to her. Once she realizes this she'll be like your right men im wrong.

    John SmithJohn Smith12 kun oldin
  • What man want's a woman w/ a wild body count

  • I love black love

  • I could never date a woman that has dated multiple men in the same profession as me. Gotta pay attention to the reccuring theme here 🤔

    brenda sealsbrenda seals12 kun oldin
    • 👍🏾

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. Adaba12 kun oldin
  • But he's ugly!

    lena816lena81612 kun oldin
  • Lol

    BiancaBianca12 kun oldin
  • Angela is such a feminist what a great role model 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Y KnotY Knot12 kun oldin
  • This body count talk, I’m just saying with all these diseases out there and I be telling my little sisters, you can get something from oral sex and can get herpes from kissing, just be careful ppl, and I read there’s now an incurable chlamydia 😩

    Ana TejadaAna Tejada12 kun oldin
  • Why can’t people say these things to the person directly, instead posting it on social media.... 🤷🏾‍♂️

    You do’n it wrongYou do’n it wrong12 kun oldin
    • Well tbh people do the same thing on Facebook so....

      Acqua DiAcqua Di11 kun oldin
    • I think they're too lazy.

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. Adaba12 kun oldin
  • The Secret to a Sculpted Upper BodyAND Untapped Strength uzworld.info/player/video/h47MpMasYra6qXg

    Good LifeGood Life12 kun oldin
  • “These hoes be winning” yee so lame bro. Women try to act like double standards don’t exist. Naw the game is the game play it or get out.

    catchin vibes tvcatchin vibes tv12 kun oldin

    I Be That I AmI Be That I Am12 kun oldin

    I Be That I AmI Be That I Am12 kun oldin
  • His message for his son is an indirect to Megan “drop these charges, remember my son” he should have remembered his son when he shot her. 😒

    ADOS SoCalADOS SoCal12 kun oldin
  • Yes Yee... its true. Men value when they can respect.

    KDKD12 kun oldin
  • Real niggas don't gossip about who he sleeps with. It shouldn't be a double standard

    Houdini Da GreatHoudini Da Great12 kun oldin
  • 😂 Majority of the comments about Ye literally prove men are insecure. I’m sorry ladies 🤦‍♂️

    Bosi MalkiaBosi Malkia12 kun oldin
    • Women are insecure too.

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. Adaba12 kun oldin
  • Another idiot

    Fennel WoodsFennel Woods12 kun oldin
  • The guys have the money taking care of you the girl usually hangs around for big fishes

    King FogKing Fog12 kun oldin
  • Tory Lanez should've thought of that kid when he pulled the gun out

    RedLantern161RedLantern16112 kun oldin
  • I personally wouldn't be buying anyone anything that costs 100k who is not my husband, however, common sense comes with the realization that I can't spend her money for her. Taina spent her money the way she wanted to, all I can say is good luck...I wish them the best!

    Princess BCPrincess BC12 kun oldin
  • Till December..? I mean I saw it but I didn't want to believe it.. Too interesting to wait..

    Dere OmiebiDere Omiebi12 kun oldin
  • It's 2020...and we still don't understand the make up of a woman and her sexuality. No one owns a woman's sexual expression just like no one owns a man's sexual expression. This way of thinking was creating by a European system and now adopted by melanted people . It's antiquated and unproductive...we have to go beyond what we have been indoctrinated to believe and study. We are still approaching sex like children...full of shame and judgment...sex is for healing and connection. The more...the merrier!!!

    lah lahlah lah12 kun oldin
    • Hell naw

      Chow MingChow Ming12 kun oldin
  • OT genesis is dumb girl that bs rules

    African GirlAfrican Girl12 kun oldin
  • OT is ignorant & can’t Rap .

    The TruthThe Truth12 kun oldin
  • I hope Tory get at least 5 years

    Tyrone HightowerTyrone Hightower12 kun oldin
  • he smiling

    Hannibal730Hannibal73012 kun oldin
  • They mad bout the car because other celebrities buy cars I can't spell. And of course Angela thinks it's ok to sleep around. Lol . "These ho's be winnin" sheesh

    Maj MajMaj Maj12 kun oldin
  • Yee smashed Gucci and Waka plus 33 others 😂😂😂😂 she love the blacks as trump would say

    Ty BluflamesTy Bluflames12 kun oldin

    Ty BluflamesTy Bluflames12 kun oldin
  • Did OT explain his body count to how many rappers he can have?

    Question & ResearchQuestion & Research12 kun oldin
  • EXACTLY 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯

    Corey SmithCorey Smith12 kun oldin
  • EXACTLY 💯 💯 💯 💯

    Corey SmithCorey Smith12 kun oldin
  • Angela double standards go both ways, so please stop 🤣

    Integrafreak1Integrafreak112 kun oldin
  • Yee act like she never heard of these double standards acting surprised and all! This is one of the reason that make Beyonce so special. Can't nobody say they smashed that other than Jay! lol

    J&JB TransportJ&JB Transport12 kun oldin
    • But she can’t say the same for him soo...

      Brand New Funk LLC !Brand New Funk LLC !8 kun oldin
    • No that's a lie. She dated some guys before him.

      T TT T11 kun oldin
  • I dont understand why every heart felt message is put on social media why not just tell the person on the phone or thru text.

    A TA T13 kun oldin
  • Angela Yee is so corny...why was it necessary to drop Meg's name after Tory's report.

    Taylor MillnerTaylor Millner13 kun oldin
  • Yee mad cause she been passed around 😂😂😂

    Alexis ScottAlexis Scott13 kun oldin
  • Speak on it OT. Shut up Yee. U can keep chasin what guys do...you'll never win dummy

    da bizda biz13 kun oldin
  • Yea ...send that shit in a text bruh

    da bizda biz13 kun oldin
  • Angela Yee didn’t like the comment about sleeping with more then 2 rappers since she been passed that number years ago with Vado & Plies

    A. GA. G13 kun oldin
    • Webbie 😂😂😂

      tswagg504tswagg5048 kun oldin
    • @A. G She got madddd bodies bruh...lol Max B on the list as well. She woulda smashed Joe Budden but she was scared of Tahiry lol

      KiNG SaVaGeKiNG SaVaGe11 kun oldin
    • @KiNG SaVaGe word ross smashed too? I ain’t even know that one

      A. GA. G11 kun oldin
    • I would also say Gucci but that was her 1st fail attempt lol

      KiNG SaVaGeKiNG SaVaGe11 kun oldin
    • Rick Ross..

      KiNG SaVaGeKiNG SaVaGe11 kun oldin
  • Most of these rappers use to hustle, I can guarantee most of them hit or got sucked up by a hype, but they dont say I fucked a couple hypes

    h lacyh lacy13 kun oldin
  • 3

    CedRock StarrCedRock Starr13 kun oldin
  • I like OT but he's not even with his baby mother's worrying about a damn body count.🙄🙄

    Leo De GoddessLeo De Goddess13 kun oldin
    • @Cameron Asberry Agreed but, alot of these short lived relationships produced children without any commitment. More than two baby mothers makes me question the man's life choices..sorry.

      Leo De GoddessLeo De Goddess7 kun oldin
    • If it didn’t work out for someone with their kid/kids mother whether your a rapper or not; why would you be with them? That’s super toxic, I’d rather just be a good father. People don’t always get it right with the first person they have kids with, you know how many people back in the days used to just stick with people for years of misery. It’s either that or you eventually end up cheating on them. The steak ain’t always worth the sizzle.

      Cameron AsberryCameron Asberry10 kun oldin
    • He’s very annoying and arrogant

      M RobinM Robin11 kun oldin
    • He's a d list rapper that's why he's insecure about his woman having dated other rappers.

      T TT T11 kun oldin
  • Tory wasnt thinking about his salvation when he shot megan lol

    SarahSarah13 kun oldin
  • The interviewer was messy to even ask that leading ass question 🙄🙄🙄

    Keline AjanohKeline Ajanoh13 kun oldin
  • Angela yee belong to the streets

    Jeff DontorJeff Dontor13 kun oldin
  • Black & Latin American Owned Banks??? Italy is considered a latin country. Do they mean Black & Hispanic Owned Banks???

    Selfone ElevenSelfone Eleven13 kun oldin
  • Everybody have their preference. Yee with that feminism can go to bed!

    Reality CheckReality Check13 kun oldin
    • For real tho. She need to stfu. it is what it is.

      Derrick GrayDerrick Gray11 kun oldin
    • @Tyrone Hightower says the fake

      Fennel WoodsFennel Woods12 kun oldin
    • Eh everyone can do what they want, if a non famous person was near famous people a lot without working with them then they're just upwardly mobile

      RedLantern161RedLantern16112 kun oldin
    • Yee is so fake....

      Tyrone HightowerTyrone Hightower12 kun oldin
  • He look like a ninjaturtle

    07071907071913 kun oldin
  • That's a cap. Yall live in merica

    Tree TopTree Top13 kun oldin
  • OT is correct. Double standard or not, it's true.

    Mike Non humanMike Non human13 kun oldin
  • Black Love? That’s aint a Black woman 😂😂😂😂

    djdj13 kun oldin
  • You play Justin Laboy’s whole damn voice asking OT the question & don’t give him any credit at all. BC some 40 year old culture vultures #Respectfully

    bharwanibharwani13 kun oldin
  • Taina.... I’m embarrassed for her 🥴

    D CD C13 kun oldin
  • Yee: Sounds ridiculous 🥴

    KingGodTravisKingGodTravis13 kun oldin
  • The OT picture though 🤣

    Victor GrossVictor Gross13 kun oldin
  • Why y’all be rushing the rumor report

    PurethicknessePurethicknesse13 kun oldin
  • From 4:00-4:40 you can tell Ye was getting irritated possibly because she may have dated a few industry people in the same circle.... when Charlamange said "well I didnt set the standards but if you sleep with 2-3 ball players or rappers and you talk to a new guy in that same industry you might be labeled a hoe.... not that insults true but it's a small circle". And she said" well these HOES BE WINNING" on to the next topic ... lol! Dang!

    TheRomanticTruthTheRomanticTruth13 kun oldin
  • I want that type of love of that 1st couple... wow!love it!

    TheRomanticTruthTheRomanticTruth13 kun oldin