ONLINE SCHOOL HACKS That Actually Work!!

9-Yan, 2021
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Thank you to Google Lens for sponsoring this video! Being a parent these days means you’re also expected to be a homeschool teacher. You’re on the front line for questions about things you never thought you’d need to remember. Especially math. Us parents need all the help they can get when checking our kids' homework!
Google Lens is a visual search tool by Google, and it can also help you if you’re stuck on a homework problem. All you do is take a photo and BOOM! Google Lens shows you how to solve it.
Not only does Google Lens help you with Math problems, it can help you with other subjects as well like Science and Geography! You can also translate more than 100 languages with Google Lens to double-check homework or remember what a sentence means.
Check out Google Lens here:
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  • Get the Google Lens Homework Hack Here 👉🚨

    The Bee FamilyThe Bee Family8 kun oldin
    • I can only trust Hex_Hacker09 via Instagram to help me spy into my husband chat without notification👌

      Dorcas BillDorcas Bill20 soat oldin
    • @HannaCutie oh dang a grade ahead

      Sygamez 03Sygamez 03Kun oldin
    • @Sygamez 03 I think she is in 7th

      HannaCutieHannaCutieKun oldin
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      Thamina TalpurThamina TalpurKun oldin
    • @Moussa Sallnoooooo i mean that i love them more than who loves them do u understand right?? i mean that iam the biggest fan of them in the world

      Mariam AbdelshafyMariam Abdelshafy2 kun oldin
  • Okay but where was this video my whole first semester

    《•Sugar Bear•》《•Sugar Bear•》Soat oldin
  • Hi I love watching your videos they make me soo happy. Have an amazing and positive day!!

    Nandini SNandini SSoat oldin
  • Honestly, watching people grow up is like the best thing ever. I feel like an old person now ;-;

    ArrowafkArrowafk3 soat oldin
  • Amazing but funny job Bee family!!!❤️

  • Google lens is wierd

    Emmanuel PereEmmanuel Pere3 soat oldin
  • Best hacks ever

    The jay squadThe jay squad7 soat oldin
  • I go on zoom

    coolkid 775coolkid 7757 soat oldin
  • I, m gonne try this

    Hugo De WaardHugo De Waard11 soat oldin
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      Hugo De WaardHugo De Waard11 soat oldin
  • i think that we all know for google lens we’re just gonna take the answer 😎😎

    emilyemily12 soat oldin
  • Meep

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  • Bruh they didnt even tell us how to mute without being unmuted

    poolshark 69poolshark 6913 soat oldin
  • Dam bro u grow so quickly

    MK MooiMK Mooi13 soat oldin
  • Oh thanks it works I got 100/100

    Tropic AceTropic Ace13 soat oldin
  • Szia Gabi nagyon jól nèzel ki szerelmes vagyok beléd imádlak de èn Magyarországon èlek xd 🤣 de nem baj ja jó a popsid xd 🤣

    Bence ÖrdögBence Ördög14 soat oldin
  • I can only trust Hex_Hacker09 via Instagram to help me spy into my husband chat without notification👌

    Dorcas BillDorcas Bill20 soat oldin
  • It’s all fun in games until you get called on

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  • Do y’all all have 50000 Emails

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  • OMG this help me so much with the google lens THANKS TO YOU MY GRADES ARE NOW GOING UP AND U made my math homework life pretty easy so i want to say thanks you AND I HAVE BEEN IN LOVE WITH UR VIDEOS!!! thank you!!!!

    Almar TauvaoAlmar TauvaoKun oldin
  • The mute hack is all fun and games till the teach makes you explain it in chat...

    Jordine SambaJordine SambaKun oldin
  • I have google meets and for my work I use google classrooms go this was great! Thank you so much.

    Jordine SambaJordine SambaKun oldin
  • Omg thanks this can help me

    Jessica MorenoJessica MorenoKun oldin
  • Mr bee there’s something called *read&write* and it has the same thing plus other cool stuff like it could read something if you want it to!

    Surina JaneySurina JaneyKun oldin
  • I think gabi is going to be a singer when she’s grows up and be 24

    adrian valentinadrian valentinKun oldin
  • Haven't watched this Chanel in a long time The dad still looks the same

    SnasGuySnasGuyKun oldin
  • Teacher watches video. Teacher: Heh Heh Heh

    OkjjsjsjudjwjenwmsnkwmOkjjsjsjudjwjenwmsnkwmKun oldin
  • Ehhh some hack works and some don't. For example to mute but not be muted the teacher will tell you to type it in the chat if you can't talk.

    Sandy ChangSandy ChangKun oldin
  • nice video

    Amir Samer Samir Fahmy Mikhael Fahmy HannaAmir Samer Samir Fahmy Mikhael Fahmy HannaKun oldin
  • I didn’t understand the muted thing

    Black DevilBlack DevilKun oldin
  • for zoom u can just mute urself turn camera off and go to sleep lol

    Omar nawraniOmar nawraniKun oldin
    • I do that and on Thursday 14th January 2021 but I don't go to sleep though lol.

  • I love how his parents are fine with it to let them do this.

    Axtina AriadneAxtina AriadneKun oldin
  • Me: watching in my room Also me: Turning down my volume.

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  • Nobody is gonna mention how they have 48,000 emails

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  • I tried the google lens hack but there isn’t a homework button

    Jineen MansourJineen MansourKun oldin
  • Not when you turn your cam off 😉

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  • Wait what I am 12 and gabbi is prob like 14 and I can do the math question see I’d so easily

    Dr.DevilDr.DevilKun oldin
  • I like how this can’t help me because I got to a school in person 🤣 But these are Genius!!!!

    •SunFlower Seed••SunFlower Seed•Kun oldin
  • OMG it's so great how these guys have edged (not the adults) I have been watching you guys since 2015!

    foxchild12333foxchild12333Kun oldin
  • WAIT WHAT?! WHAT APP OR WEBSITE DID THET=Y USE FOR TYPING DOWN NOTES?!?!?!?!? edit: nevermind... I figured out its google docs

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  • 2:02 the emails tho😳

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  • *I Love You Guys*

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  • Gab didn’t tell us how to do them

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  • Why does Gabriela look live addison rea?

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  • You guys so smart😱 thes helped so much thank you 🤪🤪🤪

    Rosie_The_GachatuberRosie_The_Gachatuber2 kun oldin
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  • STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • Is there google lens on Samsung?

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  • These were so helpful

    Zanfina LujkajZanfina Lujkaj2 kun oldin
  • mama bees hack is a school hack it helps your eyes so yeah

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  • the voice changes from year to year

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  • Why did they grow :

  • How bout when ur laptop turns off. I fell asleep and my laptop turn off

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  • My son tried the screen freeze hack but sneezed and

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  • "Science" Sayans or Sayns?

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  • They looks so different from two years ago

    gaming with finlaygaming with finlay2 kun oldin
  • I even use google classroom it is soo easy because you just have to press a link not type a code

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  • 99.9 percent of schools: ZoOm My school: GoOgle meEt

    BengaliBoyPlayz Official YTBengaliBoyPlayz Official YT3 kun oldin
    • Mine: miCrOSofT tEaMs

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  • Wait so i couldve just turned on voice typing instead of actually wasting my time typing words

    VecxxorVecxxor3 kun oldin
    • Ye... But when the teacher is talking on your laptop does it hear that too?

      Leeloo HurierLeeloo Hurier7 soat oldin
  • I never knew u where 100

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    RaixndropxRaixndropx3 kun oldin

    RaixndropxRaixndropx3 kun oldin

    Aesthetic_AvocadoAesthetic_Avocado3 kun oldin
  • I love this family but it is so funny how at the beginning of the video they say that they are going to explain how to do the hacks but gabby only shows the hacks she does not explain how to do them😀😀😀

    Edinson ReyesEdinson Reyes3 kun oldin
  • Broooooo those math problems are so easy I’m in 7th grade and that’s so easy

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  • I have google meet

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  • I give Mama Bee 10/10!

    Grace SconzoGrace Sconzo3 kun oldin
  • In my school the school has a policy in which the students don't open cameras or mics... Students will never open their cameras but if sometimes the chat isn't working or there is a problem then they can open their mics and say that.

    XxStarry_StrawberryxXXxStarry_StrawberryxX3 kun oldin
  • I've been using Google lens for like 2 years 😂

    XxStarry_StrawberryxXXxStarry_StrawberryxX3 kun oldin
  • I LOVE how the computer was copying what he said!

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  • The 1st one is amazing now I just sit back in my chair and talk to my computer

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  • first video i saw that was interesting

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  • sadly for me i GO to school cuz where i live COVID is not that bad so none of these will work

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  • .

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      the queen Charlie damelio_fan YouTubethe queen Charlie damelio_fan YouTube3 kun oldin

      the queen Charlie damelio_fan YouTubethe queen Charlie damelio_fan YouTube3 kun oldin

      the queen Charlie damelio_fan YouTubethe queen Charlie damelio_fan YouTube3 kun oldin
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