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27-Avg, 2019
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    Abidah FalehAbidah Faleh2 oy oldin
  • Why did he put a picture of China when he said japan

    Drize ClapzDrize Clapz10 oy oldin
  • Stop lyin dats not japan its china

    Portgas D AcePortgas D Ace11 oy oldin
  • The snake guy was so uncomfortable 🖕🤣

    Damiem J. BeynonDamiem J. BeynonYil oldin
  • Adapt went to Japan and showed a picture of the wall of china😂

    Kai KootstraKai KootstraYil oldin
  • 0:08 dude that's china not japan

    Raihan RamadhanRaihan RamadhanYil oldin
  • nice video

    Suzy GamingSuzy GamingYil oldin
  • It is not funny China have Great Wall not Japan.....

    Lizlly21Lizlly21Yil oldin
  • I have zero respect for him and the other migos because that jumped xxxtentacion cause they were scared to do 1on1

    Sniperk1llerz ZeroSniperk1llerz ZeroYil oldin
  • Teacher: who do you wanna be when you grow up? Me: FaZe adapt Teacher: who is that? Me: *shows pic* Teacher: u wanna be a hippy? Me: yes....

    TheSleepySwampertTheSleepySwampertYil oldin
  • That video was awesome!

    SteezyLabSteezyLabYil oldin
  • I bit u...

    ッSoarVyper_ッSoarVyper_Yil oldin
  • Anyone else think hes on drugs a lot more recently

    AmaaniAmaaniYil oldin
  • I wAS iN JaPAn:shows pictures of Great Wall of China

    D_brounD_brounYil oldin
  • Keep the outro!

    AquaLifeAquaLifeYil oldin
  • Any of y’all realize that he said he went to Japan and showed the Great Wall of China 💀😂

    DxubleeDxubleeYil oldin
  • offest joined faze

    Yousif MohamedYousif MohamedYil oldin
  • Whatever happened to Roman?? Did I miss something

    InnkiInnkiYil oldin
  • Lol he says japan but posts a picture of the great wall of china

    keo keokeo keoYil oldin
  • What happens to the faze cat Barry

    GrimmcGrimmcYil oldin
  • Idk how Alex say he in Japan and he put a picture of the Great Wall China lol 😂

    Phoum PlayzPhoum PlayzYil oldin
  • *Adapt the type of nigga to date his sister so Jarvis can't*

    BALiiSTaBALiiSTaYil oldin
  • FaZe adapt the type of guy who goes to the store cricket and try to buy crickets

    SkullyPlayzSkullyPlayzYil oldin
  • Faze adapt, the type of person to blow on hot cheetos because they’re too “hot”

    Tyler JosephTyler JosephYil oldin
  • Mocking faze banks part 5 ?????!!!

    9 9 9 X9 9 9 XYil oldin

    Vibhu FNVibhu FNYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of nigga to leave the fan on while the air conditioner is on

    Manaalii DanielsonManaalii DanielsonYil oldin
  • Adapt: i was in japan Also Adapt: *shows picture of the great wall of china*

    bean migbean migYil oldin
  • Yes

    ghost games 1514ghost games 1514Yil oldin
  • faze offset

    HotxzHotxzYil oldin
  • 3:37 got me dead yoo😂😂😂

    DoubtFFADoubtFFAYil oldin
  • 1:38 I would love snakes I used to have a snake but my moms ex husband took it😭 man I loved that snake

    DoubtFFADoubtFFAYil oldin
  • Ayo adapt you should make a black ops 2 or a mw2 video it would be really dope Anyone think that the old faze was better? No offense

    DoubtFFADoubtFFAYil oldin
  • I miss the old you when you made pranks and call of duty

    BliNks FCBliNks FCYil oldin
  • U will have good luck forever Like and sub to activate

    Frosty Music GroupFrosty Music GroupYil oldin
  • Alex You Rock OG Fan Sice FaZe New York love it❤👍😧

    Jason John CruzJason John CruzYil oldin
  • Isn't Cardi B pregnant with Offset's baby???

    kriskobeat 7kriskobeat 7Yil oldin
  • are u wearing lipstick

    AstheticaAstheticaYil oldin
  • react to your sisters tic toks

    Preston McDanielPreston McDanielYil oldin
  • Iky

    Its. FlipsIts. FlipsYil oldin
  • Adahpt the type of guy to jump off the map in fortnite and say he won

    Voids FCVoids FCYil oldin
  • This kid could not have a job 10-4 that’s like 6 hours it’s like going to a school but u had fun like what😂

    Shawn SShawn SYil oldin

    RactvApolloRactvApolloYil oldin
  • aye what happened to your apparel line

    Skuller VideosSkuller VideosYil oldin
  • Where the Cod content at? I haven't watch your channel in like 4 months

    African Tribe MemberAfrican Tribe MemberYil oldin

    PezzyPezzyYil oldin
  • Is dat a bug 0:45

    CxbyzCxbyzYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to blow on his ice cream because it’s too cold

    Maxparker169 MPMaxparker169 MPYil oldin
    • Maxparker169 MP actually makes sense that your hot ass breath would melt it

      RecKz XPRecKz XP10 oy oldin
  • you were in japan and puts a picture of great wall LOL

    NawNawYil oldin
  • FaZe Adapt the type of guy to drink apple juice and think he’s drunk

    ً ًً ًYil oldin
    • Somali Yute that was shit I’m sorry

      LattetohotayeLattetohotayeYil oldin
  • FaZe adapt the type of guy to wear a helmet while driving a car

    ً ًً ًYil oldin
  • Adapt type of guy to not upload adapt type of guy😢😭 no but for real adapt type of guy to give Jarvis 10k$ per kill but it is monopoly money

    Riolu For NorCalRiolu For NorCalYil oldin
  • Lmaooo this man started this video like he didn’t know he started it hahaha he said sum “OH!”🤣🤣🤣

    Edward BaezaEdward BaezaYil oldin
  • Adapt said “Offset is one of my favorite Migos” like they a big ass group or something 😭😭😭

    TheNotoriousJMCTheNotoriousJMCYil oldin
    • TheNotoriousJMC not what he meant

      LattetohotayeLattetohotayeYil oldin
  • Faze adapt the type of guy to Tangle his airpods

    SlumpySlumpyYil oldin
  • “I was in Japan for two weeks” proceeds to show the Great Wall of china

    xX legend XxxX legend XxYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of dude to fart and blame it on faze kay

    Xxink ツXxink ツYil oldin

    GB SwayvvyGB SwayvvyYil oldin
  • 3:12 😂😂

    UnitedUnitedYil oldin
  • 1v1 my epic is SoaRFruitTTV if I win can I join faze

    Squishy SquidSquishy SquidYil oldin
  • Adapt the type a guy to rip a 20 dollar bill in half to split it with a freind

    ryan Terminelryan TerminelYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to listen to ransom, hear "when I hit Milan" and walk up to his sister and say lil tecca hit you

    Kevin NormanKevin NormanYil oldin
  • Your my favorite faze member and I love you videos

    MonStARz05MonStARz05Yil oldin
  • @fazeadapt, you should try and make adapt the type of guy videos again Bc there so funny🤣 keep up the good work

    MonStARz05MonStARz05Yil oldin
  • I wanna 1v1 this guy

    Jorge SotoJorge SotoYil oldin
  • Adapt is the guy to be one of the friends who will give fake money to people and lyin to them

    Alondra RojasAlondra RojasYil oldin
  • Adapt whatcau doing

    Opps OOpps OYil oldin
  • they weren’t vibing w them since kush kologne

    hazehazeYil oldin
  • Im Still Waiting For Adapt The Type Of Guy.

    Rahel Is DeadRahel Is DeadYil oldin
  • Offset is chill guy 😂👌

    ILYA SSILYA SSYil oldin
  • U should make another visiting abandoned placed vid !!!

    Dhruv PatelDhruv PatelYil oldin

    supremeEO 2supremeEO 2Yil oldin
  • Who all so is eating right now

    Ismael playzzz 707Ismael playzzz 707Yil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to stretch Apex to make him taller

    Nitya SaxenaNitya SaxenaYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy get his first and1 and go buys the shoes

    Xpired iposmXpired iposmYil oldin
  • Make another fart song but (ft.offset and lil boat

    Jeramiah GriffithJeramiah GriffithYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to ask Apex if he fed crock

    Jad El HajjJad El HajjYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to 1v1 Casper in basketball

    fortnite cringefortnite cringeYil oldin
  • Do a adapt the type of guy plz

    fortnite cringefortnite cringeYil oldin
  • What happened to Roman.? 🤔

    Duke GamingDuke GamingYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to say “nigga” when somebody types “nigga” in their adapt the type of guy submission

    Josiah HernandezJosiah HernandezYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to think becomes a bee if he gets stung by a bee

    ClapdeClapdeYil oldin
  • Faze adapt the type of guy to say that France won the world cup

    haeleypapahaeleypapaYil oldin
  • Faze adapt the type of guy to say Bugha won the soccer world cup

    haeleypapahaeleypapaYil oldin
  • I’ve been watching your videos and everyone in faze clan for 3 to 4 years now so it would be really cool if I could get to meet you and faze clan one day and I hope to be in faze clan when I’m older

    HunterGamingL1120HunterGamingL1120Yil oldin
  • My boi Alex got Nordan smoking bud!

    StrooffStrooffYil oldin
  • Faze adapt weren’t you in a fortnite irl commercial

    Beanie BeenBeanie BeenYil oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy to put beer and roots together and call it root beer

    mngonzales26mngonzales26Yil oldin
  • Adapt the the type that goes down stairs and think he’s in another house

    De OrangeDe OrangeYil oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy who plays on jarvis controller so he will play better

  • shit ass vid wtf

    Cale BongelliCale BongelliYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to die cuz of stuttering

    TTMactoonTTMactoonYil oldin
  • Make a mocking banks video 😂😂😂

    SmoakzzSmoakzzYil oldin
  • Lol

    Supreme SandovalSupreme SandovalYil oldin
  • Who isn’t in faze at this point 😂

  • Adapt the type of guy to ask rice gum for rice gum

    ClapdeClapdeYil oldin
  • 4 days 120k views this channel is DEAD

    Anti JuulAnti JuulYil oldin
  • thats china

    Theo joshuaTheo joshuaYil oldin
  • When lil tecca talks about cod more than faze

    IsackkkIsackkkYil oldin
  • I was in Japan shows picture of the great wall

    MandolorianMandolorianYil oldin