30-Sen, 2020
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In pure Black Ops style, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fuses elements of 1980s pop culture through a mind-bending conspiracy story, where deception and subterfuge are the norm in the gripping single-player Campaign. In this sequel to the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, players encounter historic figures and learn hard truths as they battle around the globe through iconic locales like East Berlin, Turkey, Vietnam, Soviet-era Moscow, and more. As elite operatives, players attempt to stop a plot decades in the making as they follow the trail of a shadowy figure named Perseus, who is on a mission to destabilize the global balance of power and change the course of history. Beyond the Campaign, players will bring a wide selection of Cold War weapons and equipment into the next generation of Multiplayer combat and an all-new Zombies experience. Uncover dark Cold War experiments that unleash a new Zombie threat to take on in frightening and intense co-operative gameplay with friends.
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  • I just realized that the chopper gunner was called when they were cornered but how will it work when you call it when a bunch zombies are surrounding you

    Moses CastellonMoses Castellon18 soat oldin
  • Wait so is zombies gonna be free when you buy the game or is it separate

    Plush GamingPlush Gaming5 kun oldin
  • Who doesn’t love the 80s?

  • This is finnally a zombies thats actually fricking cracked and better than bo2 zombies

    Hellhead 4562Hellhead 456210 kun oldin
  • 25:39 possible frost forest?

    Matt PoynerMatt Poyner11 kun oldin
  • The girl Sam is Samantha but older

    Brandi HarrisBrandi Harris12 kun oldin

    LxcaLxca14 kun oldin
  • I can't even get the game but it looks fire mf nostalgia 🔥🔥

    ThatBlasianThatBlasian14 kun oldin
  • The lack of effort is kind of depressing honestly they have some good ideas.

    Mike CarrollMike Carroll14 kun oldin
  • Treyarch better kill it with the zombies because they are not touching Infinity Ward's Warzone or multiplayer gameplay

    Mike CarrollMike Carroll14 kun oldin
  • I want Craig Houston to voice a character (preferably playable) in the games, his enthusiasm and emphasis and tone are so darn good, and he's not even trying to be a character, just trying to sell the game/mode/experince.

    DarkDarsiDarkDarsi14 kun oldin
  • Elemental Pop looks like it has a zombie head split in 2 by a bullet, so I assume it's a aoe of elemental damage on headshot kills?

    DarkDarsiDarkDarsi14 kun oldin
  • Sam spells maxis on phone booth

    matthew johnsonmatthew johnson14 kun oldin
  • I hope just because it’s free content doesn’t mean they can just half ass the maps I’d rather pay the 15 bucks for solid maps than free half assed ones

    Nathan YTNathan YT15 kun oldin
  • The still is ноябрь witch just translate to November so it nothing interesting

    Rhino EKRhino EK15 kun oldin

    YSN Krypn336YSN Krypn33616 kun oldin
  • please help me understand, what's exactly going to be free?

    Marco RafaelMarco Rafael17 kun oldin
  • Im only seeing a Trailer!

    DennistaHDDennistaHD17 kun oldin
  • Damn cod getting all my money

    kishawn goodmankishawn goodman18 kun oldin
  • Ik this is never going to happen but imagine at the end of the last zombies dlc of cold War richtofen and the sqaud pull up and say is it the right time or something like that and it just ends the hype for bo6 wud be threw the roof and how is this possible see the way that a random group just wiped the universe a random group came in just before nikolai poisoned them and killed nikolai and they all ran to a random universe which was consequently that one and richtofen made a quick plan? Definitely not going to happen but its just a option

    Virtual_Key315Virtual_Key31518 kun oldin
  • I'm hoping this doesn't turn out like bo4

    Virtual_Key315Virtual_Key31518 kun oldin
  • This comes out on my birthday

    Brandon FinleyBrandon Finley18 kun oldin
  • Your reactions are amazing hahaha

    Dzedaj_ZdenkoDzedaj_Zdenko18 kun oldin
  • FREE dlc. Omg. BATTLE PASS! Hell yea! ScoRE steaks I’m blow away I can’t believe it

    Shadow StormShadow Storm18 kun oldin
  • hell yeah this new left for dead looks lit

    UpgraiDDUpgraiDD18 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who thought he took too long to speak

    Pablo VazquezPablo Vazquez18 kun oldin
  • In the phonebooth there is a girl with a chameleon on her head probably representing a denizen

    moemoe19 kun oldin
  • i dont think i like the idea of having loadouts in zombies like i just want wall guns

    CatDuckChuCatDuckChu19 kun oldin
  • Casually typed maxis on the phone

    Rygraal.Rygraal.19 kun oldin
  • Seems like no gobble gums!!! how good!!!

    Brandon VIBrandon VI19 kun oldin
  • All i want is zombie related camos back. Thats all i need

    NemesisTigerNemesisTiger19 kun oldin
  • Think about the bo4 zombies ending

    Tay TownTay Town19 kun oldin
  • how can u keep that face for 30 min 😮

    ItzKritikzItzKritikz19 kun oldin
  • I miss the ray gun so much😪

    Trell BishopTrell Bishop19 kun oldin
  • Does no one think it looks bad ? I feel like everyone thinks it looks cool but the gameplay kinda looks like a multiplayer map and they just like threw zombies into it zombies always felt different like a whole different game even the mechanics they would be the same but would feel completely different but this just looks like it will feel a lot like multiplayer mechanics kinda how iw and aw zombies felt

    christianchristian19 kun oldin
  • Wonder if rpg gonna be good or dog

    Jake HalsteadJake Halstead20 kun oldin
  • I am 100% getting this game, as soon as I heard “free post launch content” I was sold, I can’t wait to see what they have in store in terms of zombies battle pass content

    PRO_X3rxesPRO_X3rxes20 kun oldin

    Crome WRLDCrome WRLD20 kun oldin
  • Updates for zombies??

    Winters WarmthWinters Warmth20 kun oldin
  • What if Cold War and Warzone or MW are connected and we’re getting zombies for both games?

    PoyoPoyo20 kun oldin
  • In BOTD the shadow man said Richthofen was his prodigy (not necessarily in those words) maybe BOTD was keeping BO3 Primus Richthofen there and didn’t kill himself with Nikolai and the rest and the zombies continue now it’s up to this Sam to break the cycle

    Raymond PirchesRaymond Pirches20 kun oldin
  • Jet gun 2.0

    Brad SimkissBrad Simkiss20 kun oldin
  • Sam types “maxis” on the phone so she has to be the actual Samantha

    shelbys dogshelbys dog20 kun oldin
  • People screaming and yelling Subtitles: *Applause*

    Aeden MAeden M20 kun oldin
  • There is a code in the trailer its like 1 frame its like in the end when they put the name of the game up 1:21 its hard to spot even when i had the play speed all the way down

    JaDen BoyerJaDen Boyer20 kun oldin
  • Today has not bin the best day for me. Now it’s one of the best days I’ve had in a while. That trailer put energy in me and now, I’m ready to slay some zombies.

  • And all world at war zombie maps

    Andrew StaskoAndrew Stasko20 kun oldin
  • Bring back tranzit or buried

    Andrew StaskoAndrew Stasko20 kun oldin
  • The numbers spell maxis

    GAMESY 2000GAMESY 200020 kun oldin
  • If it is Sam then what happend to Eddie

    GAMESY 2000GAMESY 200020 kun oldin
  • Imagine another dlc being able to play as the ww2 characters in the trailor go out side of notch and fight the undead nazi bastards

    coulton bishopcoulton bishop20 kun oldin
  • This zombies actually looks really good I can’t wait to play it I’ve always loved zombies

    TihtnTihtn20 kun oldin
  • Bad ass

    Demon Outlaw GamingDemon Outlaw Gaming20 kun oldin
  • I’m already going to call it @mrdalekjd. In some of the dlcs, Victis, Ultimus, and Primis will all return whether it be in the form of zombies, or if they ressurect from the dead. Hold me to it!

    Noa PaniaguaNoa Paniagua20 kun oldin
  • Always playing with own playlist like System Of A Down or Delta Parole or some McR. Gonna play later good fragz friendzzz -

    lovelifenoiteslovelifenoites20 kun oldin
  • Would be cool if Future man cast would be the characters lol

    pat walkerpat walker20 kun oldin
  • Free zombies DLC you say? Shoot now theres no reason not to buy the game.

    stay ready just incasestay ready just incase20 kun oldin
  • How is nobody talking about how she literally dialed MAXIS...

    Eric LeeEric Lee20 kun oldin
  • I hope this is not a bo4 mark 2

    Jack WilkinsonJack Wilkinson20 kun oldin
  • Btw just gonna put it out there, the raygun proves the existence of 115 in that universe (ik he said they were half right about a universe without zombies but yeah I guess in BO4 they didn't extinguish all the traces of 115)

    Oof MysoulOof Mysoul20 kun oldin
  • Please don't bring back gobble gum or elixers they took all the skill away from the mode

    Oof MysoulOof Mysoul20 kun oldin
  • It looks like there are 2 circular rooms the top looks different and the tool box changes sides the portal and the pack might not be in the same place

    blake newellblake newell20 kun oldin
  • I wonder what the announcer for drops and maybe dogs or any Easter egg completion could be? Imagine if it was good ol' Richtofen. Not that it's going to be.

    Rugal BernsteinRugal Bernstein20 kun oldin
  • I cant lie. The game looks crap! I dont see the hype? And this is coming from a guy who loved the zombies mode/storyline/map.

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan20 kun oldin
  • This looks amazing 😍

    MissTacticalScottishMissTacticalScottish20 kun oldin
  • It is samantha confirmed cause notice the numbers she types. They spell out maxis Boom debunked.

    Hy5Hy520 kun oldin
  • I love how dalek was very quiet and then you got Noah screaming at the top of his lungs at the fastest fps out there

    Nathan MartinezNathan Martinez20 kun oldin
  • When Sam puts the numbers into the pay phone, it spells Maxus 👀

    Dakota LiebhaberDakota Liebhaber20 kun oldin
  • 561k views 221 comments ...

    SwipemoreSwipemore20 kun oldin
  • when he finally realized it was actually Samantha lmaoo 😭😭

    liam fliam f20 kun oldin
  • Juggernaut

    VAD_xavier sensi editsVAD_xavier sensi edits20 kun oldin
  • The zombies in beta ?

    Turki1 2Turki1 220 kun oldin
  • Leaked gameplay hidden in my most recent vid dropped yesterday. time stamp 2:50. Ur welcome ;) enjoy

    Slim x99x ShadySlim x99x Shady20 kun oldin
  • Every word these people say is making me more and more hyped. Even simple ones, like "the".

    RevisedRevised20 kun oldin
  • I sub 4 years

    VAD_xavier sensi editsVAD_xavier sensi edits20 kun oldin
  • Listening to your excitement hypes me up. Thanks for getting rid of my doubts man.

    Zane KirkeZane Kirke20 kun oldin
  • Im flashed and want to get my Hands on it 😳

    Inject GamesInject Games20 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait ten years later for kids this generation saying “my childhood” and “boys become men after fighting said boss”

    神様神様20 kun oldin
    • The world will be at war in ten years

      Gold GamingGold Gaming9 kun oldin
  • So what's the song title tho?

    Cyber PunkCyber Punk20 kun oldin
  • You made an 3hr live for an 8min trailer. Jesus you're fans are desperate and stupid great for easy content creator money

    Cyber PunkCyber Punk20 kun oldin
  • here 2:28:46

    aaronaaron20 kun oldin
  • Hello, Humans. "The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the big facts." - Paulo Coelho TERRANCE OUT

    T-Virus TerranceT-Virus Terrance20 kun oldin
  • 2:33:34 spoilers if you last game

    MrGoodDay-_-MrGoodDay-_-20 kun oldin
  • 2:28:00 your welcome

    aberham lagunaaberham laguna20 kun oldin
  • Imagine if there’s grief 2.0 omega squad vs the CIA

    Dark Knight25Dark Knight2520 kun oldin
    • Mofrogin Gaming It would get great to see greif make a return or just some sort of 8 player zombies mode

      Dark Knight25Dark Knight2518 kun oldin
    • That’s what I’m thinking 💭

      Mofrogin GamingMofrogin Gaming20 kun oldin
  • Anyone else think the new wonder weapon seems like the BFG from doom

    JesterJester20 kun oldin
    • Maybe that was their intention

      WebNstyneWebNstyne20 kun oldin
  • Every time I hear that guy with the Scottish accent, I always think to myself, why isn’t he in the game as a voice actor. Would’ve been a perfect 5th player in zombies..

    Ricky TRicky T20 kun oldin
  • 2:28:40 It starts here

    Nicky GNicky G20 kun oldin
  • Deadshot daiquiri is the first perk that was shown

    DigBickEditsDigBickEdits20 kun oldin
  • Reaction at 2:28:46

    DanteraqDanteraq20 kun oldin

    SamuraiSamurai20 kun oldin
  • It’s a shame they didn’t do this for bo4 people might of actually liked it if that was the case

    Aiden JacksonAiden Jackson20 kun oldin
    • 100 per cent. BO4 was a rushed game due to competition with Fortnite. It was a year behind of its development. I think the reveal shown clearly suggests nothing is rushed here.

      Muzammil NaseemMuzammil Naseem19 kun oldin
  • What's the song called I can't remember

    Pickup PlaysPickup Plays20 kun oldin
    • @WebNstyne cheers boss man

      Pickup PlaysPickup Plays20 kun oldin
    • Tainted love

      WebNstyneWebNstyne20 kun oldin
  • If you are reading this comment: 💕BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000💕❤️💫💫✨✨💞✨💫✨💞💞🕹🕹💞✨💫💫

    B3BL3SSD B3BL3SSDB3BL3SSD B3BL3SSD21 kun oldin
  • Bro just imagine finishing the easter egg and having to rush to exfil while hordes of zombies are chasing you. Imma be shittin my pants if that happens

    Lajon MaruLajon Maru21 kun oldin
  • I personally dont like score streaks in zombies as well as the fact the multiplayer and zombies rank and progress are not separate

    gatgutsgatguts21 kun oldin
  • Who else thinks it's Sam in the Intro?

    SoleScorpionSoleScorpion21 kun oldin
  • I’m gonna miss nicholi and dempsy but still very excited

    kylon Gamingkylon Gaming21 kun oldin

    WlshIE 365WlshIE 36521 kun oldin
    • I did

      Gold GamingGold Gaming9 kun oldin
  • Can we appreciate how he isn’t screaming and being weird about it... he’s letting the trailer play before he analyses everything in it BIG POG TO JOHN

    RiskyReeceRiskyReece21 kun oldin
    • lmao definitely dont watch ali-a or mr rofflewaffles then haha

      Quentin WileyQuentin Wiley6 kun oldin