"No One Suspects Mr. Cheese" Among Us Song (Animated Music Video)

22-Noy, 2020
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"No One Suspects" is an Among Us original song turned cartoon animation! Mr. Cheese is a killer on the loose, and he is the greatest impostor anyone has ever seen. Can anyone stop him? Not even The Gentleman is safe...
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    GameTunesGameTunes2 oy oldin
    • I want his shirt that says my name mr cheese

      Bartolo HerreraBartolo Herrera2 soat oldin
    • I’m mr cheese fan on among us my name mrs cheese I’m 10 so I love him I drawl him 🧀🧡🧀

      Bartolo HerreraBartolo Herrera2 soat oldin
    • 400th reply

      Anahas GuppyAnahas Guppy19 soat oldin
    • Almost

      Anahas GuppyAnahas Guppy19 soat oldin
    • Sup

      Anahas GuppyAnahas Guppy19 soat oldin
  • Mr.Cheese just says I got this big big big big brain me:no you don't you just say hi my name mr.Cheese and then the gentleman just gives you a punishment AKA a slap

    Mituna CaptorMituna Captor2 sekund oldin

    Tessa HagermanTessa Hagerman51 daqiqa oldin
  • ima cry its to beautiful i cant

    malak ateerehmalak ateereh52 daqiqa oldin
  • I actually played as the gentleman on my cousin's computer and Mr cheese on my phone and at my first round in a server I was imposter on both devices

    Tessa HagermanTessa Hagerman52 daqiqa oldin
  • RIP the gentleman

    Dayan HDayan H2 soat oldin
  • Don’t Suspect Mr Cheese ;) ... Nvm alway sus Mr Cheese O_O

    The Blessed PumpkinThe Blessed Pumpkin3 soat oldin
  • Mr. Cheese: I GOT A BIG BIG BOG BIG BRAIN, me: I guess the creator of the song was in one of the matches when i pit on a Mr. Cheese costume

    Jason RothJason Roth5 soat oldin
  • Roblox is better than among us because you can get cute pets on a certain game

    Katie FlockerKatie Flocker6 soat oldin
  • inner sloth sees this

    BombCat playzBombCat playz7 soat oldin
  • Do how mr cheese met the gentlemen

    Zian j. tonolete aquinoZian j. tonolete aquino8 soat oldin
  • No one suspects Mr cheesseeeeeeeee!

    Abdus Salam KhanAbdus Salam Khan9 soat oldin
  • 1:09 - 2:41 impoter track

    E Rich FurbyE Rich Furby9 soat oldin
  • Best song ever

    Fake o manFake o man9 soat oldin
  • Wait if i dress up like Mr.cheese no one suspects MR. me

    Sebastian P.Sebastian P.9 soat oldin
  • Go mr cheese

    SavitaSavita9 soat oldin
  • So cool🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    K P SINGHK P SINGH10 soat oldin
  • que bonita cansion

    joselyn Villalobosjoselyn Villalobos10 soat oldin
  • i realy like it because im the best imposter on the skeld my among us name is mango just try to beat the fresh mango and my little buddy

    Sumith AsankaSumith Asanka10 soat oldin
  • im love dist vedeo

    Oya roblox amru ayashOya roblox amru ayash11 soat oldin
  • [Verse 1: Mr. Cheese] I've got tasks to do With my old friend I'm here in HQ With the Gentleman And Mr. Cheese We're at it again Like a pod with two peas With data to send [Refrain: Mr. Cheese] Oooh-oooh When I'm in the crew I don't want to lose So I'll do the best that I can do [Chorus: Mr. Cheese, Choir, Both] No one suspects Mr. Cheese I float like butter and I sting Like killer bees No one suspects Mr. Cheese When I'm the impostor I'm gonna bring you to your knees [Verse 2: Mr. Cheese, Pink, White] But wait, I'm a killer impostor I'm the grate-est there is And I go great with pasta You think you're good, I can do one better You'll nеver be the bеst, 'cause you ain't no cheddar Forget it, you're like mozzarella, only wetter I'm the greatest impostor, I'm the OG Feta Emergency meeting, everybody like, "Where?" "Where you been, Mr. Cheese?" "You sneaky camembert" In the cafeteria, getting served with wine I was buying the bevy the entire time Skip the vote, get back to work, you slackers Before I slice you up, put you on some crackers [Chorus: Mr. Cheese, Choir, Both] No one suspects Mr. Cheese I float like butter and I sting Like killer bees No one suspects Mr. Cheese When I'm the impostor I'm gonna bring you to your knees [Verse 3: Mr. Cheese] I'm gonna go to the launch pad And run diagnostics And head to the hallway There's wiring to fix I'm gonna do the best that I can Complete the list I'm making a plan And it goes like this [Refrain: Mr. Cheese] Say oooh-oooh When I'm in the crew I don't want to lose So I'll do the best that I can do (I'm Mr. Cheese) [Verse 4: Mr. Cheese, Purple, Blue] I've got cheese appeal I ain't no happy meal I'm the realest of real, I'm breaking necks to kill "Oh jeez! He's gonna take my life!" "What's that behind your back, is that a cheese knife?" You think you know fear, but I'll give you a slice They used to put me in a trap, I was bait for mice I'm wearin' Player's skin and I'm taking first place After I cut him up like Leatherface! I'm the best around when I'm putting it down This cheese on my head, it's my cheddar crown We're not the same Only of us got this big-big-big-big-brain [Chorus: Mr. Cheese, Choir, Both] No one suspects Mr. Cheese I float like butter and I sting Like killer bees No one suspects Mr. Cheese When I'm the impostor I'm gonna bring you to your knees No one suspects Mr. Cheese I float like butter and I sting Like killer bees No one suspects Mr. Cheese When I'm the impostor I'm gonna bring you to your knees

    Mop MopMop Mop12 soat oldin
  • Mr cheese it's me dark blue

    fatima habibfatima habib13 soat oldin
  • I love Mr.cheehes

    Arlene Torino-VillegasArlene Torino-Villegas14 soat oldin
  • Mr cheese. My name Mr cheese! Me. That's not a propper name

    Jamie AllisonJamie Allison14 soat oldin
  • no one suspects mr.cheese

    wil rojowil rojo16 soat oldin
  • Cheese ha

    Roseann CarbonelRoseann Carbonel16 soat oldin
  • okay but why is it good

    purpl3guypurpl3guy17 soat oldin

    Tuna BağbozanTuna Bağbozan17 soat oldin
  • He was looking like an idiot

    zayan umarzayan umar19 soat oldin
  • Not gonna lie Mr.cheese is adorable

    zedsec phzedsec ph19 soat oldin
  • 2:41, Double kill?

    Adam RomeroAdam Romero20 soat oldin
  • WOW

    Anthony JacksonAnthony Jackson22 soat oldin
  • So buterful totally crying of how good it was and it’s sooooo chaching

    zamiravale79zamiravale7923 soat oldin
  • Ah yes

    ChezzChezzKun oldin
  • This is True? Why didnt player win Then

    Gabriel KrisnawanGabriel KrisnawanKun oldin
  • I did not hear about among us untill i seen the among us logic

    Eileen LazoEileen LazoKun oldin
  • What's that behind your back is that a cheese knife😂😂😂

    Madison and zymirMadison and zymirKun oldin

    Oreoman626Oreoman626Kun oldin
  • Sister:hey come here me:oki sister:kills me me: following my sister

    Mituna CaptorMituna CaptorKun oldin
    • Me: trying to sing the song mr . Cheese just Rapping me:trying to sing the rapping parts

      Mituna CaptorMituna CaptorKun oldin
  • That's my sister

    Mituna CaptorMituna CaptorKun oldin
  • Ooooooh When I,m in the crew I don’t want to lose So I’ll do the best that I can do.😀 No one suspect Mr.cheeese🎵 I float like a Sting I killer beast No one suspect Mr.cheeeese When I,m the impostor I gonna bring knees

    Madeeha AkramMadeeha AkramKun oldin
  • i gained heart disease by watching this

    Evan PopeEvan PopeKun oldin
  • Im the badest impostor ever.I hardly ever kill

    Fire CFire CKun oldin
  • I RKO out of nowhere

    Drake JosephDrake JosephKun oldin
  • I know

  • No one suspects him 🤣🤣🤣😌🤦‍♀️

    anne warreneanne warreneKun oldin
  • Me:is this rely my.cheese? TURNS IT UP Me:I thought so

    Molly DrawzMolly DrawzKun oldin
  • 2:41 does he have no kill cooldown😂

    Winniekiran EluriWinniekiran EluriKun oldin

    Caffrey MatthewsCaffrey MatthewsKun oldin
  • Cant Stop LISTENIng

    Caffrey MatthewsCaffrey MatthewsKun oldin

      Caffrey MatthewsCaffrey MatthewsKun oldin
  • What is so good about mr chesse:( Captains the best:)

    Yoshi gamerYoshi gamerKun oldin
  • Cool

    Cartoon CatCartoon CatKun oldin
  • Mr.Cheese is Crewpostor bc he can do tasks

    hau nguyen duchau nguyen ducKun oldin
  • i hate cheese but i like the song

    Bianca SamuelsBianca SamuelsKun oldin
  • Make a ms.cheese please and make her yellow

    Bear team Yo yo yoBear team Yo yo yoKun oldin
  • Wow

    khalyn Fordkhalyn FordKun oldin
  • this wascool this vid theached me how to play among us but u only got one ssubscriber

    Sheena OmerSheena OmerKun oldin
  • Mr cheese is a crewposter

    Nerio NeriowskiNerio NeriowskiKun oldin
  • Inner sloth i have among us

    John ReadJohn ReadKun oldin

    LiamTheFlipaCliper 2021LiamTheFlipaCliper 2021Kun oldin
  • My mr. gentlemen

    Sattar AbdusSattar AbdusKun oldin
  • my name is mr cheese oooooh mr cheese

    Tamara PivcTamara PivcKun oldin
  • orange sus

    wormwormKun oldin
  • MR CHEESE COOL ,,😎😎😎😎😎

    Jeffrey UtiJeffrey UtiKun oldin
  • oh yah i'm the best crewmate

    Jasper McBroomJasper McBroomKun oldin
  • 2:57 likeLEATHERFACE!! Ps love it

    Gary SullinGary SullinKun oldin
  • Uh in a video we’re Mr.Cheese and mother were imposter *Player* MR. CHEESE KILLED THE GENTLEMEN *Everyone* *GASP* THEY SUSPECT MR. CHEESE *Mr. Cheese” No it was mother she vented then killed the gentlemen then vented again *Captain* Well mother I don’t know how you can blame this little guy *Everyone* THANK GOD CAPTAIN YOUR A LIFE SAVER

    ItzmeLuluItzmeLuluKun oldin
  • 1:15 Me when I kill my friend that always kills me

    ItzmeLuluItzmeLuluKun oldin
    • I call it the dabbing dance

      ItzmeLuluItzmeLuluKun oldin
  • Its polus

    jess pagcaliwaganjess pagcaliwaganKun oldin
  • Mr. Cheese: I’m with the gentlemen *Kills gentlemen* Me: Your not anymore your with something else now his body lol

    ItzmeLuluItzmeLuluKun oldin
  • Mr. Cheese: O-HHHHHHH IM IN DA CREW *kills gentleman* *Vents* Me: No Mr. Cheese you are clearly not in the crew *All crewmates* Who’s that idiot singing in the vents *Calls meeting* *Pink* Where have you been Mr. Cheese Me: He was killing the gentleman Mr Cheese: I was getting wine and stuff Mr. Cheese: NOW GET BACK TO WORK OR I WILL SLICE YOU UP AND PUT YOU ON SOME CRACKERS *They didn’t get a chance to vote Orange because the time ran out* *Later* Mr. Cheese: Only one has this big big big big brain Me: Bruh you literally just told everyone your the imposter *Emergency meeting* White: MR CHEESE IS BEING CRINGE VOTE HIM OFF Me: No hate on Mr. Cheese he is my favorite character

    ItzmeLuluItzmeLuluKun oldin
  • Wow mr,

    Eli CanoodleEli CanoodleKun oldin
  • The creepiest thing Mr. Cheese has ever done... Wears players skin... and say he’ll win with it

    James PavellJames PavellKun oldin
  • Me sees song: hmm maybe it won’t be bad. Song: NO ONE SUSPECTS MR CHEEESE Me: wha- Song: I FLOAT LIKE BUTTER AND I STING LIKE KILLER BEEEES. Me: somehow I like this... me cheese dances while gentleman Lays there. Me: 🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣

    Yondale PhaganYondale PhaganKun oldin
  • 1:10 is when Mr. Cheese kills gentlemen

    Xin LiuXin Liu2 kun oldin
  • YES

    Dawson BiceDawson Bice2 kun oldin
  • The first one is beutiful but second part is awesome🍕🍯

  • No lo

    Fanf_jrFanf_jr2 kun oldin
  • Mr cheese sus

    Ruel MartinRuel Martin2 kun oldin
  • Wen I'm the imposter I gotta bring you to your knees

    charli fan pagescharli fan pages2 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Rtpmmp BurtonRtpmmp Burton2 kun oldin
  • I love this

    Jace FlemingJace Fleming2 kun oldin
  • This is my brother in s nut shell

    Michael CastilloMichael Castillo2 kun oldin
  • I don't ship the gentleman and Mr cheese Look i sorry for the peeps tjat ships Gentleman and mr cheese

    Tonya AikinsTonya Aikins2 kun oldin
  • You should a mr cheese hoddie

    Noah LaBradaNoah LaBrada2 kun oldin
  • mr cheese is cute and funny

    Bendy GamerBendy Gamer2 kun oldin
  • Mr Cheese :No One Suspect Mr. cheese Me:Mr. Cheese Sus There Cus I Saw Him Becamed Player

    Inkling Chan Gacha•Bsp•Other GamesInkling Chan Gacha•Bsp•Other Games2 kun oldin

    Filsan MuminFilsan Mumin2 kun oldin
  • I sing this song to

    Kevin DawsonKevin Dawson2 kun oldin
  • FBI approves of this video

    FBIFBI2 kun oldin
  • Trying to be friendly to the gentleman for 20 seconds then stabs him

    Chantler Lo'realChantler Lo'real2 kun oldin
  • Me: sing the whole song mr. cheese: stop copying me me: no

    Big BallersBig Ballers2 kun oldin
  • Some times it sounds like trump singing

    Chan AftonChan Afton2 kun oldin
  • Почему у собаки 1 глас

    Lina EmelyanovaLina Emelyanova2 kun oldin
  • Put Mr cheeses mom and dad in some episodes

    biuldkingbiuldking2 kun oldin
  • Remeber how sweet he was

    ganesh kandulaganesh kandula2 kun oldin
  • GO MR. CHEESE!!!!!

    Holly Jane CLeurHolly Jane CLeur2 kun oldin

    Kathleen DeangelisKathleen Deangelis2 kun oldin
  • Noice

    Jeanette AmolJeanette Amol2 kun oldin

    •Pokemon Pikachu••Pokemon Pikachu•2 kun oldin