No More Mr Nice Guy- Robert Glover Interview

1-Yan, 2021
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with Robert Glover to talk about his book, "No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Proven Plan For Getting What You Want in Love, Sex and Life." Order the book, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" here:
About the Guest: Dr. Glover is the creator of Dating Essentials for Men and the director of TPI University.
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About Patrick Bet-David: CEO, author and Founder of Valuetainment Media. Patrick has interviewed athletes, notorious individuals, politicians, authors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
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  • I understand Mr Grover, so basically I need to play the Asshole role from time to time... Got it.

    Kaddy WilliamsKaddy Williams17 soat oldin
  • This is why most real men grow up in rural areas where you learn real world skills and the girls like it as well...

    Thumper 1968Thumper 1968Kun oldin
  • Personally have been able to date alpha successful men and I have ended up being treated like trash. So it sucks being nice and then getting a harsh plate of reality. I say be kind regardless. Relationships are messy and circumstantial. Working on self improvement and loving yourself is the best relationship you can have!

    himynameiscynhimynameiscynKun oldin
  • Man with multiple failed marriages teaches men about how to have a successful relationship.

    SJV 333SJV 3333 kun oldin
  • this guy knows whats up, school is bullshit, pick up a trade , move around , learn practical things and make more money, fuck the education system

    Zach HershZach Hersh3 kun oldin
  • I can't do any of this. When people argue with me, or raise their voice, I get so panicky, that I feel nauseous. Not for me.

    Esteban RinconEsteban Rincon3 kun oldin
  • Nobody wants to talk about SEX because it's people are not mature enough even if they are adults. Being a nice guy in society will get you nowhere with girls, and you don't realize this until you learn about this yourself.

    Commando MasterCommando Master3 kun oldin
  • I really wish I would have heard of this book years ago.

    JR HunterJR Hunter3 kun oldin
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    TsambikaTsambika4 kun oldin
  • I love how you wear a suit! Keeps the sexual tension 👍🏼

    Charlotte LaughtonCharlotte Laughton4 kun oldin
  • I don't think approving of porn is good as a result you are mostly ignoring and or enabling exploitation and a world of trafficking and slavery.

    Kathryn OConnorKathryn OConnor4 kun oldin
  • Am a girl and my mum treated me like a partner and I look just like my dad, making me a nice girl. Am trying to undo that.

    Ndi EKWERENdi EKWERE4 kun oldin
  • Jesus, basically you were a pu$$y. Women dont want a weak man. You have to lay the hammer down. At the same time show a soft side, but the whole "happy wife, happy life" is stupid.

    BIG PUMABIG PUMA4 kun oldin
    • Seems so different from what we're conditioned to think. You can never make your wife happy about everything

      Amogh Rao SAmogh Rao S3 kun oldin
  • This guy has nuggets of truth here and there but overall he seems like a relational fool. Good luck with your relationships with a guy who has been divorced twice and all he seems to have learned is he puts too much baggage on a woman. My wife and I have an awesome 100% trusting relationship and our lives contradict everything he claims. My sex life before with random women before marriage and monogamy was horrible and then with this relationship its only gotten better as we have been married longer.

    droptozrodroptozro4 kun oldin
  • About school's not being made for how Boy's learn; I've been saying it for years and people look at me all funny

    Dogs 4 Home protectionDogs 4 Home protection5 kun oldin
  • I got an old soul

    KING03thanKING03than5 kun oldin
  • Positive emotional tension = desire!!!!!!

    Christopher MirkovichChristopher Mirkovich5 kun oldin
  • He didn't touch it upon it on this talk but I think the number one thing you get out of no more mr. Nice guy are covert contracts

    Christopher MirkovichChristopher Mirkovich5 kun oldin
  • Just started watching...less than 2 min...we must be synced

    L33b3 Fr33L33b3 Fr335 kun oldin
    • At min 29... Patrick experienced the same ...but it was my daughter 2 yrs ago...synced

      L33b3 Fr33L33b3 Fr335 kun oldin
  • Good good stuff...

    brian bissellbrian bissell5 kun oldin
  • Great Interview 👌🏽

    David OJDavid OJ6 kun oldin
  • Great song: Beautiful Loser by Bob Seger. You just can't have it all.

    Ken GlavensKen Glavens6 kun oldin
  • PS..Thank God for support groups and prozac. Suppressed anger and rage eventually leads to jail or chronic depression. Be honest with yourself and others and you wont need an attitude problem.

    Ken GlavensKen Glavens6 kun oldin
  • Hated scool. Hated authority even more. Never told a soul. Never acted out. Finally went ballistic.Dont take anymore crap. Tougher than I look.

    Ken GlavensKen Glavens6 kun oldin
  • Patrick, are you really going to have someone in your show who has had 2 failed marriages give us advice on how to date, raise children, etc? Come on... Even you know how to be a fruit checker..

    JonaVJonaV7 kun oldin
  • Are you on rumble yet?

    Pat RioticPat Riotic7 kun oldin
  • A genuine nice guy does not need to learn how to stop being nice. If you truly are nice you would not look for returned favours

    Truth UnfoldedTruth Unfolded7 kun oldin
    • Covert contracts

      Christopher MirkovichChristopher Mirkovich5 kun oldin
  • Me 100% im gonna get a copy of this book and i wanna join the mens group. I could see how it effected and continues to effect my life at 27.

    Feed The Mind 36Feed The Mind 367 kun oldin
  • 💘

    DJ STOEKDJ STOEK7 kun oldin
  • Really nice, interesting and informative podcast!

    Mansharan SinghMansharan Singh7 kun oldin
  • This dude didnt learn anything from the John Cahn interview about God's wrath. He still trying to educate people on how to be of this world and be this so called sad. Until nuclear bombs are going off in front of his face. Dude probably still thinks his millions of dollars will save him. Lol SMH. God is gonna break the proud. Repent from trying to be this "alpha". Seriously. I was a huge womanizer and pimp until God showed me how wrong it is, yet people here are still trying to be one. Smh. Get right with the Lord ya'll, forreal.

    God FirstGod First7 kun oldin
  • The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

    Michael LenardMichael Lenard7 kun oldin
    • Michael Lenard SCAM

      Lucky LucianoLucky Luciano5 kun oldin
    • He's the plug 🖕🖕+ 1(9 0 4) 7 5 8 7 6 4 6

      Bruno HansenBruno Hansen7 kun oldin
    • for your information you can contact Mr Ed Anderson on WhatsApp 👇👇

      Bruno HansenBruno Hansen7 kun oldin
    • I doubted him at first but after proving me wrong with $12000 profile worth of Bitcoin in just 7days i felt sorry for my self

      Mircia SampaioMircia Sampaio7 kun oldin
    • The Person that recommended you to Mr Ed Anderson really loves you believe me. Mr Anderson will make you rich with binary/forex....I can't thank him enough for helping me

      Mircia SampaioMircia Sampaio7 kun oldin
  • Yup church people will say you can't have sex intell your married

    Bernard JursBernard Jurs8 kun oldin
  • They make a deal with the devil for being treated like crap there hole life

    Bernard JursBernard Jurs8 kun oldin
  • Hearing this is true an I've never met my real father an I know I never will I'm 26 an my gut is telling me my mother doesn't want to tell me who my real father is my mother doesn't like to admit when she's wrong

    Bernard JursBernard Jurs8 kun oldin
  • nope I told my dad. he high fived me

    jack blackjack black8 kun oldin
  • This dude's a marriage counselor and h is on his 3rd wife?

    LukeOLukeO8 kun oldin
  • This guy is still a nice guy

    IntellectualPantsuIntellectualPantsu8 kun oldin
  • The links to the four books on "How to get better at sex"?

    Makis P.Makis P.9 kun oldin
  • This mans book changed my life and saved my Marriage. I bought my wife a copy and made my boundaries. I started to Live HONESTLY. I cried several times through this process. Thank you

    Bertrand Ferguson IIIBertrand Ferguson III9 kun oldin
  • Man.... fuck marriage.. Dr. Robert Glover just explained the common routine issues with long term relationships with women. Fellahz, pay very close attention to Dr. Robert's experiences... Dont do it..

    ccdays cccdays c9 kun oldin
  • I'd love to hear you interview Rollo Tomassi (aka The Rational Male) especially now since he just released his new book on religion and intersexual dynamics. Lots of stuff related to this and I believe he is the most highly regarded source on these topics.

    QuintilusCastleQuintilusCastle9 kun oldin
  • You can be a nice guy but have boundaries. Don’t let being nice take you away from defending yourself or throwing your opinion out there when you disagree.

    Alan Tavizon AlmeidaAlan Tavizon Almeida9 kun oldin
  • Stupid, a bowl filled with condoms!?

    Iglesia Compañerismo Cristiano BogotaIglesia Compañerismo Cristiano Bogota9 kun oldin
  • That’s Dr Gary Chapman from The Five Languages of Love.

    Iglesia Compañerismo Cristiano BogotaIglesia Compañerismo Cristiano Bogota9 kun oldin
  • Three wives kind of discredit the information the Dr. gives. I recommend Dr. Gary Chapman.

    Iglesia Compañerismo Cristiano BogotaIglesia Compañerismo Cristiano Bogota9 kun oldin
  • Pat! Can we get an interview w/ Thomas Sowell. I would really enjoy that one. Can you make it happen!

    Troy WalkerTroy Walker10 kun oldin
  • Girl forced me at 17.. then a 39 yr old when I was 19. So yeah. My first sexual experiences changed me for life. Still struggling

    James VillanuevaJames Villanueva10 kun oldin
  • This guy -I’d be careful listening to a “studied” guy for tips on how to turn ..nevermind. Ugh

    Heather Mimi WahlquistHeather Mimi Wahlquist10 kun oldin
  • I read Glover's book after my parents died and it helped a lot dealing with some issue. Nice guy syndrome relates to family as well not just the opposite sex. Also there were times in my life where I wasn't a nice guy at all. Great read.

    Edward DuarteEdward Duarte10 kun oldin
  • Amazing perspectives ❤️

    Hasanul RafiHasanul Rafi11 kun oldin
  • This guy is great at explaining himself. Super clear. Congrats to him. Great skill to have.

    Harry JoinerHarry Joiner11 kun oldin
  • Such a Powerful Interview, Got get those books Passionate Marriage, No More Mr. NICE Guy, The Game. I took notes and have to get that book and put in the work! Thanks Patrick always awesome content!

    John GuilloryJohn Guillory11 kun oldin
  • Great talk! would be cool to have an interview with Rollo Tomassi (author of The Rational Male) on this show. Robert is a really good first step but I personally feel Rollo is a must next step when it comes to dealing with the reality of intersexual dynamics.

    Rodrigo AyalaRodrigo Ayala11 kun oldin
  • So sorry that your wife told you that on your honeymoon (of all places). Seems very deceptive of her. What is wrong with having a high libido and finding your wife attractive?

    Quincy SmithQuincy Smith11 kun oldin
  • I love people that are marriage counsellors, have 2-3 marriages and think they can give marriage advice. lol

    Joanne BhalooJoanne Bhaloo11 kun oldin
  • Great . We are all a little Nice Guys, even if we are not. Very self awareness video

    David VillarDavid Villar12 kun oldin
  • I don't know about osho but thr rest....

    daniel andreidaniel andrei12 kun oldin
  • Everyone read “Rollo Tomassi” all 4 books.

    JSB ManagementJSB Management12 kun oldin
  • Patrick, You need to get ROLLO TOMASSI ON AN INTERVIEW

    JSB ManagementJSB Management12 kun oldin
  • Just ordered the book, idk if I am or not, but why not what do I have to lose?

    AOP's Twitch StashAOP's Twitch Stash12 kun oldin
  • Oxymoronic to seek therapy because his wife tells him he needs therapy.

    Paul KeenanPaul Keenan13 kun oldin
  • Fact: Nobody is born married.

  • This is what Robert is great at. Not that political bias bullshit with those two idiots.

    limenyande olivierlimenyande olivier13 kun oldin
  • These women just want marriage beware men. More men are waking up.

    Choose FreedomChoose Freedom13 kun oldin
  • Im so glad this topic of manhood is being brought up. Men have been made weak the past 10 years so we are easier to control.

    RedPraxis HaydenRedPraxis Hayden13 kun oldin
  • I'm a proud, black, good guy. Hi 👋

    Tremayne DouglasTremayne Douglas13 kun oldin
  • Just when I thought Patrick started to get distracted and lost concentration at 52:10 the camera got switched to another angle which showcased him of actually making notes which displayed his further engagement and interest in the conversation. Brilliant. I shouldn't have doubted him for a second, he's a fantastic interviewer, maybe I should improve my concentration instead, haha. Fantastic upload and start to 2021 by the Valuetainment channel!

    Stohri ChelbevStohri Chelbev13 kun oldin
  • Great interview. Patrick you want to get Dr John Demartini on your program. He will blow you away with his knowledge

    David EdwardsDavid Edwards13 kun oldin
  • 16:50: Loool, so true 20:45: Fusion cultures

    GriotOluGriotOlu13 kun oldin
  • Shoutout to Patrick for asking the questions we are all thinking of!

    Charmang LeeCharmang Lee14 kun oldin
  • 12:38 - shit just got real

    Vladimir OlujicVladimir Olujic14 kun oldin
  • Love this book helped me out so much I’ve read it 3-5 times

    MarcoSuave AfroKingMarcoSuave AfroKing14 kun oldin
  • If you are a nice guy nobody will respect you, men or women. And worst of all, you won't respect yourself. It's not worth it boys, just speak your mind. If you're afraid of conflict learn BJJ and kickboxing. It will give you the confidence to stand up for yourself.

    Ivan VrdoljakIvan Vrdoljak15 kun oldin
  • It is VALLARTA, not Vallerta. I know you look at details. Great interview and insight.

    Cesar Duque GomezCesar Duque Gomez15 kun oldin
  • Bullshit Interview. Very Shallow Understanding Of Human Relations. Learned To Date from Pickup Books. After 3 Failed Marriages & Not really Sure about the 4th One Lasting Either. What Can He Possibly Teach About Relationship Wisdom ? Noting You Guessed It Right. Save Your 90 Minutes.

    X FactorX Factor15 kun oldin
  • Now, that he’s not the president, get an interview with Trump before he dies!

    luswishluswish15 kun oldin
  • It's a good book. Places emphasis on you as a man having your needs met, and not having to jump hoops to get it

    hektikhektik15 kun oldin
  • Robert knows what he is talking about!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    eric geneticeric genetic15 kun oldin
  • Literally all this guy needed was Black Phillip. Patrice has a phD in women, and relationships, and he would have straightened this guy right out. No need for 12 step programs or therapists. Black Phillip. If you don't know then you better gets ta knowin.

    HyperbogHyperbog16 kun oldin
  • Pat your content and speaking are amazing! Such a light.

    Alexander VivancoAlexander Vivanco16 kun oldin
  • 13:04 BINGO! ...ordered the book Thanks Pat and your booker for bringing out Mr. Glover!

    Kontra BidaKontra Bida16 kun oldin
  • It's like Al Bundy's no ma'am club hahaha

    Miikta ShiiMiikta Shii16 kun oldin
  • Awh marrying people who are not a good fit for me.... Story of my fuckin life hanging on to good people for the wrong reasons.

    pinkyhotmessx69pinkyhotmessx6916 kun oldin
  • Great video.. 👍

    Ruben Collazo JrRuben Collazo Jr16 kun oldin
  • I've read both books (No more Mr. Nice Guy and Neil Strauss's book The Game) and they're both good. I bet Neil is still taking royalties from his book so it's not that he doesn't like it. It's that his now wife doesn't like it so he's simping for her. Pathetic. How do you go from being a simp to being a world class PUA to being a simp again? He didn't learn female nature and internalize the red pill is how. He only learned the canned lines for pickup and thought that was enough so now he's right back to being blue pill. I really enjoy Dr. Glover's books and they've helped me tremendously. One thing I'll say though is he definitely allowed his second wife to convince him that he was the problem when it was actually her. Maybe he had some part in it but her saying "aren't you glad we don't have to pretend to like sex now" should've been the point where he realized she's not who she pretended to be and left that marriage immediately. That was his fault for sure for not realizing that and leaving.

    RedPill PatriotRedPill Patriot16 kun oldin
  • It’s all fun and games UNtill somebody gets pregnant or gets a disease. Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant. Sex in the bounds of marriage is God’s plan. This is not a guy I would take advice from.

    MaryAnn SharpMaryAnn Sharp17 kun oldin
  • Taking advise from a guy with 3 marriages. Ok then......guy had raised more step kids than his own kids. There is a name for that. 🤦‍♂️

    termita358termita35817 kun oldin
  • Isn't negative emotional tension the very definition of Evil ?

    Idris HussainIdris Hussain17 kun oldin
    • Lol Seriously??

      SWKSWK16 kun oldin
  • Women are not more important than Men. Shove it!

    Idris HussainIdris Hussain17 kun oldin
  • Great interview. Steel sharpens steel

    Mik aMik a17 kun oldin
  • This guy is not impressive to me, he has some good points but he kinda comes off as a jerk. I love Alphas and am all about men and women having 50 50. It sounds to me most of his studies and thinking stems from sex. I love it, but it doesn't control my life or behavior

    Tiffany KrzyzewskiTiffany Krzyzewski17 kun oldin
  • 38:11 KKKKKKKKKKKKK HAHAHAHHA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    EvolveEvolve17 kun oldin
  • Had to unsubscribe from this confessing Christian's channel which decided that it was appropriate to engage in sex ed. Check you Bible instead - KJV .

    Dawn BakerDawn Baker17 kun oldin
  • The ugliest loaf geometrically suspend because net immuhistochemically tease onto a ignorant william. yummy, spotless volcano

    FsjY thFFsjY thF17 kun oldin
  • NO overmortality in the USA in 2020 !! Covid deaths = big hoax same amount of deaths in 2020 than in 2919 in the USA besides doubling overdoses/suucides/homocides ..

    Robrecht saskiRobrecht saski17 kun oldin
  • Men nice guys. Lolol here we go. I’m married to one. As long as everything is going his way he’s a nice guy. With absence fathers, drunks, Womanizers, pedophiles, repasts, women beaters, killers. Men are not victims of a one parent home, 95% mothers Thank God for mother’s cuz 60% their the only parent that is stable

    Angela PuglieseAngela Pugliese17 kun oldin
  • Rob Sir, you did not have an "inappropriate relationship," it was most appropriate. You were fooled like most; by thinking if your marry the sex is on demand.🚫 The vagina is the only power most women have. You have to remind them that you have the power of choice. PS. I spent 16yrs as a Barber, I've heard it all, I need to write a book.

    Mr MuzzlesMr Muzzles17 kun oldin
  • Okay, Okay! Watched this to be more aware of the topic - I’m having three boys raising them without a man! And I think this should be a Must Watch/Read title for all women and men! Although I definitely do not agree with everything, this conversation brought so much value to me and hopefully will bring to many more! Thank You!

    Modesty Pays OffModesty Pays Off17 kun oldin
  • A men's group in which you can share a common experience is basically, in my opinion, the reason Fight Club is so popular among men. The author just explored the darker part of that group.

    Thomas PlasketThomas Plasket18 kun oldin