Nina Turner Talks Progressive Leadership, VP Debates, 'Hello Somebody' Podcast + More

9-Okt, 2020
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  • No one in the political arena is more REAL, HONEST and FAIR than Nina Turner!

    A WA W16 soat oldin
  • This is a prime example of black people creating racism where there’s no evidence and not even a mention of race from the President. So just because he insulted two black women, the same way he insults white women and everyone else under the sun - but he’s racist because he insulted Kamala and Omarosa. I call this Black Privilege. You want equality and you don’t want race to play into it but you conveniently use your race when you feel like it’s gonna benefit your cause. And people have no fucking idea what fascism is. Liberals are practicing fascism. All the shit Antifa and BLM are doing is fascist. This chick wants socialism. And socialism leads to communism.

    Rian P.Rian P.23 soat oldin
  • Nina Turner please read the comments section bcuz we can't wait for you to run for office. Tjis woman is brilliant and very strong.

    fuck you if education is expensive try ignorantfuck you if education is expensive try ignorant2 kun oldin
  • Man i love this beautiful woman. She is a damm smart

    fuck you if education is expensive try ignorantfuck you if education is expensive try ignorant2 kun oldin
  • The only real black woman in politics I respect the other ones just kissing the democrats ass for a job

  • Yes Nina!!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Ivan DejourIvan Dejour3 kun oldin
  • If Nina Turner runs for president, I will knock on every damn door in Texas to canvas for her.

    McIntoshMcIntosh3 kun oldin
  • Nina is one of the most brilliant political strategist of the 21st Century! Biden needs to hire her for something!

    Darnius TerixDarnius Terix3 kun oldin
  • Super Dope! Strong Sister

    tyrone whitetyrone white3 kun oldin
  • I love Nina

    Adrian MoralesAdrian Morales4 kun oldin
  • I NEED to see more from her... PLEASE!

    Victoria TillmanVictoria Tillman4 kun oldin
  • Nina Turner was MY pick for VP!

    Melvin JacobsMelvin Jacobs5 kun oldin
  • Progressives all day every day 💪🏾.We have only just begun. Eff dems and reps

    Rome 360Rome 3606 kun oldin
  • Omg I love this Sistah! I'm just learning of her I'm so glad this video popped up in my feed. I'm going to follow her and go search how to listen to Char's podcast

    QueenofweavesQueenofweaves7 kun oldin
  • Man I love Nina Turner, she reminds me of my Aunt that don’t take no shyt.

    Kossan GreenKossan Green7 kun oldin
  • She's too real for politics. The machine isn't built for people such as she.

    Jay ElliottJay Elliott7 kun oldin
  • Okay, I'm in the UK - but if y'all are really feeling this Queen for POTUS 2024, you need to start raising money for her TODAY. Seriously. Start a funding campaign for her now, to make her an unapologetic force. Heck, I'd even send some £££s!! 😂

    TheStar798TheStar7987 kun oldin
  • Man I hope Nina Turner runs in 2024.

    Big RushBig Rush7 kun oldin
  • If we vote for Biden we would think we won and don't get the real candidates we need. I think we need to go back re group and find someone better than Biden/Harris.

    Big MacBig Mac7 kun oldin

    william washingtonwilliam washington8 kun oldin
  • I hear Nina Turner, I look and listen. Love me some Nina!

    C JC J8 kun oldin
  • 👑

    Levi RodmanLevi Rodman8 kun oldin
  • She's what I wish kamala was

    Mike LawryMike Lawry8 kun oldin
  • But Nina these clowns were the ones who signed the letter for a black woman VP without regard to policy! I used to watch but now I despise these two clowns!

    oil_kinggoil_kingg8 kun oldin
  • Nina Turner/AOC 2024

    walt8899walt88998 kun oldin
  • I just love her

    ms.lemonpie 216ms.lemonpie 2168 kun oldin
  • Because you don't see it doesn't mean that it's not there. Remember empty barrels makes the most noise

    Michelle ThompsonMichelle Thompson8 kun oldin
  • Love some Turner

    stephanie junebugstephanie junebug8 kun oldin
  • Met her in college at Ashland University. So glad to see her being the best women she already is :)

    Justin Chappell, M.SJustin Chappell, M.S9 kun oldin
  • Kamala Harris husband is white so she not going to fully go hard for black people. It gonna bring a awkward house hold if she really go hard for black people. I don’t think she would be up there if she had a black husband.

    Terrance WilsonTerrance Wilson9 kun oldin
  • ❤ Nina! The People's Party!!!!!!😁

    Francine WilsonFrancine Wilson9 kun oldin

    Tomeicko HawkinsTomeicko Hawkins9 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is funny

    Devin HaleyDevin Haley9 kun oldin
  • Should have been a Sanders/Turner ticket. That would have brought equity & justice for all. But niggas love paying white people

    Noneya BitnessNoneya Bitness9 kun oldin
  • She's so refreshing!

    SONAYONSONAYON9 kun oldin
  • Love Nina

    Veronica LanauxVeronica Lanaux9 kun oldin

    DB CooperDB Cooper9 kun oldin
  • After 60 years of voting for the Democratic party and not receiving anything in return. I've reached the conclusion that Black People vote because White People tell them to!!

    Melton CaldwellMelton Caldwell10 kun oldin
    • exactly!how long before people get it. They have never gave anything to the blacl community and we held that party together

      Jeannie RJeannie R8 kun oldin
  • OHIO STATE STAND UP!!!!! Now there are Black MEN that are fighting for change too Ladies..... let’s not ignore their efforts.

    Hustle MgmtHustle Mgmt10 kun oldin
  • Omarosa is a dog.... she thick tho

    fassabilfassabil10 kun oldin
  • WE LOVE YOU SISTER NINA!!! “Hello Somebody!”

    Cynthia RoseCynthia Rose10 kun oldin
  • I swear if the democrats support this woman she could be our president for life. But they will never do.

    f tf t10 kun oldin
    • Eff dems progressives stand on their own two. Dems and Reps are both two fangs of the same snake.

      Rome 360Rome 3606 kun oldin
  • Shannon Sharpe really on his game today. Preach brother!

    u2good2b4gotnu2good2b4gotn10 kun oldin
  • Pay attention, Roland Martin will uplift black female voices but not Nina Turner! She’s not a robot and not a corporatist!

    Gammerbeast and cool butch ButchGammerbeast and cool butch Butch10 kun oldin
  • She's annoying

    Seven GrandSeven Grand10 kun oldin
  • Nina Turner is my president 100%. She sets the bar for progressives.

    Antaeus GAntaeus G10 kun oldin
  • Why do these people keep expecting Kamala to care about Black Americans? She showed her hand when she was running for the Dem Presidential nomination. She said herself, "I'm not doing anything just for Black people."

    S WS W10 kun oldin
  • Thank you! People are not excited for Biden and Harris because their campaign is "We are not Trump"...well, that's not good enough. What is your vision for the country?

    S WS W10 kun oldin
  • God I love this woman.

    Jonathan McleanJonathan Mclean10 kun oldin
  • Nina is the truth! Nina is 🔥

    Teresa SowellTeresa Sowell10 kun oldin
  • Nina get Yvette Cornell on the show

    ant pant p10 kun oldin
  • I fucking love her so much

    Scott AnthonyScott Anthony10 kun oldin
  • Thank you for all your contributions Sen Turner!!!

    atoureatoure10 kun oldin
  • Nina is so awesome. You can see God’s love and grace all over for her and she has the heart of the Lord. She’s loves people and care about the condition of her fellow Americans. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    ??10 kun oldin
  • Ctg is an idiot. So he says he’ll criticize Biden before the election but will vote for him regardless. Then after the election he’ll still criticize him and hold his feet to the fire. Hey buddy, once he’s elected he’s got four years to do what he wants, not what you want. That’s automatically giving the Democrats your vote without getting anything from it. He said he’ll criticize but vote for him anyway. Black folks will be again be taken for granted, again, and people like CTG are complicit

    btown69btown6910 kun oldin

    Damien McClainDamien McClain11 kun oldin
  • I'm supporting this queen 👑 in any way she needs me too. Periodt!

    AlleyneMediaAlleyneMedia11 kun oldin
  • I love her.. a true progressive & we need more!

    Johnnie PattersonJohnnie Patterson11 kun oldin
  • Luv U Nina Turner

    Marquez MiltonMarquez Milton11 kun oldin
  • Stop complaining about racism.... long as y’all 🛌Whenches and bucks deal withPinks and other nations of people who don’tEven like u u not only deserve it but it doesn’t need to change..... BE SILENT 🌝🤷🏾‍♂️

    Lord HonestyLord Honesty11 kun oldin
  • Whew!! 😩 Come on Queen!! Speak that unapologetic truth! 💥✊🏿💥✊🏽💥✊🏾💥✊🏾

    Pray with Our FeetPray with Our Feet11 kun oldin
  • My Ohio sista! I know shit gonna be said when I see queen Nina on a platform. So proud of you and I love your energy and power of the tongue. Preach sis

    ladygodiva32manladygodiva32man11 kun oldin
  • Black people are brand loyal

    Bo 2. 4 UBo 2. 4 U11 kun oldin
  • Shes too mammish for me, the whole interview shes talking in that weird menstrual show blacent ..

    J.B.J.B.11 kun oldin
    • you're a weirdo

      Sutekh's CryptoSutekh's Crypto10 kun oldin
  • Hello somebody is an old school sayin lol

    AS3AS311 kun oldin
  • Whenever Envy has some actual questions besides the classic “for those who don’t know” 😂, he be hype to ask them lmao Cutting the guests off and asking them at all the wrong times, taking the conversation left when it’s deep right 😩😩😂 Like cmon Envy, reeellllaaaaxxxxxx lol

    Marissa PayneMarissa Payne11 kun oldin
  • Hold up did she the black woman deserve to walk around angry and mad because they carry the pressure of the world on their shoulders!🤦🏽‍♂️

    Orlando MpmgOrlando Mpmg11 kun oldin
  • She is so FINE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Fred Felton IIIFred Felton III11 kun oldin

    Bella DiorBella Dior11 kun oldin
  • I alway loved Nina Turner I clicked on here so fast lol. It's sad for this country that someone like her who always speak up for the people will never have a chance of being the president. Keep up the good fight QUEEN.

    gifi11gifi1111 kun oldin
  • I AM IN LOVE WITH SIS. NINA TURNER'S IDEOLOGY and MINDSET OF A MORE PROGRESSIVE AMERICA!! The BLACK EFFECT!! Everybody is somebody!! Hello someone!! The Wishbone, Jawbone, BACKBONE THEORY!!🙏🏽💋😘

    Donna HolmanDonna Holman11 kun oldin
  • TBC comment section is honest. When you fake they let you know. When you real.....the people see that. She is for the people.

    Black Film GuildBlack Film Guild11 kun oldin
  • Black Power

    Liljohn EllisonLiljohn Ellison11 kun oldin
  • Trump is so bad he has us settling for Biden!!🙇🏽‍♀️

    Iris AhmadIris Ahmad11 kun oldin
  • I’m for Medicare for all, Universal Income, and Reparations for Black People!

    Iris AhmadIris Ahmad11 kun oldin
  • Biden for President is not talking about Reparations for Black People!

    Iris AhmadIris Ahmad11 kun oldin
  • I love Nina Turner’s passion for our People!! We need a Progressive vision in this country!👍🏽

    Iris AhmadIris Ahmad11 kun oldin
  • She reminds me of a modern-day Shirley Chisholm she has so much knowledge

    paris castalanoparis castalano12 kun oldin
  • Excellent interview with Nina Turner she's speaking the truth good job cmg&Djenvy

    JOE WhitakerJOE Whitaker12 kun oldin

  • #cutthecheck

    Tobe meTobe me12 kun oldin
  • Hey guys! 👋🏼 Just started my business 💕🌴 Your place for chic and dope shades! 🕶 Thanks for your support!🙏🏽

    JoyriginalJoyriginal12 kun oldin
  • #NinaTurner 2024 She is the real deal 💪🏾💯🗳

    AlainaAlaina12 kun oldin
  • Love Nina!! She's a revolutionary!! A mover and shaker For sure! Keep speaking truth to power Nina!! 👍🔥💪✊

    Barbara HinelineBarbara Hineline12 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne said that politicians are allowed to be flawed and he doesn’t want to hear about something they said 10-15 years ago; yet he went at Clinton and Biden for old stuff. He’s a walking contradiction. Sadly, a lot of people frame their political views around the stuff he says.

    ReppinCTandATLReppinCTandATL12 kun oldin
  • We need more of this Energy 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

    Dame MDame M12 kun oldin
  • The absolutely most prolific Black Women in politics today. She is to be respected and she will always have my support.

    Codie EgartCodie Egart12 kun oldin
    • Facts!!!!!

      Kossan GreenKossan Green7 kun oldin
  • This is the woman!! Nina Turner needs her flowers! She’s one of my favorite leaders and she definitely needs to run in 2024!! ❤️This Queen is so honest and a breath of fresh air! She’s beyond what any politician could be!

    LaToya Alta wynn AbstractLaToya Alta wynn Abstract12 kun oldin
  • She is fire personified! 🔥 I love her energy. ❤️

    Ashley HWAshley HW12 kun oldin
  • And trump is a cross/ or combo of a bulldog and a pelican so who's the real monster

    Tiffany rTiffany r12 kun oldin
  • Another amazing interview!!! NINA TURNER🌹🌹🌹🖤

    K LoveK Love12 kun oldin
  • Turner for president 2024! She probably should have ran instead of Sanders, but then again helping Bernie run built her cred.

    Phil JonesPhil Jones12 kun oldin
  • She is fucking sensational!

    Sam HaneefSam Haneef12 kun oldin
  • Omgggh....who is she?! Pure dopest all around!!!

    S. JohnsonS. Johnson12 kun oldin
  • ya'll could have had this for a vice president but instead now ya'll have kamala and joe biden who apparently won the black vote. Good shit america

    Fals3AgentFals3Agent12 kun oldin
  • Twenty Twenty-Four

    JedindyJedindy13 kun oldin
  • Man we are so doom when you got these celebrities bring leaders and not real leaders no more smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ we need god

    corregidor park villagecorregidor park village13 kun oldin
  • I have never seen this young lady before, but she is powerful, i would like to see her go against some of the other sisters who support trump and try to wake some of them particularly the young lady that had been pardoned by trump and is now running for office. She a very intelligent sister but because of the pardon has a loyalty to trump. She is also a conservative republican but i believe misinformed and i believe open to or rather would listen if you gave her facts. She was on the breakfast club and had valid arguments but i think Charlamgne, Envy and Yee kinda took it easy on her for the sake of an all out shouting match. I hope i spelled everyone's name right, lol. I believe Ms. Turner would get it done. I've also seen this lady on Roland Martins show but her name escapes me. This would be educational for both sides of the coin if this could happen.

    Rocco HunterRocco Hunter13 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne says he supports Turner a million percent but he could have had a Sanders Turner 2020 ticket if he didn't treat Bernie like trash when he came on the Breakfast club. He wants to see people passionate about changing the political structures when didn't give a fair shot to the one candidate people could actually get excited about. He didn't throw half the shade at Biden that he threw at Bernie. Biden won big in the primaries with black voters. He always says 'vote for your interests' but shot himself and the rest of us in the foot. Hypocrite.

    UnearthedUnearthed13 kun oldin
  • Hello Somebody

    Natorrie LeeNatorrie Lee13 kun oldin