NFL Biggest "Body Slam" Tackles of All Time || HD

30-Iyn, 2020
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All NFL Content i use is owned by the NFL, i take their clips and make compilations with rare plays and popular plays.

  • I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I included a ton of rare plays from old school football, let me know what you want to see next!

    Ding ProductionsDing Productions4 oy oldin
    • Ding prod you should do best bounce back games/ comeback games

      Alexander FinleyAlexander Finley16 kun oldin
    • you should make best lateral plays for touchdowns

    • GameChangers 59 am

      0b1iV0b1iV2 oy oldin
    • Ding Productions if you see this somehow I want you guys or guy to know that I’ve been subbed since 73k

      Crakkzy _Crakkzy _2 oy oldin
    • Idk if you've already made one but, I'd love to see a best mid-air collision vid

      Andrew RitterAndrew Ritter3 oy oldin
  • It needed Jim Ross commentary. Lol

    Santos GSantos GKun oldin
  • That dolphins player had a collapsed lung thats why he fell

    ggh stwvenggh stwven2 kun oldin
  • Why did that one guy fall?

    Jordan KingJordan King2 kun oldin
  • The Steelers are so cheap they play dirty 3 at a time

    sarsippioussarsippious2 kun oldin
  • 4:59 my man really said sit down boi

    I play piggy GodI play piggy God2 kun oldin
  • Notice how Doug Baldwin gets right back up after every slam, he was scrappy 🤙🏻

    Seattle808Seattle8082 kun oldin
  • 2:15 Warren Sapp hitting the Rock Bottom

    Matt MMatt M2 kun oldin
  • That moment when you realize a punter just choke slams someone. 👀

    BC 1992BC 19923 kun oldin
  • Poor Danny Amendola.... he needs to retire before he gets really messed up.

    Mikey DeeMikey Dee5 kun oldin
  • Epic

  • I know why it has no sound because it scared the shit out of every one in the stadium

    Yes SirYes Sir6 kun oldin

    William aka JacksonWilliam aka Jackson6 kun oldin
  • Did he Die ?

    MASK BROSMASK BROS7 kun oldin
  • why are the body slams illegal

    Metillica1 Ttv sucksMetillica1 Ttv sucks7 kun oldin
  • Honestly, I think as long as you're not literally driving someone into the turf, it shouldn't be a penalty. Most of these are just the defenders trying not to let the offensive player gain yardage. If the offense can fight for each additional yard, and your defender is big enough to stop you cold and toss you backwards, that shouldn't be penalized. Now, that German suplex that dropped the guy damn near straight down his own neck? That needs flags...

    Veian DemontrondVeian Demontrond8 kun oldin
  • 2:46 that kicker tho

    William FarleyWilliam Farley8 kun oldin
  • 4:41 I dun think I gotta say nothing after that clip

    BMkAARONBMkAARON8 kun oldin
  • Did that guy die or some thin when he got body slammed(the one u said was the hardest hit You have ever seen)

    Philip BandyPhilip Bandy9 kun oldin
    • Got the breath knocked out of him and passed out. He was fine after though.

      Pattern PaperPattern Paper8 kun oldin
  • Imange getting bodyed by a punter

    Goated DaedaeGoated Daedae9 kun oldin
  • Those hits from the 80s and 90s are brutal

    Gage MarksGage Marks9 kun oldin
  • The best runs

    kim atkinkim atkin10 kun oldin
  • help

    helpmeimdyinghelpmeimdying10 kun oldin
  • That tackle by Matt Bosher on the punt return was AWESOME

    K KaneK Kane11 kun oldin
  • These dumb nfl rules tho

    Niki hansenNiki hansen14 kun oldin
  • Doug Baldwin and Danny Amendola are like the “victims” in this “crime scene”

    Kenon DiazKenon Diaz15 kun oldin
  • They should allow fights in football kinda like hockey only 1 on 1

    Derek McdowallDerek Mcdowall15 kun oldin
  • Suplex City, Bitch

    Sean AllenSean Allen16 kun oldin
  • 4:43 ouch

    Elizabeth CoburnElizabeth Coburn16 kun oldin
  • All those slams would make any MMA fighter cringe. Imagine how much time you'll get if you actually slammed someone like that in a REAL street fight.

    NYRfan4LifeNYRfan4Life16 kun oldin
  • It really goes to show that these body slams are unsafe for everyone- if only there was a way to protect the neck without sacrificing mobility for players. Maybe a sort of undersuit protecting the back and sides of the neck to avoid large changes in acceleration.

    Nitrous oxide WolfNitrous oxide Wolf16 kun oldin
  • That hit wasn’t even that hard tbh... Kam Chancellor hitting Vernon Davis that’s a hard hit...❗️

    Popped YaPopped Ya17 kun oldin
  • 😂 Amendola has been abused to say the least, How many appearances did he make 3-5ish, DAMN!

    PatsFan89PatsFan8917 kun oldin
  • Idk if it was me seeing the 49ers being in a lot of clips

    Wishnowsky Is the goatWishnowsky Is the goat17 kun oldin
  • It’s interesting seeing these compilations to see the players that I forgot left the league/are still in the league

    Charlie HenryCharlie Henry17 kun oldin
  • why is danny amendola on every other video

    CaseyCasey18 kun oldin
  • OMG!!

    dashawn thomasdashawn thomas18 kun oldin
  • 4:47 this man is dead😂

    Chris LaroccaChris Larocca20 kun oldin
  • one commentator says "what a beautiful tackle" the other says "wow that should be a penalty" its amazing how low football has gotten. I miss the days when people got their heads knocked off.

    coco cornflakecoco cornflake20 kun oldin
  • danny amendola is getting abused with all the slams 😂😂😂😂

    Tye ShettleworthTye Shettleworth20 kun oldin
  • 3:31 who remembers that play

    the biggest packer fanthe biggest packer fan21 kun oldin
  • 1:33 my packers are good still from that day finally the packers can tackle in this lol

    the biggest packer fanthe biggest packer fan21 kun oldin
  • Its always Amendola

    Jburick 912Jburick 91222 kun oldin
  • I sure enjoyed it I loved it

    Nathaniel TinlinNathaniel Tinlin22 kun oldin
  • It should be legal.. sometimes its the only way to tackle someone who is dug in and moving forward

    Steven CopiceSteven Copice22 kun oldin
  • OUCH

    Blake SmithBlake Smith22 kun oldin

    Gordan ramsyay 420Gordan ramsyay 42024 kun oldin
  • this man gained over 800 thousands subs in four months that fucking impressive

    GodSpeedGodSpeed24 kun oldin
  • I’m wondering why Danny Amendola has been suplexed so many times.

    Josephi KrakowskiJosephi Krakowski25 kun oldin
  • There's a lot of Amendola 🤣🤣 people really love slam him to the ground

    Murillo Galdino MoreiraMurillo Galdino Moreira25 kun oldin
  • 5:02 John cena

    Garrett PetersonGarrett Peterson25 kun oldin
  • That was a dirty hit

    GOATED CJGOATED CJ25 kun oldin
  • Sapp gave him The Rock bottom

    N13N1326 kun oldin
  • Atlanta be like: don't mess with our f*cking punter, or you finna get R.K.O.'d

    cv_IXcv_IX26 kun oldin
  • Hope gets out, gay gets in lmfao

    Hey BeachesHey Beaches27 kun oldin
  • Sapp gave Faulk the damn Rock Bottom lol

    Brandon BuckinghamBrandon Buckingham27 kun oldin
  • Best sports comp channel cause he doesn't put some retarded ass music on

    Misunderstood BeanMisunderstood Bean27 kun oldin
  • Spine buster is fine but a German suplex is a penalty. Got it

    Hevvy RhythmHevvy Rhythm29 kun oldin
  • Whole lot of German suplexes in this video. Couple of spinebusters too.

    Joshua PateJoshua Pate29 kun oldin
  • Back then: "beautiful tackle" Now:"wEll ThAt WaS UnCAllEd fOr"

    Jack GarthwaiteJack Garthwaite29 kun oldin
  • You should do more packer, bears rivalry.

    Payton DvorakPayton Dvorak29 kun oldin
  • How bout Rodney McLeod on Brandin Cooks in the super bowl?

    Philly PhillyPhilly PhillyOy oldin
  • 2:44 bro got slammed by kicker

    juju claper claperjuju claper claperOy oldin
  • The video I never knew I wanted so bad🥺

    thefamousLeothefamousLeoOy oldin
  • Is it just me or does anyone else think dirty hits shouldn’t be a highlight reel?

    Ross SchultzRoss SchultzOy oldin
  • The one with bears quarterback and Charles Martin his shoulder was damaged for the rest of his life

    Graham KellyGraham KellyOy oldin
  • that was the hardest hit i have saw in my life

    Je'rome NewmanJe'rome NewmanOy oldin
  • so bye 4:25 what was he doing with his hand there

    fleker4_1905fleker4_1905Oy oldin
  • 80% body slams come from 49ers games! Joe Jones's body slam on Bradshaw broke his collar bone.

  • danny amendola got a death wish😂

    DaGamerKiddDaGamerKiddOy oldin
  • are body slams allowed in the nfl? they seem to be getting carded almost every time

    Chris EspinosaChris EspinosaOy oldin
  • A lot of suplexes in this video

  • Danny Slamendola

    ian faragoian faragoOy oldin
  • If you watch Warren sapp's slam and ever watched wrestling you'd realize that it was basically a rock bottom.

    Mike GonzalezMike GonzalezOy oldin
  • As a linebacker if you carry someone back is it good

    Joshua AguirreJoshua AguirreOy oldin
  • Body Slams now - Oh! Now thats gonna be a flag Body Slams back then - Thats a great tackle

    Ben DoverBen DoverOy oldin
  • Silly how much ignorance is in thinking that this should be illegal with all the legal hits that are worse.

    eclipsewreckereclipsewreckerOy oldin
  • The best one was when we could no hear👂 it he picked him off the ground that fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎😎

    Cheryl TrombleyCheryl TrombleyOy oldin
  • Most of these shouldn’t even be flags smh

    Cuban linkCuban linkOy oldin
  • 2:48 that was the freaking quarter back lime damn

    TP GamingTP GamingOy oldin
  • Flag city bruh😭

  • I don't understand how you can block somebody by hitting their knees with your helmet but you can't slam somebody?? The NFL is a weird placeeeee

    BigFist DanteBigFist DanteOy oldin

    S LitS LitOy oldin
  • Mostly 49ers on here lol

    Francisco LopezFrancisco LopezOy oldin
  • The guy who jump in the NFL always make me wonder if they value their lives

    James UnderwoodJames UnderwoodOy oldin
  • Plot twist: most of these guys went to suplex city for vacation

    Christian IngramChristian IngramOy oldin
  • There should be a flag on every play

    JD1130QAJD1130QAOy oldin
  • The Dolphins and the Rams get bullied

    Young MoneyYoung MoneyOy oldin
  • I think these players have watched too much wwe lol Suplex mania

    Pablo RivadeneiraPablo RivadeneiraOy oldin
  • Damn that one with no sound is a Smackdown vs raw finisher 😯😯🤷🏾‍♂️

    BoltStryke returnBoltStryke returnOy oldin
  • Can you please do quarterback trucks

    Jamir GameingJamir GameingOy oldin
  • Poor Dola

    Dan 1031Dan 1031Oy oldin
  • Some of these a bs flags. Some of these are just momentum. They can’t change the laws of physics

  • 10:16 "picked up and tossed to the ground" wrong first he jumped into the guys hand and bounced off lol

    Anthony TrujilloAnthony TrujilloOy oldin
  • Old Football: Very nice tackle New Football: *OH MY GOD YOU KILLED HIM DUDE*

    CernoxCernoxOy oldin
  • IMO that Brian Dawkins reverse suplex takes the cake. Followed by the Steelers simultaneously trying to rip out Vince Youngs spine Predator style.

    Agent AzzJuiceAgent AzzJuiceOy oldin
  • Shouldn’t be flagged, I mean why can a rb force a head to head collison and we can’t even slam a receiver he’s padded bro stop cry

    Kevin HaylerKevin HaylerOy oldin
  • i ment music

    Berger. BoyBerger. BoyOy oldin
  • love it but maybe you could ad a comment

    Berger. BoyBerger. BoyOy oldin
  • same hit over the years: 1980: That's how you're suppose to tackle 1990: penalty 2000: penalty + fines 2010: 5 game suspension+ penalty + fines 2020: Assault charges and banned from playing in the NFL

    NoSunBeachNoSunBeachOy oldin