NFL Best Hits of Week 3 || HD 2020

29-Sen, 2020
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The best hits from week 3! I hope you enjoyed, this was a great week for hits!
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    Ding ProductionsDing Productions24 kun oldin
    • Yeah

      London StackhouseLondon Stackhouse16 kun oldin
    • 2020 was so bad we need that Christmas intro

      Meech MeechMeech Meech24 kun oldin
    • Way and hit was nasty

      Goobe BtdGoobe Btd24 kun oldin
    • 10k subs before 2021 plz yeah right not with that profile pic

      TRNR JakeTheSnakeTRNR JakeTheSnake24 kun oldin
    • Read my name plz

      Ttv Daniel FNTtv Daniel FN24 kun oldin
  • 2020 great video

    London StackhouseLondon Stackhouse16 kun oldin
  • Real football 🏈💪

    London StackhouseLondon Stackhouse16 kun oldin
  • Big hits 2020

    London StackhouseLondon Stackhouse17 kun oldin
  • They Tearing joe burrow up 😂😂

    JaVyun TarverJaVyun Tarver17 kun oldin
  • Can you make sure to put wingards hit on Tyler Boyd and Myles jack hit on joe mixon on your next big hit video for week 4

    Lamar JacksonLamar Jackson18 kun oldin
  • Burrow got bitched

  • Why where there so many big hits when the rams (my team) vs the bills

    Wes&JayCanPlayWes&JayCanPlay18 kun oldin
  • I wish you had a 1million subs

    WoahClementWoahClement19 kun oldin
  • 1:24 Thats how it should be "Shit man good hit" and the next clip is just childish

    DarknxssEUDarknxssEU19 kun oldin
  • Best NFL hits a week four

    Tj SkyTj Sky19 kun oldin
  • I said oof in unison on the first hit this was awesome

    Dereck&VenusDereck&Venus20 kun oldin
  • Love how this is titled best hits so no one can complain like those weren’t hardest hits or trucks or biggest hits. Just your opinion of some of the best well rounded hits. Well done.

    JackyBoy SlimJackyBoy Slim20 kun oldin
  • What about jalen ramsey???

    THE Fourth WillieTHE Fourth Willie20 kun oldin
  • 7:17 brown got ROCKED.

    m dm d20 kun oldin
  • These are so much more impressive when you think that they are knocking over 200-250 pound guys with ease

    Braeden LelandBraeden Leland20 kun oldin
  • The highlights the NFL don't show us but we all want to see.

    Micky BMicky B20 kun oldin
  • 1:11 You are welcome.

    Brown Gaddy OutdoorsBrown Gaddy Outdoors20 kun oldin
  • 4:58 that looks so fast

    Yashar AzadYashar Azad20 kun oldin
  • JB3 is so understated

    BlackWolfArmy GameplayBlackWolfArmy Gameplay21 kun oldin

    Peter PignatelloPeter Pignatello21 kun oldin
  • The game i love has gotten soft 😔 go back to the early to mid 00's when "jacked up" was a real thing

    Jon PuhalskiJon Puhalski21 kun oldin
  • I hate my mom

    Exotic_ReplayZExotic_ReplayZ21 kun oldin
  • u know the defender is salty when all he can do is hip flip after getting driven 15 yards downfield

    YaKO DynaztyYaKO Dynazty21 kun oldin
  • Week 3 was my favorite so far

    Ivana PretlowIvana Pretlow21 kun oldin
  • Karl JOseph been laying the boom

    Rex VanyoRex Vanyo21 kun oldin
  • 1:14 defense is sad

    GloryBoyZayyGloryBoyZayy21 kun oldin
  • There you go karl joseph that's wtf I've been waiting for since the 2016 nfl draft bout damn time

    GOKUGOKU21 kun oldin
  • at 5:01 is it just me or did that guy seem like the clip was sped up bruh he started zooming

  • the colts are the most like neutral team in the nfl

  • Best hit Donald on josh allen 3:45

    Juwan StoutJuwan Stout21 kun oldin
  • I love when the receiver gets like a 20 yard gain then gets a mild hit and the corners act all tough. Like maybe try to do that 20 yards earlier bruh

    Titan 16Titan 1621 kun oldin
  • The cleveland browns hit was the best

    branden8045 theultramangofighterbranden8045 theultramangofighter21 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't put pushes in a HITS video. It may seem obvious, but pushes aren't hits.

    GumbolianGumbolian22 kun oldin
  • 00:30 rodger's body was on 60fps his right arm was on 300fps

    Jesse BrillJesse Brill22 kun oldin
  • "He got Jacked...Up."

    Roberto WembleyRoberto Wembley22 kun oldin
  • Dirty dan gonna be in all these

    Leg ItchyLeg Itchy22 kun oldin
  • How can people still lead with their head??🙃🙃

    Nate AlbrechtNate Albrecht22 kun oldin

    Luke GuggemosLuke Guggemos22 kun oldin
  • Jaguars one was amazing.

    Michael BellMichael Bell22 kun oldin
  • Dudeeeee my falcons just need some defense and wide receivers and maybe some training for Matt Ryan and we’ll be set

    Jiggin with JacobJiggin with Jacob22 kun oldin
  • Do hardest college hits longhorns had a pretty narley one

    Sike NoneSike None22 kun oldin
  • Burrow got his sh*t rocked

    Caden NelsonCaden Nelson22 kun oldin
  • man I'm a pats fan and Ik KVN left us for Miami and all, but holy shit he fucking killed that blocker and ran all the way fuckin through him

    Jax CarterJax Carter22 kun oldin
  • I love you ding I always whatch you

    Johnny JJJohnny JJ22 kun oldin
  • Can we just appreciate that ding takes him time too make this amazing videos for us and do school at the same time

    Dominic SmithDominic Smith22 kun oldin
  • Burrow hit was a cheap shot, but that's Philly for ya

    Daniel AshworthDaniel Ashworth22 kun oldin
  • I love old school football. When men were men.

    Will CrudeleWill Crudele22 kun oldin
  • why does the bears game look like it was filmed in 2002

    Marzie ?Marzie ?22 kun oldin
  • Best mic pickups of the week

    Jeremiah Rada-GragasinJeremiah Rada-Gragasin22 kun oldin
  • Most of these hits aren’t shit

    Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton22 kun oldin
  • These aren’t hard hits beside the first couple

    Kobe JohnsonKobe Johnson22 kun oldin
  • Who’s ready for the Christmas intro

    Mystxc_1 _Mystxc_1 _22 kun oldin
  • 97 said to joe burrow “welcome to the nfl”

    Squirrel OpSquirrel Op22 kun oldin
  • the Bengals just keep getting blown up

    Cole GipsonCole Gipson22 kun oldin
  • yes

    Jacob KurianJacob Kurian22 kun oldin
  • Oh he hard😤🔥🚀 y’all go check him out

    Li ShadLi Shad22 kun oldin
  • Oh he hard😤🔥🚀 y’all go check him out

    Li ShadLi Shad22 kun oldin
  • Jeez some of these hits are just like 😱😱😱😱

    XShadesXXShadesX22 kun oldin
  • The hit on Joe Burrow was inexcusable.. Had it been Tom Brady, it would have been a personal foul

    DemoMANDemoMAN22 kun oldin
  • We finally got some hitters this year

    Tebosmoke 22Tebosmoke 2222 kun oldin
  • @1:37 I love when he tries to square up.... like, you are playing one of the toughest sports (physically) does he really think he twig arms are gonna effect a guy who just clobbered you??

    HellvorHellvor22 kun oldin
  • Thats how you get welcomed to the league Joe Burrow

    YaboiShaunYaboiShaun22 kun oldin
  • “Joe” got that welcome to the NFL hit lol

    Living with WillLiving with Will22 kun oldin
  • Me when i see the eagles thumbnail: Get wrecked son

    Zackaria WilliamsZackaria Williams22 kun oldin
  • Ah of course the Steelers being cheap is on here.

    Not Like The OthersNot Like The Others22 kun oldin
  • what happend to the opening music 😭

    stvp Greeningstvp Greening22 kun oldin
  • Do you best Philadelphia eagles plays at the end of the meeting

    Nitro FishingNitro Fishing22 kun oldin
  • That’s what Karl Joseph does

    Master of FireMaster of Fire22 kun oldin
  • That’s called a cheap hit on Burrow. Not a good one.

    Jack NeumeyerJack Neumeyer22 kun oldin
  • 1:11 I’ve replayed this hit so many times 😂 HAMMERED

    ApollosgotwrinklesApollosgotwrinkles22 kun oldin
  • Who would win Like: Tory palumalu Comment: Derek Henery

    Gabriel AlvarezGabriel Alvarez22 kun oldin
  • Bro there was so many big saints hits that game vs packers but if MT was in they probably would have won

    Vincent PriceVincent Price22 kun oldin
  • You can see the respect these guys have for the quarterbacks when you watch the jarod goff hit

    TheJimmyJ57TheJimmyJ5722 kun oldin
  • Alot of these flags being thrown are straight garbage.

    DrewDrew22 kun oldin
  • 1:19 I feel real bad for that lineman

    FrostyFrosty22 kun oldin
  • feel bad for joe burrow, he doesn't deserve an awful of an O-line and to get smacked around all the time

    Jacob CruzJacob Cruz22 kun oldin
  • 0:40 who had a BITCH

    FactLegend 1FactLegend 122 kun oldin
  • You should have put were the guy got knocked out by like the stand or what ever it was

    Cameron GeorgeCameron George22 kun oldin
  • No my boi joe

    Xavier ElamXavier Elam22 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Noah the goatNoah the goat23 kun oldin
  • The bengals line needs to get better so burrow does not get hurt

    TTV Hayden1234TTV Hayden123423 kun oldin
  • What parts (for example) of players getting hand pushed while already out of bounds dictates a “good hit” determination or choice for this video? I feel like 25% of the video minimum is questionable.

    Good ByeGood Bye23 kun oldin
  • Some great hits this week damn

    Sharks17Sharks1723 kun oldin
  • Is it me or are the refs actually letting players hit this year

    Christian DuranChristian Duran23 kun oldin
  • At 7:21 if he would of landed on the ball with his balls 😬

    Davin WilliamsDavin Williams23 kun oldin
  • I've noticed the NFL is alot softer this generation but if you tackel under the helmet you can still have some big hits!!

    Dylan PierceDylan Pierce23 kun oldin
  • And they say people don't hit hard anymore

    _ JDP2104 __ JDP2104 _23 kun oldin

    Cinema GalaxyCinema Galaxy23 kun oldin
  • 0:39 "...who had a biTCH you..."

    Timber GamezTimber Gamez23 kun oldin
  • 4:03 Isaiah wright turned into julio for a second

    Ty RecTy Rec23 kun oldin
  • Anyone see the hit when joe burrow went for and play and the back up QB tried to make a block on a LB and got absolutely fcked

    Fred NashFred Nash23 kun oldin
  • is ding and beast mode highlights the same guy?

    coolidge2010coltscoolidge2010colts23 kun oldin
  • All them big hits on Green Bay but they still lost💀

    KauiKaui23 kun oldin
  • 4:58 -- I thought the video was sped up; but he's that fast.

    MrSolvaringMrSolvaring23 kun oldin
  • You should do best tight end plays

    Hayden StullHayden Stull23 kun oldin
  • You should do best tight end plays

    Hayden StullHayden Stull23 kun oldin
  • You should do best tight end plays

    Hayden StullHayden Stull23 kun oldin
  • hey ding can you do NFL "How?????" moments pls 4:05 damn that was pretty noice hit

    Mr BennettMr Bennett23 kun oldin
  • These are my favorite videos to watch thanks for making them every week 💯

    Lil FiggLil Figg23 kun oldin