26-Okt, 2020
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We have been waiting a long time to get any news about our van and today we got some really shocking news. We are so excited and filled with plenty of other emotions and our van has taken the first step towards coming home!!! But that doesn't mean we don't have a lot of work to do on this house before winter sets in... We have a lot of sheathing to put up and then we have a special delivery, our first big delivery and it's a challenge just to get it home...
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trent and allie

  • Trent is in his element building - this is where we see the real Trent, natural Trent. I like him much more than presenter Trent :)

    Nicole BNicole B6 kun oldin
  • how long have you been building this house ? This is the first video I have seen but your house has started. I didn't see the beginning.

    Deb ODeb O7 kun oldin
  • 16:22 "we're all going to eat frank.." Me: 😳

    The Bus BumsThe Bus Bums19 kun oldin
  • Hey Allie there must be some bloober video building the house you should put some outtakes together... Funny stuff, and ooops stuff.

    Allen Nasty3cwAllen Nasty3cw23 kun oldin
  • WoW! That is awesome news about your van in South America, Allie gets emotional, bless her heart, guys your home is really starting to look like a home already.

    Allen Nasty3cwAllen Nasty3cw23 kun oldin
  • Does the awning that came with the camper work? I see you have one above your door.

    Cat LoverCat Lover25 kun oldin
  • Polar paks can be purchased new or used online. Well worth the cost.

    Joyce BurtonJoyce Burton26 kun oldin
  • Buy a polar pak for Trents shoulder and use it. Instead of ice I use 30 oz soda bottles frozen solid. It does wonders for the pain and inflammation in the shoulder. Maybe wear a sling part if the non roof hours to take some weight off shoulder.

    Joyce BurtonJoyce Burton26 kun oldin
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Rene MedinaRene MedinaOy oldin
  • Install windows when all sheating is done so no small pieces of sheating gets cut off and breaks a installed window .

    Russ PostRuss PostOy oldin
  • Trent , how do you think all windows get delivered to your house ...???? By hand , everyday of the week for years .

    Russ PostRuss PostOy oldin
  • Hey ya'll...your sheeting is installed wrong it goes horizontally not vertically. You house is going to sway a lot in the wind. Remember you read left to right not vertically yikes😳😳😳

    Charlotte WilliamsCharlotte WilliamsOy oldin
  • Note the pile of butter cookie tins in the background at the beginning of this video. Question: has Trent scoffed them all already??

    Season .AppreciationSeason .AppreciationOy oldin
  • YAY!!! So happy about your Van!!! I cried! The house looks Great too! I sold my car and GOT A VAN! Just a little one but at least it's a start! It's a 2000 Ram1500 with 75k. It runs mechanic said he loved it ! I do have some questions about the electric, but Trents not here, and no one else is as smart as he is! So if he would answer a couple questions for me I sure would be thankful....But I understand how busy you guys are. And I am so happy for you two! So, I have some ideas what to have someone do for my electric....I m gonna get a moon shade after I get moving along. I gave my landlord my months notice...then I'm going to run up to Charlotte and Erie, come back and go to my pain Dr. And leave!!! Be careful you guys! ❤🌹Pam

    Pamela HulbirtPamela HulbirtOy oldin
  • Been wanted to ask about your can. Who is picking it up?

    MLM WarriorsMLM WarriorsOy oldin
  • Great project and great progress, congrats. DaVid Leask

    Argent Imagination JewleryArgent Imagination JewleryOy oldin
  • It's coming along nicely, you 2 and a 'helpless girl" have done well. You likley already have plans to do this but as a 35 year glazier i have to mention this. You need to dig in and provide drains for window wells on those basement windows. With the snow fall there you should have at least 24 inches from the bottom of the window to the bottom of the well, and hook the drains into your basement drainage outside. Leave the ground level as it is you will have water running into your basement from the window sil or the side of t he window. There is no sealant that will seal this for more than a few months, as the window sill will be effectivly under water. CHEERS Steve h.

    1sheinz1sheinzOy oldin
  • Great video!

    Joe ShmoeJoe ShmoeOy oldin
  • It’s not a pandemic go look at the world numbers

    arthur Mearthur MeOy oldin
  • Thanks for addressing the seams. It seems weird but every location has their different ways of doing things to code.

    Jordan HendricksonJordan HendricksonOy oldin
  • Trump 2020 2030 2040 2050 2060 and beyond........

    mjs1231mjs1231Oy oldin
  • 'Casualties' are so annoying

    Susan RamnananSusan RamnananOy oldin
  • I seriously don’t understand how you guys don’t have a million subscribers, you have amazing content, your editing is amazing, and you guys are such great people!

    Leah EasterlingLeah EasterlingOy oldin
  • Any coupon code for LL Bean

    Tracey JenningsTracey JenningsOy oldin
  • u guys and gal r kicking ass...........

    Frank gFrank gOy oldin
  • Cover the opening for doors and windows with plastic until you can install them to keep the snow out. Of course by the time you see this it’s probably already snowed.

    Meiralora DuncanMeiralora DuncanOy oldin
  • I highly suggest that you get a second set of keys for Terry so you don’t get locked out again. Might not be a bad idea to find a place that you can hide a key on your property in case of an emergency or have a neighbor you trust keep one for you.

    Meiralora DuncanMeiralora DuncanOy oldin
  • SWEET! We are super excited for you to get your van back! Our van “Grace” sits in the Aduana compound at Pena’s Blancas Costa Rica impound lot. Costa Rica customs took it away when we were attempting to go into Nicaragua from Costa Rica headed back home to Oregon! We were headed home to the United States March 9th 2019 when this occurred! The allegation is we were attempting to “import” when were we actually at the border trying to go home! We never ever had a plan to import! We have documentation proving our plan to return with temporary exits going south from countries that allow this for us to pass back through coming north, back from our “trip of a life time”to Panama Canal & back! The Coronavirus hit and we could not stay and fight but “state of emergency” declaration made us have to leave to return to America! Please know traveling is allows a risk. We are alive & safe. For that we are thankful....Our van, we need an advocate for getting her back! We’ve contacted the US Embassy in Costa Rica, our local US representative, the Costa Rican Consulate in US without any assistance. We have a lawyer in Costa Rica “Fernando Arnold” stating he is working on it for us. We have yet to succeeded. Any ideas?

    Linda HowellLinda HowellOy oldin
  • You guys are doing an awesome job. Hang in there and stay safe.

    Harriet HumesHarriet HumesOy oldin
  • HORRAY! It's Trent and Allie Day. A real breath of fresh air in this fighting Covid world we're living in.

    Marilyn HamiltonMarilyn HamiltonOy oldin
  • Just a friendly suggestion - Term of Endearment - replace masculine “nice dude” with feminine “babe, sweetheart, honey, darling, etc” when addressing your lovely wife... 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Linda GoldenLinda GoldenOy oldin
  • Trent and allie give god thanks

    Joseph RobinsonJoseph RobinsonOy oldin
  • What happened with the crane? Did you get the ridge beam in place? Been waiting with baited breath since Wednesday. Good luck 🤞

    Tom KempTom KempOy oldin
  • It’s getting closer!

    Kym Crow ArtKym Crow ArtOy oldin
  • Your amazing!!! Praying you!

    Lily LangmanLily LangmanOy oldin
  • Hey, just a quick question here. I was just wondering: why is it so important to finish the sheeting before the crane poses the beam? Isn't it possible to get the sheeting finished after the crane poses the beam? Other than that, you rock. Keep it up guys!

    Arnaud LngArnaud LngOy oldin
  • Sorry to hear the shoulder pain. Those neck socks will stop that from happening. Upper body heat is traped... keeping the core warm. Your a health nut , so think".. warm core, lifting heavey crap ALL day. At what point would you have want a cold CORE, so u pull muscles. " never "...better to sweat under the jacket..than be cold. Trent. Your a gym rat..hiker, biker, think. Even allie, should have a neck sock, . Going from camera man. To body building lifting heavey stuff. House looks good..again go cheep on the heat...job site GAS blowers,....are cheap. Sheet rock. Has to be dry to be hung of you get mold. Dry it in, heat it up. Make sure windows are left open, to shoot sheet rock inside.

    Frank SmithFrank SmithOy oldin
  • Haven’t seen a vlog since this last video. Hope everything is ok and that you were able to get the big beam on the roof.

    Cassandra HittCassandra HittOy oldin
  • Did the crane come to lift the top beam?

    Janet SmithJanet SmithOy oldin
  • Well done guys you certainly are working hard.

    Robert BryantRobert BryantOy oldin
  • When are you going to post a video of the roof beam? I can't wait urs house looks awesome.

    Lawrence CoLawrence CoOy oldin
  • I’m happy for your van returning to you. I’ve been waiting for your ridge beam install. It’s been two days? Starting to be concerned from here in Virginia

    Marvin MarshallMarvin MarshallOy oldin
  • So very happy to hear that you guys are getting your traveling home back. And you mountain home is all coming together💯💥❤❤

    VanLifer Adventures Maui /WKauliaVanLifer Adventures Maui /WKauliaOy oldin
  • Love It !

    Joseph L Harrison SrJoseph L Harrison SrOy oldin
  • you guys are killing me...My body aches just watching!

    Kenneth ParksKenneth ParksOy oldin
  • I’m getting excited about seeing the van again I hope it comes home save 🤞

    Am BearAm BearOy oldin
  • Allie, you are a major asset to those messy boys!

    Dsuz KDsuz KOy oldin
  • T & A, I'm throwing some love your way!

    Catherine NELSONCatherine NELSONOy oldin
  • Yayyyyy glad you are getting your van back !

    Anonymous AnonymousAnonymous AnonymousOy oldin
  • at 8 minutes - pulling the sheathing up over windows you're cutting out. COuldn't you cut a small hole where the window will be (or pair of holes) and use a rope as a safety-line that another in the house holds in case you lose a grip - it won't fall back on you? Granted, you'd want it high on the board so it doesn't serve as a pivot swinging a corner on you...

    michael sullivanmichael sullivanOy oldin
  • brilliant content! many thanks

    Andrew NattAndrew NattOy oldin
  • Oh good you got out of the damn van. About time. Keep killin social media.

    mjs1231mjs1231Oy oldin
  • Love you guys! You are my favorite UZworldrs! Loved the farm stuff and loving you taking us with you on your home building journey. Allie, you are a Rock Star with the video editing! Keep up the great content! Thanks for giving us something useful, fun and inspirational to watch in these weird times. Give Frank a hug from me.

    Take A HikeTake A HikeOy oldin
  • Take a photo of your house with the green screen boards from various angles. Then you can superimpose various outside treatments and colors on it. :)

    Bo W.Bo W.Oy oldin
  • Allie, what kind of window blinds are those? And where did you get them? Are they keeping the cold out?

    Olga BombardOlga BombardOy oldin
  • I feel like you all would appreciate my old boss’s favorite construction phrase when things were not quite right at the jobsite. I can’t even count how many times he’d proclaim “Good enough for who it’s for!” (He didn’t mean it, we always made it as close to perfect as possible, but that’s construction! It’s never perfect.) This has been so fun to watch! Good job team!

    Kathleen MaurerKathleen MaurerOy oldin
  • I have been enjoying this house building series and I am rooting for you guys so hard! Can't wait to see the finished product and see you both enjoy all of this hard work. Sending love from Florida!

    The Vintage GeminiThe Vintage GeminiOy oldin
  • I'm telling ya, you should have had a chain of people drive and return you van. Each person should do some video footage of their leg and you can edit your Van's journey home ;)

    Nomadic VanRNNomadic VanRNOy oldin
  • Love the European style windows!

    MelonyMelonyOy oldin
  • if the porch has roof beams that are flat and use of platform to get up higher to peak. also can put plastic on it for storing wood from snow. then when done can have a lean- to roof on the porch and a little storage in that lean.

    Chris BurchChris BurchOy oldin
  • Hi hope you to are ok . Bob in uk

    Robert ButcherRobert ButcherOy oldin
  • next video please ❤️

    Hafiz JFHafiz JFOy oldin
  • More interesting than any hdtv show I’ve seen, I love y’all’s energy and positivity 💜

    Angel MonaeAngel MonaeOy oldin
  • Can you make a video how you guys met please. Just found your videos today....watched like 10 vids already 😊

    Vick VickersonVick VickersonOy oldin
  • ! Looks awesome very impressive ! If U get a chance watch show off Grid the one where couple build a house on top of mountain in Montana! Reminds me of U guys! They had to tear all the insulation from the roof because of condensation and blow foam and put it back up!! U have the most beautiful views and that moose! I am so envious! I'm in Missouri but I love the mountains! One question that's been on my mind, Trent how is your mom doing as virus surges? I think about her.

    kcblues2 sherwoodkcblues2 sherwoodOy oldin
    • She is doing well 😊 thanks for asking

      Trent & AllieTrent & AllieOy oldin
  • I have enjoyed watching y’all remodel Terry, care for the sheep and chickens, build a greenhouse for Trent’s mother, and now building a cabin in the mountains. God has truly bless y’all with a wonderful gift. I was so excited that y’all let us be apart of y’all weddings. It’s truly being an amazing journey for y’all. From time to time I hear y’all thanking God; which the credit is due to God for y’all amazing talent/gift. I just wanted to invite y’all to know Jesus a little more. The Bible says in Romans 10:9 “That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart you shall be saved.” Peace and blessings Trent and Allie.

    Rhonda RoyallRhonda RoyallOy oldin
  • You guys are killing it! Way to go!

    Nicole LewonNicole LewonOy oldin
  • so when do we get to see the blueprints, o wait the house is built. i knew you were lying when you said you didn't treat patrons different.

    Wizard's RealmWizard's RealmOy oldin
  • Hey - I haven't been watching for a while. I think the main reason being that most of your videos now are around the 30 minute mark. I don't know if anyone has provided feedback on this, but I'd probably be more inclined to watch if the videos were around the 15 minute mark. 30 mins is a long time!

    ALIVIAliveALIVIAliveOy oldin
  • Here's a tip or trick of the trade I used to do in the sign industry installing big sheets of wood, metal or plastic signs up extension ladders when I didn't have a bucket truck. Use large size C-Clamp vise grips with the built in flat swivel ends on them and clamp either one or two C-Clamp vise grips in the top middle edge of the panel material then either carry it up like a handle as you climb the ladder or clamp it at the bottom middle then slide it up the ladder like Trent did but now you can rest the C-Clamp on each metal step on the ladder as you go up so there is no chance of you getting tired out balancing and holding all that weight the whole time on the ladder plus this method allows you to rest and take a break or breather. My C-Clamp vise grip method probably would of kept Trent from injuring his shoulder. Hope this helps Trent, Brandon and others.

    Florida GuyFlorida GuyOy oldin
  • As a retired firefighter and medical first responder I watch what you are doing and all I can do is laugh and thank you for being what we called job security. Not everything you have done is that bad but some of it has been sketchy as all get out.

    Robert TangenRobert TangenOy oldin

    Velma DurostVelma DurostOy oldin
  • I’m so happy for y’all that your van is coming back to y’all.

    Megan VealMegan VealOy oldin
  • Was there a specific reason you guys used so many lvl studs? An engineering advantage? A wall covering that required a truer plane? Looking good!

    Billy JohnsonBilly JohnsonOy oldin
  • It's so funny that Allie thinks major progress is putting up 15 sheets of Sheathing .. our 15 and 16 y/o great grandchildren have completed sheathing (65 sheets) an entire and much larger two story cabin in the woods in one day .. including more complicated cuts while their girlfriends were installing the insulation faster .. they sat around most of the time .. our oldest son is 54 .. he has 5 kids .. his oldest daughter (our grandaughter) is 35 .. she has 4 kids .. her oldest sons are doing the building

    TextSMS MasterTextSMS MasterOy oldin
  • I really get frustrated Trent when you imply because Allie is female she is so surprisingly capable of driving “only a 15 foot box truck.” Females drive semis, pull huge 5th wheels, including me towing a 34 foot 5th wheel. So stop with the male chauvinist talk. It’s not very becoming of you and makes you look like a guy who walked off a time machine from 1945! Otherwise, I love you guys. Things are looking good.

    Sharon Cullen ArtSharon Cullen ArtOy oldin
  • Great job on the house! I look forward to the videos! I really love seeing Frank as I too have a blue heeler. So excited to also hear your getting closer to get your van back. Will be a perfect unit for a quick weekend get away! Keep up excellent work

    TheChinookgalTheChinookgalOy oldin
  • Coming along great guys, take care of that shoulder brother, u still got a ways to go

    Steven LehmannSteven LehmannOy oldin
  • The best windows out there means the most expensive.....and on and on......I guess I didn't realize it when you were actually traveling and exploring but now that you're must be fairly're not doing all that you do on a month to month...sheesh. I'm questioning my interest in this channel since it's not a adventure channel anymore but a homesteading. Good luck is all I can say and miss the old Trent & Allie

    KRAUT DOuGwithMustardKRAUT DOuGwithMustardOy oldin
  • You guys are steaming through👍👍👍💙💚💛

    May AnneMay AnneOy oldin
  • Allie, Allie, need to do a voiceover at around 4.50(ish) into the vid......helpless female you certainly are not......and Trent, we havent seen many pastries lately - what's going on?.

    graham murphygraham murphyOy oldin
  • Why didn't you sheath the walls before putting the wall up? It would have been so much easier.

    CanadianMom1CanadianMom1Oy oldin
  • So happy for you guys. You both put a smile and confirm that there are still good, young people in this world.

    Granny AndersonGranny AndersonOy oldin
  • Extremely helpless girl tell me who where you talking about anytime trent doesn't need a helpless girl move over here I'll look after you😁😁😁😁 sorry Trent I'll send someone else

  • At the end of this project, please try to do an episode for housewarming... Kevin, Curtis, whomever else you had... Would love to see them altogether at once. You're very blessed to have such an awesome team! Say a UZworld hello to Trent's mom, grandparents and Allie's parents for us. As we follow you, we get to know your families and they become a real big part of the story! We care about them!!!! The house looks awesome! Hope the snow stays away just long enough for you!

    heavenswillowheavenswillowOy oldin
  • What source of income do you have that allows this lifestyle?

    John Hicks Sr.John Hicks Sr.Oy oldin
  • A tip for renting a uhaul. insist on them removing the hand truck and furniture pads if you do not need them. If you accidently cut one of the ties you have to pay the rental fee. It gives you more room also.

    John Hicks Sr.John Hicks Sr.Oy oldin
  • Go see a doctor they might be able to give you a steroid injection in that shoulder. I hurt mine several years ago and the steroid injection stopped the pain and let it heal.

    Sharon TrussellSharon TrussellOy oldin
  • Really amazing work you guys. I can't imagine how you feel at the end of the day.

    primrozieprimrozieOy oldin
  • You guys need to be very proud of the amazing work you are doing on your home!! Even professionals make mistakes and you guys have learned and correct them. "Show me a man who has never made a mistake, and I will show you one who has never tried anything. " -Albert Einstein Keep up the good work!! Salud!!

    IADPTY LastIADPTY LastOy oldin
  • Yea Allie claime the wheel and drive more often :) See y'all on the next one !

    Eva DomisEva DomisOy oldin
  • A little off topic here. But, my Vanlife sweatshirt came today. I love it. And it had what looked like a Frank hair on it. LOL I suddenly felt like family!!! Thank you for the great content you consistently put out. Keep up the good work

    Beverly DepasqualeBeverly DepasqualeOy oldin
  • I hope it gets there in one piece.

    Andrew JorgeAndrew JorgeOy oldin
  • You guys need to heat tape and insulate your water spigot , and get a rv heated hose to coonect to Terry.

    David WiliamsDavid WiliamsOy oldin
  • Am watching you from Bavaria /Germany. Must say that I am soo exited with what you are doing. Sometimes realy

    Gisela SchroppGisela SchroppOy oldin
  • y'all are making Allie sound like she hasn't done any of the heavy lifting - but she has - I've seen her lugging boards, trees, etc (I wish they'd take down that leaning dead tree at the foot of the driveway before it falls on someone - LOL)

    Pamela NaylorPamela NaylorOy oldin
  • Nice hard work.i wish to be with u helping and learning to built a house. U should have used thick rope to lift the ply on the top. U should done the making of windows at ur sight itshelf. Thnx. Try to make daily video let it be of 15mins after editing. It keep us seeing latest update daily routine type. Well keep it up trent and allie.take care.bye

    shabbir danashabbir danaOy oldin
  • So happy your getting your ban back

    Nina GreeneNina GreeneOy oldin
  • Did you check out power home remodeling windows? Curious and never heard of your brand of windows. Great job! You guys are doing great!

    Aubrey JohnsonAubrey JohnsonOy oldin
  • Trent, something you can do for the pain in that shoulder until you get surgery is to take mega doses of vitamin C. I have had herniated disks with severe pain preventing me from walking without crutches and after about 10 grams of vit C the pain stopped in 20 minutes so that I was able to walk unassisted. It's inflammation causing the pain and vit C is anti-inflammatory. And it matters how much you take. The more your body can handle the better you will feel. Only one inconvenience to watch out for. At some "high" dose your stool will begin to soften and may even be a bit watery. Once you find out what that threshold dose is simply stay under that dosage. Vitamin C is cheap and can be bought at GNC or even at Walmart if no other local place has it in 1 gram tablets. Otherwise online places like vitacost have it at the best price I can find. Vit C is simply ascorbic acid, but it can be powerful. In fact anytime you feel soreness you can pop a few (2-3) grams of C and keep powering through whatever you are doing. I am 62 and lift some relatively heavy weights resulting in intense work outs at times. I always take 3 grams before my workout, which makes the lifts easier and in total take about 18 grams of vit C spread throughout the day. It makes any little aches and pains disappear and so my mind can focus on other things. Vit C is used up fairly quickly by our bodies, more so when we are under intense stress (like framing) or pain. Taking vit. C helps to tolerate the cold weather better. Try it and see for yourself. It works and is a God send.

    Thomas FryeThomas FryeOy oldin