New Homes and Old Friends | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 111

28-Sen, 2020
741 467 Ko‘rishlar soni

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The Mighty Nein explore a new magical haven before heading to Zadash to investigate some theories and reach out to previous connections...
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  • HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 0:15 3:35 Marisha learns about her announcements 4:55 Our President makes an announcement 7:35 Omar 8:10 Intro Cinematic 9:45 Episode Starts 11:50 Recap Ends (tower tour) 19:40 A Caleb and Liam collaboration 21:45 UP 22:45 INSIGHT CHECK 23:40 Caduceus’s room 25:55 Yasha’s room 28:30 Fjord’s room 31:00 Beau’s room 32:40 You know what that mirror is for 33:40 Jester’s room 34:35 The 5 books 38:00 Beauregard livefeed 39:25 Veth’s room 41:20 That room is on the 69th floor 44:25 It’s about Cats 49:50 Widogast’s Nascent Nonagonal Tower 51:00 Caleb gets emotional 52:20 Beau needs soundproofing 53:45 That restaurant was horrible, awful service 54:45 Caleb summons cats from the Heavyside Layer 59:30 Hey Liam, what’s the name of the cat who adjusts the clocks and tracks time? 1:00:30 Bug pancakes 1:03:30 Up 1:04:20 Cat Processing Unit 1:07:25 Catsplosion 1:09:15 Caleb deals with some stuff 1:13:40 Message to Yussa (tower tour is done) 1:15:35 Travis has an allergic reaction 1:18:05 Good magic test 1:20:25 Ready to travel 1:22:45 Beauregard complaints 1:29:20 Research 1:38:25 Destroying library books 1:40:40 Pumat 1:41:50 Everybody is new people 1:47:15 Cloak of Billowing 1:50:05 Pumat fists 1:56:10 Jester the selfless healer 2:00:00 Pumat invents Beyblade 2:06:10 Matt talks to himself 2:06:55 Break Starts 2:13:50 Art Montage 2:26:45 Break Ends 2:28:40 Caleb can’t catch 2:32:15 Parent Trapping the Gentleman 2:34:20 Luc and Yeza visit the dive bar 2:40:30 Drying the Gentleman 2:44:30 Just a hug 2:48:20 Drama queen Jester 2:50:40 Oh yeah, we ruined that guy 2:54:55 The Gentleman is a scry expert 2:59:00 Good Kitties and Bad Cats 3:01:40 Jack Nicholson nod 3:02:20 The admin login 3:06:25 Marisha puts it all together 3:13:50 We were Aeor the whole time 3:17:45 Beau overheats 3:18:45 Don’t forget Veth’s family 3:20:45 Jester and Caleb 3:25:50 Exhumation 3:31:20 They’re back 3:33:20 Aliens 3:34:15 Episode Ends The in-game start date for the episode was the 1st of Brussendar 836. Sam’s flask has a lite brite unicorn on it. The back has stage direction: “Int: Critical Role Sound Stage. We open on a large mouthed man taking a sip from his flask’ Good news, everyone! I just accepted a new IRL job, the best job I’ve ever had in terms of status and salary. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask in the interview if they’d clear my schedule on Mondays to post a comment on a UZworld show. I think I’ll probably be able to make it work, and I’ll make sure there’s always stamps one way or the other, but I just wanted to give a heads up that there is some possibility that something might change. In 2020, of all times, who’d’ve thought? Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

    Flando MaltrizianFlando Maltrizian27 kun oldin
    • congrats on the new job, Flando!!

      Victoria NVictoria N2 kun oldin
    • congrats man. we're all so happy for you. you do great work and it's worth waiting for if it means you have a better quality of life.

      Addison O'DonnellAddison O'Donnell5 kun oldin
    • Hey! For the October 15th episode, don't forget that Matt apparently has a back story for the Imp Fjord smacked. Love the comments :)

      Bill BerndtsonBill Berndtson8 kun oldin
    • I only watch on UZworld so this has been the longest break ever. Oh and Taliesen has the worst poker face ever.

      Clint RClint R9 kun oldin
    • Flando thank you truly so much you have been a massive part in my ability to binge this series hope your job goes well

      dark gamerdark gamer10 kun oldin
  • I.....want Molly back"

    Nighthawk rgNighthawk rg4 soat oldin
  • 2:15:52 Is that Vesh wearing Keyleth antlers?? AKA Sam messing with Marisha? Can anyone tell me what is up with that?

    Raven DodgerRaven Dodger10 soat oldin
  • Caleb’s 9 sided tower was absolutely spectacular. The cast of critical role blow me away consistently with how invested they are, however, the time Liam spent on this creation and the amount of detail and love that went into each and every bedroom, so that each room would accurately represent the members of MN, was beautiful. I love how he also included the cats. The cats are a small, lovely and amusing representation of Caleb. Liam, your creation was perfect.

    X_Blunt_Purple_XX_Blunt_Purple_X17 soat oldin
  • you know what makes me really sad about this? Caleb always grew up a little poor so he could never give much to the friends he cared for, but with his mind and his imagination, he gave them everything he could ever think of, probably everything he's always wanted to give them.

    Jay DayaoJay Dayao21 soat oldin
  • This is off topic but who's playing Breath of the Wild in the studio?? 👀 1:09:56

    Elizabeth MurguiaElizabeth Murguia23 soat oldin
  • anyone else hear the sheikah slate @1:09:54 ?

    Marshall ponteMarshall ponteKun oldin
  • 1:53:00 was really hoping it was going to be another ring of fire resistance

    Gabby VilloriaGabby VilloriaKun oldin
  • Unpopular opinion, but I think Caleb spending nearly an entire hour describing the mansion is a bit obnoxious. It’s would be like opening a hundred page book and seeing author spend the first twenty pages just describing a scene. Details are great and all, but at some point you’re just wasting everyone’s time and we want to get back to the actual story. Also, for comparison, look at how Scanlan described his mansion in S1. It was quick and succinct, yet still whimsical and memorable for Vox Machina. Caleb’s meanwhile is page after page after page of description, and yet somehow feels less lived in and memorable than Scanlan’s comparatively simple mansion.

    trapicaltrapicalKun oldin
  • say yes to the dress

    Vinny DiasVinny DiasKun oldin
  • Caleb Widogast? More like Carol effing Baskin! Oh, and Caleb's parents CAN be brought back. True rez (9th level Necro) costs 25k, and he only needs to say their name (One at a time). Their bodies are reconstituted near the caster all conditions cleared.

    J PJ PKun oldin
  • when he said being birthed by a rhino i was seriously hoping for him to reenact the ace ventura scene which ashley started to do. also when jester killed the cats day one in the tower it was very reminiscent of grog puching one of scanlans spectral servants and then asks them to bring him a spectral cow he could punch right in the snout

    David MazonDavid MazonKun oldin
  • Watching Talisan's face while Marisha was on her conspiracy theory rant was magic

    Boxcar WillieBoxcar Willie2 kun oldin
  • 3:02:03

    Stan DestroyerStan Destroyer2 kun oldin
  • .....I still don’t get the purpose of the mirror.

    ChibiProtectorChibiProtector2 kun oldin
    • You'll understand when you're older...

      PatrickPatrick2 kun oldin
  • Once again: Sam's Matt Face shirt causes a lotta distractions lol

    Hobble DragonHobble Dragon2 kun oldin
  • Marisha: Theorizing to hell and back about Molly Taliesin: :3c

    Claudia ZinserClaudia Zinser2 kun oldin
  • Yeah! Cadeuces goes back to his home, Molly comes back to restart his adventures, it could all come together quite nicely.

    ArtrysaArtrysa3 kun oldin
  • Mr. Matthew Mercer if you don't get the Gentleman and the Ruby together by the end of this campaign, I'm going to ... well I don't know what I'm going to do, but you better do it!

    1n20DnD1n20DnD3 kun oldin
  • Liam really showed that sharing your imagination can be such a great gift. Even though it is an imaginary space, it's the gift of now being able to imagine a life inside it. Beautiful.

    HeleenHeleen3 kun oldin
  • This whole CR phenomenon started as a bday gift to Liam, the first hour of this felt like Liam trying to share it back. :) And they say collaborative storytelling is dead, I can't imagine how happy & proud Matt must have felt letting someone else take over non-destructively for 1/3rd of the episode. :)

    General ByzantineGeneral Byzantine3 kun oldin
  • As much as Matt will have built on these things over the past 2 years, Taliesin must have been having a lot of fun seeing the group put together Molly theories

    jmemmersonjmemmerson3 kun oldin
  • high key wanna know where marisha got that shirt

    Svenja B.Svenja B.3 kun oldin
  • Yo Caleb is gonna torture Astrid, Trent and the other one forgot his name, why else would he have a dungeon with 3 strapped chairs and "Tools", he even mentioned the dinner

    Mr GamesMr Games3 kun oldin
    • He said he was groomed into being the anti-christ. If he kills them Ikithon wins either way.

      animesoul167animesoul1672 kun oldin
  • So if they cannot leave anything new inside Caleb's magic tower, what about when they pee and poo? if they ate food from the real world that is something new. Does a pile of shit just appear every time they finish with the tower? Because if so, the meat closet is not going to make a very good meat closet in the future.

    RAGEINGChikenRAGEINGChiken3 kun oldin
  • wait...... Mighty nein..... Nine Tatoo's..... Nine eyes..... Ep 108, Caduces plagued with visions of nine eyes..... Caduces player was once Molly..... 108 / 9 = 12..... Crit Roll season 2 has had 5 guest stars.... Mighty Nein (7 players) + 5 (guest stars)= 12..... Season 2 of CritRoll started 2018.... s2 on 18.... 2 n (18) = 12.... n = 1 / 3..... lvl 13 is when molly woke.... Full Date of S2 Crit Roll = January 11, 2018.... Removing the year since that has been equated you are left with = January 11..... 1/11..... Episode where molly was discovered to be alive is EP 111! Total player characters has been 8 (including molly)..... Not became Veth..... Not and Veth are two different characters, while also being the same..... 7 + 1 (Not) + 1 (Veth) = 9..... 9 Eyes On A BEHOLDER....... Prediction = The Mighty Nine will Fight a BEHOLDER and die/become changed.

    Inferno RegInferno Reg3 kun oldin
  • division 2

    Srinivas LingutlaSrinivas Lingutla3 kun oldin
  • As Marisha is talking through her idea, my mind drifted back to the old man in the first episode of this campaign who said, "I don't drink with devils." Molly is now all of sudden so much more than just a simple tiefling. I can't shake the feeling that the old man was Matt telling us something so freaking early.

    Mike GonzalezMike Gonzalez3 kun oldin
  • "I reach out and grab Yasha's hand" Me: *inhale* "I squeeze it back" Me: YES

    Sour CupcakeSour Cupcake3 kun oldin
  • I love the smug smiles of taliesin cuz he knows things the others don't and he's loving the squirming

    quincyking010quincyking0104 kun oldin
  • Anyone know what the joke is at 1:20:43 ? Taliesin says, "Yeah yeah. Laugh it up."

    Nicholas SmithNicholas Smith4 kun oldin
  • 2:38:20 Talisen: "I know all the ways it could get weird." When Talisen thinks something could be weird thats a red flag.

    Daniel BoatrightDaniel Boatright5 kun oldin
  • 2:48:30 Laura: I may never see you again, its been good while it lasted. UZworld: *BUFFERING IN SILENCE*

    Daniel BoatrightDaniel Boatright5 kun oldin
  • Hour and a half in and watching Talisens face as they work on what shoulda been Mollys arc without Molly present is priceless.

    Daniel BoatrightDaniel Boatright5 kun oldin
  • Tal’s expression after Liam’s description of the stained glass above the fireplace is the purest thing... 18:40

    Thomas StewartThomas Stewart5 kun oldin
  • So I'm kinda new to CR and at 3:17:15 I heard my name.... Who was that in the CR universe and how do you spell it(mine is Jerrell)?

    JRellevantJRellevant5 kun oldin
  • WOO "Don't woo me." - Caleb Widogast

    PP5 kun oldin

    CholyCholy5 kun oldin
  • Holy sh*t! This was sooo intense!

    SheMeetsPaperSheMeetsPaper5 kun oldin
  • I want Marishas jumper!

    KKP2112KKP21125 kun oldin
  • [Spoilers] Don't forget that Caleb left a note to "Mollymauk" in case he came back like this. My god, the possibilities! Does he remember, does he not, does he even care?

    Eduardo SousaEduardo Sousa5 kun oldin
  • The end. Daaamn the end

    Particular Play PaintParticular Play Paint5 kun oldin
  • The Braid-game is strong in this one

    ThegreatMizuti777ThegreatMizuti7775 kun oldin
  • Cadeuces....if you could maybe....have a conversation..... Taliesin - O.O

    David HodgsonDavid Hodgson5 kun oldin
  • The ballbaRING

    Ray HenselRay Hensel5 kun oldin
  • I need the exact specifications of Caleb's need spell.

    Joshua MckinleyJoshua Mckinley5 kun oldin
  • Talisen during the whole Marisha/Beau putting it all together was losing his mind. Like this is what Molly's background could be/ was (haven't finished episode) and Molly still means a whole lot to him.

    Celeste ParkinsonCeleste Parkinson5 kun oldin
  • I think Ashley Johnson has done more to help us Native Americans than our actual president

    LavenderComradeLavenderComrade5 kun oldin
  • Aa ive been waITING

    QuaillyBirbQuaillyBirb6 kun oldin
  • 32:40 What was that mirror for? I might have missed something

    AldebubiAldebubi6 kun oldin
    • Fairly certain it's a sex thing...

      PatrickPatrick2 kun oldin
  • Salty People: CRITICAL ROLE RUINED DND WITH MERCER EFFECT Actual Critical Role: Matt chills for an hour while the cast dm themselves

    Yuriy ChizhovYuriy Chizhov6 kun oldin
    • I've played dnd in one form or another for over a decade, and with around a dozen different DMs. In my personal experiance, I have seen a fair number of DMs share a Mercer-like passion for their world building. However I've yet to be in a campaign where the majority of players are on the same level as the cast of Critical Role. Usually there are one or two players who have a detailed backstory and remain in character quite well, but they are the minority with the other 4-6 people at the table playing much more casually and they tend to be constantly joking around and rarely act in character. This tends to derail a lot of campaigns and keep the story from getting to too deep or too complex. You can't really blame the typical player for keeping things light and comedic, after all if you required all players to take it seriously you would lose the majority of the fandom. However, I would agree with the comment above me that its the cast of Critical Role, rather than Matt, which make it really stand out. It's comparatively easy to find a DM that truly cares about the story they create. It's all but impossible to find a full group of players (who are willing to meet every single week) and who all care just as much about the story as the DM.

      trapicaltrapicalKun oldin
  • lol I'm using SponsorBlock which automatically skips bits with paid promotions and the whole section of pumat shop is marked

    MissMokateMissMokate6 kun oldin
  • Just gonna say... Caleb's tower has way more personality than any Assembly member ever will.

    RyujinRyujin6 kun oldin
  • Does anyone else REALLY want to see The Gentleman pull Fjord aside one day to confront him about "his intentions with his daughter"????

    Evan TreffingerEvan Treffinger6 kun oldin
  • Catch up Marathon: I finally caught up and was greeted by a bombshell! Gah!

    Extruss _Extruss _6 kun oldin
  • This episode is a Prime example of how amazing of a storyteller Liam is. His presence of mind while he describes these rooms is so laid out but constantly developing

    Jacob PartlowJacob Partlow6 kun oldin
  • Not sure why I'm commenting this here. Just been on my mind. I am in the minority that prefers season 2 of CR. This isn't because the characters or story are better. Not completely. But because they stopped trying to use CR as a platform for fan service and social issues in misguided presentations. I like that season 2 largely avoids the romance thing and instead just lightly teases shipping rather than feeding the ship crazy fan base. But it now occurs to me that they didn't stop because they realized it was dumb and unnecessary to the narrative. Instead I think they stopped because of the fact that if anyone ships officially with anyone, someone is going to be upset about it on social media and demonize them simply for having fun. The fact is, I did hate the need to push romance angles for fan service, but the thing is, those romance angles, for players, are really fun. Not as observers. As observers it's pandering to the worst type of geek. Exactly like an anime that leans on fan service. It's just that now I feel like they are afraid of sjw's with their feelings hurt over nothingness and projecting on people just having fun. So I'm torn. Because I didn't like it, but I might hate butt hurt people taking possession of their fun even more

    AndyAndy6 kun oldin
  • This is the first time I have seen such a beautiful description of the use of Mordenkainen Magnificent Mansion.

    angelbabydragonangelbabydragon6 kun oldin
  • Wow roughly a year of starting at campaign 1 episode 1, and THAT is the cliffhanger I catch up to live on. Wow Thursday can't come fast enough.

    Richard DunneRichard Dunne6 kun oldin
  • liam really took over an hour describing the new home, damn...

    Jorge NaranjoJorge Naranjo6 kun oldin
  • Cats when Jester is hanging from the window: "Dont worry Mistress Jester, we will build a tower you can climb down, no worries just hold on a little…" Jester: "I am letting go now!" Cats: "What? NONONONONONO.... oh f*ck…"

    Raoul 9753Raoul 97536 kun oldin
  • Sometimes as a DM little things like a party really having a small doubt that Molly might not be dead... Can lead to some epic pivots and alterations of DM plans just to mindfuck the party. You can tell Talisin Jaffe is loving this. The DM is taking his old PC and knows that his old pc might be a revenant and a new BBEG. This is gonna be great to see.

    Robert RamageRobert Ramage6 kun oldin
  • Stupid question but did he create this through a spell or is it a caleb thing?

    gregory Gamesgregory Games6 kun oldin
  • Okay little theory but does anyone remember the leader of the circus at the beginning of the campaign who is serving out his sentence? I wonder if they had remembered him if he would have had any information

    Kyle GrilloKyle Grillo6 kun oldin
  • Tal’s Cthulhu one shot was about cats.... 9

    Royal AirshipsRoyal Airships6 kun oldin
  • nooo i cought up this is no good, wwhat dnd am i gone watch now

    anton groot obbinkanton groot obbink6 kun oldin
  • use Sending for Molly!!! :((((

    Xav DervishXav Dervish7 kun oldin
  • Cat violin? InTeReStInG

    TheVulcanBardTheVulcanBard7 kun oldin
  • Hehehe purple is sus LOL

    Mys ColeopteraMys Coleoptera7 kun oldin
  • Sam looking at his husband in awe and appreciation while describing their new home in great detail gives me youth.

    KtKt7 kun oldin
  • Honestly as someone who didn't like Marisha's roleplay as Keyleth I must say something. THAT entire situation and the way she acted is both amazing both in character and out of character. Props to Ms. Ray. Consider me impressed (That last phrase sounded far more pedantic than I wanted if I am being honest)

    Andreu Ortín BorràsAndreu Ortín Borràs7 kun oldin
  • I was hoping the cats in the kitchen were basically pallicos.

    GyrreGyrre7 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that thinks it's time for a new animated opening. They characters have changed so much since the current animation was made.

    Corey ParisCorey Paris7 kun oldin
  • Funny how they completely omitted Orion (Tiberious Stormwind) from the cartoon that described the beginning of their game. Guess there's still bad blood there.

    JasterJaster7 kun oldin
    • Pretty sure Orion owns the character, so I don't think they could even mention him if they wanted to.

      PatrickPatrick2 kun oldin
  • I got chills!! Damn that ending! But I’m also a bit disappointed. Taliesin said Mollymauk is gone, he’s done, he’s never coming back. That was his decision.... fk

    Joey The MooseJoey The Moose7 kun oldin
    • The Molly they knew is dead, just like then men Molly used to be.

      PatrickPatrick2 kun oldin
    • @CR Fan semantics 😝

      Joey The MooseJoey The Moose6 kun oldin
    • Well, most likely "Mollymauk" _is_ gone. This is Matt's character now.

      CR FanCR Fan6 kun oldin
  • I love that you can see Travis' inner Grog come out, again, when Pumat puts the cloak of billowing on display.

    EldorZiEldorZi8 kun oldin
  • Oh, wow. That ending. And sadly, we were left with that cliffhanger for multiple weeks. I had a theory that maybe Tal had conspired with Matt to pull a reverse Taryon and go back to playing Molly by them resurrecting him and Cad going back to his family's cemetary now that he has saved it and done some more with the Nein to "pay his debt" to them, and that was why they got that Vokodo vision to start them on that path. However, that's obviously not the case. :O

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire8 kun oldin
  • Man, it must be so hard for Matt and Taliesin to keep it together during Beau/Marisha's theorycrafting rant. :P

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire8 kun oldin
  • I love that Matt shouts out Monster Hunter @ 1:12:02 ! IF you guys didn't know he voice a character in MHW! His character "Field Team Leader" was simple but Matt breathed into it and did a great job. When I first played that game I didn't know CR, when I went to replay it I lost my mind. I LOVE spotting these gamers in games I end up playing!

    FaroreFarore8 kun oldin
  • At 1:09:52 did anyone else hear the BOTW sheikah slate sound?

    Max WeigelMax Weigel8 kun oldin
  • 1:09:55 shieka slate? Edit: We love Tal's facial expressions during Marisha's conspiracy theory session

    That_One_Guy_RunThat_One_Guy_Run8 kun oldin
  • I love the sincere reactions of the other players, to liam describing the tower.

    Freedom PanicFreedom Panic8 kun oldin
  • Tall door. Hmmm, tall door aye, taldore

    Mag NightMag Night8 kun oldin
  • When someone does the fan art of each room I NEED TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!

    Jennifer JeanJennifer Jean8 kun oldin
  • please i need a release date for 112

    Agent ZeroAgent Zero8 kun oldin
    • It streamed on Thursday, so it'll be on YT Monday.

      CR FanCR Fan7 kun oldin
  • I really loved Cable's- or I guess Bryn's gift to the nine.

    NerdxArtNerdxArt8 kun oldin
  • I finally caught up. I am now sad I can’t binge this.

    Spicy TequilaSpicy Tequila8 kun oldin
  • Just want to throw out a huge thank you to Marisha for summing everything up towards the end of the episode. I feel like this is the start to a big arc and it feels nice to be able to follow. I get so confused sometimes :)

    Jade Van OvermeirJade Van Overmeir8 kun oldin
  • Hey, does anybody know the title or interpret if the soundtrack always playing for the fan art show off? I always wanted to know, because it is so super epic:)

    W091W0918 kun oldin
    • It's "Welcome to Wildemount" by Colm McGuinness here on UZworld

      TheVulcanBardTheVulcanBard5 kun oldin
  • Stone Giant Strength potion is clutch on a monk. I defeated a certain vampire by grappling it with my monk and holding it in a spiritual guardian circle.

    Justin VenableJustin Venable8 kun oldin
  • three words: holy shit, marisha. watching her piece together and break down her theory about how the tombtakers/vess derogna/the living city were connected was probably one of my favorite moments in this campaign so far

    emersonemerson8 kun oldin
  • Seems to me like while they were having this vision, the Eyes of Nein were the things watching the scary living city

    Lauren ReeseLauren Reese9 kun oldin
  • Taliesin lookin all smug while they're talking about Molly lmao

    Jay WoodworthJay Woodworth9 kun oldin
  • I Imagine the Monster Hunter cats in the Kitchen :D

    PhuryLPPhuryLP9 kun oldin
  • Nott The Best Detective Agency just got another member, holy shit Marisha.

    MukBackwardsMukBackwards9 kun oldin
  • Caleb at the beginning proving Caduceus from the previous 10000% right

    Lauren ReeseLauren Reese9 kun oldin
  • Hearing Laura call Travis "Baby" makes me smile, so much.

    Josh FrancoJosh Franco9 kun oldin
  • So, yeah... What if they resurrect Molly/Lucien/Nonagon and he comes back as his original self, not his Mollymauk Tealeaf personality? He would be a totally different person and possibly not even remember his connections to the Nein. I guess that would be one way to solve the problem of bringing him back but not forcing Taliesin to play him and Caduceus for an extended period of time. :thinking: Edit: 3:31:22 Welp. The we go. Looks like that's how it is. And that everyone who speculated that he's already alive again was right. Now I'm just wondering how it happened, how long ago, and who he is now.

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire9 kun oldin
  • 3:02:15 lol! Nice pull, Travis. xD

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire9 kun oldin
  • 2:56:08 lol. Of course *you* would Sam. Bringing Molly back so long after his demise would essentially be the mirror image of what you did with Taryon. :P

    ScorchHellfireScorchHellfire9 kun oldin